Mack Rights- The Catholic Church Needs to Excommunicate Governor Andrew Cuomo

The Catholic Church Needs to Excommunicate Governor Andrew Cuomo
By Mack Rights

The Church needs the Eye of the Tiger.

The Church needs the Eye of the Tiger.

Growing up in the Lutheran Church and reciting the Nicene Creed every Sunday, I was taught to pray: “… And I believe one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. I acknowledge one baptism for the remission of sins; and I look for the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come. Amen”

The Reformation wasn’t about destroying the Catholic Church, but about making it better by creating a little competition for the faithful. Call it the capitalism of faith or call it the free market of faith-based ideas. I don’t care.

Today, there’s a lot of competition for the faithful, and the Catholic Church doesn’t even seem to be in the game.

Look at the New York State Church of Abortion run by the most powerful face of the Catholic Church in the United States. Governor Cuomo is pushing his “Reproductive Health Act”- an act of horrors whose title immediately misleads. It’s not about reproduction. It’s about halting the act of reproduction by making the slaughter of the unborn less safe, more legal and less rare.

Matthew J. Franck at National Review reports on Cuomo’s response to criticism from Cardinal Timothy Doan, the archbishop of New York:

The governor’s response to these reasonable criticisms is to denounce opponents as “extremists.” When questioned about the bishops’ opposition, the governor isreported to have said, “Their point is that they oppose abortion and think there are too many abortions. I understand that position, but I disagree with it.”

Let that sink in for a moment. Forget about Bill Clinton’s famous (but disingenuous) “safe, legal, and rare.” Andrew Cuomo, whose state has an abortion rate nearly twice the national average, thinks there are not now too many abortions on his watch. The only reason to pass his bill is because you want more abortions, more easily obtained, later in pregnancy.

With over half of the Catholics in American voting for the Party of Abortion, it’s no wonder that the pews too often seem to lack a reason for existence. Too many Catholics in America consider themselves “non-practicing”- their term for trying not to admit they prefer the life of Caligula. And the tepidness of the Catholic Church to stand up for its principles suggests that the church is more concerned about being an inviting religion for the pagans than it is for those who actually believe in God.

It’s not as if being a church, competing with the Episcopalians to be the least influenced by the Word of God, will actually bring these liberal Catholics back to the Church. They’re too busy spending their money on abortions because the pill didn’t work.

If the Catholic Church wants the respect it believes it deserves, it needs to step up. It needs to prove it isn’t a church of buffet-frequenting Squishtians, blindly evanjellyfishing their way into purgatory.

Excommunicate Governor Cuomo. Get rid of Biden too. John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi- they all need to go. As long as these men and plastic-surgically-created women are the most prominent examples of Catholicism, the Holy Roman Catholic Church can only pretend to be a player on the international stage. The Church needs to be the head, not the tail.

As a child, it was impossible not to notice the difference between Lutheran Churches and Catholic Churches. The Lutheran Churches were simpler- wooden crosses on plain altars. The Catholic Churches were much more ornate with statues and marble and a glistening grandeur that seemed to represent its great history.

Is that all it is? Only the faithful can decide. Is the Catholic Church history? – Or is it still great? How will the church lead the faithful back to the pews if it refuses to even fight for what it supposedly believes?

Consider Islam. While the faces of Islam have to pretend this isn’t the truth, Islam teaches its faithful to kill the infidels (all non-Muslims). When the faithful do just that, the rest of the Muslims cheer, and the ones that don’t cheer get killed. Of course we never get to interview those who’d refuse to cheer because they’re all dead, and their friends and family immediately deny they ever existed.  Nonetheless, Islam is the strong religion in the world. It stands behind its beliefs, and more and more, people are converting- either by the sword or by the attraction to a religion that actually puts a sword behind it what it believes.

I’m not saying that Catholics should kill those who don’t believe, but excommunication is a powerful tool. Use it or loose it. Obama’s regime will eventually strip you of your right to decide who runs your church by making it impossible to deny the influx of pagans, atheists and devil worshipers- you know, so that the church is appropriately honoring the goddess of diversity. Obama’s regime is already forcing the Catholics to pay for abortion drugs through insurance policies. And look at what they did to the Boy Scouts.

Either the lives of the unborn are important, or having godless, baby-sacrificing Catholics like Andrew Cuomo held up as the best and brightest is important.  Pope Francis needs to be frank: “If you support and promote the killing of the unborn, you are banished from the Catholic church.”  That simple.  The pews will fill up, and the faithful will return. A strong Catholic Church could bring about the revival.  Without it though, Christianity, as a whole, will become more and more irrelevant in a world of government-encouraged decadence.  Rome might not have been built in a day, but once the importance of orgies was elevated above the needs of the people, it did indeed collapse.

Avoid irrelevancy. Excommunicate Cuomo.



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  1. The truth hurts, but what you say is emphatically true. Cuomo doesn’t have the uniform, and he’s not physically seen leading the innocent to the gas chambers, but he might as well be. I am ashamed and disgusted that he applies the name Catholic to himself. Please bishops of New York, excommunicate Gov. Cuomo. Please stand up for the faith! Be strong and we will follow you.

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