Congratulations On Your Independence Day Great Britain

By Mack Rights

union jackI’m happy today that I was a bit too pessimistic yesterday in my assessment that the vote for Independence in Great Britain would be stolen by the well-moneyed interests of the Impoverization through Globalization movement.

Don’t get me wrong. I still believe they did everything they could to steal it, but there were just too many votes to overcome. This is a great day for Freedom. I welcome Great Britain and the United Kingdom back to civilization, even if Ireland and Scotland didn’t really want back in.  They seem to have voted to stay like caged monkeys addicted to their regular feedings.

Going from the great Empire of global colonization and world civilization to a member state of the unfree socialist trade union that the EU has become would be an embarrassment.  It would be like putting the toughest lion in all of the jungles in all of the world into a zoo cage, right next to the tasty little caged monkeys of Ireland and Scotland that they weren’t even allowed to eat.

Happy Independence Day.  It is not another day of infamy as I feared it would be yesterday.



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