History of Today’s Republican Party, MacoSauce and more


A Critique of today’s Republican Party? 

Op/Ed by Ayesha Kreutz
Mon, Nov 28, 2011

Over the years there has been a concerted effort, on behalf of many, to rewrite political history, especially when it comes to that of the Democrat Party. After finding this out, I set out to find the truth and answer a question that has been on my mind. Is the Republican the same party it once was? In studying the history of the Republican Party, I have to admit that I found myself rather impressed. The Republican Party was formed for the purpose of abolishing slavery and it succeeded with Lincoln as its first president. President Lincoln, the first Republican president, won running on the platform of ending slavery and of being for equal rights. In response, the Democrats promptly started a Civil War because they’d rather dissolve the Union than give up their slaves.
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