Democrats have a Tough Couple of Weeks- Part I

Democrats have a Tough Couple of Weeks- Part I

Obama and his Democrats Aid and Abet Terrorists

By Mack Rights

shooting windowA Muslim opens fire on a military recruiting center where five marines are killed.  A sticker on the window has a picture of a gun surrounded by a red circle with a red line through it to signify that these serviceman are the best well-unarmed sitting ducks that Obama has to offer up to his Muslim friends.

Earlier that day, The White House actually celebrated some Muslim holiday in a tweet.  In one of the news stories, it stated that the Obamas were sending out greetings to the Muslim people on behalf of the American people.  That’s just crazy.  The Obamas don’t speak for me.  Here’s my message for the people behind the Islamic war on Civilization: “I hope y’all choke on a pork chop when you feast after fasting.”

But hey, I’m not a Democrat.  I don’t send well wishes to my enemies who’ve declared war on me.

Obama apparently tweeted: “‘From my family to yours, Eid Mubarak!’ – @POTUS to Muslims celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr.”

But why should that surprise us in a week where Obama signed an agreement with Iran to lift sanctions, to give them billions of dollars that will boost their economy by an estimated $150 billion a year, to let them develop their nuclear bomb, to let them buy conventional weapons from Russia and China, to let them sell oil to the EU, Russian and China, to let them continue to fund terrorism with these new funds, to let them only allow inspectors where they want the inspectors to be, to let them have the right to refuse inspectors, and to let them keep torturing the four American hostages in Iran, which Obama doesn’t give a crap about?

On top of that, the Congressional vote, after sixty days of review, won’t matter a bit because Obama got it approved today at the UN, where the international sanctions on Iran will be eliminated without Congress ever having approved this treaty with America’s enemies Iran, Russia and China.  If Congress votes down the treaty later, which Obama refuses to even refer to as a treaty, it won’t matter.  The sanctions are already lifted.

Iran won, and Obama gets another Mohammed feather in his cap.  America loses sovereignty, and Obama did this with Congressional approval given to him by the misdescribed Corker bill jammed through Congress by the disgracefully traitorous Republican Senators Bob Corker, John McCain and Lindsey Graham.  Weep for the Republic.  Andy McCarthy explains this the best here.

Another part of Obama’s agreement states that the US will help Iran prevent Israel from spying on its nuclear program.  Israel’s going to get nuked as a result of what this Democrat has done in the name of the Democrat Party.  And every liberal Jew in this country that voted for this guy twice will have to risk seeing the traitor Jews that held open the doorways to the gas chambers of the death camps whenever they look into the mirror.  “Oh,” they’ll whine, “You can’t compare the Holocaust to the nuking of Israel, which hasn’t even happened yet and which will probably happen when a Republican is president.”  But liberals never like to be judged on results- just on intentions.  So, when judging based on intentions, I actually can make the comparison.  Never Again, Schmever A-Ben Dover and take it like a little Greek boy Israel, because Obama and the Democrats have just cursed you and the US of A.  A curse doesn’t necessarily come in the form of a nuke.

Some have called this Obama’s “massive stimulus plan for Iran.”  Others compare it to when President Clinton assured us that their agreement with North Korea would prevent NorKorComs from getting the nuclear bomb, which they eventually did, courtesy of the Clinton administration.  Enjoy the Clinton flash back set to the music of Obama’s lies and deceit.

When the Rosenbergs gave the nuclear secrets to the USSR, we put them to death.  When Clinton gave the nukes to the North Koreans, the Democrats loved him even more.  And now that Obama’s enabling Iran to get the nukes to wipe Israel off the planet, the liberals are calling this Obama’s international diplomatic legacy and demanding that he get another Nobel Peace Prize.  That tells you everything you need to know about the Democrats- the blind leading the dumb.

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