Capt James Trump Kirk and the Rise of Khan

By Mack Rights

Back when Mitt Romney was in the process of throwing away his opportunity to prove to America that he wasn’t just another rich white guy with an oversized ego that was permanently tied down to be incessantly whipped like a runaway slave by his own liberal-white guilt, I wrote a piece called “It’s Time for Conservatives to Save the Kobayashi Maru.

Of course, Mitt Romney turned out to be a little ankle-biting fraidy cat too afraid of Obama’s shadow to live up to all the loud barking he’d made during the primary against actual Republicans.  Obama was reelected, and the Kobayashi Maru still waits in the neutral zone for someone to save it.  In that piece, the crew on the Maru was a metaphor for the American people.  Alas, my piece was a waste of time.

The Republican Party is still stupified in a heroine-like death sleep.  Too many Christian Conservatives have found another reason not to vote for the Republican candidate as they sit around clinging to their principles waiting to be raptured away, leaving the rest of us heathens and bad Christians to fend for ourselves during the tribulations- Beam us up Scotty. They make me feel like a red shirt on the away team- gonna get left behind. For them, Romney was Mormon.  Now, Trump is a heathenish brute who mysteriously keeps his kids from acting like Obama’s daughter Malia.  What? You say.  Malia was recently filmed auditioning to be a lesbian stripper once she turns 18.  Leave it to the foreign press to catch that which the domestic press would rather you not see.  Be warned, this video of Malia is not safe for work.

In any case, the other night at the Democrat and Communist Party Convention, Hillary busted out some Saudi-funded Muslim scout to tell us that Trump has a “black soul.”  This scout was sent here to pave the way for the settlement of America by the Saudi-funded clerics in charge of turning the American youth into Allah-worshipping terrorists who mutilate little girls’ vaginas so they don’t have to honor kill them. While he was up there telling us about his son who died in the war over a decade ago, he had his old lady standing next to him covered in a hood so we couldn’t tell how sexy she is or isn’t.

This guy has the audacity to believe we actually believe him when he tells us that “terror has nothing to do with Islam.”  What a clueless moron, thinking we’re that stupid.  Then he tells us that our Constitution prevents our government from protecting the American people from an invasion of the barbarians of another god.  Islam, according to this guy, apparently isn’t the inspiration for all the terror in his god’s name.  Again, what a moron. That aside, the guy actually has written papers about how our Constitution is subordinate to Islam’s Sharia Law. If he’s not a moron, he’s just a giant liar, which explains why Crooked Hillary likes him so much.

Under our Constitution, the American people get to determine who and what comes to this country.  We also get to determine who gets to stay and who has to go.  Early last century, we eliminated all immigration in order to assimilate all those who’d already come.  Only a moron believes we can’t protect the American people from an Islamic invasion of Allah-worshipping child rapists and perverts looking for 72 virgins to rape upon their dying as a martyr in the process of killing us infidels.  If anything, Islam is unconstitutional.

khanFurthermore, this guy, conveniently named Khan, the same name of Captain James T. Kirk’s nemesis, has deep legal ties and financial connections to Saudi Arabia and the Clinton Foundation’s terror-supporting donors.  Breitbart has all the reports.  Trump has a “black soul” because he’d rather prevent our government officials from being bought off by nefarious Islamic special interests in charge of settling our nation with jihadist cells brought here to kill us until we submit to their false god.  What a load of crap.

This guy’s such an underhanded deviant that “Khan Deletes Law Firm Website that Specialized in Muslim Immigration” is the newest story on his efforts to slither out from under the scrutiny of those who know he’s full of crap and in need of being deported back Mecca. Look, I might feel bad about the guy’s dead son, but, just as the son isn’t inherently guilty of this man’s sins against the American people, this man’s sins aren’t mitigated by his son’s alleged righteous glory of dying in battle.  This guy is still an enemy of America who makes excuses for terrorism by telling us it has nothing whatsoever to do with his god telling him that we infidels have to die.


So, this is what I wrote back then, right before watching the videos of the Kobayashi Maru scene in the first new Star Trek Movie and then the scene of Kirk being court martialed for beating a no-win situation:

Star Trek fans know what I’m talking about.  For all others, here’s a quick explanation.  In the long-running science-fiction series about boldly going where no other man has gone before, there is a test that Starfleet Academy cadets must take during their training to be a commander.  It’s called the Kobayashi Maru test, named after a ship that’s stranded in the Klingon neutral zone.

In a flight simulator manned by a real-life crew, the cadet must determine circumstances and then make a choice.  Do they enter the Klingon neutral zone and risk their own ship and crew, or do they let the crew of the Kobayashi Maru die like sitting ducks?  If they enter the neutral zone, the Klingons promptly come and destroy them.  If they don’t, they fail the test as cowards and the crew of the stranded ship dies.  In short, the test is a test of character.  It is a no-win scenario where death and failure is the result if they attempt to save the stranded ship, and failure and death of the Kobayashi crew are the result if they don’t make the attempt.

One man actually succeeded.  Captain James T. Kirk- the futuristic American cowboy to the bone- reprogrammed the simulator in his third attempt at the test and scored victory over the barbaric Klingons.  While he had indeed cheated, he was commended for “original thinking” and he was forever admired for his ability to overcome the no-win situation.  And that is exactly what the Republican Party needs today- original thinking.

Now, to put the Kobayashi test in better perspective, we need to look at the second and third Star Trek movies.  At the end of the second one, Spock dies while saving the ship from nuclear vaporization.  As he’s dying, he tells his old friend Kirk: “Don’t grieve, Admiral.  It is logical.  The needs of the many, outweigh…”

Kirk finishes his line, “The needs of the few.”

And Spock adds a bit, “Or the one.  I never took the Kobayashi Maru test until now.  What do you think of my solution…”

Spock gave his life to save all the others.  I then wrote a little more about how the needs of the many are more important the needs of the few or the one, unless that one is Spock, which is what the third movie “Search for Spock” was about.

Regardless, in the month where the third new Star Trek movie is in theaters, the Democrats bust out a nefarious Muslim named Khan to take down the Captain Kirk-like Donald J. Trump.  Of course the usual Republican butt boys like McCain, Graham, Ryan and McConnell are out chastising Trump for suggesting, like the feminist that he is, that Khan’s hooded-up old lady wasn’t even allowed to speak because, in the Islamic world, women AREN’T supposed to be seen OR heard.  Many of you husbands out there are thinking, “Hmmm, that sounds nice, maybe even peaceful, so maybe Islam does mean peace” but quit it.  It’s wrong.

Trump’s observation is apparently culturally offensive, but let’s try and tell all the liberal girls at our public schools that they have no business talking in public or showing any part of their skin. Within seconds we’ll be swarmed by all the angry liberal-Malia-like-twerk-and-grind street dancing feminists as they come out of the woodwork with their filthy cursing trucker mouths. Just another reminder of why so many liberal girls seem permanently unmarried.

Was Trump really wrong to criticize a nefarious Muslim scout in charge of coordinating the Islamic takeover of our nation for this man’s obvious oppression of his wife?  What kind of country do we live in?  In this guy’s country, women are put to death for speaking out of turn or being raped, gays are put to death for being gay and children are raped because they’re children.  Yet, we’re supposed to submit to this moron’s opinion of what life should be like in America, simply because he facilitated the transfer of tens of millions of dollars from the evil Saudis over to the Clinton Foundation?  Screw this Muslim and the camel he rode in on.  This is America.  Land of the free, home of the brave.  This man’s wife isn’t free and obviously isn’t brave enough to say anything her husband can’t say for her.  But Trump’s the problem because he’s brave enough to point out her oppression, something the Democrats seem to celebrate.

In any case, it all made me see how Donald J. Trump is just like America’s favorite phaser-slinging Captain James Tiberius Kirk.  Don’t believe me, watch these two clips from the first new movie.  The first one is how Kirk arrogantly passed the Kobayashi Maru test, even though it was a no-win situation.  Trump won the Republican primary, even though it was supposed to be a no-win situation for any person who wasn’t an establishment-trained Republican surrender monkey.  The second clip is of Kirk being court martialed for cheating by hacking Spock’s program.  Incidentally, Hillary blames Trump for Russia hacking her private server and then allowing Julian Assange to release the hacked emails.  Even Hillary apparently believes she’s up against a genius who doesn’t follow the rules and will win at any cost, even when it’s a no-win situation. Poor Hillary. Men are so mean to her that even her husband sleeps in a different state.

Don’t believe me? – Watch these two clips, and tell me that the fun-cowboy-like arrogance of young Captain Kirk isn’t the same as that of Donald J. Trump.  Win at all costs because surrender is for losers.  And don’t forget that the second new Star Trek movie is about the first time that Kirk met Khan and then buried him alive on an uninhabited desert planet.  Coincidence is the explanation of a lazy mind. Khan needs to be sent to the refugee camps in the deserts of Saudi Arabia.

Wait, what’s that? I was just informed that Saudi Arabia isn’t taking any  of the terrorist refugees that Obama is jamming into our neighborhoods, while Hillary is calling to increase the number of refugees by 550%.  Yeah, everything will be just fine if Hillary is allowed to be elected.





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