Homophobia Part 18: Part 2 of the Moral Descent

Homophobia Part 18: Part 2 of the Moral Descent


In the previous part, I was discussing the way liberals have no fear of preaching liberalism from the pulpit while conservatives fear it like the devil in a sexy dress. We rarely hear about these little intricacies simply because conservatives don’t play the same way as liberals. Liberals create laws for others so that they can help themselves gain power and prestige, but conservatives follow the golden rule. They treat liberals, as they’d prefer liberals would treat them. However, even though conservatives don’t hate liberals, liberals do indeed hate and despise conservatives. If liberals were vampires, conservatives would be sunlight.

And that’s why I’m a hateful bigot in the eyes of a liberal. I am the light in their dreary meaningless world- I’m just kidding. That’s something Barak would say. I’m the guy looking through the scope of a gun saying, “Get off my property liberals,” while my wife is saying, “Put that gun down, don’t shoot. They’re leaving, don’t shoot.” After all, woman is the calming influence in a man’s life. Without that calming influence, man can be a beast. But that’s another story- back to the liberal that just left my property. You and I both know: they’ll be back- liberals hate the idea of private property because the first plank of Karl Marx’s The Communist Manifesto is to eliminate all private property rights. Since most liberals live in cities where they rent instead of own, they want others to not be owners as well. Liberals are never happy until you’re destitute and miserable, just like they are.

In my eyes, a liberal is nothing but a soulless vessel of hedonistic consumption. Most liberals don’t believe in God, the soul, heaven or hell. Maybe they do in a foxhole, but for them, the meaning of life is to create heaven on earth. I know they actually do have a soul, but when they refuse to acknowledge its existence, does it really exist? I say, “Yes liberal there is a soul in you,” but the liberal can’t wrap his mind around that while clinging to his liberal fantasies at the same time. This is where God does come in to remind me that it is His will that none should perish and that I am His hands and feet, even to those who hate me. My sinful human mind says leave them to fry in hell, but the Holy Spirit in me says, “Quit that.”

Nonetheless, ask a liberal, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there to hear it, does it really make a sound?” You’ll get an answer like: “No, the tree doesn’t exist. It was cut down by a corporation for profit.”

“What are you talking about liberal?”

“The trees were cut down to fire up vats of oil to fund the war for oil. That’s why we try to save the rain forest.”

“But if the rain forest is there to be saved, doesn’t that mean the tree might exist?”

“No, it was cut down. By the corporations. For profit. To fund the war. Save the rain forest. Stop Global Warming.”

And that’s about as profound as liberals can get using their own logic without knocking themselves out when they run into the brick wall of reality. Now again, I’m not talking here about all Democrats. Only about 20% of the people in the US consider themselves liberal, while 40% consider themselves conservative. The rest just aren’t interested in the difference. They vote or don’t vote based on whatever’s going on in their lives. They don’t really pay attention to what’s going on in the world, and oftentimes simply vote for Democrats because that’s what they think they’re supposed to do based upon the history of their family. Those are the folks I’m concerned about reaching. The Republican Party doesn’t even have the guts to try. They try to woo them over by being liberal instead of sticking to their principles, and they too often fail as a result.

Trying to reach a liberal is a waste of time. They’ve already sold their soul for the bliss of ignorance. Liberals need to hit rock bottom before they’re willing to hear anything, but the ones in the middle very often live conservative lives but vote for Democrats because their father was a unionized factory worker after the War and had a photo of FDR in the dining room or something as simple as that. Our goal is the open these folks’ eyes to what the liberals who run the Democrat Party are doing in their name. And while they may not accept it at first because it’s too hard to admit that people think that way willingly, the truth is on the conservatives’ side.

While the meaning of life for the liberal is to create heaven on earth, the meaning of life for a conservative is to follow the Word of God and protect the soul for the final judgment. There is an old saying that the only hell a Christian will ever know is here on earth, and the only heaven a non-believer will ever know is also here on earth. But it is rarely heard in government schools without the speaker being reduced to dust on the spot by some minion at the ACLU.

The liberal, who isn’t worried about the final judgment, is more preoccupied with his failures at creating heaven on earth where all things are equal. It’s a fool’s goal that can never be obtained. For this fact, conservatives have repression, shooting ranges, contact sports and the occasional bottle of whiskey.

A liberal however suffers much more from psychological disorders. And while, as I’ve written before, I’m not a fan of psychology, it does have its use. Psychology serves to understand the actions of man, and for that purpose it is useful. I don’t like it much though because it is too often used as a method of excusing bad behaviors rather than as a source of knowledge that can be used for improving people.

Too often, a liberal, whose goal is nothing more than creating heaven on earth drives himself crazy from failing over and over to get the square peg into the round hole. And rather than coming to terms that the square peg isn’t going to fit into to the round hole, liberals seek out doctors who will prescribe a psychotropic antidepressant drug. Does the drug convince our patient that the square peg isn’t going to fit into the round hole? No, it just makes him feel happy regardless of where the peg is. In fact, the drug serves the purpose of protecting our patient from the real and necessary feelings of sadness, dismay and shame. When these drugs are working successfully, the patient can do anything, no matter how damaging to the soul, and feel somewhat fine about it. Rather than helping the patient deal with his real problems, the drug blocks the patient’s conscience from allowing sadness, dismay and shame to police the actions of the patient.

That’s psychology today. Get your happy pills from your doctor and ignore the real problems that are bothering you. If it feels good do it, because the happy pills make sure you don’t feel sadness, dismay or shame. Unfortunately, this reckless abandon will sear your conscience until your heart is hardened like Pharaoh’s. Pay attention to the details of any suicide or mass killing that happens in this country today. More often than not, you will find that the deceased who killed himself or the shooter were being treated with psychotropic drugs for depression or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Society hasn’t changed so much that we actually should expect mass shootings now. It’s the widespread use of prescription psychotropic drugs that has changed.

In the old days, psychology was used to delve into the mind of the patient and dig up those repressed memories to discover what was bringing about the disorder. But once government made insurance companies get involved, psychologists and psychiatrists were required to solve the problem with six or eight visits- or some other unattainable goal. Shortcuts were needed, and since kickbacks from drug companies helped make up for the loss of revenues due to fewer visits of the patient, we have a large percentage of our population walking around, without our knowledge, hopped up on happy pills that, unbeknownst to many, suppress their consciences. To boot, many of them are not even being monitored by a psychologist because it was they’re primary doctor who gave them the prescription. If you think it’s not a problem, start paying attention to it. Read the details of crime stories and suicides. The dirty little secret is that the system had them relying on antidepressants or ADHD drugs, and that isn’t what these folks needed. That’s just how we do it in a world where we have the patience for immediate satisfaction and nothing more. Everybody gets exactly what they need immediately or things just don’t compute.

This is a truth that liberals can’t hear: suppression of feelings that liberals don’t like is not the solution. For example, liberals don’t want to hear that abortion is the murder of an innocent child and that preventing the execution of someone who’s committed a capital crime is psychotic. They love it when girls kill unborn children with the demonic glee of a vampire sucking the blood of a virgin dosed with cocaine. But they’ll picket outside a prison before an execution for weeks. It’s not a deterrent they’ll say, but they’ll ignore the fact that a dead prisoner never commits a murder again, which in my eyes is a pretty effective deterrent.

I know. It’s not very Christian of me to admit that there are some unforgiveable offenses. My wife tells me that all the time. And while I’m sure she’s right, I can only accept that I’m an imperfect Christian. I like capital punishment, which is Biblical. “He that smites a man, so that he die, shall be surely put to death.”- Exodus 12:21. But there are those that respond that Christ taught us to forgive. The question is: does the Old Testament God trump the New Testament God? It’s a question I leave to God. But since God is the same yesterday, today and forever, I think both are right.

Nonetheless, capital punishment allows God to judge the newly executed a little quicker. Granted, it’s normally decades after the crime because liberal Democrats spend that much time defending him. Liberals defend criminals with a fervor that suggests they might actually believe in hell and are trying to protect him from being put on a government-funded one-way trip to hell. But, as we know, the real liberal believes in government and not God. So that can’t be it. It must be a prison sex thing. Liberals are sex-crazed fiends whose lives revolve around the constant quest for consequence-free sexual experiences of any kind whatsoever. Maybe they secretly fantasize about getting prison-raped by a degenerate on death row. Allowing capital punishment to be cruel and usual, as it should be, will leave the death rows empty of men to fantasize about. All right, maybe I’m stretching a bit, but what else drives a party of people to love the killing of the innocent unborn but despise the executing of capital murderers? If it’s not a moral compass, is it psychosis?

Tune in for Homophobia Part 19 when I answer those questions. The Moral Descent Part 3.

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