Society Needs to Embrace its Homophobia if We Plan on Saving the Country, Part 6: The under-told story of Jesse Dirkhising.

Part 6: The under-told story of Jesse Dirkhising.

I forgot to mention at the end of Part 5 that ABC and 20/20 did get a stern talking to by their gay-agenda betters for doing a story that destroyed the myth of Matthew Shepard as the persecuted gay boy killed by a homophobic/Christian nation. And this riling of the gay masses into intimidation mode has much to do with the fact that the true angle to the story was promptly disregarded and not brought up again by the liberal media. It also has much to do with the fact that I doubt my good readers even know about that angle to the Matthew Shepard story.

And this reminds me of a telling moment that occurred when the New York Times national correspondent Richard Berke, on April 12, 2000, at a reception sponsored by the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA), said: “There are times when you look at the front page meeting and literally three-quarters of the people deciding what’s on the front page are not-so-closeted homosexuals.”

This stranglehold that gays have on the media is evidenced by how little the story of Jesse Dirkhising was actually covered by the mainstream media. The New York Times completely ignored it, a significant point to which “Andrew Sullivan of The New Republic, who is himself gay, told John Leo that the New York Times would rather go out of business than report the Dirkhising story.” link

This point is so significant that in the third anniversary summary story, World Net Daily reported that “a Nexis search shows a disparity in story counts of 18-1” when compared to the number of stories on the Matthew Shepard murder.  The Tragic Story of Jesse Dirkhising

Why?- Because this story deals with two gay men sodomizing a 13-year-old boy to death. And the liberal media, which is controlled by homosexuals who are bullies with nothing to lose, loathes writing a story about gay men doing anything wrong. As far as their concerned, gays are always right and can do no wrong. Nevertheless, because everyone’s afraid to judge lest they be judged and are afraid to hold gays to account for their misdeeds, gays really have become the bullies in our society these days. They’ve overcompensated for their past social persecutions by fascistically implementing their rules by force, intimidation and public spectacle.

On top of that, they’ve infiltrated the court system where they feverishly work to get laws passed against regular folks who might not approve of their lifestyle choices. They portray themselves as the victims of bullying, but they are actually the ones who use bullying to cow anyone who might offend them or look wrongly at them as they carry on in public with indecent actions (defined by God of course). As a result, if you’re reading a story in the mainstream press, unless you know the author’s political leanings, you pretty much have to assume that the author’s a homosexual or an extreme homophile. Straight God-fearing people tend not to work in those kinds of situations. To a Christian, working at the New York Times would be about as morally satisfying as being the towel boy at a San Francisco bathhouse.

On September 26, 1999, Joshua Brown, the 22–year-old boyfriend of 38-year-old Davis Carpenter spent several hours sodomizing young 13-year-old Jesse Dirkhising. This was after they bound the boy up, drugged him and gagged him with soiled underwear. Carpenter masturbated while this went on. The story’s so disgusting that I’ll just leave the link The Tragic Story of Jesse Dirkhising and a list of some of the things entered into evidence: nylon rope, a T-shirt blindfold, bandana, duct tape, frozen banana, urine enema laced with sedative amitryptiline, Eckrich sausage, cucumbers, Vaseline, pills shoved down Jesse’s throat, methamphetamine for the two gay guys, petroleum jelly jars, a douche bottle, “feces- and vomit- covered shirts and underwear,” and notes of instruction from Carpenter to Brown. Jesse was thirteen. When they were done, they left him suffocated with blood coming out of his mouth, and he was covered in feces.

If you can handle the story, please read it, but I want to focus on some of the elements that led to this horrendous evening.

Jesse came from a poor family and would spend weekends with Davis Carpenter, who was a friend of his mother and Jesse’s stepfather. He did this over a couple of months, and while he was there, he’d make a few bucks sweeping in Carpenter’s hair salon. Jesse’s mom knew that Jesse kind of suspected that he might be gay, so Tina Yates thought it was good that he spend time with her gay “family friend,” whom she knew did drugs. Her husband Miles Yates admitted that he didn’t mind that Jesse did drugs with him and thought it was fine if he was doing drugs with a couple of gay guys on the weekends. He must have thought that if Jesse thought he was gay, he might as well do drugs with gay guys so they can teach him which drugs are appropriate for gay people. At least that’s the impression I get from his quotes in the story above. He was thirteen.

“Tina Yates, to our shock and dismay, testified on cross-examination that she was well aware that Carpenter and Brown were homosexuals and had no issue with them or homosexuality in general,” Balfe (the prosecuting attorney) told C&F Report. “If Jesse wanted to be a homosexual, that was fine with her. In fact, a homosexual minister had married her and Jesse’s stepfather, Miles Yates. Tina considered Carpenter and Brown ‘family’ and they all spent considerable time together at each other’s residences.”

Miles Yates reiterated his wife’s testimony that he was aware that Carpenter and Brown were homosexuals and drug users but said those facts didn’t bother him “so long as it was not around the family,” and stated that he was not averse to Dirkhising using drugs “at home with me or someone you’re comfortable with.” The Tragic Story of Jesse Dirkhising

However, Jesse’s step-grandmother, Betty Yates wasn’t as comfortable about the situation:

In a 1999 interview with, Yates said, “The parents put him in a situation he shouldn’t have been in. They knowingly let him spend weekends with the two guys knowing they were gay. Jesse was a typical 13-year-old good kid. You do not put a 13-year-old child into a situation like that. It had been going on for about two months and he had told them he did not want to go back.”

Betty Yates told that some months prior to Jesse’s death, Tina Yates said she was excited that the gay couple had taken an interest in her son.

“I said, ‘Do they not have kids?’ And she said, ‘Well, they’re two guys, they’re gay.’ When they left, I said to my husband, ‘Do you know what they’re doing?’ But he’s real big on minding your own business. Now I’m sorry I didn’t pursue it. We shouldn’t have minded our own business that time. It was a horrible death that could have been prevented.”

I can’t say it better than Betty Yates. This is a situation that sprang from the naïve nonsense of liberal parents. Like with Matthew Shepard’s mother, I feel bad for having to write this, but someone has to. Sending your 13-year-old sexually insecure boy off to do drugs with a couple of homosexual drug users is sheer stupidity. I’d like to say I feel bad for them, but I don’t. I feel bad for Jesse. Jesse’s mom and stepdad are liberal idiots. I’m not saying you can’t have children around gay people, but when you add drugs and unmonitored sleepovers into the mix, you’re asking for trouble. When parents play Russian roulette with their children, and one of the children dies, the public shouldn’t be obligated not to think those parents are idiots. The desert doesn’t need signs that read, “Never pet a scorpion,” because most people are smart enough not to do it. But Jesse’s parents did, and now Jesse’s dead.

Looking at the backgrounds of Carpenter and Brown, one can only see families in tatters. Carpenter allegedly left home at age 15 because his family didn’t accept homosexuals. His father later claimed that he did, but when a boy feels the need to leave home and fend for himself, one has to question that. Nonetheless, when a boy is on his own, no longer accepting guidance from his father, he will too often grow up without the appropriate knowledge that a father has to give and that which will enable him to maintain himself in civilization. Without the superego building blocks that come from a father, a boy is likely to go all Lord of the Flies. As we know, drugs like methamphetamine and uncontrolled sexual desires eventually did take Carpenter over the edge.

Joshua Brown, like Jesse, was born to his 17-year-old mother. Her brother lived with them as a “male figure” for a while, but he physically abused Joshua and sexually abused Joshua’s sister. So that didn’t work out well. Then Joshua spent some time in foster homes because of the physical abuse coming from his mother. By his teen years, he was an “insecure teen with drug addictions when Carpenter walked into his life.”

Within two months of knowing Brown, Carpenter convinced Brown to move away from his friends and family to Florida. Carpenter later manipulated Brown into a homosexual relationship by stating that four characters in the Bible (David and Jonathan, and Ruth and Naomi) were homosexual.

As he did with Brown, Carpenter worked to isolate Jesse Dirkhising from his family. [And now we know why so many boys are named David and Jonathan- to honor the Bible’s gay heroes.]

Carpenter was obviously a good manipulator of young and insecure boys, but I’m sure his use of drugs to lure boys like “candy for children” was a part of his success.

In the taped interview, Carpenter also said he had “counseled” Jesse about his sexuality and drug use: “If he wanted to bring in a 28-year-old woman and screw her in the back room, I wouldn’t care. As long as he was there and he told me about it and was honest about everything I asked him about the thing he was doing.

“Just like I told him if you want to smoke pot that’s fine. You can smoke it in my house but don’t you go out there with the rest of these damn crazy kids because they’re not good people.”

“Jesse’s confused,” continued Carpenter. “Jesse is attracted to guys and … hates him, that part of himself.” He said that Jesse’s mother, Tina Yates, had mentioned Jesse’s homosexuality to him.

This horrendous story is about drugs replacing fathers. Rather than helping to build the Freudian superego in boys that would later serve as a conscience that would help them to decipher right from wrong, these men turned to drugs, which strengthened their ids’ need to be gratified in every possible way immediately. Without the balance between the need for gratification and the moral fortitude to resist it, man can be a monster. In addition to being about bad parenting, it’s also about how bad parenting leaves children susceptible to the lures of gay recruitment. Carpenter was a recruiter who used myth, lies and drugs to addict young men to pleasure seeking. When his father and family refused to accept him they sent him off to pleasure seek at will, rather than treat the homosexuality like an addiction. Look at Joshua Brown. He met Carpenter after a breakup with his girlfriend and was only sucked into the homosexual life because he found in Carpenter someone who gave him attention and drugs to satisfy the needs his family life never supplied.

The tragedy of Jesse Dirkhising is one of the big cases that would have been played for hours a day for years on end if it were a couple of supposed Christians doing this to a young gay boy. But because the monsters were homosexuals, the mainstream media avoided it like the Bible at a gay bar. So it’s also about the impact that the homosexual agenda and its bullying tactics have on setting the agenda that the media pushes as it picks the stories to cover and not to cover. They, who control the message, try to control our thought processes. It’s up to us to be vigilant against the gay agenda’s methods of manipulation. Jesse Dirkhising, R.I.P.


Ephesians 6:12 – For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].

Coming Soon, Part 7: How the gay bullies are turning us all into homophobes- It’s time to draw the line in the sand.

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