Society Needs to Embrace its Homophobia if We Plan on Saving the Country- Part 2: What is Homophobia?

Part 2: What is Homophobia

A phobia is a fear. We all have fears, especially children. Part of parenting is teaching children how to overcome the fears they should overcome and how to know what fears they should just leave alone. Fear of the dark is natural, and years of no boogey-man attacks will hopefully allow them to overcome that fear. Fear of the lion eating you however, is a fear that a parent should encourage. That’s better than finding out some day that their fearless child jumped into the lion’s cage at the zoo and unknowingly offered themselves to the lion as a feast.

So as parents, it’s our responsibility to determine what our children should and shouldn’t fear. In the old days, this was no big deal. The government knew its place and let parents raise their children. However, the collectivists, who litter the left with ideas that can only come from minds resolved to the notion that God is either dead or never existed at all, have infested the government with programs and bureaucracies that make it their business to take over for parents in determining this and everything else.

These collectivists, because they refuse to admit that life and the universe as we know it is too amazing to be random acts of randomness randomly strewn about in random places, tend to ignore the possibility that man has free will. To these people, man is just another animal that exists and therefore should seek out pleasure- consequences be damned. These are the people who the government puts in charge of teaching children. Anyone who refuses to adhere to their principle-free set of principles is labeled a phobe of some sort. And guess what, phobes of any sort aren’t allowed to work for the government- or at least feel comfortable working for the government. Think about how the outspokenly conservative teacher is treated in the teacher’s faculty room. Now you’re asking what outspokenly conservative teacher- and that’s my point. Back before the government, which derives its powers from God, was run by a bunch of God-hating leftists seeking to create a heaven-on-earth utopia where gay people of every race will be skipping while holding hands with children of every race under rainbows that don’t leave us when the sun goes down, it was the homosexual that needed a closet. Now it is the conservative-minded parent or teacher or government employee. With the conservative “silent majority” growing larger and more alienated everyday by Obama’s brown shirt gay-rights coalition, our closet is getting a bit tight.

I for one am sick of being persecuted for being a homophobe. Yeah, so I fear the queer. Is that so awful? Is fearing something I can’t understand or get excited about make me some kind of deviant? Does that mean I hate the queer or the lesbian?- No, just that I fear them and what they’re doing to a society and a government that was made for a Christian people.

If we let the society and government be so perverted that a Christian can no longer feel comfortable, we will end up with a government that will be totalitarian in nature. The left finds success in shutting down discussions with the right by labeling those on the right as phobes. If the right isn’t excited about illegal aliens jumping the border, driving down wages for folks in America by doing jobs under the table, and then hopping on the dole and stealing healthcare by refusing to pay for services they get at the emergency room where it’s illegal to refuse service, then we on the right get called xenophobes. Well, while I don’t know what a xeno is or why I fear it, I do know that I don’t like what illegal aliens do to our country. Our country’s broke, hospitals are going bankrupt, and the left claims I’m supposed to enjoy wasting government money on people who don’t belong here. If that makes me a xenophobe, so be it. I’m not ashamed of my pride in my country or my feeling that government tax dollars should be spent on behalf of the folks that actually belong here, rather than on a bunch of freeloading ingrates who come here to despise America all the while they rail against us when we stand up to them. Labeling me a xenophobe and thereby outlawing in de facto the expression of my beliefs from “polite company” has, in effect, transferred my First Amendment right to free speech over to non-Americans who aren’t even protected by the Bill of Rights because they’re not even Americans.

Another phobia the left loves to cow the right with is Islamophobia. Here’s the thing: everybody with a brain by now knows that the Islamic folks worship a god that tells them to kill Jews, Christians and pagans, and that by doing so, they will be rewarded in the afterlife. The left loves to pretend Muslims are worshipping the same god, but that’s pretty much impossible because the Judeo-Christian God doesn’t tell us to kill Jews and Christians. In fact the Judeo-Christian God said that he who blesses the Jews will be blessed, and he who curses the Jews will be cursed. The followers of the Islamic god curse the Jews every day, and to look at how they live- in filth and squalor- wherever they go, one can only conclude that the Judeo-Christian God is right. But that’s another story.

The point is this: because the Muslims listen to their god, they regularly kill Jews and Christians with bombs and guns. They also have a nasty habit of burning down synagogues and churches in their lands, while Jews and Christians rarely bother with mosques in non-Islamic lands. Followers of Islam even go so far as to strap bombs to themselves and blow themselves up in places crowded with Jews and Christians. But the left thinks I’m not supposed to fear that. “Don’t fear the piece of shrapnel that just ripped a hole in your belly you Islamophobic fool. They’re just practicing the religion of peace.”

Blah blah blah. Sorry multi-culti collectivist, there’s nothing peaceful about their religion, and there’s nothing that’s going to make me pretend I’m enjoying their right to practice it anywhere near me. So call me an Islamophobe. Just understand, calling me that doesn’t mean I have to embrace their religion or pretend I think I’m worshipping the same god as they do. When giving respect to someone whose goal is to kill me makes sense, I’ll eat my words. Until then though, I’ll just continue to think with my head and not out of fear that someone on the left will consider me evil. They’re going to consider me evil regardless of whether I fear xenos, Islamos and homos, or whether I pretend I don’t fear them.

If we on the right are going to save our country from the dark age that the left is driving us into, we are going to have to learn to brush off their labels as nothing more than the weapons of children with liberal parents. We need to be the adults. Think about the Islamic situation. They obviously need a reformation, but that will never happen if we continue to make excuses for the actions of Muslims and pretending that these actions are actually un-Islamic- that’s just nonsense for fools. We need to learn to brush of the left’s labels, and we need to treat the left like children, because that is what they are. They are maturity-free children who suffer from an arrested development that prevents them from accepting the natural truth that life is not fair and outcomes will never be equal.

Back to fears. Some fears are natural, and people on the left know this. Ever see a Woody Allen movie? I’ve seen a lot of them. I know what you’re thinking, what’s a conservative guy watching a movie by a crazy left-wing New Yorker who married the adopted daughter of his ex-wife?- For the same reason one watches The Discovery Channel, to get a glimpse of a culture that, while it exists in the same state of the same country as I, is completely foreign in every way.

One of the things I notice about Woody Allen movies is that just about every character has a psychologist, and they’re not at all ashamed of it. Where I come from, people don’t regularly see therapists, as far as I know. I’m sure some do, but, for the most part, people believe in God and don’t need a therapist to assure them that life is unfair and sometimes seems meaningless. Sometimes we get depressed, but that’s life. We don’t need happy pills to get us through life- we’ve got faith in God. Nonetheless, there is a difference between those who are comfortable in a therapist situation, where there is no judgement, and those who are comfortable in a situation where God teaches that we, as humans, have a responsibility to pass judgement on ourselves as we live our lives, hopefully in accordance with His Word.

Those that crave a judgement-free life do so because they have inner conflicts with their own behaviors and feelings. Instead of following their gut feeling, which is that these feelings and behaviors are abnormal, they pay a therapist who has been trained to convince them that their abnormal behaviors and feelings aren’t abnormal. A Christian or and an Orthodox Jew, on the other hand, consults the Word of God who teaches us how to get rid of these abnormal behaviors and feelings. And I don’t mean to insinuate that all Christians have this ability. Many purposely attend services at a church whose doctrine has been watered down with moral relativism so much so that they might as well just go to see a therapist. I’m really talking of the Christians who try to live by the literal Word of the Lord and not an interpretation founded on the idea that God was just kidding.

In any case, therapists run a good racket by posing as experts and helping people feel comfortable about their fears, feelings and behaviors. People on the left respect psychology so much that because they run the government-educational system, they put a psychologist in public schools where they force children to talk about things that should be between the child and their parents. This is where they pry information from children to later be used against the parents who aren’t into this kind of psychobabble and who aren’t into having their children be filled with ideas that come from folks who love and respect the government. They also use these psychologists as “experts” who can recommend that a boy with too much energy and who is bored by a dumbed-down curriculum be put on ADHD drugs so that he acts more like the girls for whom the government curriculum was designed. These drugs actually make a boy act more like a girl in class, and they are hindering the development of boys and preventing many from achieving their potential. This is just another side effect of society’s transferring reliance from God to psychology and of society’s collective efforts to make educational outcomes more equal between men and women by catering the curriculum to the girls’ needs while ignoring the fact that boys and girls learn differently. A feminist head explodes- one less Obama voter.

For the left, since God is dead and outlawed from the public square, psychology is often the doctrine by which we as humans are supposed to learn to feel comfortable with our fears and behaviors. We just have to go see a therapist, and all our uneasiness about ourselves can be alleviated. But imagine this. I go see a therapist and admit I’m afraid of spiders. “Doc, I’m afraid of spiders.”

“No problem. Many people are. That’s called arachnophobia. Why don’t you like them?”

“I didn’t say I don’t like them. I think they’re pretty cool actually. They spin neat webs and kill bugs. I said I’m afraid of them.”

“Why then are you afraid of them?”

“Because they’re hairy, they look like they carry diseases and they bite. And I keep imagining walking through the woods, hitting a spider web and having a spider crawling up my back.”

“Oh, I can see why you would fear them. Well let’s try this. What else is hairy, might carry diseases and bites?”

“I don’t know doc. What’s this got to do with spiders?”

“Just try and answer the question, and we’ll see if there’s a way to alleviate your fears of spiders.”

“Oh, ok Doc. Let me think about this for a second. Hairy, disease-carrying biter. Hmm. Man, doc. Men are hairy, they carry diseases and they can bite. How’s that?”

“That’s good. Now, would it scare you if a hairy man were to crawl on your back and maybe bite?”

“Wow, hold on a minute doc. That’s even worse. I’m not gay. All I said is that I’m afraid of spiders. I’m not going to imagine being in jail so I can alleviate my fear of spiders.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well think about it, what’s the scariest part of being in jail?- Getting raped by some big bubba looking for love in all the wrong places. I can handle the bad grub and getting beaten up, but unwanted mandatory sexual advances by other dudes, no way. I’m staying away from jail at all costs.”

“Oh, so your a homophobe too? Hmm.” At this point the psychologist picks up the phone and starts dialing.

“Who are you calling doc?”

“The thought-crime division of the ACLU. You sir are a homophobe. I cannot help you. I have to have your name added to their list.” Granted, this little conversation never happened because I’m not into the whole psychologist bit and maybe there is no such list, but I’m afraid there is- just as there will be a list of people that have taken anti-depressants who will later be discriminated against once the Obama administration puts everyone’s medical records on the internet. And you know why they leftists will allow them to be discriminated against?- because that would make them a member of a new victim group of people unable to get a job and therefore forced to live on the dole and vote Democrat. Either way, I believe a lot of people are afraid this list of homophobes exists, because point blank, the homosexuals have society so afraid of them that we as a society are capitulating to their every demand on a daily basis.

Think about all the folks who donated money to passing Proposition 8 in California, which was a ballot measure to protect marriage. Business owners had their addresses published and their businesses boycotted. These are brown shirt tactics right out of Hitler’s playbook. Did you know that many of the brown shirts, also known as the SA, run by Ernst Rohm, were homosexuals? That’s right. Ernst Rohm and numerous other Nazi leaders were homosexuals. In 1934, during the night of the long knives, he and his male lover were executed on Hitler’s orders. Some said it was because Hitler worried that Rohm was a potential rival, but maybe it was because Hitler didn’t want the German population to think that he found it fine to associate with homosexuals. Others think it was because they were going to publically talk about Hitler’s homosexual experiences as an artist in the 1920s (I guess that’s what a rival would do). Either way, when American homosexuals act like the gay Nazis, isn’t it a bit appropriate to point this out and remind folks that these tactics aren’t really American in any way?

But that would be too judgmental. The left pretends they want to live in a judgement-free society, but when it comes to natural fears of those unlike themselves, they are even more judgmental than those on the right. People on the right aren’t out there saying that we should outlaw homosexuality, but people on the left are indeed out there trying to outlaw the feelings that society will be just fine if we don’t dramatically change it to accommodate homosexuals.

Tune in tomorrow when I will discuss the reasons that I’m a homophobe.

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