Did Michael Brown Die for Our Sins?

Did Michael Brown Die for Our Sins?

By Mack Rights

michael brownIf Michael Brown’s not the second coming of Christ or a messenger from God in the form of a prophet here to show us the error of our ways, then we, as a civilization, need to stop lionizing him as a hero.  Heroes are to be emulated.  We shine a spotlight on them and teach our children that that’s whom we should be like.

The effort of turning Michael Brown into a dead martyr in the war against racism is absurdly silly and dangerous in ways that we will only come to regret.  Realizing that it is impolite to speak ill of the dead, this is really about speaking ill of those who’ve decided that the death of Michael Brown wasn’t a result of his own suicidal tendencies but of institutional racism.  The misperception that Michael Brown died as a result of racism depends upon numerous lies being perpetrated over and over by those who benefit from the resulting societal chaos.  Contrary to the well-known contention of Hitler’s liberal Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, even if a lie is repeated over and over and over, it doesn’t actually become the truth.  Unlike your point of view, truth isn’t subjective.  If a tree falls in the forest and nobody’s there to hear it, did it really fall? – Yep.

Michael Brown didn’t have his hands in the air, he wasn’t surrendering, and he wasn’t shot after pleading, “Don’t shoot.”  That story is a lie put into the record by his buddy and sidekick for the robbery that they had just committed.  And now, with the release of Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department’s final report that explains why the police officer who shot Michael Brown has been exonerated because the “Hands up don’t shoot” battle cry was all based on a lie, it’s time to assess the damage that the Michael Brown fantasy has done to civilization.  Some witnesses behind this lie even admitted to fearing for their lives if they were to tell the truth– not a fear that would be considered rational in a true civilization.

As a result of those who refused to see the truth while they clung to this lie, Ferguson, MO has been destroyed and turned into a no-go zone- like the Muslim areas of many European cities that have been abandoned by their governments after being completely conquered by the invading barbarians who refuse to allow government-employed police to do their jobs.

Civilized society will have no reason whatsoever to invest, visit or spend money in Ferguson, MO.  There will be no jobs for the black man whose place of employment went up in flames and whose boss has rightly decided to get his business assets out of the barbaric cesspool of lawless degeneracy.  Furthermore, when black people and supposedly enlightened white progressives fail to condemn what has been done in the name of martyred prophet of gangsta life Michael Brown, they are in essence endorsing their prophet’s actions which led to his death.

In Matthew 7:15-16, Jesus teaches that we will know the false prophets by their fruits: “15Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.16Ye shall know them by their fruits.”

With that in mind, let’s examine Michael Brown’s message and then the fruits of his message.  When entering a store in Ferguson, MO and seeing that the coveted box of cigarillos to roll his weed into small blunts was upwards of $50, his ominous message was: “These will be free for me.”  Like a giant bully above the laws of man, he knocked the little store owner out of the way and left with his stolen cigarillos.  When walking down the middle of the street and told to get out of the street by the cop who’d later shoot him, he mouthed off, indicating: “The white man’s laws have no authority over me.”  A mere mortal would have been less conspicuous after having committed a robbery in hopes of getting his stolen booty to safety before run-ins with the law.  But Michael Brown was no mere mortal.  He was the untouchable prophet of gangsta life.

I don’t mean to be insensitive, but in the old days, before wrong officially became right, dumb criminals who died in the process of committing crime idiotically weren’t lionized.  They were given Darwin awards for doing civilization the courtesy of removing themselves from the gene pool.  But Michael Brown became a hero to those unwilling to see the truth.

When the police officer tried to get out of his car to handle the situation, Michael Brown hit the cop in the face, slammed him back into the cop car and tried to take the officer’s gun in order to put this cop down.  This big black prophet of gangsta life wasn’t going to be unarmed and at the mercy of the white man’s lawman.  He was going to arm himself with the sidearm of this oppressive cop.  And having lost the battle for the gun, this big black prophet of gangsta life decided he’d use his weight to kill the cop, if that’s what it took.  An extra hundred pounds comes in handy when seeking to outweigh the smaller person one plans to kill with a giant crushing in the form of a bodily collision.

With that message on the record, what are the fruits of this prophet’s message? – He’s dead, and he won’t be attending college as he’d expected.  Ferguson is destroyed.  Actual innocent people have lost their livelihoods.  Cities across the nation have been protested and abused by Michael-Brown-inspired mobs.  Numerous people have died in these riots and this national orgy of lawless uprisings in the name of Michael Brown, and at least two cops were killed in his name.  As well, whites are being attacked and sometimes killed by blacks for being white and out of vengeance for the death of Michael Brown.

While trying not to speak ill of the dead, it must be pointed out that sinning, as defined by the one True God, in the name of Michael Brown does not make those sins forgiven.  One’s sins are not absolved if those sins are committed in the name of Michael Brown, unless of course, Michael Brown is the second coming of Christ.  And even then, they wouldn’t be absolved.  There’s no place in the Bible that suggests sin is fine, as long as it’s done in the name of Jesus.  But there is a Commandment that tells us that we should not carry God’s name in vain as a rationalization for our sins.  But, for some reason, a whole subsection of society has decided that sins in the name of Michael Brown are absolvable, suggesting that Michael Brown came to earth to alleviate the unease that Jesus inspires in unrepentant sinners.  Yeah, that’s just what the world needs.

After having witnessed his message and the fruits of this message, no rational person can conclude that he is indeed the second coming.  Trust me, people haven’t been waiting thousands of years for the message of Michael Brown.  He’s just another thug brought up to believe that he can’t be controlled by the “racist” laws of this “racist” land.

Civilization cannot remain civilized if vast swaths of the population refuse to abide by the laws and expectations of civilization.  There is no equality if we refuse to be treated equally.  And Michael Brown demanded to be treated as if the laws of man had no power over him.

Our cause of a civilizational acceptance of everyone as equal in the eyes of the law and in the eyes of our fellow citizens- because we all ARE equal in the eyes of God- cannot be realized if we refuse to live by the laws of nature and of nature’s God.

With the riots and barbaric activities in the name of the dead Michael Brown, the rest of America is witnessing a mass idiocy on a grand scale.  We, the civilized, don’t look at all the people, of all races of course, that are rioting and think, “Wow, they must have a point.”  The rioters are acting like animals, all the while claiming that they want to be treated like humans.  I’m afraid they’re carrying Michael Brown’s name in vain.

While it’s not necessarily illegal to act like an animal, it is a violation of common sense when acting like an animal is actually a demand to be treated like a human.  Civilization has no obligation to treat a mob of law-breaking animals as if they were decent humans.  With the free will that God has given us, man is responsible for his own actions.  Unlike animals without free will, our actions aren’t a result of instinct.  By refusing to take responsibilty for their actions because they naively believe the lie that Michael Brown was killed because he was black, these followers of this false prophet are abdicating the responsibilities that come with being a human.

While it’s true that not every person in this nation believes in the lies that inspire this civilizational chaos, the rest of us need to step up and reintroduce the concept of shame.  Supporters of Michael Brown should be ashamed of themselves.  Michael Brown put that cop in a kill-or-be-killed situation.  Under no circumstance was that white cop obligated to stand down and be willing to be killed by Michael Brown, simply because Michael Brown was black and he was white.  And the rest of civilization is not obligated to consider it a shame that the cop wasn’t killed instead of the belligerent Michael Brown, simply because Michael Brown was black and the cop is white.

In a world where all are thought of as equal, race does not matter, as God had planned.  Race cannot matter.  But actions do.  Michael Brown isn’t dead because of his race.  He’s dead because of his actions.  We, as people who aspire to consider ourselves civilized, have to accept that.  Nothing Michael Brown did that day on the way to getting himself killed had anything to do with making his grand-mama proud.  I’d say mama, but she and her husband are facing felony armed robbery charges.  Unfortunately, what Michael Brown did may actually have made his mother proud- just another example of civilizational decline.

Accepting the fact that Michael Brown wasn’t walking around with a halo on his head and angel’s wings inside his shirt is paramount.  Children across the country are seeing people publically sympathize and destroy things in honor of that sympathy over the death of someone who committed several felonies in the moments before he was killed.  Making a martyred prophet out of a felonious thug suggests that we believe that those felonious actions are completely acceptable as long as we perceive society to be racist.

If children, who perceive Michael Brown to be a hero, begin to emulate him in their dealings with the police, more children will die.  They will die in honor of a false prophet.  The best way to deal with police officers is with respect and by answering questions with “no sir” and “yes sir.”  Failing to do so is nothing more than an indication of guilt, leaving that cop to be suspicious and on edge.  Lionization of Michael Brown is teaching children that they have no obligation to respect the police.  If you were Michael Brown and were still alive enough to regret your felonious actions of that day, would you want people sinning in your name, killing in your name or dying in your name?  Probably not- but shamefully, that’s where we are.

It’s so bad out there right now that the kleagles of the KKK are able to stand up and say, “See, we told you so.”  Giving perceived credibility to the KKK is not the way to get civilization to treat blacks like humans.  If one wants to be treated like a man, he has to act like one.

One way might be to stop the black-on-black killings in the streets.  Blacks are much, much more likely to be killed by another black than by a white cop.

Another way is to stop regular attendance at the abortion mills.  Planned Parenthood actually tweeted support for the barbaric uprising in the name of Michael Brown by tweeting “Black lives matter.”  Is this who blacks should be allied with?  In the last 52 years, the abortion mills have killed over sixteen million black babies in the womb and just outside the womb.  If those lives wouldn’t have been taken, blacks would represent about 36% of the population of the United States instead of 13%.  Ironically enough, blacks commit about 36% of all abortions, even though blacks are only 13% of the population.  Imagine that John Lennon.

The Democrat Party’s abortion mill death chambers kill 1,200 black babies a day.  More black children are killed every three days than the KKK lynched in 86 years.  It’s no wonder that the KKK invited Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger to address their meeting, and she accepted.  They shared the goal of killing off the black population, but Sanger was actually able to get blacks to do it themselves, simply by changing the way blacks perceive themselves.

Where are the protests over all the black-on-black killings or over the millions of black babies slaughtered in the abortion mills?  If blacks want to be treated equally, blacks need to start seeing themselves as equals.  As long as young men are disposable on the street and babies are disposable while in the womb, no one is setting the appropriate example for children.  What’s the mother of a dead baby that she let die in an abortion to say when her little boy says to her: “Mama, if it was all right for you to kill my one brother, why isn’t it all right for me to kill my other brother?  He won’t let me play the Xbox.” Her inability to answer that question credibly in the eyes of her little boy who’s smart enough to see through nonsense only serves to devalue her sons’ lives.

We are not sending the right message to anybody’s children.  Without the correct message, more children will have no problem growing up and taking other lives, unless of course their lives are taken first.  If they don’t see themselves a “person,” they will not respect their own “personhood.”

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Planned Parenthood can say with a straight face that “black lives matter.”  Black lives are their bread and butter.  Blacks willingly offer to sacrifice their babies on the altar of Planned Parenthood profits and Democrat Party campaign contributions, and Planned Parenthood is happy to get paid to end those black babies’ lives- it’s the black population’s cycle of death.

Imagine the outrage if cops were paid commissions on every life they ended while in the commission of crime, and then the police were forced to pay a fixed portion of their pay in the form of union dues that were used to get Republicans elected.  Where’s the outrage over the fact that abortion mills make more money if they kill more babies and the fact that a portion of each chunk of change from each baby kill goes to getting Democrats elected?  The difference is that the Republicans are perceived to be the racist party while the Democrats are the party of the minority, even though the Democrats are actually the party of slavery, segregation, the KKK and the black genocide of abortion.

Civilizational Chaos committed in the name a false prophet, whose lionization is based upon a foundation of lies, will do nothing whatsoever to rebuild a society with true equality.  Rev. Martin Luther King never thought that his dream would be realized without effort and responsibility.  Demands that everyone be treated equally will ring hollow without the willingness to be treated equally.  Those unwilling to accept the rules of civilization and the responsibilities that come with having the free will that God gave us have no right to demand that the rest of civilization bow to their wills.  They that use perceptions of racism as an excuse to act like disease-carrying vermin have no right to expect to be treated like humans.  And I say this in love.  They choose to act like vermin.  However, I have good news. Because they have free will, they can also choose to ditch their false prophets, accept Jesus Christ as their messiah, see the light that exposes the truth, and then be welcomed into civilization.  A choice to follow false prophets though, is really a shortcut to a dead end and a choice of death over ever-lasting life.  Michael Brown’s a false prophet.



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  1. This was a great read. Living in NYC, I got to see the effects of the Michael Brown case in full swing. There were small riots, protests, and even two police officers murdered because of their badges.

    In the end, I feel like people are closer than ever. We’ve seen how badly race could divide us, so now we’re working to make sure that this won’t happen again.

    Thank you for this article.

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