BLM in School Day – 02/17/2017

Regardless of the percentage of black students within the district, allowing a politically motivated movement associated with domestic terror attacks is NOT in the best interest of our children nor does this event serve to unite our community.


A Plan That Is Not God Centered Is A Plan Destine To Fail

By Peter Vazquez

I am of the belief that a plan that is not God centered is a plan destine to fail.

Through government we have fed the poor, but yet we can’t end poverty. Through government we have pushed gun control, but yet those looking to cause harm still find ways to cause harm. Though government we find money, but yet we lack prosperity. Though government we seek guidance and a moral compass, but what we find is corruption, deceit, greed, lack of integrity and accountability, and no leadership.

Government promises a utopia to those who follow without question. A promises that your every need will be met so long as you do not insist on freedom – so long as you do not place your belief above theirs.

Just yesterday the following question was posed, “What does the resurrection mean to you (me personally)?” This was a question that I have never been asked before, but I realized the answer to this question was simple – the resurrection means everything, especially courage and faith. It is easy to not believe in the intangible. Most of us hide behind excuses to not stand up for what is right (i.e. I’ll lose my job, I’ll upset others, my life may be in jeopardy, etc.), but when one believes in the resurrection we understand that we no longer have to hide or be afraid; we understand that we cannot be hurt or harmed as we pursue prosperity, freedom, and an accountable government.

I have always had an interest in politics. As a child, I would watch CSPAN believing that the men and women that ran our government were a sort of special breed – untouchables that had to have been ordained individuals set aside from the rest of us. I once asked a family member if they thought it could be possible that I could be one of those ordained individuals… after laughing at me, for what appeared to be a long time, he said that I was a nut because people like me were not meant to be anything more then what we were – nothing. His response stuck with me and as a result I began to behave as such to the point that nothing mattered. I believed that if I was not (or could not be) one of those ordained individuals and if people like me were not meant to be anything more then what we were then what was the point on believing in anything – God included.

Fortunately, I have a family that lives in a manner that keeps God centered; parents that understood that any plan for our 10710280_992078827475740_7536128944968299561_ofuture that did not have God at the center was a plan that would not bear fruit. As I stated, nothing mattered to me so accountability, integrity, respect, (and self-respect) were not important attributes – why would they be? I became a teen parent, ran the streets doing silly things, resented my parents for not excepting welfare so that I can have the latest clothes, shoes and all the other cool things my peers had – I even ran away from home when I was 15yo after dropping out of school without their knowledge. I had nothing to lose and I believed I had nothing to gain. So as long as others (adults) could not see what I was doing (or not doing) I could never be punished – nothing mattered.

As I grew, I began to realize what my parents had been telling me all along – without God one always feels as if nothing matters. Government can give money and promise a utopia with no accountability, but government cannot give hope, change, faith, love, respect (or self-respect) nor can government make one understand what the resurrection means to you. Knowing that one is accountable even when someone is not looking because God is the center of all we do is the root to solving most of the issues we face in our community. There is evil – to know that there is a God, we must also know there is a devil.

People are going to cause harm to others (and themselves); people have been doing nasty things to others since the beginning of times – human nature cannot be legislated. People who cause harm to others can (and should) be held accountable and people who don’t, should have the ability to protect themselves when needed – common sense. BUT until people begin to understand that any plan that is not God centered – crimes and harm against others will only increase as we see throughout the world in countries where government has decided to exclude Faith and behave as the people’s salvation.

Contrary to the cover page of today’s @dailynews – God has fixed this! As #Godisnotdead! We do not need gun control or people control for that matter – what we need is to control our government! Yesterdays, heinous act in #SanBernardino has mobilized many in America to embrace the resurrection of Christ and stand up to the lawless government our great country has endured for so long.

What is happening now is an attack on God as those who support and believe that government is the answer and our salvation have finally learned the American experiment is ordained by God which is why America has defeated all attacks.

God Bless America and God Bless all those who chose to defend her!

Peter Vazquez

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Are Black Republicans Like Runaway Slaves?

Posted on February 14, 2012 by tfdfblog

By: David Swerdlick
Posted: February 13, 2012

If so, can they get more black voters to run away, too? Black CPAC attendees weigh in.

A few minutes after introducing headliner Herman Cain at 2011′s Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., Niger Innis — son of civil rights leader Roy Innis and national spokesman for CORE, the Congress of Racial Equality — said that in his view, “The GOP is not for rich people — it’s for people who want to be rich.” It’s a nice sales pitch: short, to the point, upbeat and as good as any you’ll hear from those looking to draw new recruits into conservative ranks.

Pictures are Pudgy Miller, Sonnie Johnson and Kevin Daniels

Sonnie Johnson — who was at last week’s CPAC to introduce Andrew Breitbart — distilled that same message down to two words: “Get money.”

At CPAC 2012 — the American Conservative Union’s annual event that’s a who’s who of the conservative movement and that featured appearances by all of the Republican presidential candidates — black conservatives agreed that they need to do more to bring African-American voters into the conservative and Republican fold. As Charlotte Bergmann, running for Congress in Memphis, Tenn.’s majority-black 9th District, argued, “Republicans need to get into the communities to take this message of hope and freedom and liberty to the people.”

But there’s less consensus on what that message is.

Alveda King, a Cain confidante and niece of Martin Luther King Jr., focuses on abortion, arguing that Planned Parenthood has an “agenda of baby killing.” And at CPAC, several black conservatives highlighted a reported statistic that in New York in 2008, more African Americans had abortions than gave birth, and several made the case that pro-abortion-rights policies have had the effect of “population control” on black communities.

Meanwhile, K. Carl Smith of the Frederick Douglass Republicans told The Root, “If you look at those four life-affirming values of Douglass” — that Smith describes as respect for life, respect for the Constitution, belief in limited government and individual responsibility — “President Obama is zero for four.” But when it comes to Obama, Kevin Daniels of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, a separate organization, said, “I don’t talk about him much — he’s not my concern.”

Daniels thinks “abortion is a big issue” but doesn’t rank it higher on his list than other issues in the black community, saying, “Social issues affect the economic issues, and economic issues affect the social issues.” Mark Greer — on hand to support Newt Gingrich — agreed that “economic issues and social issues work hand in hand.”

They shared a consensus that “Obamacare” goes too far, with Bergmann saying, “There are people in the community who are really concerned about the death panels that are contained in the Obamacare legislation” — a reference to the debunked controversy over end-of-life provisions in the Affordable Care Act — while Pudgy Miller, host of the North Carolina-based Keeping It Real With Pudgy radio show, argued that “We can’t truly afford to do this for the long term.”

Yet when asked which other programs needed to be cut, it was harder to get answers. No one would specify which entitlement they might target. When asked if programs like LIHEAP (home-heating oil subsidies) should be slashed along with subsidized health care, Smith said no, because then “you’re making it worse for the poor” — but immediately reiterated that “you’ve got to get people off of entitlements.” Miller’s response to the same question was that “entitlements are necessary, just not the way that they are structured now.”

It came pretty close to the Tea Party’s infamous “Get your government hands off my Medicare.”

And in response to being portrayed, as they see it, as “Uncle Toms” or “sellouts,” some black conservatives are rallying around the narrative that they, in fact, are present-day Harriet Tubmans helping other African Americans escape from the “plantation” of the Democratic Party, with CPAC 2012 featuring a new film by C.L. Bryant called Runaway Slave that’s part documentary, part Tea Party infomercial, and even has the tagline “Run from tyranny to liberty.”

It’s an extension of the charge made by Cain during his mercurial presidential campaign that the nine out of 10 African Americans who vote for Democrats are “brainwashed.” And when asked if the plantation analogy hurts conservative prospects for getting black support, Bryant offered that “the reason it repels them is that it’s a stinging truth” — highlighting his view that “government dependency is the plantation that Democrats support.”

That perception was shared by several others at CPAC, including Florida Rep. Allen West — the only Republican in the Congressional Black Caucus — who told the CPAC crowd Friday that conservatives have compassion, but “we just don’t think the safety net should be used as a hammock.” It’s a perspective that resonates — and rankles — after Gingrich’s frequent references to Barack Obama as the “food stamp president.”

Outside of health care reform, no one expressed what they saw as Obama’s failures, and none outlined a program that they’d offer as an alternative to Obama’s policies. Smith didn’t disagree with the notion that GOP front-runner Mitt Romney has held the same positions as Obama on all of the major issues, but about Romney he said, “I don’t think he’s a socialist, though,” adding, “I’d vote for him over Obama.”

Black conservatives clearly have a message: anti-government, anti-abortion and pro-school choice. It’s just not clear if they think that slave imagery or calling other African Americans brainwashed is a winning strategy for getting the black electorate to consider the alternatives.

In the end, Johnson, who’s in the Sarah Palin biopic The Undefeated and possesses her own Palin-esque star potential, returned to the most compelling case for African Americans to join the conservative cause: not the slave narrative, or abortion, but her belief — expressed passionately — that “you don’t have to convince black people of capitalism” because it’s already there in black culture. She also took time to admonish conservatives that “the way that you’re phrasing things” makes a difference in how the message is received.

She and Daniels conceded that no matter what’s said now, the overwhelming majority of black voters will stick with Democrats in 2012. But Daniels was confident about conservatives making future inroads in the black community.

“We’re not in this just for the 2012 election cycle,” he said. “We’re in this for the long term, and over time, yes, it will happen.”

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