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The Core Pillars Of The Foundation – “Devoted Christians, Proud Americans & Active Republicans”

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Now, as never before, helping us show strength is vital to preserving our rights. We need your help to support and build strong leaders and help us get our message out! We are ready to launch several Media Campaign that will strengthen and enlighten people about the conservative values and rich civil rights legacy of the Republican Party. If you share our ideas on Freedom for all, limited government, fiscal responsibility & free-market principles you are in the right place. We want to bring ideas and solutions not rehashing the known problems. Help us implement and share solutions we know work as well as coming up with new innovative ideas.

If you do not see something of interest on this list, never fear we have many other needs. If you want to help just email us and let us know how you would like to help and be plugged in.

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Ways to plug in and get involved

Write For The Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY

The Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY (FDFNY) is looking for people who are interested sharing their work with our readers and members. Our submission process requires a short biography, basic contact information, and a sample article.

Please note that spelling and grammar will also be evaluated as part of the writer selection process. Please keep your submission between 250 and 1000 words.

How it works:

You choose where, when and what to write about. Write from home, school or wherever inspiration strikes!

Our most successful writers also spend time promoting their content to their social and business networks using tools such as Twitter, Digg, Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, email lists, message boards and word-of-mouth.

It’s best to keep your material fresh and relevant, so we suggest a minimum of 1 article a month but up to 3 or 4 a week.

For those who develop a following, or if your writing connects deeply with our audience, paid opportunities are available.

If interested please email us at with the following information:

First and Last name, a short biography, basic contact information (email & phone number) and a sample article.

Sign up as a volunteer HERE

Fight the Good Fight: Join a Campaign

Our campaigns for specific education and justice demands are the heart of our work. The idea is to educate the social, cultural, spiritual, and civic-rights needs of our nation. We need people to help strategize, plan, and implement our campaigns. Our understanding that there is no political solution to the problems our country faces and you do not change people through politics, but you change politics through a change in people, is central to our work and helps decide what campaigns we take on. As we serve we know we must also speak the truth in love. We serve to Restore People, Re-build Dreams, Strengthen the Family, Promote Revival and Equip YOU to cast a smarter vote in line with your values.

For more information and/or to sign-up to volunteer for one of the campaigns below, click Here

Contact Us: 585-546-5670  –  akreutz @

Apologetics: Defending the Faith

Pro-Life work and events

Pro-Family/Marriage: Strengthening the Family unit:

Marriage builders:

American History in Black and White: Teaching and share REAL American History

Education: School Choice, Vouchers,

Parental Rights

Economic Freedom, Biblical Economics, and the American Dream

Become a Committee man – Join your local committee

Run for office

Criminal Justice Reform

The Drinking Gourd Newsletter: Writers, editors, contributors, sales, distribution
Goals: Edify, Educate, Enhance, Equip, Empower and Agitate

Grow to Win Campaign!

If we hope to win on the issues that we care so deeply about, we must have a large membership leading the way. This year, The Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY has ambitious plans to grow – and we need your help. We are a volunteer, member supported business. No members, no dues, no activity. We want to connect with other Republicans, Conservatives, and Christians in your neighborhood. We want to reach out to people let them know we are around and invite them to join us. Help people find the FDFNY and become members of our active, informed and dynamic group. Sign up here
But it gets better The Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY works like a hub. We know we are not for everyone and that is okay, we work with many other groups and organizations and one way or another would like to get folks involved or re-engaged. It is a win – win connect them with us or we will connect them with another like-hearted organization that might better fit their needs. Sign up Here

Hit the Streets: Canvassing and Community Outreach

When the weather is a bit warmer, we are out hitting the streets talking to new potential members. We also go out to share our newsletter and disseminate other educational literature. Canvassing and distributing information face to face is a beautiful and Godly way to build relationships with people in the neighborhoods. With the weather in NY such as it is we try to be aggressive during this time. The rest of the year, we have other plans to outreach, grow and build our campaigns. Help us share The Frederick Douglass Foundation message and make the voice of the people more powerful.


Our word is our weapon: Our Business is the Message

Our Newsletter, The Drinking Gourd, has got to be one of our major tools for informing and educating our members and community about Gods, word, real news, history, and our on-going work. Once a quarter our newsletter is released. We need people with some mobility to drop off stacks of our newsletter to local coffee shops, book stores, halls, churches, etc. Sometimes we target particular neighborhoods to drop the newsletter door-to-door. Sign up HERE

Speak Out: Presentation Leader

At Frederick Douglass, we are always giving presentations around town to community groups, policy holders, churches, and other groups about the various campaigns and issues that we work on, see our issues list to see if one fits for you. Are you a practiced public speaker that would like to help us spread the word?  Sign up HERE

Take to the Waves: Media Team

We’re tired of relying on the drive-by media to get our message out there. With the growth of social media there is no reason that we can’t simply create and distribute our own media. We have to stop complaining that they won’t listen to our side or have us on etc.. We must be the media. Whether you’d like to write for our blog, help push our social media accounts, help edit the Drinking Gourd or help us put together a TV show, this is where you need to be involved. Sign up HERE


Spread the Word: Assemble Mailings to Members and Community

Many times throughout the year, FDFNY sends things to our members and allies through email and snail mail. We need to be sending out snail mail to thousands  every year. Come gather up with some friendly activists for great conversation and stuffing envelopes. Sign up HERE


Hold Down the Fort: Fundraising and Sales

We are a volunteer organization and almost totally member-funded. We are not a 501(c)3 but a business, although we run as a non-profit.  Our membership dues make nearly everything we do possible. No members, no dues, no activity. But, we can change that and do need to have occasional fundraising events. We also need sales people to help with selling ads in the Drinking Gourd, for the website and blog but also to come up with new fresh ideas. Are you a good at raising funds for the fight for the soul of America? SIGN UP HERE


*You can help us compete with the well-funded opposition by making a non-tax deductible contribution Today. Click Donate ——->

*By Advertising, Sponsoring an event or making a non-tax deductible contribution you help fund:

  • Sharing a Biblical World View Re-Building People, Restoring Dreams and Equipping people to cast a Smarter vote and Strengthening the Family Unit.

  • Training Seminars: Training for Grassroots Leaders, Training for individuals and families on overcoming

  • Sharing an understanding and respect for the U.S Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Federalist papers Educational Fliers and Factoids –

  • Policy Education and Research Teaching Real American History

  • Bringing in Speakers

  • Funding the Drinking GourdThe Drinking Gourd (D.G): A North Star Revival is a free, small, quarterly, community newspaper by The Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY Distribution is Free across NY State: From the choir to those who need to hear. Our focus is urban areas across NY. This publication is snail mailed, Emailed, in the waiting rooms of various business and handed out by volunteers a minimum of 1 time a month.

Our message is well positioned to win but the truth is have not come through with the financing the strategic vision of those who know WHAT WORKS. We have also lacked the political will and fortitude it will take to transform the major issues ravaging many of our the inner city and black communities today.  From the break down of the family and lack of personal responsibility to the abject failure of the education systems. From the lack of knowledge of economic freedom to the generational institutionalized poverty plaguing so many communities.

Event Venues: Our desire is to keep our events FREE or as Free as possible. The more donations that roll in, the more we can offer in terms of training, education, speakers, venues, events, seminars and more.

  • Advertising

  • Assist Families in their efforts to remain safe self-sufficient through education and training.

  • Your donation will allow us to solve social problems by working with neighborhoods ACROSS NEW YORK: Churches, Charities and other private voluntary organizations

  • Expand the Precinct Delegate grassroots programs to recruit conservative delegates and candidates.

A Few Programs/Seminars your donation helps to fund:

“Love & Respect” classes to help rebuild the traditional family and reduce divorce rates.

“Hand out Character, not Condoms” a 16 week program dealing with teen pregnancy and promiscuity…building self esteem, STD awareness and Character in our youth to show them they are not animals but valued accepted children of the King.

“American History in Black & White” setting the record straight (a David Barton production) knowing is half the battle. This is a 3 part Series where We educate and then engage the audience by opening up the floor with questions to our distinguished panel.

Fiscal responsibility and Financial Freedom Seminars: Biblical economics and the American Dream starts with educating people on basic finance that has been grossly neglected. Economic freedom is liberty. From how to balance their budget, save, how to start a business, build a private retirement fund and more so they do not have to depend on government aid. We also help educate folks on public policy that affect the economy and job creation. This series runs as a one time class, held several times through out the year and/or An 8 month series for those serious about change

“Maafa 21”: Discusses black genocide, the history of planned parenthood, abortion, Margaret Sanger and how our children are dying at an alarming rate, fighting the culture of death we have become accustomed to and replacing it with a culture of life.

AM I NOT A CHILD: A Personhood iniative

As well other life-affirming programs

Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ: Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Training Events, Mentoring, and more

Your involvement in the FDF helps us be a resource for democrats, republicans, and the inner city communities on Republican ideals and promote the traditional and core values of the Republican Party: Limited government, Faith in God, Strong families, Personal responsibility, Quality education, Equal opportunities for all and all while taking the race card off the table.

Contact Us: 585-546-5670  –  akreutz @

Together we can make a difference, one life at a time, one race at a time, one city at a time!

Become a Member Today (Here)

Donate now online or  Checks can be sent to:

The Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York P.O. Box 10823 Rochester New York 14610

You can also advertise with us or sponsor and event. Contact us at akreutz @ for more information

Thank you in advance for your assistance with this important endeavor at this crucial time in our nation’s history.

In Christ,
Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz
Founder, The Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY



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