Sheriff David Clarke Destroys CNN’s Don Lemon over BLM

By Mack Rights

Hillary and Obama’s little street Gestapo Black Lies Matter have slaughtered more cops this weekend. Then they celebrate their scalps online.  BLM has shown itself to be nothing but a despicable gang of ne’erdowell Islamic cop-killing thugs.

In a conversation on CNN that’s so good you have to see it, Sheriff David Clarke, who will be speaking at the Republican Convention this week, beat down CNN’s squirrely little gay Don Lemon so badly  that the Sheriff has to worry about being brought up on charges of committing a homophobic hate crime.

You see, they’re both black, so that is neutralizing, but, in this age of the victim is always right, we oppressors are supposed to bow and grovel to all liberal members of the oppressed victims’ groups. Don Lemon is gay, and therefore Sheriff David Clarke had the responsibility to bend over. But he didn’t, and the beat down is something to behold.

Let it be proclaimed right here and right now.  Black Lies Matter is based on a foundation of lies, and now the Muslims are killing cops in its name based upon the lies at the foundation of this movement (the Texas cop killer was a Muslim black panther, and the Baton Rouge cop killer was a Muslim member of the Nation of Islam). Make no mistake: if you’re out supporting the Black Lives Matter movement in the streets, you are publicly calling for and supporting the killing of cops. Don’t think for a second that I’ll waste an ounce of sympathy on you if you get your butt beat up by the cops before they cart you off to the clink. You deserve it.

Cops’ Lives Matter.



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