Smoked Chicken or Pulled Pork Fundraiser for Vazquez

Back by Popular Demand
Whether you work in an office, a church or just want a lunch/dinner for yourself or your family. Everyone has to eat! This is an easy way to support
Tickets $12 for lunch/dinner On September 2nd from 11:30 – 6 any proceeds will go to support Peter Vazquez. Yep why cook when you can have a meal made for you? Pre-Sale Tickets only so we know how much to make.
BUY Online NOW! or
Let them know how many you want.
Delivery or Pick up – You Choose – Limited Delivery Area. City of Rochester, Some Chili and Henrietta areas. Give the address and we can check otherwise Pick up is in the South Wedge. 706 South Ave, Rochester, New York 14620
Meals $12 per person : Smoked Chicken or Pulled Pork with Rice or Rice and Beans and a Mixed Veg.

Get Yours Today or Sponsor a meal for someone else 

TIME for delivery or pick up

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Support Pro-God, Pro-Life, Pro-Constitution, Veteran and #PeopleFirst Candidate Peter Vazquez
If you have not met, spoken to or shared your concerns with Peterson Vazquez, who is running for Assembly in the 138th district against the political establishment and incumbent Harry Bronson, he would like to speak to you. Peter is looking forward to visiting with those he wants to represent. The district includes all of Chili, Henrietta and parts of the City of Rochester (the South Wedge, all the way down by the river).
Remember You do not have to be in his district to help. Christians, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Independent, Blank you can all join the #PeopleFirst Movement #GodAtTheCenter #VoteVazquez – Peter is Christian and an uncompromised, honest, principled defender of Liberty, Family, Country, Life and the Constitution.
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TIME for delivery or pick up


TIME IS SHORT! The primary draws near and we need to get the word out and encourage people to get out and vote.


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