From the Underground- Rochester School Covering up Brutal Attack?

Rochester School Administrator Assaulted and sent to Emergency Room on Friday, April 24

Incident much more serious than reported

By The Gold Lantern- FDFNY’s Underground Railroad conductor


The Rochester City School District released a statement:

A student who was in the school office struck a school administrator. The administrator was treated and released for minor injuries to the face, and the school is taking appropriate disciplinary action against the student. Principal Uma Mehta sent a message to families and staff saying that the behavior by this one student was unacceptable, and it does not reflect the high standards that the vast majority of students are working hard to meet every day.

As 13 WHAM news reports:

The Assistant Principal at Wilson Magnet is being treated at an area hospital after being punched in the face multiple times by a female student Friday. According to Sandra Jordan, President of the Administrators Union of Rochester, the victim is currently in the emergency room under care of doctors and is getting x-rays.


The truth about the assault is much worse.


Wilson Magnet School

Wilson Magnet School

Staff who wish to remain anonymous learned that the girl put the administrator in a headlock, pulled her hair down, and punched her in the face repeatedly.

The scene has been reported as very bloody. The administrator’s nose was swollen, and friends are waiting to hear if she received stitches.

At this point, no charges have been placed against the student. Another student in the room at the time (also being disciplined by this administrator) wrote a statement saying that the administrator first put her hands around the girl’s neck and the attack was self-defense. This statement was written by a student who was also upset with the same administrator, and the allegation is most likely preposterous.

The girl doing the assault was kicked out of another school for violence earlier this year. She is 15 years old and still in 9th grade. She has been suspended 15 times since January 2010. This year alone, she has had 6 suspensions. One was a long term in January for beating someone very badly.

Teachers at Wilson have, in the past, written up her behavior and included warnings about the girl being a danger to adults and other students.

The teachers who reported this were told the mother had come in to meet and everything was fine now.

Students have also been reporting this year that they are afraid of this girl!

After the incident she was taken to another office, and in the presence of a police officer, was throwing things around the room. It has also been reported that the girl’s mother came to school, defending her daughter and threatening to sue the District.

This should not be allowed to go unchallenged without severe consequences for the student.

She is presently suspended for this incident, but given her record, this is an ineffective solution and she is a danger to others.

The played-down reporting by the school and this district is also of great concern.

Is protecting the state funding for this student more important than protecting the students trying to get an education and those trying to educate them?

Wouldn’t jail be a more appropriate home for this girl, who has repeatedly proven to everyone around her that she is really not capable of living in civilization?

And what kind of mother justifies this kind of behavior?

If you’d like these questions answered as much as we would, please take the time to contact the Principal of Wilson Magnet School.  Principal Uma Mehta owes the City of Rochester an answer to why she allows this undisciplined student to continue to have unrestricted access to other potential and innocent victims of her inability to obey the laws of civilization.  Does someone need to die before appropriate actions are taken?

Are the police and the administrators more afraid of a lawsuit from the mother of an undisciplined child, whose crimes they’re covering up, than they are afraid of being partially responsible for the death of someone else that results from their insubordination?

Why is Principal Uma Mehta protecting this child and withholding the truth about the level of brutality of this attack?  As tax payers, we have a right to know why this kid isn’t in jail where she belongs.

Joseph C. Wilson Magnet High School

Commencement Academy

501 Genesee Street

Rochester, NY 14611


Phone: (585) 328 – 3440

Fax: (585) 935 – 7467


Principal: Uma Mehta


Assistant Principals


Lynda Mortis

Terry Richards

Adrienne T. Steflik

Lisa Traficante-Loncao




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  1. I taught in the district for 15 years. During that time I was punched (by more then one student) kicked, had scissors, books, and a desk thrown at me. I had a student set off a smoke bomb in my class ( this was just after returning from having pneumonia. Nothing was done. I made an appointment with a parent who said in front of her child ” You don’t have to listen to this white C___t. Nothing was done. At one point a principal actually said to me ” These kids are going to push you over the edge and I’m going to watch.” I became terrified of getting out of my car and was eventually under a Doctors care for PTSD. Thankfully I was out on sick leave the rest of the year. I transferred to a different school where the administrator backed the teachers. I felt safe and once again loved my job. Fast forward new principal believed anything a student said, taking the students side over even the child’s parents protest to do something or advise them where to get help. I became one of many teachers to lack confidence in an administrator. Two years later I questioned the same principal, the next day I was placed in the rubber room where believe it or not I was bullied and harassed to the point I retired. They say their hands are tied as far as suspensions. REALLY……one bad apple can spoil the whole bunch so very true. Many of the students want to learn. They soak up knowledge like a sponge. It is difficult to teach when most of the day is spent protecting the children from the irrational or out of control child. There are some truly amazing administrators in the district, Sadly, there are also many that should never have been hired. In general most of the teachers I know no longer question, no longer ask for help, no longer will sign a grievance for fear of retaliation. This problem which is becoming more and more prevalent needs to be looked at in a serious way. Something truly needs to be done for the sake of the many wonderful kids and the dedicated staff that give their all every day. More and more good experienced teachers are retiring early. I feel and fear for the new graduates they don’t know what they are getting into.
    Martha O’Duffy

  2. As long as the school administrators refuse to enforce normal, civilized behavior, our tax dollars are being wasted because education isn’t happening. Expel the violent ones and press charges. Use in-school suspension and social isolation to persuade others who seem to be on the same track.

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