It’s Been an Extraordinary Week for Perverts

By Mack Rights

hillary bathingsuit burkaIn Turkey, Europe’s lovely Islamist State, they have lowered the age of consent from age 15 to age 12.  When you know your men are going to diddle the kids, you might as well make it legal.

In the UK, a Cardiff Imam has told all his teens that it is “permissible in Islam to have sex slaves.” This Imam has already sent three of his students to Syria to join ISIS. While he’s proud of that, in the UK according to this holy man, Muslims can have sex slaves even without giving up their lives to become a martyr in charge of raping 72 virgins.  Who needs virgins to rape when it’s already OK to have sex slaves?  Message to all perverts- Become a Muslim.

In Twin Falls, Idaho, there were three young Muslim boys that raped and peed all over a five year old white girl.  The rapists are free to this day, the girl lives in fear, her family is being ostracized, and now, a city councilman is defaming the parents.  This councilman is also the former mayor.  The local politicians have sold out to the refugee program of getting cheap labor to work in their food processing plants, even if that means that little American girls have to offer themselves up as virgins to get raped by the spawn of this cheap imported Muslim labor.  Local companies hiring these terrorists are Clif Bar and Chobani.

Speaking of food processing, Pamela Geller has drawn attention to the fact that much of the meat we eat is actually Halal, meaning it is blessed by an Imam and slaughtered facing Mecca. Our government refuses to force companies to label this food as Halal, even though Acts 15:29 tells us to “abstain from food sacrificed to idols.”  This is “backdoor Sharia.” I don’t want to eat food blessed by an Imam. Eat pork. Like dogs, Muslims hate it.  It must be good.

In Londonistan, the Muslim Mayor has set up an online police force to charge social networkers with jailable hate crimes for criticizing Islam.  Get this in your head infidel.  Perverts are going to get away with being perverts if the perverts are Muslims because you aren’t allowed to criticize Muslims in the UK.  You will go to jail if you do.  Message to perverts-  Become Muslims.

And don’t think Facebook or Twitter will stand up for your rights.  Toni Bugle founded Mothers Against Radical Islam and Sharia.  It’s a support group for “victims of the Islamic sexual grooming gangs.”  These are the people that get raped by Muslims that have come unwelcomed to lands in the civilized world.  Toni Bugle was kicked off Facebook for thirty days recently for a video asking the media to pay attention to all these rapes.  Miss Bugle said: “I think Facebook is targeting anybody who says anything that may be even remotely derogatory towards Islam. Yet I have myself reported pages where they’ve been defending ISIS [Islamic State]. They’ve been calling for jihad on the West. And I’ve reported it to Facebook and it’s come back ‘this is not in breach of Facebook terms and conditions.’”

Muslims across the world refuse to take any responsibility for their young men doing any of the hideous things that they do all over the world, yet, when some Hispanic guy (according to the media) kills an Imam in Queens, Donald Trump is supposed to be responsible?

Message to all rapists, perverts, pedophiles and pederasts- Become a Muslim and never have to apologize for acting on your perverted desires.  If you can’t get Western Civilization to get with your program, Islam will.



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