Are Whites and Blacks both “hassled” by police?

I am curious: I am curious if any white folks get “hassled” by the police?

If so, do you video tape it? How do you handle it?

Are blacks “targeted?”

Do we hear about stops and real or perceived injustices more from blacks because we go to the camera or news and whites don’t or does it only happen to blacks?

If you are white, have you been pulled over because you were in the wrong neighborhood?

Have you been asked to leave a certain area because you were making people uncomfortable?

Have you been pulled over or stopped and acted childish and gotten a ticket?

Has someone called the popo on you trying to get in or out of a house?

Get stopped or a ticket for loitering?

And so on… there are all sorts of “I have been wronged” or hassled by the police situations

Or have you ever been unjustly interrogated?

Or do you know of other whites who have had issues with the police? Doesn’t have to be you. Even links or news stories.



This is not about bashing the police, and I, Ayesha Kreutz, am pro-police! I believe police officers and first responders have a difficult and dangerous job. I am simply curious as to why there are so many news stories and social media posts and hype shown about blacks. So I posted the question on my facebook page and so far have found hundreds of whites have also been “improperly” targeted, or hassled by the police. (I use quotes because that is people perception and not necessarily the facts or the truth.

What is the difference in the reporting of such things?


Here are some of the responses – Feel Free to add your experience – This is just an experiment

Adam JunodMy dad never got pulled over without a cop at least unsnapping the holster. Always given a hard time.

Paul Rusin – You especially get harassed if you know your rights, and aren’t afraid to speak up. Cops don’t like their authority challenged, even if they are in the wrong.

Derek Beckwith –  Yes, I got lost once and got nailed thinking I was there to buy drugs, he had his hand on his weapon, and I verbally told him what I was going to do before moving my hands. I have had long talks with my kids, 13 and 9, how to handle police if you are ever stopped so not to get shot because they have seen shootings on tv.

Ginny –  I- I am a white woman who does not cause problems BUT I have had 4 run ins with cops. I am not the blonde thin bimbo so I get the tickets, even when the cops lie and I call them on it too, still get the tickets. I have been bullied by 2 cops and lied to by 2, but I still acted respectful as I criticized their lies . The ones bullying I did not say jack nothing to , they have guns and I do not, I figure God will take care of them.

Carolyn – Oh, one other thing that was weird in Texas when I was in my 20s. I had bought a car for $50, and it didn’t have a hood. I kept getting stopped for that (and laughed at too, but that’s another story). The police didn’t seem to know that, yes, it was legal to drive a hoodless car then in Texas. No idea if it’s illegal now after I tormented them.
Marc ScogginWhen I was 17, I was on the way back from a church dance with my younger nephew and we were pulled over and thrown on the ground in the snow while they searched our car. We were in nice clothes. Shirts and ties. They claim that they saw marijuana seeds on my backseat. They were just Pebbles. After they searched my car, they pulled us up and said you’re free to go.
Ed Swartzenberg I drive a lot for work…. one of the things I loath is traffic cops.

I can tell you flat out, most of them are total doucebags.

Arrogant, authoritarian, doucebags.

There was one cop in Brighton…..sitting behind me at a red light. My phone rang, i picked it up and answered it (on speaker phone). Moments later the light turned green. I preceded, he threw on the lights. I pulled over (way over, for his safety) he approached the truck with his pistol out, and stood behind the B pillar. Acting irritated and frightened, he asked for my papers…..

He gave me a cell phone ticket, a littering ticket… for what, i have no idea.

And an expired registration ticket….. the registration wasn’t expired….. I brought that to his attention, he said “that’s your problem”…..

When we were done, i went straight to the Brighton PD…. and asked for the highest ranking officer i could see….

Told him in no uncertain terms that this guy is a fucking asshole, who cant handle the authority he was given…I stopped short of filling an offical complaint…. but i told him if i ever see him on the news, for something I’m going to document this conversation, and share this story with anyone that will listen.

Brenna –  PJ was pulled over once in Irondequoit while I was with him in the car. They said he looked like somebody who had recently robbed the Target store that was nearby, and we happened to be pulling out of their lot. They were asking where he was over the past few weeks, and I’m glad I was with him because I got to say that he was working at a church camp and I could vouch for his whereabouts. It was a little odd, but maybe he did look like the guy they were looking for.

Michelle Kruger Mitchell I had a period in my life for a good 6 months or so, that it seemed as if every time I went somewhere in my car I was getting pulled over and being questioned. I was about 19-20 years old. It was very frustrating, even though I was let go every single time.
Laura George Many times. I once got stopped and harrassed because my license plate was ‘dirty’. I could tell a lot of stories about encounters I’ve had with cops.

Marc Scoggin Another time, I was walking on my parent’s Street and a cop with search lights came down the road. They grabbed me and put me in the back of their car because there had been a call put in about an intruder in the neighborhood. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, but I happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Laura George Another time I had to get out of the car and do the whole sobriety thing because the cop claimed he smelled alcohol in my car. I tried to tell him it was an apple he was smelling but he thought I was lying.

David Rodman Johnson I avoid authority of all kinds . . it attracts predatory minds.

Jason Gorton I did when I was younger. It depends on the town, and what kind of car you drive. Irondequoit has always been bad.
Tera Ertz I got stopped and checked all the time for no tail light (back when I didn’t have one on my old clunker of a van, and when the one on my car was out for a bit). My son got pulled over three or four times when he was out driving late at McDonald’s in ouSee More
Janet Strief I’ve not been hassled by police. I have been watched, followed, given weird looks and a few have questioned me to find the reason why I’m in “in the hood”.

I was pulled over in mid Indiana because I did not use my turn signal for a full 300 ft when pSee More

Shannon Montgomery Grady Was pulled over three times in a 10 month period for a number of either stupid or just false reasons. Once for “appearing” to be texting when I was not and once for allegedly going 70 in a 35 even though I had just left a Red light where I was stopped See More

Laura George Another time a cop followed me for like 10 miles and then stopped me because he said I crossed the yellow line and then searched my car for drugs.
Stanley Levy Whites have 7X the law enforcement interactions that blacks have, experience 2X the number of deaths from police user of force, and receive 1% of the media coverage that blacks receive, regarding their negative interactions with cops.
Greg Jester I got beat by Chattanooga police broken arm and nose , all because I fit the description of a burglar, my family got paid good but I don’t trust police at all

Susannah Cox A relative of mine got stopped in GA for having a NY license plate

Shannon Montgomery Grady Another family members brother was shot at because police thought he fit the description of a bank robber. His dad attempted to go in the back yard to see if they shot him and the police arrested him for it. They fired four rounds into the woods where See More

Janet Strief Oh, and I think figured something out. During my last exploration of the inner city of St Louis (an area close to The Ferguson riots). Not one car stopped at stop signs. They barely slowed their roll. Almost every intersection is a 4 way stop. Most veSee More



Brian Bertha when I was a lot younger I had an attitude that got me hassled I learned it wasnt worth arguing being more sociable gets more positive results does not mean roll over but once a certain level of aggression is reached no reasoning will occur. Like any other group you have good cops and an occasional bad cowboy.

Andrea Alessi Barbato I’ve been pulled over (my younger years), hassled I believe because I had a thug in my car. I didn’t know it nor understand it at the time but he got dropped off never to be heard from again. In retrospect while they did some background check on me See More

Lori Paige Penner Heck yes! Of course, we do. Racists are jerks, and they don’t stop being jerks just because there are no black people around. I’ve been harassed by the police, wrongly accused, wrongly arrested for simply having my own prescription medicine in my purseSee More

Lori Paige Penner My parents got stopped by the police when I was a kid because they were driving their new Volvo through our small town and the officer figured they were up to something because he never saw a car like that.

Eric R. Carlston Among my interactions with police I did have a cop roll up on me a long time ago because someone called to say there was a suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood. I was picking a friend up at his girlfriend’s house.

Lori Paige Penner I was stopped by the police because he said someone called in and said I was driving on the shoulder. My parents were in the car and we all told him he must have the wrong car because I never drive like that. He still gave me a ticket.

Dan Kulp I think blacks and whites could really come together when they realize that many of the issues are more because of a rise of a police state and an abuse of power and less because of racism. Here is one particular story close to my heart and it got barely any coverage and no national outrage –
Jeff Talbut I get pulled over quite a bit because “I fit a Profile”, in two differing areas…1) I fit the “Drug Buyer” profile in certain low income parts of town, I have not had a drink or a drug in over 30years, in fact when I am there it is because I am meeting with someone to help them to do the same thing, I stay polite, the cops stay polite, everyone goes on their way. before long they get to expect to see me and wave when they do. 2) I worked for a boating Magazine for 8 years, in addition to writing I also did some distribution, dropping latest issues off at every marina, yachtclub, restaurant and boat related location from Port Huron to Buffalo….a whole lot of waterfront driving, some in rural areas, much of it in Urban, Detroit, Toledo, Cleveland, Erie, Buffalo. “Middle aged, Tan solo guy in sunglasses, active boating area, late in the day, on a weekend, driving a Jeep” is a nearly guaranteed “DUI Stop”. They stop me…I’m fine. I stay polite, they stay polite, we all go on our way, before long they come to recognize me on sight and wave. In many ways policing is like fishing…you don’t keep going where you never catch anything, they keep fishing where the catching is consistently good.
Lori Paige Penner I once had to pay a speeding ticket 3 times because they kept losing their records of my payment and so they arrested me for non-payment….TWICE! And I paid it 3 times.

This is not what leadership looks like – Baltimore chair clashes with officer

By Ayesha Kreutz

Why try to provoke a confrontation?

This is an example of what NOT to do. #smh #fdfny

Just show your license and registration and let him tell you to not stop in the middle of the street and let you go on your merry way.

It was almost like the driver wanted an incident. Like he was fishing for drama.

As the chief of some accountability board, shouldn’t you A – have accountability yourself and B – be an example of how to act to NOT get in an altercation with the poilice?

This mess right here is foolish and only serves to further keep people down who have no role models of how to act anyway, unless we point out the flaws and use it as a tool. What the enemy means for evil, let’s use for good.
So, don’t do what this guy did. Don’t be all emotional or try to act all big and bad… he is like don’t you know who I am lol… such a shame.

Original story


I wonder if he was raised by a single mother?

Alert – Cuomo targeting prolife senator


Some very bad news for New York’s women and children and ALL of New York.

It looks like Governor Cuomo has grown impatient with Brooklyn pro-life Democrat Senator Simcha Felder and his refusal to join the Senate Democrat Conference and reports are saying they will seek to unseat Sen. Felder this fall.

If that happens the entire legislature will be tipped in favor of the pro-aborts and Cuomo’s ‘progressive’ social agenda

This is a battle to gear up for. Pray saints and put action to that prayer.

State Dems Look To Fuel Felder Primary Opponent

Contact us for ways you can get involved.



Kanye banned from radio stations… why?

I don’t even like Kanye, but isn’t it interesting, you can call women “B’s” and hoes and be potty mouth but challenge the progressive way and … be banned. So much for feminism, decency and open-mindedness.

Kanye banned from some radio stations, man they want him back on the plantation and are going to try and whip him with in an inch of his life to try and make it happen.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Charlottesville, Racism and Truth

My initial thoughts on Charlottesville

By Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz via Facebook posts

Pt. 1

As I Scurry to catch up on the political events of the last couple days, specifically what happened in Virginia, I can’t say for certain the following. As a freedom-loving constitutional loving person, someone who believes in a person’s right to free speech and Assemble and as one who would defend your right to do so even if I don’t believe in what you’re saying or what your values or policy are I would agree with your right assemble. With that said you would never catch me assembling or United with any group such as the KKK or neo Nazis or black lives matter or CAIR or any other racist type group.

now, although I may not unite or assemble with either one of the group’s I also would not be okay with or defend violence of any kind against said group or groups during their peaceful right to assemble, assembly.

Though something maybe legal does not mean that it’s moral. And although all things may be lawful it does not make all things beneficial.

finally do not in any way shape or form take this statement as any condoning of either side of whatever it is it’s going on because as I said I am scurrying to catch up with what is transpired over the last couple days because it has been very hectic and busy for me. But since people were asking me questions, I felt led to share an initial caveat.

We should always in the most clear and uncompromising way disavow and condemn any type of racist and or violent Behavior.

Well except ……… when the revolution comes. lol

Pt. 2

No “alt-right” we are not going to unite… kiss off and go back under a rock where you belong. Shoot, you cannot even have the “right” moniker. Go be alt something else.

Do not let these people latch on, they are just mad because their natural party, …. Democrats… , are all BLMed up now so they are looking for a new home. Well, ya’ll can’t come here and some of you republicans better wisen up or find a new home too.


Pt. 3
After doing some research, though not done yet, one thing is clear. The #Charlottesville situation was staged violence. The government officials were reckless and from what I can tell purposely set the stage for a violent clash. Two racist / facist violence hot-headed groups put together in the same place with no police line to separate them?

I’m all for people’s constitutional right to peacefully Assemble.

If you knew that there was going to be this protest and when you have the white supremacist come out for a gathering of course it’s going to be a heated and tense time and itself because you know they’re racist and most of us in America are decent people so we either stay away or perhaps some would engage in counter-protest.

If you also knew there was going to be a counter-protest with another group known to be violent, the first wise thing would be to say … “no you cannot have a permit to come have your protest in the same area” If you want to protest or counter-protest here’s a permit to go across the city, far away.

Firstly or secondly as well the authorities and government officials, should respectfully give police line of protection to those who may have violence wasted upon them by said anti protesters.

Now, I understand the Dilemma I would be all for letting These two factions snuff each other out cuz they’re both disgusting. Do you dare deny the permit and violate ones constitutional right to peacefully assemble? Or maybe you just pretend and let it all play out the yeah we’re going to be there but we’re not going to do anything, thus giving Stand Down orders. Oh both so tempting.

But, your leaders and there’s better way to handle such situations. Yeah maybe you do have to go out there, have a press conference before the event and say you know what, I don’t like either one of these groups and we would love to see neither of them marching or making protest but since you live in America and people have that right then we will do our jobs we will dispatch officers and keep people safe Under the law.

That did not seem to happen.

Oh, and granted I’m not in any way trying to defend those people who showed up to march with the Racist organizers of this “Unite the Right” event. I believe many of these people, the non-racist, true Patriots folks, have been duped, or emotionally manipulated, to an extent, in the sense that they came to show support for southern/cultural pride and not tearing down the Confederate monuments and not for showing support of the Neo-Nazis. Granted that can be seen as one in the same to some, and some of ya’ll need to realize you cant have it both ways but that is another subject, a related part of this but still for another time.

Anyway, for those who were just there because they wanted to show support for the cultural heritage of these monuments and to defend not tearing down history versus the white supremacists, I just want to say a couple things point out a couple things to you real quick. Your morons, learn to use better discernment, learn to figure out who the organizers of an event are and then make a choice if you want people to think you support them. you would never catch me marching with racist folks even though I would defend their right to do so. That is #America and that is #MAGA

Oh and no we on the right will not unite with you because you cockroaches do not represent us.

and no you cannot Co-op the name “Alt-right”
I see what you all are trying to do and I just hope this opens the of other good folks too.

#Pray and

Okay back to my research. #RantOver ….. for now. #AyeshaKreutz

——————————————– #WeNeedJesus



The same people who are funding the Neo-nazis and the KKK are also funding Antifa and BLM.

This isn’t about statues.

You are being played.
#FastAndPray and #StaStayInANarrowWy
#Jesus #fdfny

It is shameful to have skin-color supremacists holding public office, especially when it is in your own city. Folks we have to do better at getting these people out.
Talk to your neighbors, and man DO NOT let any of this black power or white power stuff even see day light, snuff it out from jump street.

Teach Human Power, Preach God Power. We are one people, one race the human race. Anyone talking anything else is spewing sinful nonsense.

And remember people when it comes to the masses to the general population of decent human beings, not the skin colorists, it’s not your skin color, it’s your behavior.

#AyeshaKreutz #Fdfny

This right here is a brilliant breakdown. Take the time to watch it.


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Coincidental Clinton Carnage

Hey I am not saying anything I am just asking a question. In light of these recent deaths: H/T
1) Shawn Lucas, Sanders supporter who served papers to DNC on the Fraud Case (DOD August 2, 2016)
2) Victor Thorn, Clinton author (and Holocaust denier, probably the least credible on this list) shot himself in an apparent suicide. Conspiracy theorists at Mystery Writers of America said some guys will do anything to sell books. (DOD August, 2016)
3) Seth Conrad Rich, Democratic staffer, aged 27, apparently on his way to speak to the FBI about a case possibly involving the Clintons. The D.C. murder was not a robbery. (DOD July 8, 2016)
4) John Ashe, UN official who allegedly crushed his own throat while lifting weights, because he watched too many James Bond films and wanted to try the move where the bad guy tries to…oh, never mind. “He was scheduled to testify against the Clintons and the Democrat Party.” (DOD June 22, 2016)
5) Mike Flynn, the Big Government Editor for Breitbart News. Mike Flynn’s final article was published the day he died, “Clinton Cash: Bill, Hillary Created Their Own Chinese Foundation in 2014.” (DOD June 23, 2016)
How many coincidental deaths can one family be associated with?
How many are the Clinton’s associated with the Clinton’s?

Satan is a Lib (Modern American Liberal)

Satan is a Lib
By Chaplain A. Kreutz
I do not, cannot and will not that claim Jesus is a Republican or a Conservative or any label we try to put on him. God transcends them all. Jesus is too big to fit inside our simple worldly political ideologies. What I will say, is there is no way Jesus is a liberal, at least not in the Modern-American sense. Satan, sure we can label him a Modern-day progressive or an American liberal of today. To be fair though, let us define the terms.
First, ideology: there is nothing wrong with having an ideology. It simply means that you have stopped and thought through some philosophies from a social, religious and/or political standpoint.
Second, Progressive/Modern American liberalism is an ideology. This particular ideology is the brain child of the sexual sycophants Nietzsche, Marx, Kant and Machiavelli.
When you claim Jesus is a liberal, you are putting him under the same umbrella as these men. For the un-believer, I can see why they would want to put Jesus in this category. It makes sense.
With these guys as your pillars, it is no wonder that the belief system or ideology of the westernized left is firmly rooted in defending and promoting abominations like forced wealth redistribution, pornography, massive government growth (government as God or family), relative marriage and decriminalization of pedophilia. Understanding who the fathers of their faith are, is key to understanding why we see the left make such vicious and consistent attacks on family, Jesus, The Declaration of Independence and The American Constitution. They hate freedom, even as they proclaim liberty as their ideal. They want moral relativism to leave room for liberty, liberty from any consequences.
For the believer, it is either out of willful ignorance or more likely out of un-intended ignorance. Personally, I think for the majority, it is the latter. Which is why knowledge and history are vital. As Frederick Douglass said, “Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave,” and as God says, “We are to rightly divide the word of truth..” I love what Matt Walsh said: “If The Lord were to come back, call you up into the mountain like Peter, James, and John, and bless you with another scene like the Transfiguration, somehow I doubt that, instead of making Moses and Elijah appear before you, He would summon the souls of Friedrich Nietzsche and Karl Marx.”
If you have yet to, will you please take this short 6 question survey about Jeb Bush – POTUS 2016 Primary HERE and share with others. Thank you so much!!!!