Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY Welcomes Newbies to the Bill-Reilich-Must-Go Club

ReilichFor those who don’t follow the news much or don’t really understand the Bill Reilich situation, here’s a brief synopsis.  I-Square is a government-funded property development in Irondequoit, NY.  The taxpayers, whether they like it or not, are helping fund this project with cheap loans, tax breaks and other giveaways that come at the taxpayer’s expense.

COMIDA, which is the County of Monroe Industrial Development Agency, is the parasitic government arm in charge of funding the project with taxpayer money.  I say parasitic because, unless you have connections, you don’t get to have any of this government moola.

The I-Square developers Michael and Wendy Nolan have connections to the former Irondequoit Town Supervisor Adam Bello.  Adam Bello got appointed to take over as Monroe County Clerk after Cheryl Dinolfo left the job to take over for Maggie Brooks as Country Executive.

Adam Bello’s a Democrat, and Bill Reilich, got some information from Justin Roj, of Dinolfo’s office.  Back in March, Reilich used this information to point out that the I-Square project was in default under its agreements with COMIDA.  Recently, COMIDA did announce that I-Square is not in default.  But this was done without answering whether they were in default previously and had just recently climbed out.  In other words, according to COMIDA, I-Square was indeed in default back in March but no longer is in May.  A little light on the situation apparently convinced the developers to fix the situation.  Congratulations.

By giving the taxpayers some transparency about how their dollars are being used to the benefit of developers with connections, Bill Reilich was actually doing something good for a change.  He was alerting the voters that the newly appointed County Clerk Adam Bello had just jumped off his Irondequoit Town Supervisor job while one his taxpayer-funded boondoggles was in default.

The hubbub is about Reilich using “insider information” to tarnish the record of a developer in order to score political points on a Democrat appointee.  While we might sympathize a bit with the Nolans, that’s the cost of getting in bed with government.  If you don’t want to suffer scrutiny, then live up to your obligations to the taxpayers.  Reilich said it best when he wrote:

“It is no secret that I-Square received millions of dollars in taxpayer assistance through abatements and grants from the town, school district, county and state. I certainly recognize the need for that assistance given the state’s dismal business climate, but I also know that taxpayers demand accountability for their investments.”

While he might have done wrong, at least he did it for the right reason, which is a lot better than what he normally does.  Normally, he does wrong for the wrong reason, and the Democrats benefit.

Think about this objectively for a minute.  You and I pay taxes.  Those taxes are then used to fund the development of projects run by people connected to the Town Supervisor.  The project goes into default, and everybody’s mad that we the taxpayers find out about it?  It’s “insider information!!!”

In other words, this dirty secret about corrupt politicians funding their friends is only for the insiders- not the suckers paying the taxes to fund these boondoggles.  Without the whistleblowing of Justin Roj, this default might have stayed a secret, leaving the taxpayers with a bigger tab down the road.

Let’s put it another way.  This is crony capitalism run by the Democrats- similar to what the Maggie Brooks administration was doing with her husband and their friends before the indictments got handed out.  Remember that?

So, for the sake of argument, let’s pretend that Adam Bello was a Republican and it was the Democrats that unleashed the news that the development project under control of the Republicans was in default.  Do you think the Democrats and the liberal media would be mad at the Democrat who uncovered this inconvenient truth?  Do you think the Democrats and the liberal media would be asking the Democrat whistleblower to step down?  Or do you think they’d be more focused on how the taxpayers were funding a project at the direction of the Republicans that was in default?  I don’t need to answer those questions.

Look, don’t get me wrong, we don’t care much for Bill Reilich as the County GOP Chair, but it’s not because of this.  This is the first time that Bill Reilich was actually doing what he’s supposed to do- take down Democrats and make it easier for Republicans to get into positions of government.  Sure, he might have broken the law that prevents the public from knowing when their tax dollars are being squandered by those with connections, but sometimes, “the law is an ass.”  For those of you with a Common Core education, that’s a quote from Charles Dickens- I wasn’t really cursing- he was a famous novelist.  Novels are books.  We read books.  See Jane stare at the clouds.

What good is the law, if its purpose is to conceal government corruption?  That’s a legitimate question, but even so, it is really hard to argue that Reilich doesn’t lack character when he violates that law so easily. He and Justin Roj should have followed the proper procedures for getting out the truth, even if there really are no proper procedures for getting out the truth because the government’s machine of concealment is so adamant. Upon that discovery, the truth about that fact might be another thing the voters might like to hear, but that’s a whole other story. That would imply that we actually had a seriously conservative Republican Party that actually cared about the voters and the taxpayers.  Baby steps day dreamer.

So, for those of you who are recently on board the bullet train aimed right at Bill Reilich’s soft center, I’d like to welcome you and to tell you about some of the times Bill Reilich definitely should have been forced to resign for actually making it harder for Republicans to get elected, simply because these Republicans are conservative and unwilling to play the game of letting Reilich pull their strings.  To start, I’m just going to quote from the open letter that we, The Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York, wrote in January of 2015.  Then, I’ll give further details of what has happened since:


About a month ago, Republican leaders, elected officials and petition passers received an anonymous letter outlining several issues that freedom-loving Republicans in the Rochester area despise about our out-of-control County Chairman Bill Reilich, who runs our once beloved Republican Party as a farm team for the Democrats.

The anonymous letter from the Coalition of Republican Leaders listed exhibits A to I, each showing another instance of alleged betrayal to the cause of the Republican Party. For those who haven’t read this letter, here’s a brief synopsis.

Reilich allegedly failed to support Republican opponents of Congressman Louise “Baby” Slaughter, the dark mistress of unrestrained baby slaughter in the abortion death chambers of every inner city in America. He even apparently “criticized, ridiculed and disparaged Mark” Assini, who came a few hundred votes away from defeating our Congressional Queen of Darkness, before making sure no help was given to Assini. Allegedly, he even gave support and encouragement to then candidate-for-mayor Lovely Warren, before telling all those Republicans who wanted to run against her to stand down. A Republican Party that doesn’t even try, cannot win. It’s obvious to you and me, but not apparently to our Chairman.

Reilich also allegedly failed to support Rob Astorino for governor. There’s only two reasons for not supporting Andy Cuomo’s opponent. Either Cuomo has something on you, or you’re a closeted Democrat. Either way, Reilich needs to go. In addition to that, it appears that, in exchange for helping the Democrats, a number of Republican candidates in Greece ran unopposed because the Democrats stood down in Reilich’s town. Yeah, because that happens all the time without a backroom deal.

The anonymous letter from this group of Monroe County Republicans also mentioned a little about what went on with Republican Assembly Candidate Peter Vazquez’s race against radical liberal Harry Bronson. The Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York worked to get Peter Vazquez elected and know firsthand the efforts of Bill Reilich to destroy Peter’s candidacy. Apparently, the last thing Reilich wanted was to be seen by his Democrat-Party overlords supporting a conservative Puerto Rican Christian against a godless liberal heathen sponsor of every piece of pro-degenerate legislation the fires of hell can forge.

Stop it, and stop it now. The Republican Party is run by an egomaniac who has done everything he can to alienate a significant portion of the Republican Party and Independents who’d love to become Republicans if the party wasn’t so obviously despicable and corrupt. At the Frederick Douglass Foundation, we know what conservatives think of the party under Reilich. As well, there are many conservative-minded minorities in the city that would love- just absolutely love it if the Republican Party would be willing to reach out to them.

However, Reilich’s alleged deal with the Democrats precludes the party’s ability to actually reach out to conservative minorities. The Frederick Douglass Foundation is the largest Christ-centered, multi-ethnic and Republican ministry in America. We are the liaison between the Republican Party and disaffected minorities who would love an alternative to the Democrat Party- the only party that actually shows up. Bill Reilich has repeatedly refused to even speak with us and give us seat at the table.

For this reason, when those disaffected minorities in the inner city say to us, as they very often do: “Well, if the Republican Party is so great, where are they?”- we don’t have an answer that doesn’t involve admitting that we despise our leaders as much as most minorities despise Republicans.

We recommend that you read the whole letter.  It’s eye-opening, and here’s some of what he’s done since then.

As far as Peter Vazquez, who is now the president of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York, Reilich told all of the Republican donors that the Monroe County GOP refuses to endorse him in his run against Democrat Harry Bronson for assembly again in 2016.  Reilich’s dislike of Vazquez apparently stems back to when there was a Freedom of Religion rally in Rochester back when Obama was forcing everyone to buy health insurance that included funding abortion pills and contraception, against the religious principles of just about anyone who is a believing Christian.  Reilich didn’t want his Republican candidates to be sticking up for religious freedom.

Vazquez, who is fervently pro-life, spoke at this rally against the wishes of the guy who wanted to pull his strings.  Now, Reilich is running a patsy in the primary against Vazquez- the winner to take on Bronson or Rachel Barnhart in this year’s election.  However, this patsy isn’t being set up to win against Bronson.

As we reported a while ago, Arnie Rothschild, a big donor to Reilich also donates to Democrat Harry Bronson.  Part of the strings behind the money he gives to Reilich is that Reilich lets Bronson win the assembly seat.  That’s part of the deal between Reilich and the Democrats.  As well, Vazquez has been warned by one of Reilich’s disloyal members of the inner circle that he won’t even make it past the petition process.  Reilich, who controls the Board of Elections, is planning on disqualifying Vazquez by disqualifying his petitions, but we’ll see.

Regarding Mark Assini’s run against Louise Slaughter for Congress in 2014, as we stated, Reilich and the Monroe County GOP gave no help whatsoever.  Assini ran his campaign on his own, without the help of the GOP.  However, when he unexpectedly almost won against Louise Slaughter, Reilich took credit.  Reilich parlayed the credit he did not deserve into getting flown out to Texas to meet with Governor Rick Perry’s Presidential exploration committee.  He also used this credit he didn’t deserve to be appointed as the New York State GOP’s “First Vice Chair,” meaning he’s right below Chairman Ed Cox.  For Mark Assini’s part, he was a gentleman and didn’t deny Reilich his undeserved glory.  Nonetheless, it’s not a big secret that Reilich didn’t lift a finger for Assini back in 2014.  Assini, like Vazquez, is conservative.

As far as the Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York is concerned, we’re still personas non grata when it comes to the Monroe County GOP.  Apparently, minorities are OK, as long as they stay in their lanes.  But when they’re more principled than the corrupt wizard of Oz that runs the party, they are unacceptable.  Sure, Reilich has his “black friends, because some of his best friends are black,” but they’re under his control.  It’s friendship with a shock collar.

Under the right leadership, Monroe County and the City of Rochester is ripe for the taking for the Republican Party.  But, without a leadership that is willing to reach out to the disaffected and ignored people that don’t vote or that refuse to vote because of their conservative principles, the Monroe County GOP will still be the butt of the joke that Bill Reilich has become.

Bottom line, we don’t really care that Reilich was a part of uncovering the fact that the government-funded I-Square project was in default, while the Irondequoit Democrat supervisor was getting a big old promotion.  Without that whistle being blown, I-Square might still be in default, and because it’s funded by the taxpayers, blowing that whistle was a good thing.  That’s government transparency.

We just find it ironic that so many Republicans would only call for his resignation once Reilich got caught uncovering the corruption of the Democrat Party.  The guy’s been undermining the Republican Party for years, and all we ever hear is crickets.  But now that he’s actually done something to help the Republican Party by hurting the Democrat Party, these folks want to hurt Reilich and help the Democrat Party by apologizing for politics?  No wonder the party is in such dire straits.

Sure, we’re happy to kick him when he’s down in hopes he’ll stay down, but at least we’ll do it for more principled reasons.  Apparently Bill Reilich was the toast of the town when he was handicapping his own party to the benefit of the Democrats, but now that he’s attacked some Democrats, he’s the worst thing since Lucifer.  The world’s upside down.

Whatever the reason though, let’s get rid of him.




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