Voting 2016

Comparing Candidates:  Read, Research and Decide
By Ayesha Kreutz
Who are you voting for? Unsure? Still Deciding? Want to help others?  Have Questions? Let us help.
Do not vote party and remember in a general election you DO NOT have to vote for someone in the party you are registered for. You can vote for anyone from any party.
Down Ballot races Matter!!! If you are disillusioned and have no one you can support for P.O.T.U.S Please get out and vote for local candidates (not by party affiliation but by values, Jesus is the Standard) Politics is local. The better your local reps are the better off everything is.
2 Quizzes to see who you may most closely align with best –
Comparing Candidates
#1 – Liberty Records –  2016 Presidential Candidates
#3- Comparing Candidates side by side according to their stances or specific issues
#5 – Comparing voting records and issues –

From WallBuilders:

Early voting is happening now in most states — you can find out the dates for early voting for your state by visiting the Christian Voter Guide website, selecting your state on the map, then looking under “General Election Voting Dates.” And the General Election Day is fast approaching, Tuesday, November 8th!

To help citizens make wise choices in state and presidential races, voters guides are now available from our sister organization, The National Black Robe Regiment!

For example, you can get a Presidential Election Guide (pictured on the left) to see where the candidate’s stand on important issues to Christian voters. Also available are voter guides for key state races such as Michigan, Florida, Kansas, and others.




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