Random Thoughts on EU, Due Process and Dog Eatin’ Commies

By Mack Rights

bare armsToday’s a big day, and one that will probably go down as another day of infamy.  Great Britain is getting its last chance to get out from under the yolk of the totalitarian European Union.  I hope and pray that they vote to leave.  Sure, the world markets might go down, but that’s the temporary cost of freedom.

Consider it this way, if you’re wondering how you’d vote.  You get taxed by your local government, by your state government and then by your Federal Government.  Would you vote to take on another layer of taxation and governmental rule like the UN?  Would you vote to put the Federal government under the control of the UN and let the UN throw on another layer of taxes?  Would you vote to allow the UN to dictate Federal law to you through their control of your Federal government?

If you like freedom, probably not.

Well, we’re expected to believe that, if the Brits vote to remain, that that is the will of the people.  That’s a joke.  Polls have been leaning for “leave the EU,” but in the end, those behind the “remain in the EU” insanity have a lot of money on the line.  I mean a lot.  For that reason, I expect the ballot to be stuffed enough to screw the people.

Look at what happened when the insane kid killed off the pro-remain Labor politician the other day.   They tried to capitalize off of her death and compare those who’d seek freedom from the EU as heartless murderers.  But when the illegal alien tried to kill Trump the other day, the liberals started to cheer him on.  A producer at NBC even called him a “good guy with a gun.”  Americans with guns- BAD.  Illegal Aliens with guns trying to kill Americans- GOOD.

The Germans have been pathetically begging the Brits to stay because they’re the ones that will be on the line to cover the cost of the 10’s of millions of Muslims that they’re importing.  Staying in the EU means that Great Britain will never be able to limit the number of Muslims coming in, even though the Muslims are raping, killing and destroying everything good about Britain.

The German finance minister even claimed that closing borders “will lead to inbreeding.”  Weirdly enough, no one mentioned that if they keep them open, the rapefugees will insure that there is a lot of rape breeding.  Good idea jerk.

Pamela Gellar writes that Germany’s Angela Merkel is “Hell bent on destroying Germany.”  Not only that, she’s determined to destroy all of Europe, even if that means overriding the will of the British voters.  Democracy is for those who aren’t interested in fulfilling Hitler’s dream of seeing Germany control all of Europe.

I’m not saying she’s the one killing all the Jews.  She sees herself as a little more clever than Hitler.  Instead of allowing the Germans to get their hands bloody, she’s importing a bunch of Nazified Muslims to do the dirty work.  It’s called plausible deniability.  She’ll be able to deny she had any role in the coming genocide of the Europeans, while she rides out history over in South America living on the billions of dollars the Muslim paymasters of Saudi Arabia and the Muslim world gave her and are sitting in some Panama bank.

The Panama bank scandal has even hit the Hillary Clinton Campaign, and she’s not even trying to pretend she doesn’t take money from the Muslim Paymasters.  She’s allowed one Saudi Prince to brag publicly that he’s funded over 20% of her campaign, even though American politicians aren’t allowed to take money from foreign entities.  If Hillary’s been bought and paid for by the Muslims, why would you assume that Merkel hasn’t been as well?

Whatever, bottom line, if Great Britain stays in the EU, they are no longer our ally.  They are then under control of the EU, and since Germany and France control the EU with their economic power, that would make Britain no better than France and Germany.

As for me, screw the EU.  It’s a government against the people.


Due Process is a guarantee in the Constitution.  The purpose of the Constitution is to protect the American people.  However, the liberals are always arguing that illegal aliens, the moment they step foot on American soil, are entitled to due process.  Thankfully, Donald Trump questions that, even despite Bill O’Reilly sticking up for due process for unwelcomed invaders who come to kill, rape and destroy America and Americans.

Nonetheless, the liberals and many of the gutless Republicans, led by useless Maine “Republican” Senator Susan Collins, are trying to deny American citizens due process.  They want to take away the 2nd Amendment right to own a gun from Americans who are put on no-fly lists for supposedly being suspected of terrorism.

As Breitbart reports: “Collins’ proposal would bar roughly 2,700 Americans suspected of being terrorists from buying a gun. It is less stringent than bills previously proposed by Democrats, which couldn’t muster enough votes on Monday.”

Did you get that?  Roughly 2,700 Americans will be stripped of their right to own a gun WITHOUT DUE PROCESS.  They’re “suspected” not convicted.  What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Why are illegal aliens innocent until proven guilty but Americans aren’t?

Getting on this list is as easy as pissing off someone who knows someone in government.  It’s a subjective list created by government bureaucrats.  If they don’t like your politics, they can put you on the list and strip you of your right to be American- you know, because Americans are well armed.

However, these same dirt bags think that illegal aliens are entitled to due process.  That’s a government against the people.

Meanwhile, that same useless Senator from Maine told Trump to apologize to the Mexican judge who belongs to a Mexican Supremacist organization called “THE RACE” in Mexican.  I know the Mexican’s speak Spanish, but I can’t prove it- they talk too fast. Trump’s running for president lady, he has the First Amendment right to criticize the government.  Last I checked, that Mexican Supremacist judge IS a part of the government, right? By the way, this judge was even seen partying with the prosecuting attorneys, who are also in favor of Mexican supremacy. If Trump doesn’t have contempt of this court, I do. Go ahead, make my day- hold me in contempt of this court. There’s no such thing as justice with this kind of collusion and obvious appearances of impropriety.

Why should Trump’s right to free speech be abridged when Obama can warn that Manhattan will be underwater if we don’t act on climate change?  Why is Trump without the right to free speech while Obama can get my hopes up every time he talks about New York State without the City?

Why is Trump stripped of his right to criticize a judge who has sworn to aid the Mexican reconquering of America, when the dummies at Yale are publicly demanding the removal of white authors from the English Literature curriculum because they were white and historical?

Why is Trump devoid of Due Process when it comes to free speech, but Democrat-Party guru Deepak Chopra can call Trump “emotionally retarded, maybe mentally retarded?”  Now granted, this assessment comes from a nutjob that prays to pagan idols that he doesn’t even believe are listening, but I thought you weren’t supposed to call people retarded.

Want more proof that the military is run by queers, atheists and Muslims?  Check out this video.  A retired veteran was doing the flag ceremony with the original words that include “God.”  A bunch of godless grunts picked him up and carried him out of the ceremony.  Why are illegal aliens given due process, but this pre-Obama-take-over-of-the-military-for-the-glory-of-Allah-and-paganism veteran isn’t allowed to say “God” in the presence of the American flag?

Dog Eatin’ Commies

Well here’s something funny.  At least China still has some rebels.  They went on with their annual “dog-meat festival,” even though the pagan animal rights nuts wanted them to cancel it.  Look, I don’t approve of eating dogs, but the Chinese do.  As the USA Today reports: “An estimated 10 million to 20 million dogs are killed for their meat each year in China, and the Yulin event has become a lightning rod for criticism.”

If that’s what they do, let them, and let the rest of the world despise them for it.  I believe that how a culture treats its dogs tells a lot about that culture.  When the Chinese proudly treat dogs worse than they do unborn babies in their forced abortion mills, it reminds the rest of the world just how evil China is.  The Commie Dog-Eaters of China are a genocidal bunch of Satan’s friends.

At least the Chinese are looking out for the women lucky enough to survive the government’s extra baby-killing pogrom.  They’ve created extra-large pink parking spaces for “unskilled women drivers.”  Apparently, in China, being a woman is like being handicapped and in a wheelchair. No wonder the Chinese slaughter so many of their little girls in the womb.

Yet so much of everything the liberals in this nation do has to be in accordance with the wishes of the Chinese government, lest we lose them as a trade partner.  Now, Britain’s probably about to go the way of China and the Soviet Union, as they “vote” to be gobbled up by the EU, which is being taken over by the Islamofascists that have been trained up by the Nazis and the Communists for decades.

Like I said, “day of infamy,” but hopefully, I’ll be wrong.



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