On Trump’s Press Conference and Trump University

bert and ernieBy Mack Rights

The Press Conference

For all those who’d have loved if President George W. Bush had stuck up for himself even just once during his eight years as president, while the bottom-feeding liberal press parasites were lying and discrediting everything about him, your prayers have been answered.  His name is Donald J. Trump.

In a press conference yesterday, in which he laid out all of the forty-some veterans groups to which he’d allocated the nearly $6 million he’d raised when he skipped the debate months ago, he unleashed on the press.  Sure, the liberal press tried to take credit for getting him to give the money to the groups, but, as he said, these groups had to be vetted first.  You don’t just give hundred thousand dollar checks to any group without vetting it first.  Anyone who argues differently doesn’t think much of other peoples’ money, and is probably a Democrat.

He even called ABC News’ Tom Llamas “sleazy.”  Unfortunately, he never explained why Tom Llamas is sleazy.  It goes back to when Trump used the words of Juanita Broderick in his political ad.  Juanita Broderick was allegedly raped by Bill Clinton back before he was president.  Anyone who’s heard her interviews believes her.  Many Democrat women wish they could have been her, but they’re freaks.  And that’s why they’re Democrats.

Tom Llamas, thinking himself in charge of what is truth and what is not, declared the rape allegations “discredited.”  The only people who ever “discredited” these rape allegations are Bill Clinton and his enabler Hillary Clinton.  Of course they never lie, but at least Bill told Broderick, “You better put some ice on that,” referring to the big fat lip he left her with after he’d done what he’d come to do.  I guess he was feeling her pain.

So Trump called a sleaze a sleaze.  Tom Llamas, for taking the word of a serial sex pervert and his enabling wife over that of a woman claiming to be raped, is a sleaze.

By the way, ladies suffering from the Republican Party’s supposed “war on women,” why aren’t you up in arms about how the whole Democrat Party and the liberal media refuse to believe a credible rape victim?  Pathetic ladies.  Pathetic.

Trump University

There’s a class action lawsuit against Donald Trump for running a private “university” to help folks learn how to make money in the real estate business.  Apparently, some people spent money to go to this school and weren’t successful in real estate afterwards.

Now, they want to sue to get their money back.

Imagine that.  Not everyone is set up to be successful in life, and it’s all Donald Trump’s fault.

Tyler Durden over at ZeroHedge discovered that the law firm Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd, which is behind this class action lawsuit, actually gave the Clinton’s $675,000 for three speeches since 2009.  That’s $225,000 per speech.  While it’s not illegal, it does raise questions.

In addition to that, the judge presiding over the case is a member of “La Raza Lawyers of San Diego.” Asking Trump to be ruled upon by a La Raza judge is like asking a black man to be presided over by a judge who’s also a member of the KKK. Before you call that hyperbole, remember that La Raza is heavily responsible for bringing to America the dregs of Mexico and helping them get free stuff off the American taxpaying sucker. And since these dregs are murdering, raping, enslaving and drugging Americans on a daily basis, that is not in any way hyperbolic.

Bottom line, if it takes Clintonista lawyers bringing a case to a Mexican Supremacist judge to get this trial off the ground, forgive me if I think the whole thing screams BS. The appearances of impropriety and the conflicts of interest make this whole thing look and sound like a joke that should only be taken seriously by a fool.

Look, maybe Trump University wasn’t all it was supposed to be.  But Trump has positive reviews galore as his evidence for the trial, meaning that many, if not most, of the students at his private university did indeed get something good out of it.  That some are too dumb to take what they learned and turn it into success isn’t a knock at Trump.  It’s a knock at them.  Some people are suckers.

If I were Donald Trump, I’d take a cue from Peter Thiel.  Peter Thiel is the gay and pro-pot billionaire behind Ted Cruz, both as senator and in the presidential primary.  He is one of the founders of Paypal.  Recently, he admitted that he funded Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against internet site Gawker for releasing the Hogan sex tape.  Hogan won a $140 million in the suit, which is under appeal.  This amount might put Gawker out of business.

Peter Thiel did it for apparent revenge because Gawker allegedly outed him as a homosexual years ago.  Not every homosexual wants to be outed, and that’s cool.

So, if I were Donald Trump, I’d fund a class action lawsuit against all publicly-funded colleges and private universities on behalf of all the students that graduate and are working at the Taco Bell or at whatever job isn’t even paying $15 an hour.  These kids that went to a $65,000 a year private university, that’s still funded with public monies to a certain extent, have just blown a quarter million dollars for an education that has them working at the local fast food joint.  And many can’t even get the head cashier job because the kid that’s been working at the Taco Bell since he’d graduated from high school has seniority.

Isn’t the idea- if you go to college, you’ll make more money than if you don’t- then become fraudulent when so many college graduates are getting their lunch eaten by kids with just a high school diploma?

On top of that, many of these suckers with this quarter million dollar education are loaded with unsecured debt.  The high school kids are much less likely to embezzle money than the debt slaves of the college community.  Aren’t these underachieving college graduates entitled to having their interests represented in a class action lawsuit against the fraudulent claims of all these colleges and universities stealing all this money from these innocent and duped Americans?

I know, some of you are thinking that suing a college for your lack of success is like suing a gun company because you can’t hit the target.  But hey, why is it then OK to sue Donald Trump because you weren’t successful at doing what he does or because you feel like he hard-sold you on the university?

The only defense the liberals will have against a class action lawsuit against the super expensive college and university system, the cost of which goes up 6% a year (more than three times the rate of inflation), is that George W. Bush ruined the economy so badly that not even Barack Hussein Obama could fix it.  Sure, George W. Bush will never defend himself against the charge, but let them make the argument.  Whether they like it or not, they’ll be admitting that their savior failed.



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