Chessboard of “Life”


BY Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz.  Founder of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York.

The 2019 NY Chessboard

I know it’s bleak here in New York, where the Democrats have so thoroughly defeated the Republican weenies that it looks like Lucifer is having free reign on us all. But let me tell you something. The devil always overplays his hand.


Fear not. Not everyone wants to voluntarily take part in the socialist, Progressives and Democrat Party’s sacrament of baby sacrifice on the altar of abortion and all the money that comes at them in the form of campaign donations made from skimming off the profits of killing babies.

(Join the abolitionist movement )

The most recent radical moves are moves of desperation. Which we can capitalize on if we take the opportunity. Many know the imminent sword of justice being wielded by patriots is ready to spill the blood of tyrants. It’s near time to fertilize the Jeffersonian tree of liberty. Everyone senses that. That’s why these rotten elitists, socialists and Democrats want to make sure we have no guns and ammo.

Come and take it suckers. They are scared. Just not of the Republicrat Party of New York. They are afraid of us. The people. And they should be.


So Lets have some fun, think and joke a little.

As some of you know, I like the game of chess. That’s how I think that we should view the coming defeat and annihilation of the Elitists and progressives in the Parties, which we will dump on the dust bin of history, that the men amongst us will take joy in peeing on. I know, gross, but it’s what they do. Men are different than women. Take that liberal. What are you gonna do? Nothing. That’s what.
In any case, we need to see the Democrat party as if it were on the chess board.

The bishops are the “wise sage-like” over educated know-it-all lawyers, judges, professors, abortionists, vaccinators, teachers and all-around do gooders whose over-education in certain areas leave them totally mentally challenged in most areas. They never come at you straight. They always have an angle, and their intellectual arrogance hopes you won’t see it before they take you out.

The illegal alien and undocumented Democrats are represented by the knights. Already good at hopping borders, they can jump over other pieces on the board. They look innocent and harmless, but that’s because they come at you from an inexplicable angle and are able to jump barricades. They’ll be just sitting there until some other Democrat has you on the run and then, boom, you’ve been shived into check mate by a knight sitting there all innocent looking.

The rooks are the KKK, the antifa and other racist and good old boy members of the Democrat Party ruling class, yes even those with an R behind their name. They’re not the intellectuals, but they are the money and the boots on the ground, the progressive and Democrat party’s gestapo so to speak. Like men with guns hiding inside the protection of the castle’s walls, they like to hide their faces in hoods and ski masks when they burn crosses and hold guns to the heads of blacks and Republicans in the voting booth.

Think about Governor Northrum from VA. I may not have offended by his dressing in black face, though for good reason many were. What was or should be more offensive today is his willingness to kill babies from conception to live birth. This guy is already a monster, and being willing to dress in black face is just a symptom of his monstrous problems. He, after taking $2million from Planned Parenthood, advocated for allowing safely born babies to die. Oh, he was willing to let them die “comfortably,” but he wants them to die nonetheless. Forget about the black face. He is the face of the Democrat party, and it is dying, whether he’s in traditional democrat black face or not. He’s a freakin’ monster and doesn’t even realize how demonic he is because the Demoncat Party has fully cast its lot with evil. Nothing I can do about that but further explain the chess board we’re up against.

The pawns, represent the self-depopulating black democrats, the minority democrats and the children. They don’t matter much, they are expendable to the eugenicists but they might elicit sympathy when they get whacked on the battlefield of life and the Republicans can be blamed. However, they can be converted into queens. That’s special. The Democrats want laws that preventconversion therapy, but there are no laws against converting pawns into queens.

Conversion for thee, but not for me should be the Democrat Party motto.

As you can imagine, the Queens are the queers, transvestites and other letters of the alphabet. They are the most important players period. You can burn an American flag, but if you burn one of their flags, you’ll be shipped off to reeducation camp, drugged and experimented upon with probes and things. On the chess board, they know no rules. They can go straight, at an angle, or just downright crooked. The queen is the most important piece on the board, other than the king of course.

The King is George Soros. He’s the face of all the evil money that’s funding the whole Democrat-Party-Internationalist-Socialist-globalist-kill-the-babies-and- rape-the children eugenics movement. Obama actually set him up with government slush funds that use taxpayer dollars to fund Soros’ funding of the Democrat Party. You heard that right. He’s not even using his money. It’s the taxpayer money that’s funding the evil being perpetrated on us. Not only that though. He’s so old and decrepit, kept alive by transfusions of blood drained from slaughtered babies at the local Planned Parenthood, he can’t take more than one step at a time.

It’s coming to an end for them. If AND ONLY IF, we individually repent and hold ourselves to real biblical truths, share the gospel and a biblical worldview, speak truth to power, Demand power concede, educate and agitate the truth in love.

How? you ask. I know you all want to know, how are the Republicans represented on the chess board? It’s simple. They’re all checkers. The Republican Party plays checkers. This chess match is up to we the people. The Republican Party has surrendered itself into oblivion.

It’s time people.
God Bless America.
Down with Caesar, up with the people.


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Alert – Cuomo targeting prolife senator


Some very bad news for New York’s women and children and ALL of New York.

It looks like Governor Cuomo has grown impatient with Brooklyn pro-life Democrat Senator Simcha Felder and his refusal to join the Senate Democrat Conference and reports are saying they will seek to unseat Sen. Felder this fall.

If that happens the entire legislature will be tipped in favor of the pro-aborts and Cuomo’s ‘progressive’ social agenda

This is a battle to gear up for. Pray saints and put action to that prayer.

State Dems Look To Fuel Felder Primary Opponent

Contact us for ways you can get involved.



CPPAC 2014 Albany NY: Speech by Ayesha Kreutz: Cultural Confidence, Campaigning & Conservatism

I started thinking about all the solutions to the problems in America that we come up with but that go no where because, too often, our society fails to execute good solutions simply because it doesn’t actually understand the problems. Then, a while back, on the last page of National Review On Dead Tree, Mark Steyn had a column called “Sharia’s Protector.”  In it, Mark Steyn reprised a story, one he’s recounted numerous times in the last decade, on Sir Charles Napier of Great Britain. During colonial times, General Napier was working in British-occupied India, and he was being told about Sutee. This is a Hindu custom where, upon the death of a man, his widow is then burned upon his funeral pyre. In response to the question of whether this will happen while he was in charge, General Napier didn’t get all multiculturally squishy and ask if he can witness this great tradition as if he were on some cultural exchange program.
In Mark Steyn’s words, General Napier instead responded: “You say that it is your custom to burn widows. Very well. We also have a custom: When men burn a woman alive, we tie a rope around their necks and we hang them. Build your funeral pyre; beside it, my carpenters will build a gallows. You may follow your custom. And then we will follow ours.”
These days, this is what we have too little of: Cultural confidence. Without the confidence in our culture, we will loose it. And that is what is happening on a daily basis. We are losing our great American culture because those who’d destroy America are now teaching our children, and now we are going to further federalize this indoctrination system by implementing Common Core.  Our government is purposely teaching America’s children that America was founded by evil people and that it is indeed evil as a result.  Liberals always sing “The children are our future.”  What kind of future are these children going to allow us to have after they’ve been taught to hate us?
On the other hand, we’ve heard all our lives that America is the greatest country in the world. Well, which is it? If America is the greatest, then wouldn’t that suggest that our culture is the greatest as well? – In the words of Sarah Palin, “You betcha.”
And that’s where the Frederick Douglass Foundation comes in. We aren’t infected with the multi-culti tendency to pretend other cultures are better than that of America’s and thus allow our own culture to be watered down and soaked in shame over some of the bad things that happened in history. Bad things happen. Our goal is to edify, educate, agitate and empower people.
But let’s consider the left’s method of bringing down America. The Left runs the Democrat Party today, and has no doubt infiltrated the Republican Party, just as the liberals have infected the church. It’s no secret to any of us that liberal/progressives are trying to destroy America in just about every way. They’re coming at us from 360 different directions, 24-7. It is up to us to Stand on the truth of God’s Word in our dilligent efforts of taking back our party. The Republican Party has been shamed into cowering and biding its time rather than exhibiting the cultural confidence of General Napier. So it is up to we conservatives: Tea Party Patriots and Libertarians, who are on board the freedom agenda to CONSERVE that which is great about America and its founding. It is Constitutional Conservatism that unites us.
We need to go over the heads of the liberal infiltrated institutions. The Obama Administration is filled with something FDF member Mack Rights calls Bureaucratic Sclerosis – BS for short. If the Bureaucratic tentacles of government actually worked, there’d be no excuse to make them larger, and because of government’s desire to grow, bureaucratic tentacles are created almost always with the knowledge that inevitable failure will be rewarded with largesse. We need to realize this and go over their heads. We need to educate our children outside this insidious governmental system because whole generations are being fed lies upon lies.
So, first I’m going to share with you some foundational principles that you can take to battle in the debate on behalf of conservatism in minority communities.  Then I will help you build a method of outreach that won’t be mocked and ignored but that will be appreciated more than you can imagine.  Too many of the outreach efforts in the inner cities are rebuffed because Republicans have no idea about how to talk with minorities.  The rest are just non-existent because the Republicans ignore the inner city and showing up is half the battle and I mean that literally. I could educate you for an hour just on that subject alone. Anyway,
The left tries to convince children that The Founding Fathers were evil because they founded a nation on slavery. The Frederick Douglass Foundation teaches how this is incorrect. Slavery existed before the nation did, and it happened to exist here on the land where our nation was founded. Just as Frederick Douglass was born a slave, Thomas Jefferson was born a slaveholder. At the time, the black man was considered property, and his freedom, if he did have it, was fraught with peril. With that in mind, we should give our Founding Fathers some latitude. Upon the issuance of the Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson, our Founding Fathers had decided to risk their lives, their fortunes and their honors to throw off the colonial yolk of Great Britain. Ending slavery simultaneously would have been a logistical nightmare that would have all but ensured failure in the Revolutionary War to come.
However, many of the Founding Fathers were indeed anti-slavery. They just weren’t in charge of their own nation, which is why we fought a Revolutionary War. Nonetheless, even slaveholder Thomas Jefferson included wording in the Declaration that would establish a set of bedrock principles that would later necessitate the abolition of slavery- that all men are created equal with the God-given inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
President Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President, would later incorporate these principals in the Gettysburg Address. “Four score and twenty years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.”  Five Score years later, Martin Luther King jr would allude to these words again in the lesser known parts of his “I Have Dream Speech.”
Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand today, signed the Emancipation Proclamation. This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of Negro slaves who had been seared in the flames of withering injustice. It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of their captivity.
A paragraph later.
In a sense we’ve come to our nation’s capital to cash a check. When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir. This note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men, would be guaranteed the “unalienable Rights” of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
Even Martin Luther King, Jr. knew he stood upon the shoulders of great men, and he wasn’t going to ignore that simply because of the color of their skin.  But how often do you hear that portion of the speech?
So while the nation’s founding didn’t perfectly coincide with the new world’s shedding of the sin of slavery, it was indeed founded as a nation that would absolutely need to abolish slavery if it were ever to live up to the principles upon which it was founded. The nation wasn’t founded so the white man could enslave the black man. That was already happening. The nation was actually founded in a way that would necessitate the end of slavery.
But how often do we hear the story told like that? Not very often, I’m sure. And that’s the problem.
We’ve lost our cultural confidence so much that we are either too afraid to stand up for our nation’s founding or are unable to do so for lack of real historical context- thanks to the left’s takeover of the institutions of course. This is where we come in with program events like David Barton’s American History in Black and White or Seminars to teach you how to systematically engage people who have never heard or considered these truths before.
It’s a chicken and the egg story. America didn’t create slavery with it’s founding, but it did indeed adopt the principles in it’s founding that would later be used to eliminate slavery. How can that founding be considered evil? Keep that in mind when confronted with the left’s arguments for redefining marriage. The meaning of marriage came from God. It existed, like slavery, before the Founding of America. Does using government to destroy the Biblical sacrament of marriage by changing its meaning and thus rendering it meaningless serve society in the same way that eliminating slavery did? Only a leftist liberal/progressive mindset would consider marriage akin to slavery. As a black woman I can tell you this is very offensive.
And now, I want to refer back to the so-called fact that, at our nation’s founding, the black man was considered property. He wasn’t a full human. I understand that the 3-5ths clause was there to keep the pro-slavery vote down because slaveholders were only able to get 3-5ths a vote for every slave they owned instead of a full vote, thus keeping the representation for slaveholding states down. I understand that this was to eventually help the anti-slavery movement defeat the pro-slavery movement democratically. But, when you’re the person only considered 3-5ths, it really doesn’t matter the reason. Just ask those who have been denied personhood in the past, the Jew, the slave, the disabled, Indians or the pre-born child today.
When a man isn’t considered a person but rather property, it is easier for other men to beat, whip, rape, lynch, slaughter and exploit that man. And with that in mind, I want to give a brief overview of one of the things that we at the Frederick Douglass Foundation are working on. We call it the Black Personhood Initiative. We are working with other pro-life organizations to engage inner city pastors throughout the state to help get legislation introduced in New York that would establish personhood at conception. At conception, the DNA blueprint is developed and establishes a unique person. Considering the pre-born baby a person makes it harder to commit abortion on that baby.

This is not about legislatively outlawing abortion. It’s about changing the culture. Once you have enough support and votes to make a constitutional amendment pass it really is not needed anymore. Presently, we have $12,000 worth of
Visit us and sign the statement of concern

educational commercials running on a daily basis telling the truth about the evil beginnings of the Democrat Party’s institution of abortion in the Rochester area.

While we desire to define all pre-born babies as persons, we call it the Black Personhood Initiative to help draw attention to the racist aspects of abortion. Democrat politicians won’t be able to sign on to this initiative simply because abortion is their most sacred of all of their unholy sacraments, but aren’t you all looking forward to their explanations as to why they won’t sign onto a piece of legislation that defines a black baby as a person? How will those arguments sound in the inner city?
This is the kind of civil rights movement that can help start a good conversation, which can lead into teaching the real history of the Democrat Party in America.
After the black man was freed from slavery, there were still efforts to deny him personhood. The Democrat Party started the KKK to help keep freed blacks in line. We all know that, but we don’t often enough remind our liberal friends that they vote for the party of slavery, segregation, the KKK and now the black genocide of abortion. The liberals never apologize for that, but they love to call us racists. We need the cultural confidence to stand up to anyone calling us a racist. Liberal arguments are weak and fully ignorant of reality.
Share this with your liberal friends when they try to win a debate on the cheap by calling you a racist.
Charles Darwin came up with the theory that we evolved from apes in order to argue that the black man was inferior to the white man because he more resembled the ape from which he supposedly evolved. I don’t care if liberals think they evolved from monkeys. It helps explain why they act like animals. But as for me, I was made in the image of God. The liberals want to teach children that, as one more generation away from the apes, they are superior to their parents. But my children understand that I am one generation closer to the first humans created by God. One generation closer to perfection.
But let me get back to my point. Charles Darwin’s cousin Sir Francis Galton is considered the father of eugenics. Galton made his money by trading slaves, and he used his cousin’s evolution theories to argue for the elimination of the black man from society. The American Eugenics movement spawned Planned Parenthood and the Nazi Death camps. Planned Parenthood was founded to help remove what Margaret Sanger considered “weeds” from society. She was referring to preborn black babies. If they couldn’t kill them on the streets, they’d convince the blacks to kill themselves in the Democrat-Party approved abortion-mill death chambers.  They’d kill that black baby in the womb.
Knowing that Planned Parenthoods are strategically located in the inner cities where they will more successfully pick off minorities, according to the original racist eugenics plan, ask your progressive friends why they never complain that it’s racist when white suburban girls are so often forced to drive to the ghetto to kill their baby? If the Democrats really believed in equal distribution of services, why aren’t they complaining about the lack of abortion mills in white-dominated suburbs? We know the answer, but let the liberal try to figure that one out. Let’s see your liberal friend argue their way out of that one. [What kind of equality is that? If not racist]
Keep this in mind too. The company that made Zyclon-B, the gas that the Nazis used to kill the Jews, also makes RU-486- the chemical abortion pill. Today in America, 1,200 black babies are killed every day in abortion mills.
According to the Tuskeegee Institute, in 86 years, the Democrat Party’s KKK lynched and killed about 3,600 blacks. Today, the Democrat Party’s abortion-mill archipelago kills as many blacks every three days as the KKK killed in 86 years.
In the 40 years since Roe, while blacks represent only 12% of the population, they represent over 35% of all abortions committed in America. It’s much easier to understand why I’m a black Conservative woman when the connection is made between racist motivations behind slavery, segregation, the Democrat Party and abortion.
Like Frederick Douglass, I will not yield to the lefts’ determined efforts to culturally wussify America into a Third World Nation of non-persons devoid of cultural confidence because they allowed their culture to be destroyed, one aspect after another. I refuse to be forced into victimhood and have my motivation stolen by those who’d love nothing more than to skim off the wealth redistributed to me through what they call entitlements. While this method of cultural oppression might not be the same as slavery, it is still oppression.
Keep that in mind during the establishment’s coming efforts to legalize the illegal immigrants.  Corporate America thinks it will be cheaper to import cheap and subsidized labor to replace American jobs than to send those jobs overseas.  The result is the same though.  Americans lose jobs, wages go down, more people become jobless and poor, the Democrats gain voters by handing out government goodies.  The Republicans want the illegal immigrants to work and not vote, while the Democrats want them to vote and not work.  Well, when you can vote your way out of actually having to work, what do you think will happen?  Maybe if the Democrats hadn’t aborted over 55 million babies in the last 40 years, we wouldn’t need foreigners to do the jobs that Americans can’t afford to do at the low wages offered to the illegal-alien slave-wage workforce.  Goes to show you, the battle between good and evil never changes, just the players do.
And that’s what we need to keep in mind when reaching out to those in the inner cities.  First, we need to stop telling them how great tax cuts are.  People live in the inner city because they don’t have enough money not to.  They don’t pay taxes.  Tax cuts are for those who’ve already escaped.  However, we should talk pocketbook politics.  We need to explain why the Democrat Party’s nonsensical faith in the pagan religion of global warming is increasing the costs of diapers, food, gas and heating their homes.  Government-created inflation is the easiest way to raise taxes without having to vote on it.  Ronald Reagan used to remind us that that was Lenin’s argument.
But even more important are cultural issues.
We have become cultural wusses.  People in the inner city are much more culturally conservative than most moderates who are too afraid of those icky conservative pro-lifers.  Their lives are more closely touched by the lack of two-parent homes, people in jail, on drugs, getting AIDS.  They are more personally affected by the Democrat Party’s efforts to destroy the black family by taking away the welfare from black women who get married.  We need to propose a welfare reform that won’t strip welfare recipients of the safety net if they get married.  The Democrats want the women to remain single because single women treat the government like it’s her sugar daddy.  But, if she doesn’t lose the security blanket when getting married, she will more likely take the risk of doing so- the risk of exchanging a government check for that of a man who might not always have a job.  This is better for the kids.  Children who grow up without a father are more likely to end up in jail, get addicted to drugs and to become gang members.  It’s as simple as that.  People in the inner city know this, but the system encourages them to ignore it.  And the Republicans are nowhere to be found, like an absentee father. We need to be the party arguing for a change in the rules for the system.
Right now, the system is less a safety net and more a spider web.
Now it’s true, not all folks in the inner city are culturally conservative, but those who go to church regularly are very much so.  Nonetheless, we’re running out of time.  The generation of black folks who were around when the vast majority of blacks were Republicans is quickly dying off.  We need to encourage them to pass the truth to anyone who will listen.  And a lot of folks in the inner city are much more religious than those outside.  That’s where we can relate, and it’s much better than pretending all we care about is tax cuts.
Furthermore, schools in the inner city are horrendous.  The graduation rates for black boys in Rochester is 9%, and the rate of functional illiteracy of all students who do graduate is around 50%.  We are fast tracking these kids to a life of crime and penitentiaries. Parents care about their kids, they want better for them but see no end or hope in sight, trying to fight the system alone. The blame needs to be placed right at the feet of the Democrat Party and its teachers unions, who have run the education system for the last 30 plus years. We on the other hand are sitting on one of the most slept on and winnable issues, School Choice.  We should be out there fighting for charter schools, homeschooling, vouchers and freedom from unionized institutions.  That’s the plantation, and it’s the Democrats keeping them there.
Furthermore, Republicans have to stop being cowering wimps every time some liberal calls us homophobic or racist or bigots.  
It doesn’t matter what we do, they’re going to call us that regardless.  When some liberal hoity toytie chick calls you a homophobe, your first reaction should be a dismissive laugh.  She’ll be like, “Well, I never.  Listen here you homophobe.  I take myself seriously.  Where do you get off laughing at me?”  Then your response has to be, “Oh, no!  You called me a homophobe.  I’ve never been called that before.”  Then laugh at her again and say: “The term homophobe is the argument every one of you progressives use after realizing that you’ve lost the debate.”  That’ll shut her up and remind her she lost the debate.  The same goes for being called a racist or an Islamophobe.  Don’t let the left use these terms to win a debate on the cheap.  They can’t win without simple arguments used to shut down debate.  In fact, liberals can’t debate anything.  Look at Al Gore.  His unwillingness to debate anyone is not a sign of confidence but an admission that he’s a coward.
It’s time to stand up to these simpletons.  They can’t debate, and like CS Lewis wrote of the devil, “Above all, liberals cannot stand to be mocked.”  Mock em and mock em loud, with the Cultural Confidence of an unashamed American.
And with that, I want to leave you with a bit from Chapter 10 of Frederick Douglass’ first autobiography, Narrative of the Life. Frederick Douglass had defied his master over and over in his pursuit of learning to read and write, and his master finally sent him off to Mr. Covey for a year. Mr. Covey was known for being so abusive that he was able to break slaves for other holders. Six months into his stay, Douglass described his mental state thusly:
“Mr. Covey succeeded in breaking me. I was broken in body, soul, and spirit. My natural elasticity was crushed, my intellect languished, the disposition to read departed, the cheerful spark that lingered about my eye died; the dark night of slavery closed in upon me; and behold a man transformed into a brute!”
Days later, after Frederick made a last-ditch effort at being freed from this crazy oppression, Mr. Covey came to beat Frederick as punishment. Douglass wrote, “As soon as I found what he was up to, I gave a sudden spring, and as I did so, he holding to my legs, I was brought sprawling on the stable floor. Mr. Covey seemed now to think he had me, and could do what he pleased; but at this moment- from whence came the spirit I don’t know- I resolved to fight; and, suiting my action to the resolution, I seized Covey hard by the throat; and as I did so, I rose.”
Frederick and Covey fought for over two hours, but Frederick Douglass had in the end won. He wrote: “The whole six months afterwards, that I spent with Mr. Covey, he never laid the weight of his finger upon me in anger. He would occasionally say, he didn’t want to get hold of me again. ‘No,’ thought I, “you need not; for you will come off worse than you did before.’”
That’s the kind of confidence we need take inspiration from. The left is attacking us from every direction, destroying all of our institutions and the family unit. And too many Republicans refuse to stand up to this onslaught. It is up to us. We are the last holdouts. If we fail to preserve the elements in our Constitution that guarantee us our rights and instead allow the left to interpret these rights as rights of the government to control us, there will be no more freedom. We are already being turned into debt slaves as our government continues to borrow some 40 cents of every dollar it spends. We must not accept the dominance of the Karl Rovian Republican Squish assembly line.
History is on our side, and it is our job to conserve what’s great about America. Trickle Down Government doesn’t preserve freedom. It destroys it.
Thank You. Ayesha Out.
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By Ilya Galak

“As a Mayor, I will end quotas in the Police Department, including ticketing’ – Erick Salgado

“Parents have to be brought into the educational process.  Involvement of dedicated in parents in their children’s education must be encouraged.  As Mayor, I will push to include a grade from parents in each teacher’s evaluation and audit the entire system identifying those educational programs that work so they may be replicated throughout the City” – Erick Salgado

“As a small business owner I understand how the endless burden of bureaucratic paperwork and excessive, often unnecessary, fines hurt the bottom line.  Collectively, small businesses are our city’s biggest employer and we must support them.  I will limit the bureaucracy that prevents small businesses from thriving, give tax incentives to encourage small businesses to hire additional workers and push for legislation that prohibits the proceeds from fines levied against these businesses from going into the City’s treasury.  I will also provide tax incentives to bring manufacturing back to New York City, targeting clean and emerging hi-tech, bio-tech and nanotech industries” – Erick Salgado

Would you give us a brief biography? 

My biography is available on my website .


 What childhood influences shaped the person you became as an adult?

My father was a strong factor in shaping my character and for me becoming a responsible adult. He always encouraged me to work hard and impressed on me the importance of being able to provide for my family. He also gave me the confidence of not being ashamed of who I am or of my ethnicity.  Whenever I feel exhausted after a hard day’s work, I remember what my dad told me about the importance of working hard and being a good provider for my loved ones.

6th grade graduation

6th grade graduation

Who or what inspired your interest in religion?

As a child of a hard working family, I saw my parents continuously moving back and forth between New York and Puerto Rico in their quest to look out for the welfare of my family.  This caused many financial problems and stress in my family, resulting in my parents divorcing.  It was in the middle of this family crisis, at the age 14, that I became actively involved in the Church.

Rev Erick Salgado and Sonia Delgado

Rev Erick Salgado and Sonia Delgado

 What part of your career made you most proud?

I am proud to have built one of the largest Spanish Evangelical Broadcasting Radio Networks on the northeast coast of this great country.

When and why did you become interested in politics?

I have always been active in different social issues, getting personally involved to make a positive difference.  I also love to study history, receiving inspiration from the past.  I believe that it is important for me and others in this nation, to understand history so that we may make the appropriate decisions to avoid repeating the mistakes that others have made.  Running for elected office provides me with the opportunity to make sure the issues important to all New Yorkers get discussed and being Mayor will enable me to affect positive change to better the lives of all our neighbors.

What does it mean to be a conservative Democrat?

I am a Conservative Democrat who will reach out to those New Yorkers struggling to survive day to day, as well as hard working families who also need attention from City Hall.  A Conservative Democrat is an individual who is willing to work with large companies to make sure that they continue to provide jobs for New Yorkers and who respects religious freedom and the cultures of our City’s many diverse communities.

What inspired you to run for Mayor’s office?

I made the decision to run for Mayor: When I observed the disconnect many career politicians have from the reality of what so many New Yorkers are facing every day just to feed, clothe and house their families. When I observed many career politicians celebrating what they called “the recovery from Super Storm Sandy” while thousands of residents on Staten Island remain without the resources needed for normal life. When I was working with the people of Coney Island and I witnessed more than 40 people searching through garbage cans for food.  Having experienced this, I could not in good conscience look the other way. The people of New York City who are suffering need a Mayor who will give them the respect and attention they deserve.

What qualities do you think you can bring to the City Hall that the incumbent lack?

I will be a Mayor with sensitivity to the multicultural communities that make up New York City.  My over two decades of community work and experience as a small businessman, who has employed many local residents, provides me with an understanding of the needs of the poor, the middle class and the business owners.  I am the one who can put many more New Yorkers back on their feet by creating jobs in this City. I am the one who is going to deal with this City’s over 600,000 undocumented immigrants by registering them so that they will be known to our system.

As a new Mayor, what would be your top priorities?

As Mayor my top priorities will be a safe New York City, job creation, education and equal opportunity for all New Yorkers.

What is your vision of the New York over the next four years?

My administration will create a city in which everyone receives the respect they deserve, without bullying anyone because the color of their skin or their accent. I foresee a City in which New Yorkers are safe from the vicious crime that continues to plague us each and every day.   I want a City that provides all New Yorkers – regardless of which of the five boroughs they live in − the attention that they need and deserve. I will make sure that City Hall works with businesses to help them thrive and create new jobs.  I see reenergized Department of Education graduating students who are able to compete nationally and globally. In short, I envision a New York City that works for all of us.

How do you expect to beat incumbents?

I am harnessing the energy of New York City’s diverse communities − Latinos, communities of faith including Orthodox Jews, Catholics, Evangelicals and many others − to join with New Yorkers who believe in respect and decency, to become the first Latino Mayor of New York City.


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Bill Nojay -New York State 133rd Assembly District – Who is he?


Dear NY Residents, Frederick Douglass Foundation Members, Volunteers, Subcribers and Readers


Next Thursday, September 13 there is a Republican Primary for New York State 133rd Assembly District. This District consist of Monroe  County – the towns of Pittsford, Mendon, Honeoye Falls, Rush and Wheatland; all of Livingston County, and portions of Northwestern Steuben County.

Bill Nojay of Pittsford is being challenged by Republican Richard Burke of Avon. Bill encouraged me several years ago to join the Town of Pittsford Republican Committee and to become more involved in the political process. Last year I worked on Bill Taylor’s campaign for Monroe County District Attorney. This year I was asked to join Bill Nojay’s campaign for NYS Assembly. I believe that Bill is the ONLY candidate in this Republican Primary that will take a strong stand against the down state politicians who rarely venture north of New York City.

Bill has never run for a political office and considers himself an Albany outsider. He is a small business owner, attorney, and a longtime civic volunteer who is no stranger to public service. Having served as Commissioner of the Rochester Genesee Regional Transportation Authority for 8 years, he was the only public official to oppose the use of taxpayer dollars for the Fast Ferry to Toronto. Bill has served on the boards of numerous civic and business organizations including the Vietnam Veterans Memorial of Monroe County, Inc. Board of Directors, Al Sigal Center, and he currently serves as Chairman of U.S. Army’s Community Advisory Board in Upstate NY. Additionally, he can be heard on his daily Bill Nojay radio show, which airs every afternoon on WSYL 1040 AM and 94.1 FM from 2pm to 3pm. He is also a former EMT and volunteer ambulance driver in the Town of Pittsford, and girls’ soccer coach.

Bill Nojay is running for New York State Assembly because he is fed up with the lack of leadership in Albany. He wants to cut all unnecessary Medicaid spending, put an end to New York’s “cap and tax” regulations that are strangling our farmers and small businesses, and reduce taxes so that we can rebuild our economy and create jobs in New York State. Bill is a Conservative who wants to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution, especially the First and Second Amendment.

For additional information on Bill and where he stands on issues that matter most to New Yorkers please go to

   If you live in one of the towns that Bill will be representing, please get out and vote for him on Thursday, September 13th.  Polls are open from noon until 9 PM.  If you do not live in the 133rd Assembly District (see map link please forward to family and friends who do.

    Thank you for any help that you can give me with spreading the word about the Republican Primary on Thursday September 13 and Candidate Bill Nojay.


 Barb Collins

Executive Secretary, Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY

Wednesday, September 12 (the day before the Primary) Both Nojay and Burke will appear on Lonsberry’s show from 11am to 12pm.

I encourage you all to call in and show support for Bill after these segments.

Please pass this on to friends,neighbors, and family.  Additionally, please encourage those Republicans that you know to listen to these shows and then get out and vote on Thursday, September 13 for Bill Nojay.




By: Carl P. Paladino
August 6, 2012








Over the years Senator George Maziarz has placed many members of his friends and family club as employees of the New York State Power Authority, many in very high paying positions. This effort was conducted with total disregard of the Peter Principal which is defined as the attempt to promote or place people in positions above

their level of competence.

The effort, no matter how incompetent and devious, is illustrative of just how careless and carefree a politician who has been there too long can get in abusing his responsibilities to the taxpayer. George’s actions wreak of conflict and self-interest. The arrogance of a public servant selling his influence and abusing his office illustrates just how far off the beaten path a pathetic, narcissistic and power crazed elected official can become and why term limits ate so important.

As Chairman of the New York State Senate Energy Committee which is charged with oversight of the New York State Power Authority, George exercised undue and unusual influence over the Authority in securing jobs for his friends and family, many of whom we will reveal next week. As a quid Pro Quo to the Power Authority taking care of George’s friends and family club members, George, his oversight committee, looked the other way and abrogated his responsibility to not only the taxpayers of his district but to all Western New Yorkers by letting the Cuomo/Silver progressive establishment cartel, in two successive budget bills in 2011 and 2012, sweep $600,000,000 from the bank account of the Power Authority to the General Fund of the State of New York– monies that should have been used for the economic benefit of Western New Yorkers.

Over the years the Albany establishment has stolen billions of dollars in hard cash and power from Western New York. Yes, Boy George perfunctorily whined about it for the press but that’s all he did. In fact he voted for both budget bills. The original Niagara Power Project deal provided that the Power Authority put aside an allocation of power for the economic development of the area of a 30 mile radius from the power plant. Over the years for many other reasons Western New York lost virtually all of its heavy industry to which that power was originally allocated. In turn the Power Authority resold that allocated but unused power on the open retail market for huge profits. The monies earned from the retail sale or reallocation downstate of the unused allocated power should have been properly used to benefit the people for whose benefit the power was originally allocated.

In an effort to assuage his guilt and give back part of what he and the state have stolen from Western New Yorkers over the years, Cuomo recently promised to put up $1 billion in economic aide to Western New York. He didn’t say how, when, where and why. He said it will come in many forms. That should be interesting. We have heard these hollow political promises before. Rather than steering money to his friends and family club, how about paying off all the debt of Western New York municipalities? That will obviate the need for debt service, lower local budgets, lower taxes and create an inviting atmosphere for development. All the people of Western New York will share in the benefit.

George, please tell the people again how you, Skelos, Silver and Cuomo completed all the business that needed attending in the legislature and how successful the Legislative session was.

And while you’re at it tell the people how, only at our prodding, you have successfully convinced your soul mate Andrew Cuomo to release to Niagara County and the City of Niagara Falls the $58,000,000 in casino revenue sharing that he was otherwise holding up. Word on the street is that the announcement will be made a week before the primary so as to make your horrific record as a representative look so good.


New York State Candidate Vetting: Special Elections and Turn Coat Republicans.

In looking at New York we can see there are many seats that need to be focused on and won. We would like to find candidates and vet them that are running in these districts/seats.

Six Assembly Districts up for special elections.

District 23 — Queens
District 27 — Queens — We have a candidate
District 54 — Brooklyn
District 73– Manhattan
District 116 — Utica
District 144 — Buffalo

Other seats/members who we need to replace in upcoming elections
Mark Grisanti (R-Buffalo)
Roy McDonald (R-Saratoga)
Stephen Saland (R-Poughkeepsie)
James Alesi (R-Rochester)

If you know anyone who lives in these areas and would be willing to speak with me on who MIGHT be running for that seat or is interested in running for a seat, please let me know and share with the the FDFNY’s information. We can be contacted via email:, the website: via phone: 888-698-9571 ext 112.

I am also looking for a web of people on a very grass roots level in every county/city in New York who are willing to identify potential candidates. I am not asking for a ton of your time or anything just information sharing :). Sometimes we see potential in someone to run and the are not willing to run or had never considered running but we have a group who would like to encourage regular everyday folks to run for office and fight the culture of corruption in Albany.

If you know of anyone in these areas who would like to run and are Republicans/Conservatives please let me know. We are interested in vetting candidates asap. Though the Special Elections are no longer open for candidates, I am pretty sure but if you know of anyone who is already running in these special election districts please let me know.

ALSO Please share any links and any information you might have on potential candidates and candidates running.

It is going to be left up to us the people to take back our state as things have gotten so bad that they do not even smell their own stench anymore. Thank you and I look forward to working with those motivated to help.