Society Needs to Embrace its Homophobia if We Plan on Saving the Country- Part 4

Part 4:  More reasons I’m a homophobe

And that leads to another issue that parents are forced to consider, even though liberal society tries to banish us if we talk about it or admit that we have concerns.  Do we allow our children to be in situations where homosexuals are role models? Would I feel uncomfortable with a gay teacher?- yes if that gay teacher was talking about homosexuality in any way and especially if he or she were trying to convince children that it’s all right to be gay.  What about a gay Boy Scout leader?  Would I send my son off to camp, knowing that there have been numerous instances where gay Boy Scout leaders have had inappropriate contact with boys?- heck no. I respect the Boy Scouts for not allowing gay leaders.  The Girl Scouts, presently a feminist training camp littered with lesbians and partnered with Planned Parenthood, is completely inappropriate for my daughters.
However, American Heritage Girls are fine.

Think about what happened when the Boy Scouts officially outlawed gay leaders after numerous instances of sexual abuse (for more info, type “boy scout sexual abuse” into the search engine of your choice).  The Democrats went crazy with hate for children of parents who just aren’t into allowing their boys to be in a position where they might be molested.  They have so much hate for the Boy Scouts that during the Democrat National Convention in 2000 for Al Gore, the Democrats actually booed the flag-carrying Eagle Scouts.  In doing so, the Democrats illustrate how they believe in collective guilt and that children with homophobic parents are guilty of their parents’ “sin” against the Politically Correct rules that liberals make up.

But that collective guilt doesn’t seem to go the other way.  For example, to alleviate the guilt of parents of homosexuals, they’ve come up with a dogma that claims gays are born gay.  Lady Gaga, with her recent song “Born this way,” is their spokesman.  They want us to believe that there’s no
chance that some sort of environmental/nurture issue is ever involved but that it is all just a matter of nature.  As far as I can tell, newborn babies have about two concerns.  Where’s that nice smelling woman that gives me milk to calm my hunger?  And when are they going to get me out of this nasty diaper?

The claim that gays are born gay would mean that gay Johnny has an additional desire while he lays in his first crib in the maternity ward.  While all the other babies are crying for milk and a clean diaper, gay Johnny wants to get into Billy’s diaper.  Do liberals even think about the things they believe? What newborn baby has sexual desire, let alone a sexual desire for those of the same sex?  And don’t start quoting the liberals’ favorite pedophile Alfred Kinsey whose studies involved sexually abusing babies and whose memory liberals honored with a biographical whitewash movie called Kinsey starring Liam Neeson.  His conclusion coincides with the liberal belief that adults should have sex with babies and children.  Sorry liberals, babies aren’t born gay.  By the way, if you consider yourself a liberal and don’t think you should be having sex with children, good news,
you’re not as liberal as you thought.  Congratulations.

While I concede that some children might be born with some sort of hormonal imbalance disorder that later leads to gender-identity issues, it’s a well known fact that many if not most homosexuals were sexually abused as children.  A large percentage of homosexuals have their first homosexual experience as a young teenager with someone above the age of consent.

While this experience may have been consensual- until the liberals get their wish to lower the age of consent passed through the courts by whack-job judges- this is still considered statutory rape.  Do we, as a culture, have a reason to maintain age of consent laws?- Absolutely, so that children aren’t exposed to a heavily emotional and physical experience outside of marriage and before they’re supposed to have that experience.  That first sexual experience can have dramatic effect on a child, especially if it’s not consensual.  Regardless, to alleviate the parents’ guilt of perhaps not paying enough attention to what their children were up to in their formative years, we’ve got this liberal fairy tale that claims gays are born that way.

Since gays know this for the most part, being ever mindful that they cannot increase their numbers in society through procreation, they are forced to seek out ways to recruit new members.  And now you know why there are gay priests, gay scout leaders, gay teachers, gay gym teachers, gay actors, gay Disney workers and gay coaches- they need to be around children in order to recruit.  As gay beatnik poet Alan Ginsburg once said, “We’ll get you through your children.”

Much of sexuality confusion occurs because so many children are exploited sexually at too young an age- not to say they should be exploited at a later age.  A girl raped by a man may grow to despise men and later find comfort in the arms of a woman.  A boy raped by a man may wonder if that man did it because that man knew he was gay or if it was because that man was just seeking sexual gratification.  Stuck on this hard-to-answer question, the boy may later try to relive his experience but as the man instead of the boy.  And because no experiment is good without a control group, he may have to do it more than once.  Sexual exploitation often leads to more sexual exploitation, but to repress these underlying factors or to pretend they don’t exist, too much of society has decided it’s easier to just claim that gays are born gay.  That alleviates the guilt that becomes easier to repress. It also allows people to maintain comfortable relationships with gay family members and friends.  And it can be used to help gays protect the people who first sexually exploited them.  Nonetheless, for the most part, it’s not an honest belief.  People just pretend they believe it to avoid further confrontation or to avoid being called a homophobe.

While a phobia is supposedly an irrational fear, knowing what I’ve just written, do my fears as a parent really seem irrational?  To be fair, I don’t want to be misunderstood here.  I’m not saying that all gays are into recruitment. Some are too busy working and are actually committed to their partners.  But knowing that many are presently and consistently on the prowl for impressionable adolescents in need of companionship, a parent must be aware of what’s out there.

To get more information on this, please read Tammy Bruce.  She’s an honest and conservative-minded lesbian, who has been more than willing to stand up to the gay agenda and its never-ending efforts to get to children.  Start with her article called “Protect New York’s Children from the Gay Elite.” We need more people like Tammy Bruce.

Stay tuned for Part 5:  The overly misrepresented story of Matthew Shepard and the under reported story of Jesse Dirkhising- two heinous stories with lessons for everyone, including the liberal media

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