Charlottesville, Racism and Truth

My initial thoughts on Charlottesville

By Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz via Facebook posts

Pt. 1

As I Scurry to catch up on the political events of the last couple days, specifically what happened in Virginia, I can’t say for certain the following. As a freedom-loving constitutional loving person, someone who believes in a person’s right to free speech and Assemble and as one who would defend your right to do so even if I don’t believe in what you’re saying or what your values or policy are I would agree with your right assemble. With that said you would never catch me assembling or United with any group such as the KKK or neo Nazis or black lives matter or CAIR or any other racist type group.

now, although I may not unite or assemble with either one of the group’s I also would not be okay with or defend violence of any kind against said group or groups during their peaceful right to assemble, assembly.

Though something maybe legal does not mean that it’s moral. And although all things may be lawful it does not make all things beneficial.

finally do not in any way shape or form take this statement as any condoning of either side of whatever it is it’s going on because as I said I am scurrying to catch up with what is transpired over the last couple days because it has been very hectic and busy for me. But since people were asking me questions, I felt led to share an initial caveat.

We should always in the most clear and uncompromising way disavow and condemn any type of racist and or violent Behavior.

Well except ……… when the revolution comes. lol

Pt. 2

No “alt-right” we are not going to unite… kiss off and go back under a rock where you belong. Shoot, you cannot even have the “right” moniker. Go be alt something else.

Do not let these people latch on, they are just mad because their natural party, …. Democrats… , are all BLMed up now so they are looking for a new home. Well, ya’ll can’t come here and some of you republicans better wisen up or find a new home too.


Pt. 3
After doing some research, though not done yet, one thing is clear. The #Charlottesville situation was staged violence. The government officials were reckless and from what I can tell purposely set the stage for a violent clash. Two racist / facist violence hot-headed groups put together in the same place with no police line to separate them?

I’m all for people’s constitutional right to peacefully Assemble.

If you knew that there was going to be this protest and when you have the white supremacist come out for a gathering of course it’s going to be a heated and tense time and itself because you know they’re racist and most of us in America are decent people so we either stay away or perhaps some would engage in counter-protest.

If you also knew there was going to be a counter-protest with another group known to be violent, the first wise thing would be to say … “no you cannot have a permit to come have your protest in the same area” If you want to protest or counter-protest here’s a permit to go across the city, far away.

Firstly or secondly as well the authorities and government officials, should respectfully give police line of protection to those who may have violence wasted upon them by said anti protesters.

Now, I understand the Dilemma I would be all for letting These two factions snuff each other out cuz they’re both disgusting. Do you dare deny the permit and violate ones constitutional right to peacefully assemble? Or maybe you just pretend and let it all play out the yeah we’re going to be there but we’re not going to do anything, thus giving Stand Down orders. Oh both so tempting.

But, your leaders and there’s better way to handle such situations. Yeah maybe you do have to go out there, have a press conference before the event and say you know what, I don’t like either one of these groups and we would love to see neither of them marching or making protest but since you live in America and people have that right then we will do our jobs we will dispatch officers and keep people safe Under the law.

That did not seem to happen.

Oh, and granted I’m not in any way trying to defend those people who showed up to march with the Racist organizers of this “Unite the Right” event. I believe many of these people, the non-racist, true Patriots folks, have been duped, or emotionally manipulated, to an extent, in the sense that they came to show support for southern/cultural pride and not tearing down the Confederate monuments and not for showing support of the Neo-Nazis. Granted that can be seen as one in the same to some, and some of ya’ll need to realize you cant have it both ways but that is another subject, a related part of this but still for another time.

Anyway, for those who were just there because they wanted to show support for the cultural heritage of these monuments and to defend not tearing down history versus the white supremacists, I just want to say a couple things point out a couple things to you real quick. Your morons, learn to use better discernment, learn to figure out who the organizers of an event are and then make a choice if you want people to think you support them. you would never catch me marching with racist folks even though I would defend their right to do so. That is #America and that is #MAGA

Oh and no we on the right will not unite with you because you cockroaches do not represent us.

and no you cannot Co-op the name “Alt-right”
I see what you all are trying to do and I just hope this opens the of other good folks too.

#Pray and

Okay back to my research. #RantOver ….. for now. #AyeshaKreutz

——————————————– #WeNeedJesus



The same people who are funding the Neo-nazis and the KKK are also funding Antifa and BLM.

This isn’t about statues.

You are being played.
#FastAndPray and #StaStayInANarrowWy
#Jesus #fdfny

It is shameful to have skin-color supremacists holding public office, especially when it is in your own city. Folks we have to do better at getting these people out.
Talk to your neighbors, and man DO NOT let any of this black power or white power stuff even see day light, snuff it out from jump street.

Teach Human Power, Preach God Power. We are one people, one race the human race. Anyone talking anything else is spewing sinful nonsense.

And remember people when it comes to the masses to the general population of decent human beings, not the skin colorists, it’s not your skin color, it’s your behavior.

#AyeshaKreutz #Fdfny

This right here is a brilliant breakdown. Take the time to watch it.




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