Meet Andre Barnett- a Black Conservative Running for President in 2012

Meet Andre Barnett- a Black Conservative Running for President in 2012

In picking a presidential candidate, conservatives have the same fear every four years. Will the liberal media marginalize the conservative primary candidates as too radical for the moderate every day Republican to stomach as their representative come November? Last time around, they gave us super squish McCain and his batty gay-agenda-pushing daughter. The only good thing he did was pick Sarah Palin as his VP, who, contrary to liberal opinion, actually brought him more votes that he would not have gotten without her on the ticket than the votes she cost him because he did pick her. Truth be told, I didn’t see much difference between McCain and Obama and never would have voted for him because he’d have brought about just about the same economic calamity as Obama in the form of voting illegal aliens and carbon taxes. These might be different methods of destroying America, but it would be destruction nonetheless. If the country were to be destroyed, I’d rather leave it to the Democrats. Without Sarah to add a little masculinity to the ticket, I would rather have the Republicans as an opposition party than the McCain army of sentimental tree huggers determined to turn the Republican Party into a minority party forever.

This year, the only true conservatives I can see are Michelle Bachmann and Rick Santorum. Governor Rick Perry has yet to step up and prove himself. The rest are squishy and too concerned about how the liberal media will spin them. The Republican Party would do itself much service if it had the cohones to actually step up to the liberal media and point out that the best candidate is the one the liberal media is trying the hardest to destroy. That is always the case. The liberals demonize the weakest Republican candidate the least. Last time around, America wasn’t really given a true choice because McCain was their little puppet. He did their bidding until he got the nomination, and then he whined about being their punching bag when he realized they never really loved him but were just setting him up to take the fall.

Well this year, America may actually have an alternative if the liberal media succeed in tricking the Republicans into choosing another squish. Andre Barnett is the kind of conservative candidate that the conservatives of America would love to see the too-often neutered Republican Party actually pick.

Why is he not running as a Republican? He’s a black “conservative with a conscience” who doesn’t want to compromise his integrity to get the attention he’d need to make even a showing in the Republican primary, which is already littered with a bunch of no shots that have the same lack of know-how it will take to compete with Obama using social media. Andre’s a 35-year-old businessman with more international experience than Obama, due to serving in the Army and as a contractor in battle zones once his time in the military was up. Without political experience and a resume like that of Herman Cain, he’d have a heck of a time being taken seriously by the Republican elite.

Nonetheless, Andre’s ideas on how to use social media are unparalleled, as his business experience in the networking industry has put him onto a method that I consider sheer genius. I will not divulge his idea, because I think it is his to share with those whom he thinks are worthy, and because I secretly hope and pray that the winner of the Republican primary will seek him out and utilize this man’s tech-savvy know how. Suffice it to say, his ideas, especially one in particular, make him a commodity worth talking about.

Having said that, who is Andre Barnett? Growing up attending church three to five times a week, he’s a devout Christian conservative who believes in “doing what’s right for the country, not what’s right for the party.” He’s most concerned about the effects on the economy of everything that government does. The butterfly lands on a pebble that causes a landslide, wiping out a village of workers for a company on the other side of the world, whose stock goes to pennies and devalues the retirement plans of workers all over the world. Politicians, who are most interested in getting reelected, too often neglect this concern.

Socially, he’s conservative to the bone. He is pro-life in all cases. If a woman is raped, impregnated and kills her baby, there are two victims in his mind. He does not believe that society is better if she can kill her baby who is not guilty of the father’s sin. Good on him.

He is against gay marriage. He does not believe in the silly liberal man-made global warming myth, and is in favor of drilling for oil throughout America. Instead of waiting around for the earth to get warmer while shaking in fear, he’d rather help the energy industry create many high-paying jobs. He’s not into the over-regulation of business, something that businesses suffer to an extreme degree these days.

As far as the Department of Education, he’s in favor of getting rid of it or restructuring it. Teachers would get better pay after they were no longer unionized, and he’d also give them the ability to demand more respect from children. As is, teachers are treated as the guilty ones, even though we all know that children without good parenting can be little beasts.

The same goes for the Federal Reserve Bank, which he’d rather see turned into a non-profit bank- one that serves the people that created it rather than itself. He’s in favor of dissolving the IRS and implementing a fair tax, one that would help make sure we all have skin in the game.

As far as the minimum wage, the recent raising of which has created huge unemployment levels for those who’d work for the minimum wage, he is for eliminating it. This would allow businesses to seek out employees who’d be willing to do the job for the amount of money the job should pay. This would also cut the temptation of businesses to cut corners and hire illegal immigrants under the table for less than half the cost, thus allowing American citizens to join the tax rolls with an actual job that doesn’t involve breaking the law.

He’d like to lower the corporate tax rate to 12.5%, and then add a 15% consumption tax on all corporate purchases. And this is where his ideas become interesting. To make up for the lost tax revenue, he’d eliminate deductions, or as he termed them “corporate loopholes.” Granted, I’d prefer he didn’t use the language the left uses to demonize corporations, but these days, even the Republican elites let the liberals control the language as if they’d never learned anything from Orwell. So when I asked him how he would incentivize corporate expansion, he went back to his first point- a 12.5% corporate tax- and he then added another component.

He’d put tariffs on goods made in foreign countries. Being a free trader, I was immediately skeptical about creating a trade war in the middle of a recession, knowing that the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act helped turn a recession into The Great Depression, but I heard him out. “I could care less about the international community,” he said, “they’re not our friends, they’re our competitors.” I agree with that to be sure. But let’s consider the implications.

Obviously, the main target of these tariffs would be China, and the elites will immediately gasp: “But they own so much of our debt, and if we start a trade war, they’d sell our bonds and cause interest rates to skyrocket.” True to a point, but they own only about $1 trillion of our $15 trillion debt. In pre-Obama America, $1 trillion was a lot of money. Now it’s three months of government expenditures, and the “brilliant” Republican congress just gave him another $2.4 trillion in printed cash to blow on his base over the next year and a half and to help fund his second campaign with the money skimmed off the top through union donations. Not even a money launderer, day-dreaming about a fantasy inside of his dream, could come up with such a proposal without blushing like a schoolgirl.

So what’s the big deal? – Print some more money, buy back our bonds from the Evil Empire 2, and get out from under their marionette strings. If we don’t, pretty soon, we will be funding our enemy’s military expenses with the debt service we owe them. I’d much rather print money to pay off the debt China owes than to use it to grow government. President Reagan didn’t defeat the first “Evil Empire” by letting them make all our crap with slave labor in Siberia and then use the profits to buy our debt, did he? No, of course not. Instead, he proved that socialism couldn’t compete with capitalism in a good old arms race. But because Obama’s into socializing America and our unions have forced jobs to look for cheaper labor, China’s GDP growth is four to five times that of our own- assuming they’re not lying of course. And assuming we’re not lying about how high ours actually is.

So let’s consider this. It’s not as if we aren’t on the cusp of a global recession as it is. What would happen if we did cause a trade war with our enemies, who are undoubtedly going to use this debt at some point as an excuse to force us to let them take Taiwan? Seeing that Obama’s the only president with a hate of America large enough to let them, they’ll probably do it by November of 2012- that’s my prediction. Why not entertain the severing of ties with China? Now, without the first part of his proposal- taking the corporate tax from one of the highest of any developed nation to 12.5%- I would say this would be a disaster. But, with such a low corporate tax rate, it would immediately make some sense for some corporations to move their manufacturing from China back to America. Of course, dealing with Obama’s radical National Labor Relations Board and their methods of forcing unionization on corporations with sneaky union-favoring rules would be an absolute must. Private-sector unions serve three actual purposes as they bankrupt the corporations they unionize against- generate funds for the Democrat party, chase jobs overseas and find more dues-paying members to replace the ones who just lost their jobs to China.

Again, these details and others will need to be addressed. But to make a free trader like myself even consider the possibility of trade war in a recession, I have to admit, his ideas are worth taking a look at. Because I’m not quite ready to throw in the towel on the economy and the US dollar, I still think we might be able to pull out of this if we get rid of Obama in 2012. Nonetheless, with our debt to GDP ratio over 100% at this point, I have no illusions whatsoever about the real situation the world faces within the next decade. I’m pretty convinced the house of cards will come down and that we will end up in a deflationary depression, even though we are still suffering from Fed-induced and ignored inflation at the moment. And to be honest with you, I think it will actually be better to go through a decade of deflation than through one of hyperinflation.

At the end of a deflationary recession, at least those with fixed incomes would still have buying power. After a bout of hyperinflation, no one would have much at all. So, if it does indeed become clear we’re going to go through a global depression, why not consider reevaluating our relationships with foreign entities that are run by people who are our enemies? That’s just me thinking on the implications of some of Mr. Barnett’s ideas.

Regarding Obamacare, Mr. Barnett says, “Flush it.” While he believes “healthcare is a right and not a privilege,” he actually has a plan for getting people covered. First and foremost, he’d eliminate the rules that prevent selling healthcare across state lines, thus allowing insurance agencies to compete. This would allow folks to shop for a plan that isn’t loaded up with goodies one would never use. For example, why would a man need to pay for an insurance policy that had mandated gynecological exams? Sounds crazy, but that’s what we presently have- one-size-fits-all insurance policies with a high cost due to mandates up the wazoo. Then, he’d allow corporations to generate lower prices by allowing them to pick and choose plans that best fit their needs by buying it over state lines as well. Small businesses and individuals would be able to get lumped into business organization pools. Government would no longer be in the negotiating business as they would never be able to negotiate better prices than corporate America. Instead, services rendered for government sponsored health care would be acquired through the Government Services Acquisition (GSA) Schedules. This would save the government roughly three quarters of what we are now paying for these programs. Market competition, less regulation and fewer mandates would ultimately bring the cost of insurance down.

As far as illegal immigration, Mr. Barnett would like to see birthright citizenship eliminated. In order to qualify for citizenship, a baby would need to be born to at least one US citizen. This would help alleviate the negative economic impact that anchor babies have on states trying to cope with welfare and free healthcare for illegal immigrants. One anchor baby too often invites his parents, his grandparents, his cousins, his second cousins, his great grandparents, his brothers and his sisters to live in America, even before he’s able to speak English, let alone write the invitations. While Barnett isn’t sure we need a wall separating our countries, because people can climb walls, he is sure we have the technology to close down the border. He is for deportation of illegal immigrants, as well as withholding welfare benefits and every other type of taxpayer-supplied largesse. Going after businesses that hire illegal immigrants with stiff fines would also be a priority. In short, Mr. Barnett would have McCain whining like his daughter after a sermon on Leviticus and Ted Kennedy rolling in his grave.

Interestingly enough, when I asked him who his favorite politician was, he said President John F. Kennedy because Kennedy wasn’t afraid to say what was on his mind even though he knew there were death threats. He also appreciates President George W. Bush for “passion, conviction and for standing behind what he said” even though he had to suffer the consequences in the liberal-media manipulated public eye. But, with his willingness to give his ideas to any conservative candidate who’d be willing to take a serious look at them and not be concerned about who would get the credit, I have to admit, he reminds me a bit of Reagan. President Reagan believed we could get many great things done if we weren’t worried about who gets the credit.

Andre Barnett is a man who cares about his country more than his own chance at greatness. He sees a “mentality in America that is one of desperation.” He’s got solutions to the problems as well as ideas of how we, as a nation, should strive to come out of the economic situation that we’re in. We at the Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York hope that Andre Barnett will join the Republican efforts to defeat President Obama and are aware that he is indeed considering it. It is our belief that he would make the Republican Party better and that the Republican Party would make his efforts and talents more meaningful. With that in mind, we are proud to invite you to take a look at Andre Barnett’s platform:
Andre Barnett 2012

Also here are some Photos on facebook from when we met with him: Click Here



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