Proof Trump wasn’t Prepared for the Debate

By Mack Rights

Last night, when Rubio was barking like a cornered dog, he hit Trump with a really good soundbite by saying that Trump thinks the Israel-Palestinian Problem is a real estate deal.

If Trump were actually prepared, this is how he would have responded:

“It is indeed a real estate deal. That’s why you unsuccessful liberals keep telling Israel to trade land for peace. Israel gives up the land and peace never comes. Israel obviously needs a better negotiator than you idealistic liberals. When I’m done negotiating for Israel, they’ll have MORE land and the Palestinians will live in peace and like it. Either that or they’ll lose more land.

It IS a real estate deal. Only a failed idealist misses that point, and bad negotiators have created a situation where Israels reward the barbarians with land, leaving the Palestinians no motivation whatsoever to give the Israelis peace. If you really want peace, you take more of their land every time they violate the peace- Every time.

You don’t give them land on their promise that they’ll give you peace. You don’t reward degeneracy and expect it to end. You punish them until they quit it.”

But hey, I’m not running any of the campaigns. Sorry Israel. It looks like you’ll just continue to give up land without getting any peace. Good luck with that. Einstein called that insanity.

By the way, this is why we can’t elect Rubio. His Gang of Eight amnesty bill is also a real estate deal where American taxpayers give up American real estate and then pay the illegal-alien inhabitants to occupy the land we’ve given up. It’s a bad deal, but Rubio isn’t smart enough to realize that. If he’s so inept that he’d think that it’s alright to force the Jews to give up the land with which God had blessed them in the hopes of a peace that never comes, how can we, as Americans, think that he’s qualified to be trusted with America’s land?



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