Society Needs to Embrace its Homophobia if We Plan on Saving the Country- Part 3

Part 3: Reasons I’m a “Homophobe”

Let’s start with marriage. Marriage is an institution given to humans by God. Sorry about all the liberal heads that just exploded. Marriage existed before the United States of America was even conceived. It’s true that the state became involved when divorce became reliant upon lawyers and judges to settle the destruction of marriages undergoing a divorce, but at it’s essence, marriage is supposed to be a contract between a man and a woman before God, as the ultimate judge. But to accommodate atheists, who didn’t want to get married before God, the government allowed them to get married by a justice of the peace. At that point, marriage became a big business for divorce attorneys- probably one of the big reasons that the Democrat party and their posse of law-worshipping attorney donors wants gay marriage so badly. They see dollar signs galore as gay marriage would inevitably lead to the gay divorce racket. And marriage counselors would have a whole new slew of unhappy marriages to get paid to dissolve.

Nonetheless, what is the gay marriage movement really about? Do homosexuals really believe that if they can have sex inside of gay marriage, God will no longer consider homosexuality a sin? Do they really believe that the government can legislate away sin? Think about it. The government made abortion legal, but it didn’t claim it wasn’t a sin. The First Amendment prevents the government from making laws regarding religion. The left calls this separation of church and state, even though the phrase isn’t anywhere in the Constitution, but either way, the government has no right whatsoever to legislate religious doctrine.

However, because the laws of man in the US are granted by our Creator, the government isn’t supposed to ignore the will of the Lord in making laws. And that’s a big problem for the left. Our government is now infested with folks who despise God and all His Laws, so much so that they try to legislate God out of our society so as to replace God with the government that they get to run.

Gay marriage isn’t about equal rights as the gays and liberals often assert. I recently heard one lesbian say just that on TV. Then she said, “Gay marriage wouldn’t affect marriage for heterosexuals. They [meaning heterosexuals] already have the right to marry anyone they want.” Actually, no we don’t. If a heterosexual guy wanted to marry his brother or his buddy, guess what, he can’t. Just because he’s a heterosexual, he doesn’t have the right to marry someone of the same sex. Now, if that lesbian wanted to marry someone of the opposite sex, there is actually no law that prevents her from doing so. In other words, homosexuals already have equal rights. What they want is special rights.

So why do I, a homophobe, feel that I have a right to deny them these special rights? Is it because I hate homos? No. Being a homophobe doesn’t mean I hate homos, just that I fear them and what they want to do to the society in which I’m raising my children. God doesn’t teach me to hate sinners. I can love the sinner without loving the sin.

Here’s my problem with a government redefining an institution given to man by God. Marriage already has a meaning. It is a contract between man, woman and God, under which children are best raised. If the government is so arrogant as to think that it has the right to redefine the meaning of marriage, then that is a government that is so arrogant as to think that it can change any institution created by God. That’s a pretty arrogant government. If the meaning of marriage can be changed, that would actually render it meaningless. Let me iterate. If the meaning of marriage can be changed, that would actually render it meaningless.

I don’t want my children to grow up in a society where marriage is meaningless. Bottom line, children that are raised by single parents are more likely to live in poverty, have drug addictions, have mental health problems, earn lower grades in school and spend time in jails and institutions. Over 70% of all jail inmates grew up without a father. A society that renders marriage meaningless so homosexuals feel more comfortable about their behaviors and feelings is one in which there will be fewer children brought up in a household with a mother and a father. This alone should be good enough to justify my homophobia- my fear of what homosexuals are doing to society, but I’m not done.

Another problem creeping up in states that have legalized gay marriage is with adoption. In Massachusetts, gay marriage was legalized through the courts that ruled that the legislature was obligated to pass a law to legalize gay marriage. This successful redefinition of marriage then turned into a crusade to legalize gay adoption. The Catholic Church, which runs a Catholic adoption agency, said that they couldn’t let gay couples adopt children because it violates their church’s teachings (those being of God of course). The state, again infested with radical collectivist gay-rights warriors, ruled that if they refused to let gay couples adopt, they’d be sued.

See what’s happening here? The state is legislating church doctrine, something anyone who has read the Constitution, knows is illegal. The Catholic Church, being the homophobic institution that it is, folded like a Senate Republican. Being unwilling to stand up for their rights and beliefs, they folded out of fear of the homosexuals. As a result, there are no longer any adoptions being run through the Catholic Church. This means that adoptions are being done by more secular institutions that aren’t concerned about the effects of growing up with two parents of the same sex on a child. Sure, they may be fine, but who can say? Is society so accepting of this situation that this child will not find life in this situation hard at times due to lack of social acceptance? Do I think that society is accepting enough of homosexuals that this child will have no social problems whatsoever growing up like this? Heck no. Society is filled with homophobes who will reject this child as abnormal and will not let their children be friends with that child because it might introduce elements of life to their own child that they’d rather not introduce at this point in their child’s life. There are just some conversations that parents have the right not to want to have with their children at young ages. Many of these conversations involve sexuality and homosexuality.

Tune in soon for Part 4: More reasons I’m a homophobe

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