PEDOGATE, Child Sacrifice, info and heroes – By Ronald Owens

Is it proper for Harvey Weinstein’s own company to fire him and is it right for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to expel him from just allegations?

Admittedly, one of the allegations was captured by a New York City Police Department undercover audio recording. Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, a 20-something Italian model, can be heard trying to rebuff the aggressive and manipulative sexual advances of a much older, powerful and influential man.

Admittedly, it sounds like Weinstein. Admittedly, it could very well be Weinstein. But we must objectively ask: Is it indeed Weinstein?

So is it right to terminate Weinstein from his job and expel Weinstein from the motion picture guild based on accusations and audio taped evidence that could or could not be admissible in a court of law?

I have to admit, Weinstein’s job-firing and union membership-expelling momentarily caused me to pause. I thought: A man has a right to make a living. He has now been deprived of that right based on accusations.

I’m reminded that many a man has been falsely accused. I’m also reminded that many a race riot and lynching and many a state-sponsored execution and character assassination have been based on false accusations.

Weinstein’s accusers and their accusations are just now coming to light. I suspect there are local and federal investigations ramping up. If this is true and if local and federal law enforcement officials deem that there is sufficient evidence and Weinstein is indicted of sexual assault or rape, there’s still is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. We all need to remember that before rushing to judgment.

But friends I must honestly admit. I have already rushed to judgment. When it comes to babies being victimized, I gladly plead guilty for rushing to judgment on these six counts.

Count One: I plead guilty in this Weinstein scandal for rushing to judgment because based on the comments of his friends and colleagues, I think Weinstein is guilty.

Count Two: I plead guilty for rushing to judgment because I think the women who allowed themselves to be sexually harassed or be raped to get an acting job bear some responsibility.

Count Three: I plead guilty for rushing to judgment because I think the women who remained silent to get paid and be famous are indirectly responsible for the suffering of other women.

Count Four: I plead guilty for rushing to judgment because these women have perpetuated the sexual harassment and rape culture in Hollywood.

Count Five: I plead guilty for rushing to judgment because based on the testimony of others I know — not just merely suspect — that there’s far worse going on in Hollywood.

Count Six: I plead guilty for rushing to judgment because that far worse going on in Hollywood is pedophilia.

Weinstein has been accepted and tolerated. Weinstein has been lauded and lionized. All these years everyone in his industry knew that he sexually harassed and purportedly raped several young women. They accepted and tolerated him. They lauded and lionized him. They sold their bodies and they sold their souls because they needed him. They used him. He needed them and so he used them.

But they don’t need him anymore to advance their careers. They only need him to be their fall guy to save their careers — because they are just like him.

So now Weinstein is being shunned and shamed because those who are now shunning him and shaming him are also guilty of what he’s done. They’re guilty of a whole lot hellish more; so they’re covering their own Gluteus Maximus!

I’m a calm, rationale intellectual, analytical and fair-minded Christian man who momentarily paused at Weinstein’s job-firing and union membership-expelling.

But as I reflect about the victims; I toss my calm; rationale; intellectual, analytical and fair-mindedness out the window of a speeding car when I think of all the unknown babies, the wailing toddlers, the terrified children and the traumatized teenagers who have, are, and will continually be sexually abused until those bullying adults who are committing this horrific abuse are stopped!!!

Yes I am guilty for rushing to judgment because that far worse going on in Hollywood is even worse than sexual harassment; far worse than rape; worser than pedophilia!

Some children have been tortured. Other children have been killed. There have been children who have been eaten!

Shocking as all this reads these evil, depraved and truly deplorable people believe they get power by shedding and consuming innocent blood.

So they sadistically rape, cruelly torture, ritualistically kill, voraciously eat, and sickeningly drink the blood of children — yes, CHILDREN! They also ingest, snort, and shoot drugs. They drink alcohol and are involved in mind control.

This is going on in Hollywood, California in the west to Washington D.C. in the east and everywhere up north to down south. These people are closet Luciferians.

This is the “swamp” President Donald Trump is referencing. This is the Establishment! That’s why they’re ALL against Trump!

It’s just not the entertainment industry. It’s just not even the Democrats. It’s the Republicans as well (research the 1990ish Franklin Coverup and watch the “Conspiracy of Silence” documentary).

Ladies and gentlemen: Pizzagate or pedogate is not “fake news.” Pizzagate or pedogate is REAL NEWS. And Weinstein’s sexual misconduct is not the tip of the iceberg. Weinstein’s sexual misconduct is merely the tip of the ice cube!

Torture and satanic ritual abuse and killing and cannibalism of babies is what’s going on in Hollywood and I betcha having known this or recently learned of this you are all guilty of rushing to judgment with me!


In addition to keep praying, there IS something we can all do. Continually be informed. (Thank you for reading and sharing my posts). Research about the Franklin Coverup and watch the “Conspiracy of Silence” documentary.

We can also financially support organizations that help victims of sex trafficking.

I’m seriously considering donating to support one such organization. Former Navy SEAL Craig “Sawman” Sawyer, other military veterans and retired law enforcement personnel, are going after these elite pedophiles.

Sawyer, who is featured in the video, said not only are they going after these elite pedophiles but they are producing an hour-long documentary, which is scheduled to be released in 2018.

Please click on the link below and watch the informative and inspirational video. Thank you.

By the way: Sawyer said if you do decide donate to Vets4ChildRescueDotOrg, DON’T USE PAYPAL, because it will take about six months before they get the money — if they even get the money at all. (Sawyer will explain more in the video).

Thank you.

— By Ronald F Owens Jr




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