Confessions of a Cruz and Trump Supporter

By Mack Rights

hitllaryBecause of all the animosity between the Trump and Cruz fans, I’ve lain low when it comes to presidential politics for a while now.  It’s time to take on the anger that now has the possibility to destroy the Republican Party for good and thus curse our nation into a hundred years of darkness.  If Hillary gets to pick the next Supreme Court justices, it is all over.  The Bill of Rights will be null and void forever, and what’s left of the Constitution will be as sad as an underage toothless Cambodian porn star with an oozing lip blister, a black eye and an empty belly.

Forget that for now.  It’s time to admit wrongs and figure out how to get past the schism created between the Trumpeters of Freedom and the Midnight Cruzers.

First and foremost, forget about the candidates for a second.  I’ll get to them in a bit.  Republican supporters of Trump have been awful to the supporters of Cruz, and the supporters of Cruz have been awful right back to the supporters of Trump.  Everyone thinks they’re innocent, but both sides need to repent for their misdeeds.

Let’s start with the Trump fans.  There’s no doubt that they’ve been really vitriolic on the social medias.  Even our own Chaplain Ayesha has been called a Cruz-loving “nigger” over and over.  That’s pretty rotten, and it really doesn’t do much to win black conservatives over to your cause.  People rarely get called “nigger” and say, “Oh. Well, thanks for the input.  I’ll try better next time.”

That said, the “devout Christian” Cruz supporters have also been really rotten and closed-minded. I’ve had a Nevertrumper tell me that I was dead to her because I don’t hate Trump. Sad thing is, many Cruz supporters have no idea what kind of awesomeness Trump has promised them in last night’s speech (I’ll get to that later).  Their mistreatment at the hands of the Trumpeters of Freedom has been so damaging that many have completely ignored the convention and didn’t bother to listen to the speech.

This hatred between these two tribes has been so awful that the Cruz-supporting daughter of Phillis Schlafly tried to oust her own mother from the Eagle Forum because Schlafly endorsed Donald Trump as the last chance to save our nation.  Schlafly founded the Eagle Forum forty years ago, and her own daughter was trying to fire her. I don’t care who you are, Phillis Schlafly is conservative royalty.  She’s right up there with Ronald Reagan.  This kind of intolerance is despicable.

Bottom line, both sides have been absolutely awful, and I just haven’t wanted to join either side as a sycophant.  Until Pence was chosen to be VP, I was still holding out for a peace-pipe ceremony in an Indian teepee around a feast of freshly slaughtered buffalo and biscuits.  I made the case a long time ago that my dream unity ticket would be Trump and Cruz.  Even though I voted for Ted Cruz and explained why here, on the day before the first Republican debate, I put out a seven-part piece titled “Donald Trump is the Best Thing for the GOP since Ronald Reagan.”  Let me tell you something, it holds up, and I was right over and over and over.  If you find that offensive, take it up with Ronald Reagan’s friend Chuck Norris.  He’s written a piece highlighting the top eight similarities between Reagan and Trump.  What Chuck Norris says goes.  That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Cruz fans will wonder why I wasn’t in favor of Cruz with Trump as the VP.  I didn’t think it was possible.  I knew from the day that Trump entered the race that Trump was going to win.  He’s the first candidate who actually had the balls to tell the American people what the problems are and that he was going to fix them, even though he’d piss off all the corporate interests that depend upon the American people tolerating those problems.  Building a wall, dropping the hammer on illegal immigration and renegotiating awful trade deals are the most conservative things in the world.  Why?- because it actually conserves what we have left of America.

The corporatists love to pretend that “free trade” is good for America.  In theory, it might be.  In theory, we’re exporting our own culture to help the rest of the world that is barely out of the dark ages.  However, reality is different than theory.  They’re not becoming more like us.  We’re becoming more like them. They’re not evolving. We’re devolving. If we keep it up, we’re going to turn into monkeys.

Look around.  We have fewer rights than ever in this country.  People losing their jobs for saying the wrong thing about some protected victim.  Can’t drill for oil.  Can’t frack.  Can’t make money on coal.  Can’t buy certain guns in certain states.  Can’t kick a man out of the girl’s locker room.  Can’t yell “Jesus” in the public square.  Can’t carry a Bible into a public school.  Can’t protect children from the demonic ideas of the Democrat Party.  Can’t do whatever you want on your own land.  Can’t carry a gun at a gun-free zone.  Can’t stop the shooter there trying to kill you.  Can’t make a movie that the Chinese find offensive. Can’t hug a liberal chick at Foxnews without losing your job for sexual harassment if you’re a conservative. Can’t expect an illegal alien to get deported or even jailed after he commits a crime.  Can’t expect a Muslim refugee to get any sort of punishment after attacking, raping or threatening an American.  It goes on and on and on.  Our government cares more about what the barbarians outside our gates think about Americans than it does about protecting Americans from those barbarians.  Can’t even make this point without being called a racist homophobic Islamophobic sexist bigot.

While calling us bigots is an argument that is weak and meaningless, it is very effective against many people who aren’t me.  And, for that matter, Donald Trump.  That’s why he’s great.  He doesn’t bow down and snivel before liberals every time they call him a racist homophobic Islamophobic sexist bigot.  He and I both know what is in our hearts and don’t have to answer to intellectual midgets, I mean liberals.

I’ve been meaning to write this piece for a while, but I wanted to wait until all the information was in.  I almost wrote it the day of Cruz’s speech at the convention to have it out before the speech. I mistakenly expected him to honor his pledge to support the winner. What a mistake that would have been!  I hate exclamation points, but I’ll put one there anyway.

Ted Cruz verified all the little questions I’d had about him.  My problems with him were few, but they were important.  I didn’t like the fact that he supported a 500% increase in the H-1B visas.  This is just a way to import middle-class foreigners to replace upper-middle-class American people in the job force with foreigners who’d do the same job for half the pay.  Not cool.  But Trump’s success made him rescind that plan.

I also had a huge problem with the fact that he voted to end cloture on the TPA.  That trade bill needed to be filibustered into puddle of lamb’s blood on the Senate floor into which the nose of Harry Reid needed to be rubbed as if he were a bad dog that had just pooped all over your new carpet.  This bill neuters Congress when it comes to voting against the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership).  It essentially allows President Obama to sign away our national sovereignty by signing a trade pact that would then need 67 votes in the Senate to vote it down instead of 51, simply because the TPA passed.  The bill needed to be filibustered because the Democrats had enough America-haters to pass it with 51 votes.  Ted Cruz knew this, but he let it go to a vote where it got passed.  His only self-defense was that he voted against it once it came up for a vote after he voted to end the filibuster like a gutless coward.

That kind of makes sense though.  His wife is a Goldman Sachs girl.  Nothing good comes from the globalists of Goldman Sachs.  Look back at Hank Paulson- George W. Bush’s treasury secretary.  He was the guy that created the TARP bailout that added a trillion dollars of government spending to every years’ “budget” since then.  Now, he brags about his brave willingness to endorse Hillary because of her “globalist platform.”  Yay Goldman Sachs.

Trump’s supposed criticism of his wife on the Twitter re-tweet of an ugly photo of Cruz’s wife is Cruz’s defense of his telling everyone at the convention to go and vote for Hillary.  That and Trump’s drawing attention to a goofy story about a guy who looks like Cruz’s father standing next to the Castro buddy who killed JFK.  Dude, it’s politics.  If you can’t take a little ribbing, get out of the business.  If you can’t take seeing a bad photo of your wife, what are you going to do when they put out a photo of you with your arm in the air like a Nazi saluting Hitler?  The liberals do it all the time- just did it to Laura Ingraham.  Lighten up.

My last problem with Cruz was the fact that he was going to get slaughtered by Hillary.  He had no chance.  This country is no longer run by the devout Christian Conservatives.  Many Christian Conservatives sat out on McCain because McCain is a big one-world government nut job looking to replace Americans with whatever dregs he could lure across the border with the scent of free everything on the backs of hard-working Americans.  Christians sat out on Romney because he’s a “self-worshipping demonic” Mormon who spent more time criticizing conservative Americans than he did Obama.  Bottom line, Christian Conservatives have sacrificed their usefulness.  When they were needed to stop Obama, they didn’t show up because of principles.

Now they’re being asked to vote for Donald Trump, who is the exact opposite of McCain and of Romney.  Close the border and never apologize that you made money in America by working hard.  Donald Trump isn’t going to refrain from saying something bad about the godless demonic Democrats.

However, when asked by a Hillary voter if he’ll go personal on Hillary, Ted Cruz promised her that he wouldn’t.  Oh thank God, don’t want anything bad said about Hillary.  According to Breitbart:

“I can’t wait to stand on a debate stage with Hillary Clinton,” he said. “Because my campaign against her is going to be the same as my campaign has been on the primary – it’s going to be based on substance and the issues.”

He then added, “In this primary when others have gotten personal and nasty, I haven’t responded in kind. I’m not gonna do that with Hillary either, and instead I’m going to focus on substance.”

The reason McCain and Romney lost to Obama was their unwillingness to go personal on him, even though they had no problem whatsoever with going personal on conservative Republicans in the primary.  Cruz was telling us that Trump had no chance whatsoever to win, all the while adopting Trump’s positions.  But then Cruz was promising not to go personal on the most corrupt person to ever run for President- Hillary freakin’ Clinton?

This woman is so rotten that her own husband won’t even sleep in the same state as she does, let alone the same bed.  Won’t go personal?  Oh, I forgot, he said “won’t go personal and nasty.”  The personal with this harpy is the nasty.  She’s a succubus from hell whose campaign voice is barely prettier than that of a screaming banshee with a sword in the belly.  I’d rather hear the dragging of a million fingernails across a chalkboard just to protect my brain from the damage of her nasty voice.  But no, Cruz promised this little Hillary mush head that he would not go personal and nasty.  He was actually promising to lose.

You know what kind of people are famous for promising to lose? – Exactly no people ever, except maybe the team that always loses to the Harlem Globetrotters.  I can’t remember the name of that team though, help me out.  Other than that team, not even perpetual losers promise to lose, but Ted Cruz actually made a promise to lose.

That’s embarrassing.  Then, after telling the Republican Convention to “vote your conscience,” which is code for “I want Hillary Clinton to win so people won’t think I was lying when I said Trump can never win and then maybe ask me to be the candidate in 2020,” Cruz actually put out a fundraising letter to make money off his indirect efforts to saddle American with four to eight years of Hillary Clinton.  Forget about being a traitor to your party.  That’s treasonous to the nation.  No one who doesn’t want this nation to be destroyed would ever seek to curse us with Hillary Clinton.  She’s a succubus from hell. Anyone who says that’s too personal and nasty is a Satan-worshipping commie.

So, here’s my confession of a Trump and Cruz supporter:  I was wrong about Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz is now dead to me.  America needs his conservative voice in the Senate, but he’s gone and made himself just about unelectable. While I know this will never happen, because Trump has way too much class (quit snickering in the peanut gallery), if I were Trump, I’d give Cruz an inner tube and a map to Cuba and then deport him for the fun of it.  If Cruz hates America so much that he’s hoping to see Clinton win, he might as well be exiled.  No freedom for you.  Back to Cuba with ya commie boy.

Now, for all you Cruz fans out there, this isn’t a knock at you- just at the guy we all misread.  Ted Cruz isn’t humble enough to set his own ego aside for the good of the nation.  If Hillary gets to stack the Supreme Court with all her Ginsburg-like globalist goblins who’d argue for the elimination of the age of consent before they’d even lift a finger to protect any Christian’s religious freedom, it’s over.  There will be no America left by 2020.  The Democrats will just use the Supreme Court to strip us of all our rights at the same time they give the rights of citizenship to all the illegal aliens.

It’s not as if the butt-boys of Congress will stand up for the Republic- they’ve already given Obama everything he wants.  Do we really think they’ll be tougher on the First Woman President than they were on the First Black President?

Even one of my favorite Christian voices Phil Robertson agrees with me that Cruz should have set aside his ego to endorse Trump.  It was for the good of the nation, not the party.

But, like I said, my criticism isn’t of the Cruz fans.  I love way too many of you to go all crazy on you.  I want to bring about peace between the two camps, and this here is what is absolutely amazing about Trump’s convention speech.  In case you missed it.  After talking about putting judges on the Supreme Court who will uphold the Constitution, he promised to get rid of the LBJ rule that prevents pastors from getting political from the pulpit without risking the loss of their church’s tax-exempt status.

That makes Trump the very first candidate for president in my lifetime to actually address this nasty anti-First Amendment dictatorial bit of Jesus-killing virus in the body politic.  It also makes him the most pro-religious freedom presidential candidate yet.  That bit of Trump’s speech that so many Cruz fans ignored is way too important.  It eliminates every objection a Cruz supporter would have against being obligated as a patriot not to sit out the election based on principles.

“But Trump’s lying,” is not a good enough argument when Hillary is his alternative.  That argument against a man who’s fulfilled his obligations in more contracts than any of us have ever seen or imagined is as weak as the argument that I’m a racist.

Don’t hold Trump’s sins as a Democrat against him as he is trying to repent.  Revenge is God’s.  Trump’s promise to restore religious freedom is just about the greatest thing he could promise.  From the restoration of the Christian’s freedom of speech and religion, all good things will prosper.

Don’t make the same mistake that Ted Cruz has made.  Don’t let your own ego destroy your ability to do what is right.  Ted Cruz is done.  He’s burnt every bridge he might have had.  If Trump wins, Cruz is persona non grata.  If Trump loses, Cruz will be blamed.  He’s done, he’s cooked, and he has a million forks in his body.  He’s bleeding out like a sieve.

A vote for Trump is a vote for religious freedom.  Sitting out the election is a vote to be persecuted by Hillary’s Supreme Court because you have principles.  There will be no Supreme Court to protect your right to own a gun, and there will be no legal gun to protect your right to free speech.  The act of doing nothing on Election Day is still an action, and it’s still a choice.  The choice is easy.  Don’t let your desire to be a martyr for Jesus be the reason everyone else has to suffer the same persecution that brings you the martyrdom you seek.  Doing nothing as our nation considers its own suicide is the same as trying to murder the nation.  No hero ever answered “Nothing” to the question, “What did you do when they were trying to destroy your country?”



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