The Brilliance of Trump’s Deal with the Democrats

By Mack Rights  9/7/17

Once the little girls that run the Republicans in Congress get finished whining and Americans are done throwing beer cans at them, let’s consider the brilliance of striking a short-term deal with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi on raising the debt ceiling. Aside from pointing out the fact that Ryan and McConnell are unneeded because they’re useless.

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell want a debt ceiling hike that would take them out past the 2018 elections next November.  It would do Trump no good whatsoever to trade absolutely necessary Hurricane relief for eighteen months of no debt-limit obligations. This would relieve the useless Republicans of all the stress of having to go before to the people and explain why they’ve authorized more debt in the names of Americans who pay taxes without getting rid of Obamacare, without lowering taxes, without funding the wall and without installing any sort of fiscal sanity with an actual budget rather than a cop-out of continuing resolution.

Screw them.  Let’s force them to sound like idiots as they make excuses for doing the will of the Democrats.  Let them face voters carrying pitchforks and blowtorches.  Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are the enemies of all that’s good and holy.  They’ve done everything they can to thwart the will of the people who voted for Donald Trump in order to protect the presidency for elitist ruling-class sellouts.  Like I said, screw them.

Look, I’m not saying I like Schumer and Pelosi.  Pelosi is a half-wit who, when she gets off talking points, sounds like a pot head with Alzheimer’s – no offense to people with Alzheimer’s.  Schumer’s hate for Christianity has him siding with fascist antifa and the Jew-killing Muslims.  Sad.  Not surprising though, considering the fact that his three favorite historical Hebrews are Marx, Lenin and Trotsky.  That said, Schumer and Pelosi still tower above Ryan and McConnell when it comes to deserving respect.  At least they work for the people that elected them.

Ryan and McConnell have done nothing whatsoever for the people that voted for them.  Obamacare is still the law of the land, the wall hasn’t been funded, taxes haven’t been cut, and spending continues to grow at an abominable pace.

However, when Trump announced that, in six months, he’ll let expire Obama’s unconstitutional DACA temporary order to law enforcement not to enforce the law when it comes time to deport illegal aliens who were brought here as children, they said they’ll do something legislatively immediately.  They won’t do anything legislatively for Americans who pay the taxes, but they’ll bend over backwards for illegal invaders of America who make ridiculous demands as they curse the taxpayers to whose money they feel entitled.  If they were nice and humble, I might care a little more, but I hear what they say and how they say it.  They’re a mob of screamin’ demons.  Send ‘em home.

Trump told Congress, if they want to care more about illegal alien invaders than the people who actually pay taxes, then they should put their names on legislation.  Trump said, if they don’t, he’ll revisit it in six months.  Some say that was a negotiation mistake.  Here’s how I’d reinterpret that if I were Trump.

He did not say he was going to unconstitutionally re-up on DACA.  He just said he’d revisit it.  If I were Trump, that would mean, if they don’t put their own names on amnesty for criminal invaders before they’re up for reelection, he’d start rounding the illegals up and dropping them off in the middle of the Mexican desert with a pamphlet listing the names, numbers and addresses of all the members of Congress who were too cowardly to fight for Congress’ right to make laws instead of allowing the President Obama to usurp Congress’ powers.  Congressional members just want to be relieved of the responsibility to put their names on legislation that would give legal voters the motivation to crucify them at the polls.

If Congress isn’t willing to tell the voters why they hate us and want to replace us with an angry mob of illegal aliens, Trump should enforce the law with the same ferocity with which Obama refused to enforce the law.  Trump’s not unconstitutional here.  Congress and Obama have been though.  Congress allowed Obama to write law by refusing to uphold the laws written by Congress.  Trump’s just following the law by letting this illegal executive order expire as planned.

So, I’m glad that the debt ceiling needs to be raised again in December of 2017.  That gives Trump leverage.  He should tell them all that he will not sign the longer-term debt ceiling hike without a budget, without funding for the wall, without a full repeal of Obamacare and without a giant tax cut.  If Trump doesn’t get all of that, let the government shut down.  I love it when the government shuts down. It will be Congress’ fault.

If I’m Donald Trump, that’s how I play it.  If he’s really the dealmaker he says he is, let him prove it.  If not, the government shuts down, and we get some spending cuts.  We win.  It’s not as if Trump is up in 2018.  Congress will take the heat. Let ’em burn.

If the Republicans in Congress continue to thwart the will of the people who voted for the Trump agenda, then let them get wiped out in the 2018 elections.  Let them get so destroyed that they’re left drooling on themselves in front of a HUGE TV screen on which Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is gloating like the braggadocios little America-hating Bolshevik that he is with a Fidel Castro-like speech that lasts for four hours.  Let them suffer the agony of defeat and the torture of being water boarded with fifty-gallon drums of Schumer’s wet and slimy drivel.

Oh, but we’ll lose the majorities in Congress.  Whatever fine reader.  These Congressional Republicans are as useless as most of the illegal alien parasites they work for at the expense of the American people.  They’ve accomplished nothing whatsoever while holding both houses of Congress and the White House.  Let them eat yellow cake.  Blow the whole place up.  (That’s metaphorical for those who can’t figure that out.)

Now the Washington Compost (can’t be verified because the paper’s full of crap) is reporting that Trump is working with Schumer to get rid of the debt ceiling permanently. Don’t misinterpret this. It will never happen. This is probably Trump using the Democrats to attack the Republican Party in an effort to get the Republicans to stand up and actually make an argument in favor of their supposed principles. The Democrats are open about the fact that they have none, but this is an opportunity to force the Congressional Republicans to prove they still have some — don’t expect much though. They live to let down.

Either way, if the Republicans can’t get any accomplishments with majorities in both houses, let the “Republican” survivors of the coming electoral slaughter spend the final two years of Trump’s first term in impeachment hearings initiated by the newly-elected Democrat majority.  They’ll accomplish just as much as the nothing they’ve already accomplished, and the Democrat-controlled Congress will be the greatest recruiting force for the movement to revitalize the Republic.  Impeaching Donald Trump for disagreeing with the Democrats does not equal high crimes or misdemeanors.  But it will show Americans what sham all politicians are.

If Trump doesn’t play it like this, he’ll just go down in history as another liberal Republican loser. They’re a dime a dozen.




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