Democrats Call Melania Plagiarist, I say Build the Wall

By Mack Rights

Democrats are constantly making excuses when foreigners kill, rape and steal from Americans, but when Melania repeats the words of Barack Obama’s old lady, they make no excuses.

The fact that Melania Trump stole the insincere words of Michelle Obama’s speech that no one ever heard is just more proof that we need to control our borders.

Maybe foreigners aren’t able to choose not to steal from Americans.  If the Democrats won’t make excuses for her, I will.  She’s a foreigner.  She has no choice.  She has to steal from Americans.  We should consider ourselves lucky if she doesn’t kill us.  She’s a foreigner. Foreigners hate America and tell us about it all the time.

Look, I’m not saying we need to deport Melania.  She married herself an anchor, fair and square.  She gets to stay.

However, I am saying that we need to control our borders.  It’s a fact that illegal foreign invaders are much more likely to be murderers, rapists and thieves than are Americans (look at the prison populations), and not even the next first lady disproves this theory.

Build the Wall.



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