Some Humorous Things in the News

By Mack Rights

Mexico bows to Trump, Obama nationalizes elections, Colin Cancer Kaepernick, my favorite homo goes diva, Clintons gets paid to Islamize America, media destroy Hillary “Healthers,” Germans call Islam a mental disorder.

nietoTrumpity Trump Trump Trump Alone euchre fans, the Mexicans see the writing on the wall, and the wall isn’t even built yet.  They talk a big game, but, apparently, the Russians have shown the Mexicans what’s in Hillary’s emails before the rest of the American public has even had a glimpse.  Instead of whining about the soon-to-be Gringo in Chief, they’re trying to get on the gringo’s good side.


menudoThe Mexicans have invited Trump to meet with Enrique Peña Nieto, the Mexican president and former member of Menudo, who had previously “likened Trump to Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini.”  This isn’t because they think Trump is about to go down like Monica Lewinsky.  It’s because Mexico is hoping that the businessman Trump will help them figure out how to finance their building of the wall.  It’s getting real yo.

Obama must see the writing on the wall too.  Yesterday, on the same Drudge page, there was the story about how Obama has ordered Department of Homeland Security to nationalize and take charge of all elections in America.  Obamites said it was because some foreign hackers had hacked some of the machines, but what is nationalization if not a governmental hack?  The other story on the same page was how a “candidate death could delay or eliminate the presidential election.”  Was this Obama’s dog whistle to his sycophants?- “Whack a candidate, and I get to stay in office.”  Coincidence is the explanation of a lazy mind.  This comes only a couple of weeks after Joseph Farah of WND wrote an article wondering if Obama has found a way to stay in office by indicting Hillary once she’s been elected but before she takes office.  It would be a Constitutional Crisis to be sure, but this plan doesn’t work if Trump wins the election.  Is this report Obama’s plan B?

Colin Kaepernick is pulling a Michael Sam.  Kaepernick, the super-highly paid quarterback of the SanFransicko 49ers is now refusing to stand for the national anthem because cops are supposedly killing innocent blacks.  Here’s the scoop- he’s not that good anymore, defenses have figured him out and he’s not worth the money.  The 49ers want to get rid of him, and this is his way to hang onto his job.  “If you fire me, the Black Lives Matter crowd is going to burn down this stadium- not because they’re football fans and not because I’m any good- but because black quarterback careers matter.”  In other words, cutting Kaepernick means the 49ers hate black people.

If you’ll remember, when it came time to get drafted, Michael Sam, knowing he wasn’t good enough to play in the NFL, came out as gay.  “If you don’t draft me, the NFL hates gay people,” was the message.  The NFL dutifully strong armed St. Louis into drafting the undersized player with the promise that the team would then be allowed to move to LA, which they did this year.  He got drafted, got cut, got picked up and got cut again- all because he was gay and the NFL didn’t want people to think it hates gays.  But, he wasn’t good enough.

The big question is, will SanFransicko suck it up and keep the mediocre quarterback just to avoid confrontation?  Will the racial gun to the head succeed in forcing an NFL team to keep an overpaid quarterback who has apparently left Christianity for Islam over a chick?  Sucks to be a 49ers fan.  Here’s the scoop: Kaepernick obviously doesn’t think he’s going to be played again, or he never would have disrespected America so much.  If he gets out there on the field again, there’s a big old target on his head.  The Defensive guys across America are going on a Kaepernick hunt, and they’d all love to bag themselves a trophy.  Right now, Kaepernick is hoping he never has to play again but that he gets to pocket the rest of the guaranteed millions.

My favorite homo is out there preparing for his “Dangerous Faggot” tour, for which he’s making a documentary, and here’s a link to his long Diva list of demands.  This is freakin’ hilarious.  Milo Yiannopoulos, in case you didn’t know, is totally my favorite homo.  I know that most of you think I’m a homophobe, and I am.  But that doesn’t mean I hate the homos.  It means I wish they’d just live and let live.  Christians don’t force them to walk in the path of Jesus, they shouldn’t force Christians to walk in the path of Harvey Milk.  Milo gets it, and he’s just left England for what may be the last time because of Islam.  Because of the fact that Islam wants to kill Milo because he is gay and me because I’m a Christian, Milo and I are allies.  He’s not attacking me, and I will not attack him.

Bottom line, if you want to crack up, read Milo.  His long list of diva requirements had me rolling.  It includes a bunch of Mcrib sandwiches along with a vegan forced to watch him eat them and all sorts of funny things that just poke a finger in the eye of the liberal humorless establishment types that run our nation’s colleges.  The funny thing is, whenever the liberal media talk about him, they call him controversial because all gays are supposed to be liberals that fit neatly on their plantations without giving anyone anything interesting to think about.

This paragraph is for men only.  Men, feel free to consider one of his stories that Hillary mentioned in her alt-right speech the other day.  “Birth Control makes Women Unattractive and Crazy.”  Read it, laugh, but never share it with your liberal wife if you still want action.  Because he’s gay, he’s allowed to say some things that straight men are only allowed to think.  If you’re a woman who didn’t skip this paragraph, you didn’t just read what I didn’t just write because it was never even written.  As you were.

More proof that the Clinton Global Initiative is bought and paid for by the global Islamization movement was rippling through the news this week.  First, Bill Clinton is on video calling for “rebuilding Detroit with Syrian refugees.”  It’s not a secret that his old lady wants to increase the number of terrorist refugees coming into American by 550%.  Her big donor is the Turkish founder of Chobani yogurt, who used federal dollars and New York State dollars to build his yogurt empire.  They opened the big yogurt factory in Twin Falls, Idaho, the town is now loaded with Muslim refugees, a little girl is raped and peed upon by Muslims boys, the media and the local politicians cover it up and smear the little girl’s family, her rapists are still free, and it’s discovered that Yogurt empire money went to the Clinton Global Initiative.  Reminds me of how, in Sweden, there are warning signs that read, “Wear a Headscarf or Be Raped.”  Imagine that- Bill Clinton behind the creation of a country where rapists are free to rape without getting into trouble.

Then there are people in the liberal media being fired for talking about how Hillary is really unhealthy, and it can be seen on the videos.  First, CNN fired Dr. Drew Pinsky for pointing out how poor her health is.  Then, The Daily Beast does a hit piece on how Dr. Drew Pinsky is a fraud.  Incidentally, Clinton spawn Chelsea sits on The Daily Beast board of directors.  If that’s not enough, the Huffington Post banned a journalist for writing about her health, and then they deleted his articlesGoogle is hiding the health searches.  This is pathetic.  Maybe this is why Obama’s out there putting out reports about how the election might be canceled if one of the candidates dies.  The Russians must have shown Obama her hacked medical records.

In Germany, where Angela Merkel is obviously bought and paid for by the global Jihad movement, they are now calling Muslims that kill people and cops with knife attacks “mentally sick.”  They’re equating devotion to Allah’s call to kill infidels with mental illness- this is how Merkel justifies the destruction of Germany.  What a joke.  For all those who’d compare her to Hitler, that’s offensive to Hitler.  I’ve never gotten the sense that Hitler hated Germany as much as Merkel does or as much as Kaepernick hates America.

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