The Confederate Flag, a Symbol of What?

By Providence Crowder


Providence CrowderUp until this moment, I have remained completely silent on the latest controversy surrounding the Confederate Flag. I’ve seen heated discussions fired back and forth among my Conservative brothers and sisters about what the Confederate Flag represents and where it should be exhibited. I’ve listened to the free speech arguments, the racist arguments, the “it’s history” arguments, the Southern pride arguments, the good, the bad, the ugly . . .

In the aftermath of the church shootings in Charleston, South Carolina, our nation is completely gridlocked on what to do about that old Confederate flag. It took awhile for me to absorb it all, to figure out exactly what is it that I feel about the flag. To be truthful, I dont feel much of anything. I do not believe everyoneContinue reading

Planned Parenthood Accomplishing what the KKK Could not


By Ayesha Kreutz

As I begin, I want you to think about these words: “Faith, Family and Education are key to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and without life, nothing else is possible.” I have no doubt whatsoever that God never intended us to violate this fundamental truth. It is the 6th Commandment after all “that thou shall not take innocent life.”

Today we are always hearing the term Social Justice. It’s become this social buzzword that means “I care” or that some group cares… But typically this form of Social Justice is a fraud. At is essence in regards to abortion, it claims women aren’t equal in society unless they have the right to kill their unborn. It never addresses the ills that fall upon a society in which many women silently suffer the regret of having done so.

How can we call ourselves a civilized people as we create a culture of Death and Rejection? How can we continue to replace absolute Biblical truths with a hodgepodge of morally relative codes of conduct issued by everyone’s own personal Jesus? We’re casting aside the most basic and essential premise of civilization- the respect for life and innocent life at that.

Society depends upon people living by the same code of conduct. In the past, that code was learned in church, but today, a smaller percentage of the population attend church, and some churches have even sold their souls by adopting the social justice movement and its post-modern moral relativity to replace the laws of God. They might do this to attract those that, for whatever reason, can’t live by the laws of God, but this just seeks to increase the percentage of the population that has cast off the yolk of moral uprightness that God has called on us to wear. True, that yolk is very uncomfortable at times, but it is necessary to keep us civilized. Man without restraint is an animal capable of many God-awful things, and this can be seen whenever socialists adopt their own rules and kick God out of their cultures. Nearly 150 million people were killed, slaughtered and starved to death by the godless Communists and the godless Nazis in just the last century. So, as we slouch towards Gomorrah, as Judge Robert H. Bork described it in his book, appropriately titled Slouching Towards Gomorrah, I will argue that, in order to understand abortion and its effects on society, we must go back and look at those that brought it to us and at their motivations for doing so.

We all know that Roe vs. Wade was decided in 1973, but we need to look at what happened before 1973 to understand what would make a society turn on itself and despise itself so much that it would allow its government to legalize the killing of its unborn. Directly before the decision, we had the 1960’s. In the 60’s, the huge Baby Boomer generation mixed hormones with psychedelic drugs, rock and roll, rebellion and a healthy dose of boredom. As Judge Bork writes:Continue reading