Never Pet a Scorpion.

By Mack Rights

Vlad the Impaler actually learned his horrific techniques from Muslims.  Oh Yeah, now it makes sense.

The media was howling after “Trump suggests they bake a gay wedding cake.”  This is great.  The media can’t stand that Trump would explore libel laws to protect himself from being libeled.  However these howls come from the same Christian haters who smear and destroy any Christian who doesn’t want to take a job working in the “gay wedding racket.”  Awesome point in this story that I wished I had made.

Darwin and Lincoln were born the same day but had “vastly different legacies.”  Darwin’s legacy is that his theories were used to convince liberals that God doesn’t exist and that black people were more like monkeys than white people and are thus so inferior that they needed slavery for structure but now need affirmative action because they’re so inferior that they can’t compete now that LINCOLN has freed the slaves after firing up the Republican Party.

Turns out Vince Foster had a 2nd wound documented, meaning that it must have taken him two shots to commit suicide.  Huh?  This is not the story Hillary was looking for, move along.

Women have come a long way.  They can be Ghostbusters, and anyone who doesn’t want to see the new Ghostbusters is a misogynistic Neanderthal.  The funny thing is, they needed to include Bill Murry and one or two other of the Ghostbusters to show up in cameos because oppressed women haven’t been wondering for three decades why there aren’t any women Ghostbusters.  Feminism is a joke in your town.

“US seizes weapons from Iranian ship, possibly bound for Yemen’s Houthis.”  So there you go liberals.  Your beloved Obama gave the Iranians 10s of billions and maybe over a 150 billion on their promise not to build nuclear weapons wherever they allow the UN to pretend to inspect.  And now the Iranians are buying Russian guns with American dollars to arm terrorists who want to kill American boys.  Go liberals.

This is weird.  A Norwegian Leftist gets anally raped by a Muslim migrant and feels bad about being responsible for the Muslim being deported.  Lucky he wasn’t deported in America.  In America, our mean and evil Department of Homoland Security would drive this Muslim rapist to the local Taco Bell and give him money for food and directions to a place to live free on the taxpayer’s dime.

Here’s a great Kramer rant on how Wall Street is benefiting by getting rid of jobs.  You want to know why the stock market goes up while there are nearly 95 million Americans that have left the workforce- here it is.  Corporations are shoring up their bottom line by eliminating and lowering the cost of labor.  I guess we need more immigrants.

Rush Limbaugh covers the fact that, between 2013 and 2015, Hillary Clinton made $21 million dollars giving speeches.  Here’s a list of all the big Wall Street firms, Banks, Corporations, Medical Companies, law firms, Universities and Insurance Companies that paid to play.  The list is eye-opening.  Don’t tell me the Republican Party is the party of the rich- look at this list.

“Obama’s gender identity rules go beyond bathrooms and showers.”  Don’t think that all Obama wants is to have little girls and women to get raped by the Pervert, Pedophile and Rapist wing of the Democrat Party.  His plans are even more nefarious.

A woman in Germany doesn’t believe her eyes.  She invited a Muslim refugee into her home and got raped.  Sad story, but this is what happens to people living in a fantasyland where a scorpion will never sting you if you pet it with a smile on your face.

Never Pet a Scorpion.




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