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“People might not get all they work for in this world, but they must certainly work for all they get.”

YES You Can Be A Member!

The Frederick Douglass Foundation encourages anyone to apply for membership. We do not discriminate based on gender, race, class, economic status, ethnic background, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, cultural and religious backgrounds. Remember Frederick Douglass 2nd wife was was white.

The Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY (FDFNY) is one of the 19 state chapters of The Frederick Douglass Foundation (FDF National).

We address and work within the political system, but are well aware that there is no political solution to many issues our country faces. You do not change people through politics, but you change politics through a change in the hearts of people. 


Join the fight

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01/ Pastors, Children of God, The Bride of Christ

This is the Bread and Butter of who we are. We need your prayers of support.

We need people praying for us and our leadership.

​We are looking for Men and Women with a Biblical world view to join and help look at the issues facing our communities and share what the Lord is sharing with you.

​Pastors we need you! If the church is not the head all is lost

We have members of ALL FAITHS and those who are still searching. All are welcome to join us. All of our initiatives stem from a conservative biblical-worldview.

02/ Fight the Good Fight: Join A Campaign

Education and justice demands are the heart of our work. The idea is to educate the social, cultural, spiritual, and civic-rights needs of our nation.

We need people to help strategize, plan, and implement our campaigns:

  • Pro-life
  • Strengthening the Family
  • Youth Advocate
  • Educational Choice
  • Religious / Faith Base outreach
  • Communications
  • Political Action
  • Legislative: Position Papers, Research
  • Lobbying: Action
  • Elections: Election integrity, Get out the vote, Join your committee etc…       
  • Criminal Justice
  • Fundraising
  • Events

03/ Grow To Win Campaign

If we hope to win on the issues that we care so deeply about, we must have a large membership leading the way.

We want to connect with other Republicans, Conservatives, and Christians in your neighborhood. We want to reach out to people let them know we are around and invite them to join us. Help people find The Frederick Douglass Foundation and become members of our active, informed, and dynamic group.

04/ Join the Leadership Team

We are looking for County and Regional Ambassadors.

We are looking for Board Members.

Help guide and direct the efforts of the organization by joining the leadership team!

  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • County Ambassador
  • Volunteer Chair
  • Communications Chair
  • Youth Advocate Chair
  • Education Chair
  • Religious Chair
  • Government Affairs Chair
  • Political Action Chair
  • Criminal Justice Chair
  • Fundraising Chair
  • Events Chair

Own a business?
Run an Organization?
Advertise with Us!

Events, Seminars, Website The Radio Show and/or The Blog – Starting at $50 – Reach up to 1.4 million people.

Contact us for complete advertising details.

Now, as never before, helping us show strength is vital to preserving our rights. We need your help to support and build strong leaders and help us get our message out!

We are ready to launch several Media Campaigns that will strengthen and enlighten people about the strength and beauty of America, conservative values and rich civil rights legacy of the Republican Party.

If you share our ideas on Freedom for all, limited government, fiscal responsibility & free-market principles you are in the right place. We want to bring ideas and solutions not rehashing the known problems. Help us implement and share solutions we know work as well as coming up with new innovative ideas.

​Call Ayesha for full rates and information. ​


05/ Hit the Streets: Canvassing and Community Outreach

We are out hitting the streets talking to new potential members. We also go out to share our newsletter and disseminate other educational literature. Voter outreach, registration, and handing out voter guides.

Canvassing and distributing information face-to-face is a beautiful and Godly way to build relationships with people in the neighborhoods. 

06/ Speak Out: Presentation Leader

We are always giving presentations around town to community groups, policy holders, churches, and other groups about the various campaigns and issues that we work on, see our issues list to see if one fits for you.

Are you a practiced public speaker that would like to help us spread the word?

Topics include but are not limited to:

Pro: American History, The Constitution, Apologetic, 2nd Amendment, the issue of life, strengthening the family, criminal justice reform, School Choice and parental rights, messaging, candidate training, entrepreneurship, economics, individual freedom and liberty, small government

Anti: CRT, Comprehensive Sex Education, The Framework, globalism, antisemitism

07/ Take To the Waves: Media Team

We’re tired of relying on the drive-by media to get our message out. With the growth of social media, there is no reason why we can’t simply create and distribute our own media. We have to stop complaining that they won’t listen to our side or have us on etc.

We must be the media.

08/ Spread the Word: Assemble Mailings to Community and Members

Many times throughout the year, FDFNY sends items to our members and allies through email and snail mail. We need to be sending out snail mail to thousands every year. Come gather up with some friendly activists for great conversation and stuffing envelopes. 

09/ Join the Legislative Team

Lobbying! Hall walking! The heart and soul of getting things done. We need leaders to help take groups of people to their local representative’s office, to meetings (school board, city council, Legislative, etc) to head to Albany and sometimes D.C. We need YOU, the everyday person to join in speaking to their legislator.

10/ Behind the Scenes: Research

Where the magic is done. Oh man, there is so much behind the scenes that has to get done, from researching bills, crafting position papers, fundraising, data entry, website work, getting people where they need to be and so much more. If you have a passion for one of these things or simply do not like being front and center BUT still want to be involved. We got you!


Interested in sharing your work with our readers and members?  

Our submission process requires a short biography, basic contact information, and a sample article.

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