Canadophobia Part 20: The Moral Descent Part 4

Homophobia’s not a Sin- Part 20: The Moral Descent Part 4

In the last installment, I brought up Sigmund Freud in my discussion about how liberals and conservatives are different. I like Freud’s id, ego and superego model. The id is the pleasure-seeking portion of the mind. It’s the devil on your shoulder whispering into your ear, “Do it, say it, eat it, lick it, smoke it, pop it, snort it, shoot it.” The ego is like the limbo bar of life. It is the part of the brain that sets the limits. It’s the part that knows what you can get away with. It knows if the stream is too wide to jump without getting your feet wet. It knows if the girl you’re about to compliment is too pretty not to reject you and make you feel small. It knows if you’ve studied enough for the test you have to take tomorrow morning. And then you have the superego. It is the angel on your shoulder trying to convince you that the devil on your other shoulder is giving you bad advice.

A liberal is all about the id, and he goes through life trying to use the government to take away the consequences of doing things the ego says are beyond the limits and/or that the superego says are wrong. The superego is the moral compass and the conscience. When you ignore the warnings of the superego in favor of giving into the urges of the id, it is the superego that brings about shame.

When we’re brought into this world, we’re all about the id. We want to drink of the soft milk giver, and we want to poop and pee at will, of course without having to be uncomfortable in a messy diaper. That’s our first taste of id and consequence. As we grow older, more and more obligations are given to us, and crying doesn’t fix the problem. This is the building of the superego- the part of the brain that reminds us it’s probably not a good idea to poop in our pants. But more importantly, it’s the early childhood development that determines what kind of adults we will be.

Liberals will be more id centered. They are much more demanding of immediate satisfaction, consequences be damned. Conservatives are more superego centered. They more normally grew up going to church and learning about heaven, hell and what one has to do to go to either place. There can be no heaven and hell for an id-centered person. Heaven and hell are consequences, and that is against the liberal code of “I am my own god who gets to determine what is right and what is wrong.” For the liberal, the superego’s either dead or being dosed with heroine, and the ego and the id are on cocaine. For the Christian-raised conservative, the superego has the guidance of God’s Word, the ego works with a superego-imposed humility, and the id is a functioning monitor of the body’s needs.

Without balance and control, we have chaos. And this is why liberals and conservatives play differently. The liberal is run by the id, and the id’s main goal is to kill the superego. The conservative is run by the superego that only wants to control the id. Different goals lead to different methods. While a liberal has the killer instinct to take it all over, seize control and eliminate competition, the conservative has the self-control and the humility that prevents him from wanting to do that.

And this is why, over the last several decades, our country has lost the moral high ground that it used to have. Now, that’s not to say we’ve lost it all. Our moral ground is much higher than that of any other country, but that is only because every other country has descended so much more quickly due to their having given into the liberal post-modern madness so much sooner than those who run this country. Nonetheless, the liberals have taken control of so much in this country, effectively purging so many institutions of conservatives, that they essentially have control of the child rearing of the future generations, outside of the home. Think about that aging folks of America. Once you’re old, unless you have children you raised up right, you will need to rely upon the “goodness” of people reared by liberal institutions. Who’s gonna wipe your butt when you can’t?

I guess that’s why the liberals hate Freud. They don’t want to believe there is a superego, let alone a god. That’s why they want to remove “under God” from the pledge of allegiance. That’s why they want to remove crosses from any public place. That’s why they want to remove the Ten Commandments from view of the Supreme Court Justices in the Supreme Court and of course from the view of any children in public. That’s why they don’t allow Bibles or prayer in schools. That’s why they want to take “In God We Trust” off our currency. Think about that. Since the dollar is no longer pegged to gold, it relies upon our trust in God. And since all other currencies are pegged to the dollar, what would happen if our currency failed because we as a nation turned our back on God and spit upon our currency through devaluation? They’d all fall- global chaos. I’m not a Ron Paul guy, but he does at least understand that. Liberals also want to remove the tax-exempt status from any church that expresses support for a Republican.

Basically, the liberal is your alcoholic uncle, who can’t even be sober after a funeral. Instead, he bounces from family member to family member, hanging on their shoulders trying to convince them they too should get drunk- right now. If misery loves company, liberals do too. If they can help defile the moral compass of others, it makes them feel a little less out of place. They’re like lobsters in a pot of filth and moral decay.

Simply put, liberals are against any Biblical morals period. If they concede that some things are morally wrong, they might need to concede something else is morally wrong as well. And what’s worse for them, they’d actually have to judge someone other than a conservative whom they judge for being too judgmental. The dirty little secret about liberals is that they don’t want to judge others because they don’t want to be judged themselves. And what that means is that they’ve actually got a conscience that is humming in the background a tune about the possibility that something that they do in life just isn’t right. But being unwilling give up their vices, they would rather conclude that if this is all right for them, then anything someone else does is all right too. This is the moral descent. How can they say one thing is wrong and not admit that their vice is as well?

Whether they realize it or not, for liberals as a group, it is all about killing the collective superego and erasing its calming effect on the population. They want to turn us all into sex-crazed vampire parasites with the self-responsibilities of pooping newborn babies. That is not a recipe for a stable society. Their ideal society would stink.

Furthermore, liberals would rather have children acting like animals without free will. Animals, like babies, are id centered. Sure, at times we see something human in a domesticated dog, but for the most part, animals have no free will. They only have the drive to satisfy the needs of the flesh, except when they’re suffering from rabies. Then they’re like empty-pocketed liberals, going through crack withdrawal symptoms with nothing but a loaded gun. The superego’s dead, and the id’s on a tear with the desire of a drunken college sophomore for a slice of pizza ten minutes after last call. Mmmmm, pizza.

And this brings me to the moral descent into the homosexual lifestyle. As I’ve discussed before, people aren’t born gay, just as they aren’t born Christians, born thieves or born addicted to drugs (except in certain cases of course). People are born innocent of having committed sin. While we are born into sin and must be taught moral character, we are born innocent of having sinned out of free will. Someone just shot an arrow through my window. The fletching is made of soft pink boa feathers.

Most homosexuals know they became homosexuals after a period of uncomfortable uncertainty. Most of them had their first homosexual experience while in their younger years at the hands of someone older than eighteen. While it may have been consensual after some plying with drugs or alcohol, it was still statutory rape due to the fact that the liberals have not yet lowered the age of consent laws that are there to protect children from you guessed it: sex-crazed liberals. But luckily for them, they’re working on it.

Bottom line, there is normally something in the child’s past that draws them to the lifestyle. It is usually some form of sexual abuse that turned them on prematurely. The emotions that come from sexual contact are emotions that are hard to control for children. These are the kinds of emotions only adults are able to handle, and only some adults are actually capable of handling them at that. That’s how complicated sexual attraction, mixed with lust and love can be. But for an abused child, these incidents are nightmares that get relived over and over and over as the child develops. It’s rarely something that just happens, is then brushed off and then doesn’t have any lasting affects on the person as he or she grows older. That’s reality.

So, these children who’ve been sexually abused very often grow up questioning their self-worth. They do that because the person or persons who abused them have already, by their actions, insinuated that there isn’t much worth to begin with. This constant reliving of the nightmarish experience and the questioning of self-worth then leads to self-abuse. This comes in the form of drinking, cutting, tattoos, piercings, drugs, disobedience, and of course more sexual experiences. The drive for self-worth leads them to seek out those who will “love” them and give them attention. In too many cases, this older person who develops the sort of friendship that these abused children think they need is someone of the same sex, who can relate to the anguish because they’ve experienced it themselves.

That’s the cycle of homosexual recruitment.

Tune in for Homophobia’s Not a Sin- Part 21: The Moral Descent Part 5 when I further discuss the cycle of homosexual recruitment.

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