Society Needs to Embrace its Homophobia Part 8: How the gay bullies are turning us all into homophobes part 2- It’s time to draw the line in the sand.

Society Needs to Embrace its Homophobia Part 8: How the gay bullies are turning us all into homophobes part 2- It’s time to draw the line in the sand.

My editor claims my readers- that being you- have the attention spans of gerbils and don’t like long pieces, so I had to split the bully section up. But before I continue my section about the gay agenda’s tactics, I want to talk a bit about why it’s important that we understand whom we’re up against. As you will continue to see, the incestuous relationship between the gay agenda, the so-called gay republicans, the liberal gaystream media, just about everybody with money in California and the Democrat Party has created an atmosphere of hate for Christianity and Christians that we haven’t seen since before the Crusades started.

Too often, Christians turn the other cheek so as not to out themselves as lovers of Christ. I suppose that is the Christian way, but one has to admire the Christians who didn’t. Think about the Crusaders. They’re hated by the liberal media and educrats that write the history books. But put yourselves in their shoes. The Muslims are raping and killing your women and children as they spread Islam by the sword as their god instructs them to do. Does a man have to give up his wife, children and his life so that he doesn’t do something that many might think un-Christian- that being going to war? No, he has an obligation to do it.

Well that’s where we are with the homosexuals and the Cultural War they’ve declared on Christianity. We didn’t start this war. They did. I didn’t see a bunch of Christians trying to put crosses in gay bars. But in 1993, this is how they treated parishioners in the Village Seven Presbyterian Church:

When someone blew a loud whistle, a dozen or so people in black leather jackets stood up in Village Seven Presbyterian Church, removed their coats and chanted in unison: ”Gays and lesbians under attack in Colorado Springs. We act up. This is for Will Perkins. Enjoy your Sunday.” The group then pelted the congregation with condoms. Perkins is co-founder of Colorado for Family Values, which won passage last year of a statewide prohibition on laws protecting gays from discrimination.  LINK

This violation of the holy ground was perpetrated by a group of gay supremacists called ACT UP! Incidentally, Kevin Jennings, the man who Obama chose to head the Department of Education’s Office of Safe Schools, was a member of ACT UP! I’m sure it was important to Obama that, when reading Jennings resume, he discovered that Jennings had written the foreword for a book called Queering Elementary Education: Advancing the Dialogue about Sexualities and Schooling. Read all about him, but I don’t recommend it if you’ve just eaten. Good to know that the Czar of Safe Schools belonged to a group famous for terrorizing churches and who had previously penned his premeditated intent to get our children.

Back to my point: gays, in a group, don’t think like we do. We measure our actions and our words with a little angel on our shoulder chirping, “What Would Jesus Do? What Would Jesus Do?” We too often avoid conflict and possibly offending others by walking away, and that is exactly what they expect us to do. They know our weakness and capitalize on it. And now that they’ve bullied our legislatures into giving them the key to the kingdom, they’re coming for our children who’ve learned from us that it’s best to avoid conflict by walking away.

I have a theory as to why they will sink to any low level in getting us to give up the Culture War. But, I’m afraid it might offend someone, so I won’t tell you. Just kidding. Here it is. We in America are a country founded by Christians and a few Jews. I know there are a lot of people who run around calling themselves atheists, and that there are even more who call themselves Christians but who never had the formal education in Christianity that comes from going to church. Nonetheless, they celebrate Christmas, Easter and they pray from time to time- you know, there are no atheists in the foxhole. These ceremonial actions are vestiges of their ancestors imprinted on them in their childhood. There aren’t that many families of non-church-going Americans who don’t have devout Christians in their family from some time or place. In other words, we all are to some extent exposed to Christ’s teachings at some point in our life. And the Ten Commandments are kind of imprinted on our souls to some extent as well. We all have some semblance of conscience someplace in the back of our minds. The ones that don’t have a conscience are considered psychotic and will probably kill you with a smile.

Either way, one of the main reasons that young people have trouble coming out and acting on their homosexual urges these days is not the social stigma that homosexuals once suffered- seriously, they’re the most celebrated people of unparalleled bravery on the planet. Heard from a random liberal: “Oh, you just got back from Iraq?-big whoop. My cousin just came out of the closet.” Instead, the hardest obstacle to committing their first homosexual sin and therefore deciding to become a homosexual is their conscience reminding them that God doesn’t like homosexuality. The inner conflict that results from giving into those urges is much bigger than the supposed unacceptance of homosexuals in America. And once they’ve given in to those urges, unschooled Christians, unfamiliar with repentance and forgiveness, will too often consider themselves destined for hell. And this small misunderstanding of Jesus leads many homosexuals to suffer through depression and drug addiction.

Drug addiction leads them to be focused on the present, while trying to escape the past, without a care at all about the future. Suffering through the thought that your soul might be condemned to hell too often leads them to seek immediate pleasure out of fear there really is no future. And with no reason to protect their souls from the consequences of hell because they already think they’re going to hell, gays in a mob do not follow the rules of Western Civilization in their quest for what they call “equality.” They seek it by any means necessary.

Keep that in mind. The real persecution is about to begin. Don’t think for a second that just because the bullies got what they said they wanted- “gay marriage”- that they’re about to stop and declare victory. They want your soul. While there were a few toothless provisions in the New York State legislation that help churches avoid being forced to perform “gay marriages,” it will be the Christian small business owners who get persecuted. Think about a Christian printer who doesn’t find it ok to print invitations to a “gay marriage.” If they say it violates their oath to God and refuse the job, they will be sued for discrimination. The DJ who doesn’t want to see a bunch of men strutting around a wedding dance floor with their shaven butts decorated with G-strings can be sued if he refuses the job. What about the Bed and Breakfast owners that don’t want to share their home with honeymooning homosexuals because they feel that it will hurt the family-friendly reputation that they’ve worked hard to develop? The Christian caterer’s in trouble too. Bottom line, all of these folks will be required to sacrifice their Christian beliefs or be sued out of business. If you say it can’t happen here, you’re a liberal with a self-imposed ignorance. It’s happening in every state and every country that’s decided to give into the gay bullies.  Like I said, they want your soul, and they’re more than happy to make you choose between your livelihood and your soul- misery loves company.

The deal has been violated. Think about the Seinfeld episode where George hits a couple pigeons with his car and concludes they’ve broken the deal. “We had a DEAL, Jerry, We had a DEAL!!!” The pigeon stays out of the way, and the humans don’t hit them with their cars. That’s what has happened- the deal has been broken. Up until now, the agreement was that the gays leave the Christians alone, and the Christians won’t decorate the gay bars with crosses and the Decalogue. Condoms being thrown at parishioners and Christians being sued for holding to their beliefs is the straw that paralyzes the camel.

But now that my editor, who thinks you’ve got the attention spans of gerbils, has concluded I’ve written too much, I must wrap up for the night. But I’ll leave you with one more piece of bullying that I’d planned to write about.

On May 17, 2011, ABC News reported victoriously about gay Nick Espinosa who assaulted Newt Gingrich at a book signing by dumping a bag of glitter over his head and screaming: “Feel the rainbow, Newt. Stop the hate. Stop anti-gay politics. It’s dividing our country and it’s not fixing our economy.” Here’s the link.  It includes a short video interview of Nick Espinosa, performed by a local news babe and her castrated cohort. Pay close attention to how these liberal media people glorify Espinosa’s actions with deep admiration. And after seeing what he did, think about what would happen if a conservative activist dumped glitter on a liberal politician. That liberal politician would whine about glitter in his eyes and sue for assault. But since it’s the other way around, this gay guy, who had already made a jerk of himself by infiltrating a tea party rally and making a nonsense speech, is made into a hero. God help us.

Tune in for Part 9 when I continue to highlight the bullying tactics of the gay agenda.


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