The Clintons Tithe 10% to the Clinton Foundation

By Mack Rights

yodaryWith the release of their tax returns, we know that the Clintons made $10.6 million.  They deducted the $1 million from their tax bill that they gave to their own Foundation, which is used to fund the salaries of friends, travel expenses and the salary of their daughter.

Chelsea really needed the money after her Russian husband’s hedge fund was liquidated after he used his Clinton connections to build it and then invest it all in Greek bonds on an insider tip that Greece would be bailed out by the State Department.  He lost 95% of the money in the hedge fund.  The rest was liquidated, and Chelsea needed to step up.

The Clintons also gave $42,000 to a golf tournament that had something to do with raising more money for their Clinton Foundation.

Put another way, they deducted $1.042 million from their $10.6 million income.  Nothing was mentioned of any tax-deductible donations into the church collection plate, to which God suggests we tithe 10% of our income.  Nonetheless, 1.042 divided by 10.6 is just under 10%.  Coincidence is the explanation of a lazy mind.

Who needs to give money to God through the church when you can give yourself money and worship yourself as being the most worthy?

I, along with many on my side, often point out that the Democrats view the government as their god.  The Clintons are famous for declaring themselves worthy of ruling our government.  They’re gods unto themselves.  There are no rules for gods, and only those destined for a miserable eternity or an early grave would oppose them.

Then again, when the guy who served the DNC the legal papers demonstrating fraud against the Sanders Campaign is murdered mysteriously, why wouldn’t the Clintons think they’re protected by godly like powers?  Or when the guy that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange suggests is the leaker of the DNC emails dies mysteriously, why wouldn’t the Clintons think they’re gods?  When you benefit consistently from the early and mysterious deaths of all those who have the power or means to harm you, whether they want to or not, that inevitably will eventually go to your head.  The Clintons’ friends with the chance of becoming enemies have been willingly dying in unexplained manners for decades.

Whether donating 10% of their income to themselves instead of to God was a subliminal act or a way to give the middle finger to Christians, I cannot tell you.  But it doesn’t in anyway hide the way they see themselves.

By the way, knowing that she can’t even walk up steps without the help of the help or even stand without support at a rally, doesn’t it sound a bit disingenuous that she would claim that the 33,000 deleted emails were about her daughter’s wedding and yoga.  The lady can’t stand on her own or even walk up steps.  Who, in their right mind, thinks Hillary’s doing so much yoga that she spends thousands of emails discussing it?

While most presidential candidates would look for a running mate that would help them hit the ground running, Hillary chose one that might prevent her from hitting the ground face first.  She chose a Kayne.  Ba Dump Bump.



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