Random Tuesday thoughts 3.5.19

By Ayesha K


  I bet you it comes out that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, (Justice Democrat’s) is a Clinton groomed surrogate, trainee of sorts. I bet people that surround Cortez Somehow placed by the Clintons Hillary more specifically but I’m sure bill wants to get on that. 

Maybe Soros or both


If you don’t want to have kids. If you don’t want to bring children into this world… Great!!! More power to ya! Don’t … as in don’t have sex. Problem solved.

If you don’t want to bring a kid into the world does not give you the right to kill.

The solution is not murder or killing a child … it is self-control from the start.

Or hey have a hysterectomy or get your ovaries out or get your self snipped or whatever … but killing? Well that is beyond selfish, that is evil.


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