Why I’m Voting for Senator Ted Cruz for President

By Mack Rights

This is the easiest endorsement I’ve ever had to make.

Sometimes you have to judge a man by the company he does NOT keep.

Let’s start with the last four Republican Presidential losers.

First, there was Governor Mitt Romney, who proved that his loss was guaranteed as soon as he refused to fight against Democrat Barack Obama with the same ferocity he’d fought off his conservative Republican challengers in the primary.  Romney doesn’t like Ted Cruz.

Second, we have Senator John “Let’s import the third world and let them vote for Democrats and take American jobs” McCain.  Like Mitt Romney, he excelled at despising conservative Republicans with the same level of intensity as the love and admiration he brought to his relationship with Barack Obama.  He’s called Ted Cruz a “wacko bird.’’

dole viBefore him, the Republican Party was cursed with Senator Bob “It’s his turn” Dole, who spent the Reagan years commiserating with castrated moderate Republicans at the Wednesday Lunch Club.  Ironically, once he’d become the official Viagra spokesman, we understood why he refused to go after President Clinton with the same hatred he has for Conservative Republicans.  In as far as where on their bodies their brains are located, he and Bill Clinton have a lot in common.  Dole says that even Trump would be better than Cruz, who’d be “catastrophic,” but that he supports Jeb! or whoever the next Jeb! is- probably Little Marco.

Then of course, we have Jeb’s poppy, President George H. W. “Read my lips, my second son won’t leave us with an unfinished war that will be surrendered by his Democrat-Party successor” Bush.  Like Bob Dole, he was supporting his son Jeb! “The illegals come here to kill us, rape us and take our jobs out of an act of love” Bush.  I don’t know who he likes now, but it isn’t Ted Cruz.  No man with that much principle will ever be endorsed by Blue-Blood Poppy Bush.

Then of course, there are all those in Congress who hate Ted Cruz, and there are many.  To them, Ted Cruz is like the new guy on the union line that works three times as hard as everyone else- “Quit that, you’re making us look bad.”

You see, Ted Cruz IS a Disruptor, and that’s exactly what America needs right now.  We need someone to disrupt the Democrat and Republican joint establishment’s management of the end of America.  They are jockeying for placement around the Treasury’s printing machines to make a financial killing off the coming collapse of the debt-burdened America as we know it.  They have more in common with the Russian oligarchs than they do with the everyday American who thinks that they ought to spend more time preventing the collapse than actually preparing for it.

Ted Cruz is the man we need.  He’s the one that shut the government down, while all his Republican haters were the ones that unfortunately opened it back up as soon as they bowed to Obama’s will.  Truth be told, a government ruled by Comrade Barack Hussein Obama is worse than no government at all.

Ted Cruz is against the Trans Pacific Partnership, the American-sovereignty destroying “free” trade deal that would strip America of its right to protect Americans from losing their jobs to cheap foreign labor.

Ted Cruz offered the poison pill to the Rubio-Schumer-McCain-Grahamnisty Bill.  He proved that it was all about getting new citizens to register to vote as Democrat because the Democrats spent the last 43 years killing off their voters in the abortion mills.

He’s pro-life and pro-marriage.  He doesn’t cower when some radical feminist or some crazed homosexual activist calls him a racist-homophobic bigot.  Unlike all his so-called Republican detractors, he doesn’t bend over to the will of the vociferous minority of social radicals.

And why? – Because he’s Christian.  Unlike all the other posers who pay lip service to Jesus but then vote with the devil and his Democrats, Ted Cruz can make Christian-based arguments for all the things that are important to followers of Christ.

He didn’t even bow to the ethanol-subside cartel in Iowa.  We all know that ethanol mandates make Iowa corn-growers rich and that subsides make them even richer, but we, in the rest of the country, despise it.  We don’t like making gas more expensive and less efficient just so Iowa corn-growers can force corn, which should be used to feed starving people, into our gas tanks.  The Ethanol Cartel would rather that the American government fund the abortions of the world’s poor so the world’s poor will need less food and so we can put food in our gas tanks like heartless heathens.

Ted Cruz is the first Republican Presidential Primary Candidate since Ronald Reagan to have so many of the establishment’s members talk so poorly about him.  Unlike all the perpetual losers of every recent Congressional battle and all the losers whose unwillingness to fight has yielded a Democrat victory in four of the last six presidential contests, Ted Cruz stands on Christian Principles whenever he enters the political battlefield.

It’s time to elect someone who follows Christ rather than the political pontificators who excel at losing.  It’s time to elect someone who wouldn’t rather lose with dignity than actually have to fight for what he believes or pretends to believe.  Senator Ted Cruz has sacrificed his own popularity in order to stand upon Christian Principle, time and time again.  That’s who should be president.

Since none of the previous losers have ever admitted that their inevitable loss had anything to do with their gutless unwillingness to fight their Democrat opponents as fervently as they had fought the conservative agenda, it makes no sense to take their advice- unless we’re all hoping to “lose with dignity.”  We’d rather win with conservatism.

If we want another loser, we should just listen to all the previous losers, but if we’re sick of losing, then we need to vote for Ted Cruz. These establishment losers have been sticking it to us for decades upon decades.  It’s time to go on offense and to stick it to the man for a change- give them someone they hate but who can run intellectual circles around every stinking one of them.




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