Immoral Equivalence- the Pawns on Satan’s Chessboard

By Mack Rights

So let me get this straight.  It’s Trump’s fault?

The former Bill Clinton money man and now Democrat governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe tries to remove a statue of the Democrat General Robert E. Lee of the losing team in the battle between the states, while the Democrat Mayor tells the cops to let the Democrat fascists of the Antifa movement and the fascist racist Democrats of the Black Lives Matter movement attack the Democrats of the KKK and the fascist Democrats of the neo-Nazi Groups marching under the Democrat Party’s Stars and Bars.

And it’s Trump’s fault because he condemned all the violence and bigotry, and not just that of the Democrats calling themselves “Right wing” while marching under the Democrat Party’s Rebel flag and under Hitler’s Swastika flag.  The Democrats would like us to forget their racist history, but we won’t.

Democrat Governor McAuliffe condemned those Democrats, but he refused to condemn the fascist Antifa and the racist Black Lives Matter cop killers.  In doing so, he was indicating that his party’s fascist Antifa Brown Shirts are party-approved and elevated above the monsters of the supposed “Unite the Right” Nazi punks and the KKK.

Look, if you march under the Stars and Bars, aka the Rebel flag of the Confederacy, you are not right wing.  You are an un-American Democrat.  The whole purpose of that flag was to destroy the United States of America and turn it into the South and the North so that the Democrats of the South could keep their black slaves.  The Republican Party won the war, freed the slaves and alleviated the need for two flags in America.

Anyone still marching under the flag of the losers is calling for the dissolution of the United States of America, and is therefore un-American.

And anyone still marching under the flags of Hitler and his socialist Nazi losers of the World War II is calling for the destruction of the United States of America.  They are also un-American losers.

The losers of the Democrat Party and their liberal mainstream media still haven’t come to terms with the fact that Hillary was sent home.  They lost, but they play a moral equivalence game to pretend their party-approved fascist gestapo gang of anger-driven street hooligans in the Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups are somehow morally superior to the Democrat racists and un-Americans of the KKK and neo-Nazis.

Since everything the liberal media in America does is wrong, they are, by solely condemning the white supremacists, somehow trying to generate sympathy for the KKK and the neo-Nazis because America – the part that loves America and wants to conserve what’s great about America – sees the moral degeneracy of the Democrat Party’s brown shirt groups for what it is.  Our eyes aren’t clouded by the coverage of these groups filmed through rose-colored lens filters.  Evil is evil.

I mean look at these morons.  They’re marching with tiki torches under flags of evil without even wearing masks to hide their identities and to protect their families and their jobs.  Real men rip the shirts off their backs, soak them in vodka and wrap it around a stick. These guys want to make sure they don’t get bit by bugs. They’re not Republicans.  They’re sissified dummies, and they’re Democrats.

Nonetheless, the left is overly condemning the white racists and trying to get the true conservative Republicans to feel sympathy for them by virtue of the fact that they are supposedly fighting the left, which used to be smart when it came time to sing Christmas Carols around a burning cross — they wore masks.

When Democrats sing Christmas Carols they wear masks, I mean holiday carols.

Don’t be a sucker.

This isn’t a left-right issue.  This is a good and evil issue, and all sides in the fight down in Virginia are evil.  There was no good there.  These white nationalist KKK and neo-Nazis are no better than the fascist brown-shirt whitey-hating Democrat-Party-approved gestapo punks of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

They are all just the pawns of darkness on Satan’s chessboard.  Their minds have been clouded with the lies of Satan, and they’re motivated by the anger generated by those lies.

We, on the right, need to keep that in mind as the liberals try to get us to accept their KKK and neo-Nazi members into our side.  Accepting these white nationalist racists would be nothing more than asking Satan to interpret the Bible for us after we’d injected our body politic with a pathogen as deadly and dangerous as the nearly brain-dead John “I love Obamacare and my best friend Chuck Schumer” McCain.  Not a good idea.

However, at the same time, if we take the bait and actually condemn the white nationalists without equally condemning the left’s fascists, we are then indirectly approving the left’s fascism.  That’s not a good idea either.

So, I applaud Trump’s moral astuteness in initially condemning all sides and all forms of bigotry and violence.  Those who say he’s partially responsible for not condemning only the KKK and the neo-Nazis are mad because he didn’t indirectly approve of the left’s fascists by not pretending they are somehow nobler than the KKK and the neo-Nazis.  Little do they know or realize, Trump was suckering them into drawing attention to the situation, which then served to shine a light on the moral degeneracy of the Democrat-Party-approved fascists set upon the previously Democrat-Party organized white-nationalist protest of the Democrats trying to remove the statue of the Democrat Robert E. Lee.

You read that right.  This whole thing was staged by the Democrats.  The white supremacist organizer of the protest Jason Kessler is a former Obama-supporting Occupy Wall Streeter with a Jewish name — you know the end times are near when the KKK and the Nazis are allowing themselves to be organized by a guy with a Jewish name.  Some say he is Jewish — but I have no clue if he really is. I just don’t believe he is who he says he is.  He was one of Obama’s street thugs.

Either way, the Democrat politicians in Virginia then made the cops stand down and therefore allow the fights they’d organized to happen.

The Democrats are trying to get us conservatives to sympathize with white supremacy and racially based ideologies.  Do not take the bait.  These white nationalists are no better than the left’s Antifa and Black Lives Matter.  Don’t get manipulated by the left.

The way I see it, Satan’s pawns are at war with Satan’s other pawns.  When your enemies are killing each other, the best thing to do is let them.  If Satan wants to give up his pawns in the battle between good and evil, let him.  It just clears the board and makes it easier for God to put him in checkmate.

To those who’d condemn me for lack of sympathy for the dead and hurt brown shirts, let me remind them: they attacked armed KKK and neo-Nazi gangs at a pre-planned protest rally.  These neo-Nazi thugs were better armed than the cops that stood down, and they have swastikas tattooed on their face, even though there’s no affirmative action program to protect them against job discrimination due to the tattoos on their artificially-colored skin.  Furthermore, there’s no self-esteem movement to help integrate these hateful racists into society.

Leaving aside the fact that the Democrat politicians made the cops stand down and let the brown shirts do the attacking, their actual attacking of the armed KKK and Nazis is like walking into a hungry lion’s cage with a bloody steak duct taped to your face.  These people might deserve a Darwin award, but sympathy for stupidity is really hard to generate without having a gun pointed at me.

As a fan of America’s Funniest Home Videos, I regularly laugh out loud when people hurt themselves doing stupid things.  I might not have a lot of sympathy for the Brown shirts of Virginia, but at least I didn’t laugh at them.

That’s all I got for ya.  That and this: I may think you’re all a bunch of jerks, but at least Jesus loves you.  If reading that hurts, burns and bothers you, that’s because your chess master Satan hates Jesus.  You’re a soulless vessel of hedonistic consumption in Satan’s Service (SS), and I just took you for a swim in a vat of Holy Water.

The imaginary world of the left, where the use of moral equivalence helps them justify their belief that hatred for one race is more acceptable than hatred for another, is just as racist as the real world they want to destroy.  All racism is immorally equivalent.  I wash my hands of all y’all, but Jesus loves you anyway.  Feel the burn liberals.



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  1. The guy that actually brought Duke and others to Virginia, I believe in collusion with McAwful and Signey, Kessler, is actually one of Obama’s Occupy “sons.” He does live in Virginia, I believe. That’s why Duke hasn’t been seen or heard, at least not on major news feeds. This whole thing was such an obvious set-up.

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