Alveda King Press Release Aug. 13th 2018 on Omarosa

August 13, 2018
Evangelist Alveda King: Oh, Omarosa

“I’ve been praying hard about the Omarosa situation.

“I and a colleague had an opportunity to sit down with her at the White House a few months ago. I also had a few moments to chat with her on the President’s Tour of the African American Museum, and had a photo with her in the Rose Garden at the signing of the religious freedom executive order.

“At no time, on any of these occasions, did Omarosa express any of the concerns we are hearing about now. To the contrary, it’s such a shame that we live in a society where someone would be comfortable writing and saying things like she is doing for money.

“It is sad and so troubling that many have shunned Omarosa for having a long term business relationship as well as a friendship with POTUS to such an extent that she is now so desperate that she’s willing to tell lies for money and to seek the good graces of whoever is willing to buy into these allegations.

“It’s so bad to see how far she’s fallen that it’s useless to even say anything negative against her. It is better to wish her the best and hope that as history continues to write itself, we will all learn the truth. It’s undeniable that President Trump has done his best with her and other business associates; putting confidence into them to make opportunities for all to flourish.

“As he continues in this presidency we will see more and more of his heart to truly make America great again.

“In a perfect world, we would always want to say nice things about people. Since Omarosa and President Trump were supposed to be friends, this is a tough one.

“‘It is not an enemy who taunts me— I could bear that. It is not my foes who so arrogantly insult me— I could have hidden from them. Instead, it is you—my equal, my colleague and close friend.’ Psalms 55:12-13

“It’s easy to fight people you don’t know but since they were colleagues and were on a first name basis, this one will require much prayer.

“As to the allegations? So what? Where’s the proof? It didn’t seem to bother Omarosa so much when she was cashing the paychecks. No matter the outside pressure; she could have walked away any time. Or she could have been a better friend and pulled him to the side and said so if something was being done that was inappropriate. We can respect people like that.

“We can also respect what we know for sure about President Trump. He is keeping his campaign promises. The job market is better for everyone. Unemployment is at an all-time low. Babies and children are safer inside and outside the womb. Justice and prison reform are happening. Prayer is returning to the public square…

“My friends, keep praying for America.” <>


(Screenshot caption reads: “This was taken with my [Alveda King] phone in the Rose Garden when the Executive Order for Religious Freedom was signed… so sad.”)


(This classy/spot on press release and the “Pray for America” song/YouTube video that ends it is precisely why I asked Evangelist Alveda C. King to write the foreword of Spectators of JESUS the CHRIST.

Thank you Alveda for issuing this press release!


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Press Release: ROC Sidewalk Advocates for Life Offers Free Mobile Ultrasound Bus Tours as Newest Way to Help Pregnant Moms in Need

Open Letter to Monroe County Republican Leaders Sick of the Corruption

An Open Letter to Monroe County Republican Leaders and Anyone who’s Sick of the Corruption

January 5, 2015

About a month ago, Republican leaders, elected officials and petition passers received an anonymous letter outlining several issues that freedom-loving Republicans in the Rochester area despise about our out-of-control County Chairman Bill Reilich, who runs our once beloved Republican Party as a farm team for the Democrats.

The anonymous letter from the Coalition of Republican Leaders listed exhibits A to I, each showing another instance of alleged betrayal to the cause of the Republican Party. For those who haven’t read this letter, here’s a brief synopsis.Continue reading

Some Monroe County GOP Leaders Bailing on Principles? For Control and Power



No one likes a Weak Advocate.


– Rochester, New York  August, 2014
The Republican way is about principle, and what we are seeing is people fighting to obtain or keep power and prestige. We will not be silent.

In NY State’s 138th district, Peterson Vazquez is running against Democrat Assemblyman Harry Bronson on the Republican line. Peterson came here LEGALLY from Puerto Rico years ago and was raised in a Godly home of meager means. Peterson, like many, went through a time of rebellion and dropped out of school, but he overcame it all. He went on to serve in the Army, worked as a tax collector, witnessed first-hand how corrupt the government is, became a conservative Christian and has now chosen to serve the public again by running for the Assembly.

This is an office that is the closest to the people. His desire is to give the people a voice. His values were formed in the church and not by the party puppet masters who call the shots and force their members to play the game. However, having principles has become a problem when it comes to getting support from local Republican Party, run by County Chairman and Greece Town Supervisor Bill Reilich.

It seems that Peterson would get better treatment from the Republicans if he were coming across the border coughing out drug-resistant TB or if he were a gang member. There’s a not-so-secret agreement in Monroe County between the Republican Party and the Democrat Party- the Democrats get control of the city of Rochester, and the Republicans get to control the county. Because Chairman Bill Reilich doesn’t seem to want to know about Republican minorities, minorities are taken for granted by the Democrats and fully ignored by the Republican Party.

This agreement also allows the parties to use the Independence Party to protect incumbents from challengers. The Independence party has become an incumbent-protection racket for the two main parties to divvy up the elected positions. First they agree who’s on the party line, and then they pass petitions with Democrats and Republicans on those same petitions.

This wouldn’t be a bad thing if only the Independence Party members were doing this, but the County GOP is apparently having Republican County workers pass petitions for this party. Peterson Vazquez wanted to get on the Independence Party line because politicians have been convinced that it’s almost impossible to win in this county without being on this third line. Upon initially inquiring with the County GOP, Peterson was told that Harry Bronson was already on the line, even though petitions hadn’t been passed.

When he told his campaign manager that he wanted to get petitions signed to force a primary for the Independence Party, he discovered that she, as a county worker, couldn’t pass those petitions because she was already obligated to pass petitions with the pre-determined victors Harry Bronson and Andrew Cuomo on them. You read that right. Even though she’s a Republican, she had to pass petitions to get Democrats onto the incumbent-protection party line.

After weighing the situation, Peterson told her that she couldn’t be his campaign manager if she was going to be passing petitions for his opponent. Even after asking headquarters if she could pass them in a different district, where Harry Bronson wouldn’t be on her specific petition, they told her no. She was obligated to pass petitions for Harry Bronson, who is a co-sponsor of the NYS GENDA Bill, which has been dubbed as the “Transgender Bathroom Bill” and as the “Big Pedophile Agenda Bill.” New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms has a position paper on this bill.

This bill has won 65% of the vote in the Assembly, and it failed by only one vote in the State Senate. While the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act pretends to be a gay rights bill for transgenders, it is really a bill that gives rights and access to perverts, pedophiles and rapists. This is another Pedophile Agenda effort to normalize pedophilia using the Gay Agenda as a front. It’s so heinous that even gays should find this offensive, but, for some reason, they support this bill whole heartedly, hopefully out of sheer ignorance.

When it was proposed that Peterson’s campaign manager decide not to pass the petitions, she indicated that she felt that her job would be in jeopardy if she didn’t. While it may not be illegal, it is definitely a problem that the GOP Chairman allegedly forces county workers to pass petitions for radical liberals, even though it violates their consciences. Peterson had to let her go.

He picked up another campaign manager and passed petitions to force a primary on “an opportunity ballot” to get on the Independence line. After weeks of gathering signatures, they took them to the Board of Elections. The petitions were all thrown out for a minor mistake. Neither the Republican representative Peter Quinn nor his Republican underling even bothered to advise Peterson on how to avoid making this mistake or on how to fix it before the petitions were turned in.

While there may have been some little technical reason that these men couldn’t have advised Peterson of this minor omission, do we really believe that a Republican Party that allegedly forces county workers to pass petitions for Democrats, can’t give a Republican challenger a little advice? It’s as if these Republicans on the Board of Elections had been given a directive regarding Peterson’s challenge- ensure that he loses at all costs.

Why is the Republican Party, funded with donations of people with principles, seemingly forcing county workers to pass petitions to protect the incumbency of Democrat Harry Bronson who co-sponsors a bill that does everything it can to empower sexual degenerates? Harry Bronson’s bill, which literally aids and abets perverts, pedophiles and rapists, defines the War on Women. Shame on the Monroe County Republican Party.

If you believe that women and girls need to be protected from predators, donate, volunteer and vote for Peterson Vazquez. Otherwise
keep giving money to the Monroe County GOP that aids and abets Harry Bronson.

Peterson is not running to play the ruling-class establishment’s game. He is running because he is a great example of the American Dream and wants to be a public SERVANT, give the people a voice, clean up the culture of corruption in Albany, help strengthen the economy, protect the Constitution of the United States and help people have the opportunity for upward mobility. This is why The Frederick Douglass Foundation has decided to back Peterson.

The Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York endorses both voting for Peterson Vazquez and voting against Harry Bronson- which ever makes you more comfortable.

But Even the Republican Establishment seems to be working harder to defeat him than they are to actually help other Republicans get elected. With this overt and obvious lack of help from the party, you can rest assured that, if elected, Peterson will answer to a higher power. Wouldn’t that be a breath of fresh air? 

It is time to show the establishment the voice of the people matters more than back room deals.

To read more on this Republican Party Corruption and more on the implications of reelecting Harry Bronson, the FDFNY has done an extensive report.

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(The FDFNY would like to thank the Rochester City GOP for supporting Peterson. We are sorry that everyone in our party does not see his value.)

You can Support Peterson by sharing this article & Donating  HERE or


PetersonWrite a check today:
Friends of Peterson Vazquez
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Some in the Republican Party are bailing on what we stand for in favor of power, money and prestige, and we have two choices: condone it (be silent) and move on, or have the courage to speak out.  We have weighed the various pros and cons of being strong, courageous advocates. No one likes a weak advocate, and those who hate truth will also hate us. That is okay.

People will ask: All this over an assembly race, is it worth it? And we say YES! An Assemblyman is one of the closest public servants and voices of the We the People.

Your Servant In Christ, Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz
President of The Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY
I have one great political idea. . . . That idea is an old one…..The best expression of it, I have found in the Bible. It is in substance, “Righteousness exalteth a nation; sin is a reproach to any people” [Proverbs 14:34]. This constitutes my politics – the negative and positive of my politics, and the whole of my politics. . . . I feel it my duty to do all in my power to infuse this idea into the public mind, that it may speedily be recognized and practiced upon by our people. ~ Frederick Douglass
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Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY Condemns Gov. Cuomo for Intolerance


For Immediate Release: Jan. 20th, 2014

 The Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY Condemns Governor Cuomo for Intolerance

Contact: Mike Madigan, VP Frederick Douglass Foundation NY 716-812-6027


The Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY condemns Governor Cuomo for intolerance. His targeting of certain groups for removal from NY State is despicable. Rev. Martin Luther King did not remain silent while blacks were treated like second-class citizens, and neither will we here at the Frederick Douglas Foundation. We do not believe that Gov. Cuomo’s comments would be appropriate in the dream that MLK had for America. Gov. Andrew Cuomo needs to apologize to the people of New York for this irresponsible rhetoric.

On Thursday, NYS Governor Cuomo proclaimed that New Yorkers, who disagree with him regarding his attacks on the 2nd amendment, his push to permit partial birth abortions and his attack on traditional marriage, “have no place in the state of New York.”

These are desperate words spoken by a frustrated Cuomo, who has already seen his extreme abortion bill- “The 10–Point Woman’s Equality Bill”- defeated. Now, instead of encouraging honest debate or compromise, Cuomo would rather just push us all out of the state or force us to shut up.

The Frederick Douglass Foundation (FDF) of New York is one of hundreds of organizations, whose millions of members in New York State hold strongly and proudly to the positions and principles that were targeted by Cuomo. We find Gov. Cuomo’s anti-religious tirade and fascistically intolerant remarks un-becoming of a leader who isn’t a self-proclaimed godlessly socialistic dictator. If he were to admit that he was this, then these comments would be fine of course.

Not only will FDF continue to proudly persist and endure with our principles and beliefs, but we will also seek to share with and educate others regarding those principles and beliefs. Others need to be made aware of these life-saving views so that they can engage in an open debate and discussion regarding those positions and then freely choose their own positions from an informed perspective.

We are also very concerned with Cuomo’s term “anti-gay” to describe us. This is a simpleton’s term for anyone who isn’t fully on board with the “God’s-Word-is-Meaningless” crowd’s efforts to turn quoting the Bible into a hate crime. Loving the sinner while hating the sin, as the Bible instructs, is not good enough for them.  We find it sadly ironic that Cuomo pretends to be a good Catholic, yet he abhors the proclaimed doctrine of the Catholic Church. Ayesha Kreutz, President of FDF New York, says: “I hope to see the Catholic church come out and condemn these remarks by Gov. Cuomo and then excommunicate him for all his anti-Catholic antics. I want to see the church stop being afraid of losing parishioners and start wielding the sword of excommunication.  What’s the point of having principles if you’re not willing to fight for them?”

While we at the FDF appreciate Cuomo’s use of the term “right to life” to describe us- simply because it acknowledges that he’s on the side of death- member Mack Rights said: “Cuomo’s use of the term ‘pro-assault weapon’ to describe Americans who are unwilling to gladly give up their right to bear arms, as they did in Germany when the Nazis confiscated the weapons so as to make it easier to cart folks off to the death camps, is just a grammatical attempt to smear his enemies. All weapons can be used for assault. Even a squirt gun can shoot highly acidic liquid in the commission of an assault. The focus shouldn’t be on the kind of weapon but on who possesses the weapon. But that’s probably too big of a big concept for the Governor. He seems to live in a delusional fantasy where he’s got the unfettered power of the untouchable mob.”

Frederick Douglass wrote: “Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.”

The Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York’s response to Cuomo’s targeting of its members for removal from the state is that resistance to his tyrannical philosophy is vital- not futile. We will not change those beliefs, and we will not be forced to leave NY. “We will not comply.”
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Contact: Mike Madigan, VP Frederick Douglass Foundation NY 716-812-6027

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The Frederick Douglass Foundation National Leaders Summit
March 20-22, 2014
Virginia Beach, VA –

Twitter: @fdfny 




2014 National Frederick Douglass Leaders Summit

Our FDF Summit has gone live! What does this mean for you? 

Two Things:

1.) You, your members, sponsors, and others interested in the conference can sign up to attend this awesome event!

2.) You can now book your special rate at the Founder’s Inn & Spa, HOWEVER …we only committed to a small block of rooms at a special low price so first come….first served!!

Do so by calling The Founders Inn & Spa TODAY!!! Rooms are at a special rate of only $99.00 under FDF until Feb 17 ……or until all have been reserved. Call direct: 1.800.926.4466 

Please use the link below to obtain more info and to register for the conference.
When you are done….don’t forget to invite others! It’s going to be an incredible and note worthy opportunity!


Dean Nelson and the Great-Grandson of Frederick Douglas

Dean Nelson and the Great-Grandson of Frederick Douglas

The Frederick Douglass Foundation National Leaders Summit
March 20-22, 2014

Virginia Beach, VA –

Registration is now open

Frederick Douglass Foundation Members – $99.00

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OR Other

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Harriet Tubman Luncheon         $30.00

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Registration Link –

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The Frederick Douglass Foundation’s mission is to support, encourage, and equip those who are committed to the principles of freedom and virtue, which the honorable Frederick Douglass embodied. During the event, guests will have numerous opportunities to meet current elected officials, party operatives, event sponsors, exhibitors and coalition leaders.


This year’s event will be the best yet with appearances from prospective presidential candidates. There will also be a student rally, candidate school, pastorial  prayer breakfast, and business leaders forum.

Senator Ted Cruz and Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz.

Senator Ted Cruz and Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz.

In addition participants can network with many Frederick Douglass Foundation state leaders, members and supporters from across the United States as well as tour Regent University and the Christian Broadcasting Network. There are 19 chapters with many members and supporters across the country getting ready in anticipation of this year’s 2014 Annual Frederick Douglass Foundation Leadership Summit.



It is our desire that the time we spend together will be: 1) an invaluable opportunity to build strategic networks with likeminded organizations, 2) an inspiring time to celebrate our country’s godly heritage, rich diversity, and 3) an enriching environment to educate others in biblical principles and conservative initiatives.

Your Servant In Christ, Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz
meface11President of The Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY
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Press Conference w/ Dr. Timothy Johnson Oct. 2nd 6pm


October 1, 2013

Media Contact: Patti Munter
(917) 304-8226 or

The Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY to Host Former Vice Chairman of the N.C Republican Party 


Press Conference & interview with Dr. Timothy Johnson 

Oct. 2nd 6 to 6:30 pm 

 Cerame’s Italian Villa 

3450 Winton Rd. / Winton Place Plaza 14623

The Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY (FDFNY) will host their inaugural dinner: citizen Heroes & Edification at 6 pm Thursday Oct 3rd, Gelndoveers on Old Browncroft Rd.

We are proud to host the honorable Dr. Timothy Johnson.

Tim Johnson is an army veteran and one of the founders of “The Largest Christ-Centered, Multi-Ethnic and Republican Ministry in America”,  The Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY. Dr. Timothy F. Johnson made national history on June 13, 2009, when he was elected Vice Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, becoming the first Black American to hold the position and the highest ranking party official since the state party’s inception, March 27, 1867.

Prior to that, in 2008, he made history when he became the first Black in western North Carolina to be elected Party Chairman by either of the two major political parties.

Dr. Johnson is the State Chairman of the Georgia Jail Diversion and Trauma Recovery for Veterans Advisory Council, President/CEO of Leadership 101 Training and Consulting Services, LLC and served previously as an Associate Professor of Military Science at Howard University, Washington, DC, and an adjunct instructor at Bryant-Stratton Business College, Beachwood, Ohio and Shaw University, Raleigh University. He holds degrees from the University of Arizona, Troy University and LaSalle University, respectively.

He has appeared on the big screen in “Runaway Slaves” and on a number of television interviews, radio talk shows, and quoted in numerous news outlets to include:Lou Dobbs Radio Show, Joy Behar TV Show, Wall Street Journal Radio Network with Matthew Passy, NewsMax with Kathleen Walker, Dr. Michael Dyson Show, Westwood One Radio Network John Bohannon Show, The Wilkow Majority With Andrew Wilkow, , CBS News, Daily Caller, Politico, Drudge Report, Washington Informers, Sean Hannity and Fox and Friends News.


Our other distinguished speakers on Oct. 3rd include: NY State Republican Chairman Ed Cox, Dr. Walter Cooper, Mike and Mary Burns, Jada Williams, Pastor Mike Peace, Christian Andzel and several others.

This dinner will serve two purposes, first to highlight members of the community who have selflessly given of themselves in order to make a difference in the lives of their fellow neighbors or who have risen above injustice in their own personal lives.

In doing this, we wanted to have this dinner as an introduction to restoring the lost art of seeing the hero in the everyday person and looking up to those around us- mothers, fathers, grandparents, teachers and so on. Recognizing that unsung heroes come in all forms, we want to honor those who are shining light into the darkness around them. We want you to hear from people and be encouraged and edified by every-day peoples’ lives. To often today our youth think they need to be the next Jay-z or Lebron James instead of that trailblazer who is a pillar in the community who lives next door.

Second to bring more awareness about what we do as an organization. Our business is the message. The Frederick Douglass Foundation is a national faith-based education and public policy organization with chapters in 23 States. The organization is comprised of volunteers with diverse backgrounds who are committed to improving the economic and spiritual status of individuals, families, and businesses within our communities.

Our goal at the FDFNY is to educate, enhance, equip and edify our fellow citizens. Seeking to bring awareness to and articulate conservative principles, both socially and economically, with a particular focus on the biblical worldview, family values and education. One of our main issues is the killing of innocent children, abortion is one of the great evils of our time and is killing off thousands of people a day.

Our education focuses on conservative principles from both a social and economic framework through community events, workshops,media campaigns, peaceful civic participation, grassroots lobbying, and unifying like-hearted groups.

# # #

The press is also welcome to come hear Dr. Johnson, Dr. Walter Cooper, Chairman Ed Cox, Jada Williams and others speak. Oct. 3rd at 6:30

To learn more about the Frederick Douglass Foundation, visit

SCOTUS Takes A Blasphemous Shot at Democracy

Immediate Press Release
June 27, 2012
Contact Person: Timothy F. Johnson
W: (828) 279-9669
The Frederick Douglass Foundation Calls SCOTUS Gay Agenda Blessing a Blasphemous Shot at Democracy
WASHINGTON, DC. The executive branches of California Governor Jerry Brown and of President Barack Obama have set a deleterious precedent. California’s Proposition 8 was a referendum defining marriage in California as a union of a man and a woman.  Over 7,000,000 voters in California voted in favor of marriage as defined by God in the Bible well before the United States Constitution was even conceived.  The will of the people that voted for this proposition (black voters in California actually voted in favor of this proposition in the highest of majorities) was overturned by one gay District Court Judge Vaughn Walker. Because he was gay, he probably should have recused himself but didn’t. 


When the people tried to overturn this rogue judge, the governor and attorney general of California refused to uphold the law that was passed by the people in direct democracy because they didn’t agree with it.  For that reason, the Supreme Court ruled that those who brought the case to the Court had no standing, simply because they weren’t representing the executive branch, which, in violation of their oaths of office, refused to uphold the laws of the people in the first place.

The consequence is that the votes of the people do not matter as much as the whims of the radical liberals that are running California into the ground.  This even suggests that the votes of blacks do not count as much as the will of the Gay Agenda, which went to extreme lengths to persecute anyone who supported, donated to and even voted for the proposition.  People lost their businesses, their jobs and their livelihoods because the Gay Agenda sought to destroy anyone who stood in their way of redefining the Word of God in California.

Regarding the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), President Barack Obama’s refusal to order Attorney General Eric Holder to uphold the laws he’d sworn he’d uphold at inauguration also helped lead to a portion of the Act being called unconstitutional by the radicals on the Supreme Court.  DOMA was passed by huge bipartisan majorities in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, and it was signed by President Clinton in 1996.  Its main purpose was to leave the definition of marriage to the states by enabling one state to refuse to recognize a “gay marriage” performed in another state based on equal protection.  The part of the Act that allowed the Federal Government not to recognize “gay marriages” for the purposes of Federal programs was struck down by the liberals with a maniacal message of derision for all conservative-thinking folks who do not share the ungodly arrogance it took these justices to thumb their noses at God.

In his brilliant dissent, the good Justice Antonin Scalia wrote: “It is one thing for a society to elect change; it is another for a court of law to impose change by adjudging those who oppose it hostes humani generis, enemies of the human race.”  The majority called Christians in favor of marriage, as defined by God, “enemies of the human race.”

The tragic hero in all this is Paul Clement, the attorney who was hired by the House of Representatives to defend the law that the House had passed.  Because the executive branch of the President refused to defend the law, the House hired law firm King & Spalding to defend the law.  But, due to pressure from the Gay Agenda, King & Spalding pulled out.  Paul Clement, however, resigned from his law firm and finished the job he had started.  In his resignation letter he wrote:

I take this step not because of strongly held views about the statute. My thoughts about the merits of DOMA are as irrelevant as my views about the dozens of federal statutes that I defended as Solicitor General.

Instead, I resign out of the firmly-held belief that a representation should not be abandoned because the client’s legal position is extremely unpopular in certain quarters. Defending unpopular positions is what lawyers do. The adversary system of justice depends on it, especially in cases where the passions run high. Efforts to delegitimize any representation for one side of a legal controversy are a profound threat to the rule of law.

This man gave up his job to fulfill his obligation as a practitioner of law, while our president and California governor have successfully demonstrated how executive branches can change society by refusing to uphold the laws passed by men.  This is a shameful day for the ideals of democracy and for our Republic.  No longer are we a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  We are now ruled by a judicial oligarchy that refuses to uphold the laws of the people and executive branches at the state and federal levels that refuse to do defend the laws they don’t like politically. 

We Christian “enemies of the human race,” who’ve suffered massive amounts of vitriol spewed at us from the fascistically intolerant members of the Gay Agenda and their enablers in the Democrat Party, can expect a fast and wicked collapse in the foundation of Godliness that gives meaning to the institution of marriage.

While, at present, states can still use the remaining statues of DOMA to resist being forced to recognize “gay marriages” of other states, the majority ruling in this case will be used over and over to wilt away any resistance to the will to power that the Gay Agenda wields with a By-Any-Means-Necessary determination. 

The media pretends that all the Gay Agenda wanted and got was Federal recognition of their “marriages” performed in “gay marriage” states.  But it’s only a matter of time before the challenge to a state’s traditional definition of marriage amendment is upheld based upon the words in this majority ruling.  Presently, there are about 37 states that have voted democratically to uphold the meaning of marriage as defined by God.  Every one of them will be targeted immediately.  One by one, these democratically created laws will be overturned.  The Gay Agenda will use the equal protection clause and the majority opinion, written by Justice Kennedy, that anyone who stands for traditional marriage is a bigot motivated by a mythical hatred for homosexuals.

Not to worry though, in the faux eloquence of a speechwriter, President Obama declared, “I won’t make churches conduct gay marriages.”  The audacity it takes to make that assurance only suggests the arrogant belief that he even has the power to do so.  Keep that in mind as you watch Christian conscientious objectors be sued and have their livelihoods destroyed for being unwilling to take the jobs to photograph, host, cater, do floral arrangements for and DJ for “gay weddings.”  It’s happening now, and it will continue even more. 

As Justice Scalia writes in his dissent, the majority in these rulings have made a mockery of the rule of law and used their decisions to scoff at all those who disagree with this ruling.  They’ve called us hateful bigots without ever addressing the legitimate concerns Christians have regarding man’s sinful redefinition of an institution that God created to form the foundation of civilized society. 

Democracy cannot last when the tyranny of the minority is allowed to dismantle the will of the majority with a venomous lust for retribution that would make America’s old Soviet enemies blush.  This is a sad day for the American experiment.  Marriage is the foundation of society, and the rule of law is the foundation of our nation.  Neither was respected today.

It is now time to begin the movement for a national Marriage Amendment to the Constitution.  With 37 states that have voted to protect marriage, that’s nearly the 75% of the states we need.  The Republican Party must take up the mantle of the disenfranchised majority. 

The Frederick Douglass Foundation and our 24 affiliated state chapters across the country including the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California calls SCOTUS gay agenda a blasphemous shot at democracy and we will not sit idle. We will unite with other like-minded organizations and fight this decision in the public square for the foreseeable future


Tim Johnson: Retired Major Timothy Johnson made history on June 13, 2009, when he was elected Vice Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, becoming the first Black American to hold the position since the party’s inception March 27, 1867. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Timothy completed 23 years of military service and received numerous military honors. Twice elected Chairman of the Buncombe County, NC Republican Party, Dr. Johnson was a delegate to the 2008 Republican National Convention, and a panelist at the 2008 Black Republican Forum here in New York.Timothy has appeared on a number of television interviews, radio talk shows, and quoted in numerous news outlets to include: WVON ‘Talk of Chicago’ with Charles Butler, and ‘Launching Chicago’ with Lenny McAllister, Lou Dobbs Radio Show, Joy Behar TV Show, Wall Street Journal Radio Network with Matthew Passy, NewsMax with Kathleen Walker, Dr. Michael Dyson Show, Westwood One Radio Network John Bohannon Show, The Wilkow Majority With Andrew Wilkow, Sirius Radio ‘New School’ with Charles Ellison, CBS News, Daily Caller, Politico, Drudge Report, Washington Informers and Fox and Friends News.
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The Frederick Douglass Foundation ( is a public policy and educational organization which brings the sanctity of free market and limited government ideas to bear on the hardest problems facing our nation. We are a collection of pro-active individuals committed to developing innovative and new approaches to today’s problems with the assistance of elected officials, scholars from universities and colleges and community activist.

TFDF Applauds SCOTUS Voting Rights Act Ruling

Immediate Press Release
June 26, 2012
Contact Person: Timothy F. Johnson
W: (828) 279-9669
The Frederick Douglass Foundation Applauds SCOTUS Voting Rights Act Ruling
healthn nutsWASHINGTON, DC. The Drama Queens in the Democrat Party would have you believe that the right to vote for black people has just been rescinded.  While this is not the case, these same voices of absurdity are trying to give illegal aliens the right to vote so that they can dilute the influence of black voices in government.

Nonetheless, this ruling is nothing more than recognition of the success of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which was passed by a majority of Republicans over the wishes of the Jim Crow Democrat Party.  Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, the only part that was struck down, required that certain southern states and some selected voting districts in other states get federal approval for any changes in election laws and regulations.  The purpose was to protect the rights of blacks to register to vote and to then actually vote. 
At the time, in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Virginia, while whites were registered to vote at 61.1% to 80.5%, only 6.7% to 38.3% of the blacks in those states were registered.  By 2004, while the percentage of registered white voters remained in a similar range, the registration percentages for blacks ranged from 57.4% to 76.1%.  More than 70% of blacks were registered in four out of the six states.  In our most recent election, black turnout was actually higher than white turnout in five of the six states. 
In other words, progress is evident.  The Voting Rights Act has served its purpose.  But instead of celebrating the fact that certain efforts toward racial equality have been successful, liberal Democrats have condemned the ruling.  Of course it’s easy to see why.  The Democrat Party relies on conjuring up racial hatred and channeling it at the Republican Party in order to keep the black population slavishly voting for them 95% of the time, even though the Democrats are the party of slavery, segregation, the KKK, and the black genocide through abortion.
Interestingly, this ruling may benefit the Democrat Party more than Republican voters.  Presently, because the Republican Party allied itself with the NAACP, black voters are already heavily gerrymandered into safe Congressional Districts where elections are rarely contested in earnest. 
Without federal oversight, drawing up Congressional Districts in the future will hopefully be less racially motivated.  While it might at first benefit the Democrats, in the long run, it will be beneficial for all of America.  If more blacks are allowed into Congressional Districts that aren’t racially gerrymandered, they may actually be exposed to two political messages and actually have two political parties vying for their votes.  As is now, the Democrats take their votes for granted, and the Republicans refuse to even compete for them.
So we applaud a good Supreme Court Decision that serves as a mark of racial progress.
On the other hand though, The Frederick Douglass Foundation would like to send an extra special condemnation to Minnesota State Representative Ryan Winkler.  On the day of the ruling, he tweeted this about the majority of the Supreme Court Justices on the ruling: “VRA majority is four accomplices to race discrimination and one Uncle Thomas.  Marriage decision may blur Court’s backsliding.”
Rep. Ryan Winkler might get some laughs out of his country club buddies on the other side of the gate that keeps out the riff raff, but here’s a little history about the term “Uncle Tom.”  When you use it, Rep. Winkler, with the intent behind your supposed Twitter cleverness, it’s like you called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a “nigger” for being a black conservative.  Furthermore, it was as if you thought it was all right to do so simply because Clarence Thomas doesn’t feel obligated to step and fetch for the Democrat Party that runs the government plantation. 
And just because you and many of your Democrat Party conspirers feel comfortable calling conservative blacks “Uncle Toms,” simply because they wouldn’t be willing to dress up like slaves to work as servers at Obama’s rich campaigner Paula Deen’swedding catering gig, doesn’t mean you should.  The intent of this racial epithet is appalling.  The idea that a man’s race determines his ideology is one of the excuses Hitler used as he sought to kill all of the Jews in Europe.
Furthermore, you don’t even know about Uncle Tom.  Uncle Tom was a devout Christian slave who refused to whip another slave after he helped her fill her sack on a day that she was sick.  Sambo, a black slave overseer, who had traded plantation comfort for the power of being a plantation foreman, ordered Uncle Tom to whip her.  He refused to do the slave master’s bidding as ordered by another slave.  He was ultimately whipped to death for refusing the order.  When one understands the actual story of Uncle Tom, being called an Uncle Tom is actually a compliment.
Ironically, Rep. Ryan Winkler was right in calling Clarence Thomas an Uncle Thomas rather than a Sambo, but his implication that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is a useless Negro who doesn’t know his place is implicit in Winkler’s negative intent behind his tweet.  And by calling Supreme Court Justice Thomas a “nigger” in code, Winkler, on behalf of his Democrat Party, was actually calling all conservative blacks “niggers” for not wanting to have anything to do with the government plantation.   The bottom line, even though the term is often used incorrectly, “Uncle Tom” is the politically correct code word for “nigger” reserved for black conservatives.  Speaking in code suggests cowardice.  You might think we have no idea what you mean because we’re all a dumb bunch of black conservatives, but we know exactly what you mean.
Regardless, this ruling is a reason to celebrate the progress of the black man in America.  Sadly though, when confronted with that progress, the hidden racism of the ruling-class Democrats is bound to come out.  I just hope this state representative brushes up on his history and gets his inner racist under control.

Tim Johnson: Retired Major Timothy Johnson made history on June 13, 2009, when he was elected Vice Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, becoming the first Black American to hold the position since the party’s inception March 27, 1867. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Timothy completed 23 years of military service and received numerous military honors. Twice elected Chairman of the Buncombe County, NC Republican Party, Dr. Johnson was a delegate to the 2008 Republican National Convention, and a panelist at the 2008 Black Republican Forum here in New York.Timothy has appeared on a number of television interviews, radio talk shows, and quoted in numerous news outlets to include: WVON ‘Talk of Chicago’ with Charles Butler, and ‘Launching Chicago’ with Lenny McAllister, Lou Dobbs Radio Show, Joy Behar TV Show, Wall Street Journal Radio Network with Matthew Passy, NewsMax with Kathleen Walker, Dr. Michael Dyson Show, Westwood One Radio Network John Bohannon Show, The Wilkow Majority With Andrew Wilkow, Sirius Radio ‘New School’ with Charles Ellison, CBS News, Daily Caller, Politico, Drudge Report, Washington Informers and Fox and Friends News.

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The Frederick Douglass Foundation ( is a public policy and educational organization which brings the sanctity of free market and limited government ideas to bear on the hardest problems facing our nation. We are a collection of pro-active individuals committed to developing innovative and new approaches to today’s problems with the assistance of elected officials, scholars from universities and colleges and community activist.
Frederick Douglass Foundation’s goals are to Educate, Enhance, and Empower.
• By being liaisons to Black, Faith Based organizations, Conservative candidates, party and elected officials. We will reach out to educate the social, cultural, spiritual, and civic rights needs of our nation. 
• We will train political workers, volunteers, and candidates as leaders in the political arena.
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• Assist families in their efforts to remain safe and self-sufficient through education and training.
• Develop community outreach projects that educate the community on housing, medical information, job training projects, and literacy development.
 “…And if the Negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall also. All I ask is give him a chance to stand on his own legs! Let him alone…your interference is doing him positive injury. … I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs Man’s greatness consists in his ability to do and the proper application of his powers to things needed to be done.” — Frederick Douglass

TFDF Condemns Installation of Common Core

The Frederick Douglass Foundation

“The Largest Christ-Centered, Multi-Ethnic, and Republican Ministry in America, Today”
 June 14, 2013
Contact Person: Timothy F. Johnson. Ph.D.
Washington, DC
Contact: 828-279-9669

Louisiana Republican State Senator Elbert Guillory and National FDF President Timothy Johnson

Louisiana Republican State Senator Elbert Guillory and National FDF President Timothy Johnson

The Frederick Douglass Foundation Condemns Installation of Common Core


While much of America’s attention has been focused on an awful economy, the nationalization of healthcare and the Obama administration’s use of government regulatory agencies to persecute its political opponents and spy on all Americans, too few are even aware of President Obama’s attempt to nationalize the public educational system.  In preparation for the national implementation of a program called Common Core, using bribery in the form of federal funds for state governments and even private schools that adopt the plan, they’ve been testing this insidious indoctrination scheme in the state of Texas.  There it is called C-Scope- but only by those who even know of its existence.  As many as 80% of the schools in that state have already been turned into ineffective “educational” asylums for the creation of young adults who will be completely detached from their own nation’s great history and culture.  Furthermore, their skills in math and science will be purposely hindered through teaching mandates that change, alter and remake the method of study in these subjects, as well as the purpose for studying them in the first place.

The reason to go after Texas first is that Texas is the largest consistently Republican-voting state in the nation.  If Obama can change the voting trends in Texas by changing the educational curriculum, President Obama will be fully successful in fundamentally transforming America into a one-party nation.  The Republicans will never win a national election again.

As David Barton said, one of the problems with our educational system is that, in the 1920s, the government began to change the way it educated students. Barton fought the implementation of C-Scope in Texas as a member of the curriculum board.  Before the 1920s, American children were taught to think critically and to interpret the present with knowledge of the past.  As well, Christianity, the philosophical foundation of our nation’s founders, was interwoven into the educational curriculum and into our every thought.

With the guidance of famous atheist John Dewey- the progressive education and psychology saint of the Democrat Party- the educational system was slowly transformed.  They introduced multiple-choice questions and began to educate children by mandating that they simply repeat what they were taught.  Children were no longer required to utilize their religious foundation or their critical thinking processes to understand the reasons that things are the way they are.  Instead, they were taught that this is the way it is, and here are the subjective reasons for it, devoid of any Christian context.  The reasons were instead determined by the curriculum architects.  Today, this is what we have to an even greater extent, but with fewer voices of religion or of conservatism even allowed to have input.  However, Islamic voices are indeed welcome.  While much of the curriculum in Texas is considered “anti-American,” even by the state legislators who recently voted to ban this curriculum due to the massive disapproval of the state’s citizens, Islamic voices are allowed to make sure that the curriculum is and remains very pro-Islamic.  While this vote to ban C-Scope is a recent development, C-Scope is still the curriculum by reality of the situation.  School systems can’t change curriculums on a whim.  It takes funding, much discussion, research and many votes to do so.

With the implementation of C-Scope, teachers in Texas were required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, making it impossible for them to speak about the curriculum, even with parents who might ask why their children are being taught that known communist party members are heroes.  These teachers, by order of the non-disclosure agreement and out of fear of losing their jobs and being sued, are required to tell parents that they cannot talk about it.  Furthermore, these teachers are required to read from C-Scope scripts on the same day as every other school.  The school administrators are required to send observers with clipboards through classrooms to verify that teachers are indeed reading from the scripts.  They must proceed with this cookie-cutter progressive interpretation of all subjects, even when children are left behind because some children aren’t able to keep up with the other children.  Without room or time to double back and make adjustments to the curriculum, some students will be forced to lag.

In addition, there are a lot of nationally administered tests.  Testing isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but what if the tests serve only the purpose of forcing the students to regurgitate back the nonsense that these teachers are forced to teach, even when they know it is wrong?

Here are some of the things that are wrong with this curriculum that the President is in the process of implementing nationwide.  Information on this is very limited because the state refuses to allow parents to view the curriculum.  However, David Barton and Glenn Beck have been covering this educational monstrosity more carefully than anyone.  Much of my information comes from their coverage.

The goal of this system is to teach children to be members of a “global society.”  They want to remove the language of “values” so they can teach the children to love the government.  They’ve removed study of “Federalism and majority rule” and taken out patriotic symbols.  History teaching now begins in 1565, after the time of Columbus, whom they say came here to be an environmentalist and not to find freedom of religion.  They’ve removed the history of the military and replaced it with the history of America as an evil imperialist nation that seeks to oppress others.  The study of Columbus Day, Christmas and Chanukah have been removed and replaced with the study of the pagan holiday of Diwali.  While McCarthyism is painted as another example of why America is evil, all teachings on American Exceptionalism have been removed.

The historical heroes, whom children in first to third grades study about, are all liberals, foreigners and outright communists, except for three.  They mention President Theodore Roosevelt, who, after leaving the Republican Party, began the progressive movement.  They mention Kay Bailey Hutchinson, the former pro-abortion liberal Republican Senator from Texas.  And they mention Ross Perot, a Texas businessman who ran against President George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton in 1992.  He stole enough of President Bush’s votes to enable the rise of the perjuring philanderer Bill Clinton with less than 50% of the vote.  While these three supposed Republicans might be heroes to liberals, they are not at all heroes to those of us who love America.  And please don’t pull that “liberals love America too” nonsense.  If they did, they wouldn’t constantly be hoping to change America.

Nevertheless, teaching children why they should love their country isn’t the goal of this nationalization of education.  The goal is to get children prepared for global government and to feel comfortable renouncing their US citizenship in favor of global recognition.  The curriculum seeks to replace the past with the present.  They don’t even teach the reasons that our Founding Fathers put the Bill of Rights in the Constitution.  The goal is not to teach these children that they have rights in the Constitution that protect them from the tyranny of man corrupted by power.  As well, these children are all taught about scarcity, to the point that they grow up worried that there might not be enough food to feed them or that there might not be enough energy to power their homes.  There is nothing about the actual abundance of resources that we have the ability to get with new methods of procurement that have been developed with the ingenuity of man who isn’t hindered by the constraints of government mandates.  The only reasons we can’t get access to these resources are the liberals with law degrees and the regulations preventing us from turning our country back into the envied economic powerhouse of the world.

Instead, we handicap ourselves because the liberals in charge of developing this curriculum want children to despise America as much as they do.  The idea of scarcity will also serve to help future leaders develop the ability to rationalize the mass genocides and forced famines that will be necessary to keep the socialist system from complete bankruptcy.  When man becomes a liability of the socialist state, sometimes, for the good of the state, the state needs those liabilities to be out of sight, out of mind and out of life.  Proof that they have this in mind resides in the implementation of “death panels” for Obamacare, the government funding of abortion through Obamacare and the fact that it will be the IRS agents in control of managing the fund collection for the government-run healthcare system.  Funding for life-saving surgery will depend upon the approval of government bureaucrats, and sometimes cutting costs of a program necessitates the cutting of demand- dead Americans no longer demand healthcare services.  But that’s not a part of the Common Core curriculum of course.  That’s just what the people who know history are saying, and the Obamites have already erased that part of history.  If it’s not in the curriculum, it might as well not have happened.

The majority of teachers who’ve been forced to use this curriculum consider it mediocre, but again, they’ll lose their jobs, as some already have, if the go off script or talk about it publicly.  So the tests, which make sure students are able to spit back nonsense, really accomplish very little other than to allow the educational overlords to verify that the teachers are doing their “jobs.”  It is also a way for the government to mine the students for data.  With the nationalization of healthcare and then of education, these databases will eventually allow the government to determine who gets what according the criteria they draw up.  In other words, children who refuse to play ball because their Christian parents are showing them the lies their government teacher is forcing them to believe, will be hindered in the procurement of status, class, wealth and upward financial mobility- just like it is in other socialist nations.  He, who plays ball, even if it means renouncing his faith in God, gets the cushy government-jackboot job of oppressing and punishing those who don’t.

George Orwell wisely wrote: “He who controls the present, controls the past.  He who controls the past, controls the future.”  We’ve all heard that line over and over, but it has never been more poignant than it is now in America.  That’s what this is about.  If the liberal progressives can change the history that is taught to children, they can control the future.

Consider this.  Instead of teaching literature to children and using the study of history to put that literature into historical context, this program mandates that government-supplied “non-fiction” will be read instead.  History is already limited and taught without the Christian context informing the students how to interpret it.  As a result, literature becomes even harder to understand.  How can a child appreciate The Grapes of Wrath without understanding the Great Depression or without understanding that much of Steinbeck’s preachy communism comes from the fact that he, like many during the Great Depression, considered communism the be answer to the nation’s problems?  Don’t get me wrong.  I love Steinbeck, but he has to be read in context to fully appreciate his greatness as a writer.  And how can a child read Dickens without understanding the changes to society in Europe caused by the Industrial Revolution?  How can a child read literature and then appreciate how lucky he or she is to live in this land and time of plenty?  A generation of children unappreciative of how good they have it will instead be taught to resent and despise their country.  They will of course then be more likely to vote Democrat, and President Obama knows it.

So instead of reading literature that, when read in historical context will make them appreciate the great historical Americans on whose shoulders they stand, children will be reading “non-fiction” papers on the impacts of global warming.  Or they’ll read psychological diatribes on how homosexuality is the preferred lifestyle because it doesn’t produce so many children with carbon footprints that kill the planet.  In other words, history and literature will become subjective indoctrination.  For fiction, instead of reading the classics in literature, they’ll be reading modern stories about happy children growing up in homosexual homes with more than two parents of all kinds of genders.

There will be no one to present the other side and allow the children to use critical analysis to figure out the truth.  The truth will be what the radicals in charge of the curriculum say is the truth.

Likewise, math and science are being perverted.  Math is the language of science and of God.  It’s universal, and it’s the same in every country on the planet and in every part of the universe.  Without it, science is meaningless.  The methods of teaching math are now so convoluted that parents can’t even understand the methods that their children are supposed to use.  This puts the parents on the sideline, and it purposely creates, in the child’s mind, the notion that their parents might not be so smart, thus making it less likely that they will later consider their parents’ wisdom useful in other subjects.

As well, the scientific method is being replaced with consensus.  The government buys off a large percentage of scientists with grants to manipulate data to come to the government’s predefined conclusions.  Then they smear all those scientists, whose science isn’t funded with government money, as funded by private sector dollars.  In other words, according to big-government sycophants, privately funded science isn’t as reliable because it doesn’t get government money, but they neglect the mention the fact that the government doesn’t give money to those who won’t produce the required results.  But try to figure that out once going through a government curriculum that refuses to teach one to think critically.  If the answer to a problem doesn’t have a letter before it, it will rarely even be considered.

So children are supposed to believe government science, whose foundation is “consensus,” rather than actual science, where conclusions and theories are arrived at only after the scientific method is used to discover the truth.  When relying upon preconceived conclusions, falsely solidified with “consensus,” why in the world do we even need scientific inquiry?  If the government already knows all that it needs to know, why does it bother funding further scientific inquiry?  Why are taxpayers further burdened with government debt so that the government can come up with more useless scientific data from scientists who’ve sacrificed scientific integrity in favor of the free flow of government grants?  Why force children to study science at all, if the integrity of science is so thoroughly destroyed by the government-grant givers’ unwillingness to fund any scientific inquiry that may come up with non-consensus mandated conclusions?

Of course, all government science is used as an excuse to grow government by increasing costs.  The myth of Global Warming is used as an excuse to increase tax revenues on higher energy prices by keeping the supply of energy low with regulation.  The Arab governments, rich in oil, actually fund the environmentalist movement in the west so that they can keep non-Arab oil supplies low and oil prices high- but again, that won’t be a part of the curriculum.  With high energy prices, the government gets money, and the children grow up afraid of economic growth, capitalism and Republicans.  The myth that we evolved from monkeys (arrived at for the racist reason of dehumanizing the black man as less evolved from monkeys than the white man), despite the lack of fossil record to prove it, is used to keep children convinced that they’re just souped-up animals who weren’t created in the image of God with free will.  Children who think they’re animals, act like animals.  Children, who act like animals, often don’t make it very far in adulthood, require welfare, end up living on the government system and too often vote Democrat.  Those who mandate the teaching of evolution exclusively know this.  They’re not interested in trying to earn the votes of people who believe they were made in the image of God.  They’d rather take for granted the votes of those who grew up thinking they evolved from monkeys.

Let’s remember that President Obama’s long-time friend and Chicago neighbor Bill Ayers, the former communist radical and now professor of educational curriculum, is part of the driving force behind this national curriculum.  This is a man that bombed the Pentagon and later helped launch President Obama’s political career.

This is also a part of a plan put into place even before Bill Ayers was on the scene by the Critical Theorists.  These were a slew of communist radicals expelled from Nazi Germany- these socialists were even too radical for the National Socialists.  They set up the Frankfurt School at Columbia University, where President Obama studied.  In short, their goal was to use the process of “deconstruction” to tear apart the history of Western Civilization and erase the ability of Christianity to serve as immunity to the implementation of global socialism.  Incidentally, Columbia University is also the location of the famous Columbia Journalism School, whose graduates dominate the liberal media.  So don’t expect the liberal media to expose this takeover of the public educational system.  They’re on board with the scheme.

The future of America depends upon our prevention of this purposeful quest to spoil the American mind and American ingenuity.  We already know what happens in countries where Christianity is replaced with mandatory reverence for the government.  Objective truth becomes replaced with subjective lies.  When man must renounce his innate notion of right and wrong, so as not to be punished by a maniacal governmental force, he is not free.  His mind, body and soul become property of the governing force that controls his thoughts and deeds.

In chapter VI of Frederick Douglass’ first autobiography Narrative of the Life, Douglass describes the moment that his slave master Mr. Auld had discovered that his wife had been teaching young Frederick how to spell words.  In chastising his wife, Mr. Auld said: “If you teach that nigger (speaking of [young Frederick]) how to read, there would be no keeping him.  It would forever unfit him to be a slave.  He would at once become unmanageable, and of no value to his master.”

We conservatives have made no secret whatsoever that we view the socialist government system as a government Plantation run by the Democrat Party.  It has persistently sought to borrow more money and to increase taxation of the working man, all the while encouraging many people not to work but instead to live off the system and to vote for the party that funds the system with their unchristian voting habits.

Understanding history inside its Christian context compels conservatives to draw comparisons to history so as not to allow the atrocities of history to repeat themselves.  The government debt under this president has grown immensely, as, along with it, has grown the need for working Americans to give more of their earnings to the government that continues to govern against their will.  Whether we like it or not, taxation and regulation are forms of slavery, and the American worker is indeed becoming a debt slave to this evermore tyrannical government whose tax collectors are just now being investigated for punishing those organizations that argue for less government and for lower taxes, simply because of their Christian beliefs and conservative political views.

This Common Core curriculum seeks to teach children to despise

Americans who possess the knowledge of their Christian Heritage and of their God-given rights guaranteed to them in the Constitution.  It also seeks to prevent them from obtaining the ability to interpret history in its proper context so that whole generations will remain forever ignorant of the freedoms that we Americans are guaranteed and of the greatness that the concept of America inspires.  In other words, the government is turning the whole country into one big plantation under the purview of the unelected Globalist dictator wannabes.  And they’re doing it by controlling what and how our children learn.

This insidious plan to destroy the greatness of America must be stopped and understood for what it is.  We, as Americans, need to unite and go on strike against our government’s plans for us.  This is no longer a government of the people, by the people and for the people.  It’s a government against the people.  We need to yank our children out of government schools and homeschool them.  We need to establish more homeschool coops, where students in families with two working parents can have their children inexpensively educated in the true American way.  Curriculum needs to be controlled locally and by those who care about the children the most.  Barack Obama’s voracious lust for mass abortion of babies, even the ones who survive late-term abortions, does not indicate he cares much at all about our children.

Literature, without the context of history, is meaningless, and history, without the context of Christianity, is incomprehensible.  Common Core seeks to get rid of literature, history and Christianity, so as to create a population completely detached from its own culture.  A population without a culture of its own will be more willing to democratically eschew its freedom and to adopt the globalist takeover of the world.  Don’t think it will happen here? – Never forget that even Hitler was elected democratically and that history repeats itself, especially when the people decide they don’t need to learn their history simply by allowing their government to pass laws to “protect them from their history.”

So again, we at the Frederick Douglass Foundation wholeheartedly condemn the implementation of Common Core and all politicians who eschew their responsibility as citizens to do whatever is in their power to kill this legislation.  Once the plan is in place and the educational system is addicted to the federal funding, there will be nothing left to prevent the bureaucrats from making the curriculum even more radical, more anti-American and more anti-Christian.  Stop it now.

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