Izlombie Apocalypse Watch- Clock Boy Sues for $15 Million

By Mack Rights

The Muslim Clock Boy, who created a bomb shell by taking the alarm-clock innards and screwing them into a briefcase that could also hold explosive material and a detonator, is now suing the City of Irving, TX and its school system for a total of $15 million.  In the words of Ian Tuttle, this is how the Muslim Clock Boy suffered:

What, precisely, did Ahmed and his family “suffer”?: Twitter shout-outs from Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill de Blasio, and Jimmy Fallon band-leader Questlove; Facebook messages from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and actor George Takei; an invitation to intern with Twitter; a visit to Google, where he met with U.S. Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith; a trip to the United Nations, where he took a selfie with the prime minister of Turkey; a red-carpet photo-op with Sudanese dictator (and mass murderer) Omar al-Bashir; a visit to the White House, where he chatted with the president; a Muslim of the Year award from the Council on American–Islamic Relations; and, finally, a fully funded secondary education at the Doha Academy in Qatar, where the family is now living.

Sorry Muslim Clock Boy, you deserve nothing and will like it. You did a dry run on a school-yard suicide bombing and got caught. This was obviously an attempt at padding your terrorist resume, and now you’re being treated as terrorist royalty over in Qatar. The taxpayers and parents of the school that survived your dry run owe you nothing, zero, zip and nada. The only good thing you’ve done is go back to a country that wants you. Thanks for that, but you deserve nothing from Americans but the kick in the butt you didn’t get on your way out of our nation. We still owe you that. May your bomb-making skills remain ever-so insufficient that you blow yourself up before you get to kill any infidels, and may your 72 virgins all be hairy old men.

Izlombie Apocalypse Watch- Russia Will Have Turkey for Thanksgiving

By Mack Rights

putin lionApparently the Turks, a token member of NATO even though they aren’t a member of the civilized world, shot down a Russian Jet just outside Syria. Putin, who is famous for shirtlessly riding lions and slaying dragons, says there will be serious consequences.

The rest of the Nato members called an emergency meeting, because they believe him.  “Oh no, Putin’s mad, and Turkey, a member of our little NATO war-games- club has offended him.  We need diversity training. We need to stop global warming. We need to prove we care.”

It’s moments like this when one thinks, “Maybe Western Civilization deserves to fall.  It’ll toughen up those that survive.”

Look, I don’t give a crap about Turkey or any of the barbarians that live there. After all, it was in Islamist Turkey that the soccer fans yelled Allah Akbar during the moment of silence to honor the dead of Paris. Pamela Geller has the video. Furthermore look at what they did to the dead Russian pilot once they shot him  after he’d ejected.  These godless necrophiliacs allah-akbarred all over this dead pilot’s body- there’s actually a video. Disgusting. As far as I’m concerned, Russia can turn Turkey into a parking lot. I don’t give a crap about NATO either. Europe invited a Muslim invasion and will be fully Izlombified within a few years.

And the most offensive thing that the Turks have done today is make me stick up for a Russian dictator, whom I hope has something to teach America- quit being a bunch of wussies.

This just illustrates how far America has fallen in the minds of the world. In the olden days, we were feared and respected. Today, however, if that jet were an American jet, it would be no big deal. Muslims are always shooting down our jets, and our pot-headed commander-in-chief gathers a bunch of flower children to do peace dances on the White House Lawn. Then he promptly sends out his spox-minions to ward off the dreaded Izlombiephobia-inspired anti-Muslim backlash.

In the eyes of the world, America is about as scary as a room full of castrated transsexual wax statues. We’re scary, but only in a what-the-crap-are-they-thinking sort of way.

I long for the days when the world would quake at the offending of America as they do today at the thought of poking the Russian bear. A nation rots from its head.

Why Shouldn’t Muslims Need to Register?

By Mack Rights

In a Breitbart piece titled “How the Media Smeared Donald Trump as a Nazi,” Joel B. Pollak illustrates how the liberal Clinton-loving media allegedly tricked Donald Trump into insinuating that Muslims in America should be required to register and be put into a database. While Trump never said that and even though the media is trying to destroy him for being tricked into making the insinuation, the question still remains: why shouldn’t Muslims in America be required to register as Muslims?

It’s big news today, and the Republican establishment castrati are still somehow having wet dreams about taking Trump out and thinking this might be how they do it. They’re not going to let this go, and even Ted Cruz seems to have fallen for this nonsense.

In the article I linked to above, Pollak writes:

Smear. Hillyard comes back later, asking Trump: “Mr. Trump, why would Muslim databases not be the same thing as requiring Jews to register in Nazi Germany?” Trump realizes Hillyard is out for blood. “You tell me,” he says, and walks away.

“You tell me,” was a great response, but since the liberal Hillyard won’t, I will. Jews are born Jews.  They are born with the blood of Abraham, but, just because someone is Jewish, that doesn’t mean they believe in God’s Laws of the Torah.  However, Muslims choose to be Muslims, much like Christians choose to be Christians.  Muslims aren’t born Muslims, and Christians aren’t born Christians. Whoopie Goldberg can adopt a Jewish name, but she will never be a true Jew. She just wasn’t born that way.

So that’s how it’s different. The Jews, who were required to register in Nazi Germany, weren’t able de-Jewishize themselves and avoid registration. They were required to register for being something they had no control over. However, Muslims don’t have to be Muslims.

Muslims choose to worship a god that commands them to kill non-Muslims.  That makes them dangerous, even if they appear not to be. We, as proud infidels whom they are commanded to kill, can never really trust that they won’t kill us. That’s one of the burdens of being an infidel- let’s call it a cross to bear.

So what’s so bad about requiring them to register? It’s not like the Democrats aren’t always calling all legal-gun owners to register. Why should Muslims be more protected than legal-American gun owners? Most gun crimes aren’t committed with legal guns but rather with illegally-owned guns. We all know that the Democrats want us to register our guns so that they know where to go when it comes time to confiscate them.

That would be the same reason we’d require Muslims to register- so that we knew where to go when it comes time to intern them come the full-blown World War III, which is apparently coming, whether we want it to or not.

Ask yourself a question: would you rather eat your Thanksgiving dinner with a legally-owned gun in the chair across the table or a Muslim?

The legally owned gun was just brought back from a Thanksgiving-morning hunt. It’s unloaded because it’s illegal to drive with a loaded gun after leaving the woods, and having a loaded gun in the house is just stupid, unless you know someone’s coming to kill you. So, it’s not going to kill you.

On the other hand, a Muslim can snap at any time. While not all Muslims commit terrorism, it’s a known fact that the majority support it and prefer to live under Sharia Law. And it’s not like the Muslim was patted down before entering your house- that’s rude. And if it’s a woman, chances are, no one made her lift her burqa to make sure she doesn’t have dynamite strapped to her belly. In other words, at any moment, perhaps right after the prayers to the Jewish Jesus and the Jewish God of Abraham, that Muslim might snap, stab your hand with the fork and slit your throat with the turkey carver.

I’d much rather eat turkey dinner with a gun across the table than with a Muslim there.

So I’ll ask again: if it’s alright to demand that legal-gun owners register, why isn’t it alright to ask that potential terrorists register?

Jewish-Named Black Chick Blames Hitler on Jesus

By Mack Rights

But the Frederick Douglass Foundation doesn’t blame the Jews for Whoopie Goldberg.

In a recent meeting of the minds on The View, the terrorist-apologist intellectuals were criticizing Republican candidates for being leery of importing Syrian Muslim RefuJihadis (h/t Michelle Malkin) and suggesting that we ought to be helping the Christians whom Obama has left to be slaughtered.  In the process, Joy Behar claimed that admitted-agnostic (meaning not Christian) Tim McVeigh was a Christian- you know, because blowing up the Oklahoma City Federal Building is one of Jesus’ sacraments. It was prophesied. McVeigh might as well have been one Jesus’ apostles.

At that point, Whoopie Goldberg, who was probably born to Christian parents but who adopted a Jewish name because she thought having a Jewish name would make her more successful because “all the Jews are rich and successful in Hollywood,” set out to one-up Joy Behar. Whoopie said, “There have been a lot of horrifying – there have been a lot of monster Christians. Hitler was a Christian.”

And that makes sense I guess.  Jesus, the Jew, was always trying to liquidate the Jews. It’s in the Bible right? And it’s not like most liberal Jews in America are doing anything to prevent the destruction of Israel. Jews always seem eager to see other Jews die at the hands of their friends the Nazis, the Muslims and the Communists- right Whoopie?

Fear not Jews. No one blames you for Whoopie Goldberg, and no one’s building gas chambers to repay you for unleashing this unstoppable and unquestionably brilliant anti-Christian theologian into the world-wide battle to destroy Christianity.


Charlie Sheen’s Lesson for Mayor Lovely Warren

By Mack Rights

In Rochester, Mayor Lovely Warren is a sacred cow in the liberal black community, even in the black Christian community.  It doesn’t matter what she does. Her apologists claim that, because she claims to be a Christian, she must know what she’s doing.

They don’t care that she pushes the LGBT Agenda’s Christian-persecution bill called the GENDA bill.  They don’t care that she advocates for a state law that would force Christians to allow their little girls to share bathrooms and locker rooms with men who claim to be women- “She’s a Christian.  She knows what she’s doing.”

I’m not saying she’s not a Christian, but show me where in the Bible it suggests that we are obligated to allow transsexual perverts to be able to expose themselves to our wives, daughters, sisters and mothers.

Bottom line, Mayor Lovely Warren is in bed with perverts and transsexuals.

After the recent announcement that Charlie Sheen has HIV, it came out that he feels that he most likely got it from sleeping with transsexuals.

If Mayor Lovely Warren were to learn anything from Charlie Sheen’s mistakes, let it be this: Get into bed with transsexual perverts, you wake up with AIDS.

Another Thought on Judgmental Porn Stars

By Mack Rights

Speaking of how porn stars can get all judgmental about Charlie Sheen’s party animal lifestyle, everybody in the world is completely unsurprised- not just the porn stars that “loved” him.  We’re all like: “MMh hmm. I coulda toldja dat was gonna happen.” But no one feels shame about that judgmentalism.

However, think about all the gay boys that get HIV everyday doing things that aren’t half as risky or a hundredth as expensive as what Charlie did every day.  According to a 2013 CDC report, “1 in 2 Gay Men Under 30 Will Be HIV-Positive by Age 50.” I don’t know why they used all those caps, but they did.  If it’s all right to sneer at Charlie Sheen’s lifestyle, why is it completely out of line to inform young and impressionable boys that being gay is probably even riskier than being Charlie Sheen?

One of Charlie’s Porn Stars Speaks

By Mack Rights

One of the porn stars that slept and partied with the now HIV positive Charlie Sheen back in the day recently spoke out.

According the the UK Daily Mail Kacey Jordan said:

“Charlie has definitely done some things that you would consider high risk that would have increased his chance of contracting HIV, I’m not shocked at all that this is happening, being a girl of the industry and knowing what lifestyle he leads. Knowing what kind of things he does in his personal time – drugs, the sex with porn stars, sex with transsexuals. All that’s happened between five years ago when he overdosed and now is that he’s covered it up a lot better. I’m not really shocked at all at this – I’m actually more shocked that this hasn’t happened sooner…”

All I’ve got to say:  You know you’re a true cultural renegade when porn stars are suggesting that you lead too risky a lifestyle.

Prepare for the Izlombie Apocalypse

Prepare for the Izlombie Apocalypse

By Mack Rights

muslim hordesAfter witnessing recent events and the return of The Walking Dead, after transitioning from the new show Fear of The Walking Dead, I now officially rescind my initial contention that the zombies in The Walking Dead universe are a metaphor for the brain-dead liberals.  There’s no question the show’s a right wing show.  The government in the show is nowhere to be seen, and it definitely offers no one any help.  Even in the new show, the government, for the most part, is the enemy of the people. Those afraid of guns and devoid of survival skills, because they grew up being coddled by the socialistic government, get eaten first.  However, after considering a few things in the news again, I now contend that the brain-dead zombies are really a metaphor for the worldwide infestation of Muslims and their mindless drive for a global caliphate.

Before you jump on me and devour my neck for being so insensitive to Muslims while being perhaps too sensitive to liberals, watch this video.  Glenn Beck is covering a Syrian Rebel cutting up a Syrian soldier.  After ripping out his heart and liver, the Syrian Rebel eats the heart on camera.  Now keep in mind, the Syrian Rebels are the supposed good ones that our own nation is backing in the three-way war between Assad, ISIS and the Syrian Rebels.  These are the rebels that our government just blew a half a billion dollars training to fight Assad and ISIS, presumably.  It turned out that we trained five guys who promptly surrendered to ISIS and gave them the guns that we supplied them.  Seriously, watch this video before you stop reading based on the naïve perception that I might be crazy.

Now, I’m aware that there are many who will contend that comparing Muslims to zombies is dehumanizing.  I contend however that it was the Muslims that have dehumanized themselves.  I had nothing to do with it.  A human has a soul.  I’m sure that Muslims are born with souls, but, upon swearing allegiance to the god of Islam out of free will, they surrender their souls to that god who holds them as collateral pending the fulfillment of that god’s dastardly wishes- kill the Jews, kill the Christians, rape the infidels, enslave the infidels, kill the infidels, kill the apostates, kill the critics of Islam, show little Muslim boys a good time, and always keep a straight face when you tell the infidels that Islam is the religion of peace.  None of these commandments compare a bit with the commandments from the God of Abraham.  Furthermore, I’m not alone in my contention that the Muslims have been dehumanized.  The liberal Pope Francis called the attacks on France “not human.”  Losing the liberal Pope Francis is probably worse than losing Cronkite, and the Muslims seem to have lost Pope Francis.

Nonetheless, I do have good news for all the Muslims now just realizing that they’ve given their soul to the wrong god.  The world is littered with Muslim Soul Reclamation Centers.  We Christians call them churches.  All you have to do is accept our Lord Jesus Christ as your lord and savior.  You might get killed for being an apostate, but at least you’ll die with your reclaimed soul intact.  And you’ll get everlasting life too boot.  There’s no promise that you’ll get to rape 72 virgins in the afterlife, but you will enjoy paradise for eternity.

Now keep in mind, I wrote most of this article about a month ago.  It has just been sitting on the hard drive pending my finishing touches.  But, the terror attacks in Paris sped up my finishing it.  Even the liberal Pope Francis is calling this a part of the “piecemeal third world war.”  It’s going to get bad, and we need to pick a side and be prepared.

Just as Obama recently admitted that he plans to use executive orders to increase the teeth in his efforts to destroy our 2nd Amendment Right to bear arms, he was blowing our tax dollars to arm the supposed moderate Syrian Rebels.  No guns for Americans, but give the guns to cannibals. Continue reading

Black Lies Matter- BLM Jumps the Shark

Black Lies Matter- BLM Jumps the Shark

By Mack Rights

Fresh off an epic failure to make the world a better place by repeatedly destroying Ferguson, MO over the death of their false idol Michael Brown- the drug-addled thief who was killed in the process of trying to kill the cop that had to put him down- the Black Lives Matter social justice warriors are putting their pathetic whines on display for America again.

Apparently, not everyone at the Missouri University worships their false idol with the sincerity of a devout Christian.  Surprisingly, at this liberal mecca of diversity, there were some racial incidents.  One guy heard a passenger in a passing truck call him the n-word.  He promptly called the president of the university without the ability to identify the supposed perpetrator or the truck he was supposedly riding in.  Unsurprisingly, the president didn’t do anything.  Imagine that, he didn’t drop everything that his busy days occupy him with and find this racist perp.

Then, someone apparently found a swastika written in poop.  Again, the president didn’t do anything.  I don’t know about you, but I sympathize with the president on this one.  What was he supposed to do? – take poop samples from every student to find out which fecal freak is playing with his poop in public?  The gay students would flip out for what they feel is a violation of their anuses.  He’d have a hundred gay protestors, decked out in leather buttless chaps and ball gags on their chained slaves, chanting, “Keep your hands out of my anus…”- you know, because chanting makes it important.  Meanwhile, one of the protesters would use a bullhorn to recite the Vagina Monologues-like Anus Monologues. And that would just make his stupid university look even stupider.

With all this “unexplainable” inaction, a student named Jonathon Butler, in his seventh year at this supposed racist institution, went on a hunger strike.  Apparently, he couldn’t take another year of being bombarded with racist attacks and felling unsafe.  Excuse me for a moment while I wipe the tears from my eyes for this little princess.  The sad thing is, these social justice warriors running around with their Black Live Smatter hashtag- “#blacklivesmatter”- are unwittingly admitting that they only have a smatter of understanding about life.  The thing they seem to fail to understand is that if you don’t want people to despise you, then you shouldn’t act exactly like someone who deserves to be despised.

By the way, word around the campfire is that the poop story is actually a hoax, which might indicate that the university’s president has a good BS detector. As well, Jonathon Butler isn’t some fragile little flower suffering from the exploits of the evil white man. His father is a railroad executive who made $8.4 million last year. Butler was just upset that the university can no longer give him health care because the Obamacare law prevents universities from giving grad students health care so as to force grad students onto the quickly bankrupting exchanges. He’s actually oppressed by his black president, but he wants to blame white people. Another hoax in this story is that there is a recognized KKK club on campus. This is all a sham.

Calling everyone in America racist simply because one guy said the n-word and because some weirdo supposedly did some Nazi artwork in poop will pretty much assure some sort of backlash.  And since the best form of backlash is that which capitalizes on weakness, it’s not a surprise at all that the backlash came in a form that would hurt all these sensitive little princesses.

Continue reading

Local Celebrity Football and Tailgate Party October 17th

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Bethel Express Is:

A ministry that is dedicated to affecting the lives of children primarily between the ages of 6 and 12 years of age with the Good news of Jesus Christ.  Every Saturday BE offers a hot and nutritious breakfast, fellowship, a worship experience with sound Biblical teaching, in addition to academic tutoring within the framework of superior assistance and adult mentoring that aids them in the quest to be “agents of impact” .  BE teaches that it is important to help society, not usurp or be exploited by it.  Since 1987 BE has concerned itself with equipping its constituents with the necessary skills to be able to live a complete spiritually and socially sound life void of the “victim” mentality.

See how to help us win below! Who will it be Shannon Joy or Chaplain Kreutz Team?

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How can you help? Come the day of of course, it will be GREAT family fun! But I am also asking those who can to sponsor our team. You can do a set donation amount or sponsor us by points/touchdowns or field goals. Help our team give a hand up to those who are fighting their way out.

What is this about? Well Shannon Joy and Ayesha Kreutz are in a contest to raise money for Bethel Express.

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Who will win the game? Who will raise the most money? Come out and watch us compete October 17th.

Pope Francis Should Stop Pretending He’s Pro-Life

Pope Francis Should Stop Pretending He’s Pro-Life

By Mack Rights

pope fraMother Jones has an article that illustrates how Pope Francis may be willingly or unwillingly playing the anti-Pope John Paul II.  It’s called “Obama, the Pope and the President of China are teaming up to save the world.”  This of course hearkens back to the Reagan era when it was “The Pope, The President and the Prime Minister,” referring to President Reagan, Pope JP II and Prime Minister Thatcher.  Together, those three helped destroy the USSR, tear down the Berlin Wall and lift the Iron Curtain.  They were funneling money to fund Lech Walesa and the Solidarity movement in Poland, and their message of freedom even made its way into the darkest dungeons of the Soviet gulags in Siberia.  Unlike Obama, Pope Francis and the butcher of Peking, the earlier trio was actually about life.  They saved many lives from the godless communists that kept much of Europe in socialist misery, while slaughtering over a hundred million in the pursuit of heaven on earth.

Now, it’s “Obama, the Pope and the President of China.”  It’s curiously odd that the “president” of China seems to get more respect from the communist sympathizers at Mother Jones than does our own socialist president. In their title, Obama gets no title, while the word “president” is used to describe the Chinese dictator.  Instead of saving lives, this trio, being led by Pope Francis as the moral and spiritual leader, is seeking to make life worse for humans, to let many die and to pagonistically pretend it’s all for the environment.

Pope Francis is against the use of air conditioning because it might be bad for the environment.  France tried running hospitals without air conditioning during a heat wave one summer over a decade ago, and over 10,000 people died as a result.  Luckily for the heartless wealth-redistributionists like the pope, most of these people were just old and infirm.  Few of them had much to offer to the pot of wealth that needed to be redistributed.  They were the takers and not the givers, so their deaths actually served to shore up the balance of France’s governmental assets to liabilities.  With his heartless refusal to accept the consequences of his death-cult ideology, this pope has no business pretending he’s pro-life.

But what do you expect from a pope that claims the environment has rights?  To the UN General Assembly, he said:Continue reading

A Christian’s Dilemma in Regards to the Coming Holocaust

A Christian’s Dilemma in Regards to the Coming Holocaust

By Mack Rights

bird fishAs we all know, with Obama’s Iran deal, the supposed Republican Congressional Leadership has let the Obama administration eliminate the Senate’s right to approve treaties because they allowed Obama to pretend it wasn’t a treaty but rather an executive agreement.  Congress didn’t even give up this right without a whimper.  Instead, Mitch McConnell, Bob Corker and Lindsey Graham were actually bragging about the civility at the foundation of their defenseless duck-and-cover-surrender-monkey posture in the face of Obama’s unceasing offensive.  They’re so delusional that they think they’ll actually receive voter-box kudos for the classy way in which they surrendered to Obama and his Iran buddies.

With that in mind, after pointing to what I see, I am going to pose a big moral dilemma at the end of this article.  I don’t know the answer to it.  It is honestly bothering me.  But this is a big, big question.  The opinions of liberals and atheists are not welcome.  This is a moral question, and liberals and atheists aren’t capable of answering this kind of question without renouncing their ideology.  The opinions of Muslims aren’t welcome either, but that should go without saying.

So here we go.  The Senate allowed the vote of disapproval of Obama’s treaty with Iran to die in a filibuster.  Barring a willingness to take up Ted Cruz’s plan of defeat, which McConnell apparently refuses to do (McConnell would rather Iran get a nuke to destroy Israel than go along with Ted Cruz), American will be paying Iran $150 billion dollars very soon.  This money comes without strings attached.  Isn’t that crazy?  Obama trusts the Iranian government more than he trusts the American people.  If we make money, we have to pay taxes and then go through background checks if we even want to buy a gun.  Everything else that we might do with our money is regulated to the hilt by government toadies paid for with money stolen from our paychecks.  However, Obama isn’t planning to tax the money he gives to Iran, and he’s eliminating all the background checks they’d need to undergo before acquiring a nuclear bomb, which they claim they’ll drop on Israel.

Furthermore, it seems the money’s actually still there.  I haven’t heard that we’re in need of borrowing money from China to make Iran whole after the sanctions are lifted.  However, the money that our senior citizens put in the so-called Social Security lock box was already spent and will have to be borrowed back before our senior citizens even get paid.  If it seems like Obama has treated the Iranian’s money better than those monies taken from the American taxpayer, I’m afraid you might be right.

On top of that, the sanctions that prevent Iran from selling oil to willing purchasers in Europe, China and Russia will be lifted, thus enabling Iran to make another $75 billion a year.  We must never forget that Iran is the world’s largest supporter of terrorism, and that this money will undoubtedly go towards further funding of terrorism.  Yay dead people.

And of course, it will go towards Iran’s nuclear program, which Obama has whole-heartedly embraced.  Obama has allowed Iran to continue the nuclear program, as long as Iran doesn’t tell us where they’re doing it.  Iran can refuse all inspections or put them off for 24 days, so that they’ll have time to remove the evidence before the inspections.  Regarding Iran’s biggest nuke research site, they’re allowed to do their own inspections, thus alleviating the stress of the rest of the world that doesn’t want to feel obligated to do anything once they know something.  It’s easier for the US and the UN to ignore what’s happening than to actually have to come up with legitimate excuses for their unwillingness to do anything about it.  Paid Advertisement

Continue reading

Equal Opportunity is Freedom Equal Results is Oppression

Equal Opportunity is Freedom Equal Results is Oppression

By Providence Crowder

Transcript from this evening’s speech for the 9/12 Project’s August meeting


My name is Providence Crowder, and I’m so honored to have been invited tonight to speak with you all on behalf of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY.

But before I get into the discussion for tonight, I want to tell you briefly about what the Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY is.

What is the Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY?

  • The Frederick Douglass Foundation is a public policy and educational organization (it’s a national organization and I’m with the NY chapter). We bring the sanctity of free market and limited government ideas to bear on today’s hardest problems with the assistance of elected officials, scholars from universities and colleges and community activists.
  • Our platform and tenants are to honor the legacy of the man, Frederick Douglass himself, and what he fought for.
  • Abolitionist, educator, and former slave Frederick Douglass believed in life, liberty, individual responsibility and limited government.  And, after reading the U.S. Constitution for himself, he had a profound respect for it.  We promote these ideas mainly through education and activism in hopes of influencing public thought, which ideally translates into influencing public policy.

About Me

Disclaimer:  I’m not an expert by any means, I’m not politically savvy, I am just a concerned citizen who cares about the direction our nation is headed in, and I believe in educating myself, and others, so that we can be the informed electorate that Thomas Jefferson spoke about when he said,

“Whenever the people are well-informed, they can be trusted with their own government; that whenever things get so far wrong as to attract their notice, they may be relied on to set them to rights.”

When we are informed, we notice when our nation is going off track.  I’m no genius, but I’m informed enough to know that our current state of affairs is way off course.

My faith: I’m also a Christian so I speak from a biblical worldview and I believe that much of what ails us in our nation is more spiritual than anything else. The Bible teaches me:

“The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, and bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.” (2 Corinthians 10:4-5).

So I pray and ask God for wisdom and guidance in all that I do and even tonight in speaking with you all that God guides my thoughts and speech.

My politics:  I don’t believe in political saviors.  I don’t believe that salvation politics work.  I don’t believe there are perfect political parties because political parties are made up of imperfect and sinful people.  And most of us, whether we believe in God, or don’t believe in God, live by principles and have moral standards and guidelines in which to inform our decision-making.  And often times because of these guiding principles, concerning politics, we usually align more closely with one party over another or one person over another when it’s time to vote.

 Principle #6

So I’ve been tasked with discussing with you all tonight a principle that I hold to be true, and that principle is: I have a right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, but there is no guarantee of equal results.

How many of you believe that? If you do, you are in good company.

  • The founders of our nation believed that.
  • Slavery abolitionists believed that.
  • Many civil rights leaders believed that and preached that.
  • The leaders and volunteers of the 9/12 Project believe that.
  • I believe that.

I concur with you.  As a member of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, I want to share with you a quote by the Frederick Douglass concerning this very topic:

Frederick Douglass once said this concerning the black American’s plight towards justice:

 In regard to the colored people, there is always more that is benevolent, I perceive, than just, manifested towards us. What I ask for the Negro is not benevolence, not pity, not sympathy, but simply justice. The American people have always been anxious to know what they shall do with us… I have had but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us. Do nothing with us!  If the apples will not remain on the tree of their own strength, if they are worm-eaten at the core, if they are early ripe and disposed to fall, let them fall! … And if the Negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall also. All I ask is give him a chance to stand on his own legs! Let him alone! … Your interference is doing him positive injury.

What he demanded from the white man concerning black Americans was equal opportunity, justice, fair treatment under the law.  Not special treatment.  Anything more or anything less he called Continue reading

Part VII- Conclusion: Social Issues, the Minority Vote and Third-Party Possibilities

Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Happen for the Republican Party Since Ronald Reagan- VII

Part VII-  Conclusion: Social Issues, the Minority Vote and Third-Party Possibilities

By Mack Rights

trump2How does Donald Trump deal with social issues?- Probably pretty poorly to be honest.  And believe me that does scare me.  However, I want to fix this country.  Other than Cruz, Jindal, Paul, Santorum and Huckabee though, none of the other candidates are fire-breathing social conservatives either.  They just don’t have the self-confidence or the ability to stand on socially conservative principles.

Is that an excuse for throwing out the need for social conservatism?- No.  However, we did it with McCain and Romney, who were both squishy guys that were more interested in being liked by liberals than they were in being loved and adored by the Republican base.  So that is a tendency in the electorate that we must take into account as we prepare to do battle with whoever ends up beating Hillary in the Democrat primary.  I don’t think she’s the candidate by the way.  The talking heads bloviating about her inevitability are just a symptom of the willful ignorance that keeps them from understanding why Donald Trump is ruling the Republican polls.  They have no idea what is going on in this country.

Bottom line, I don’t have faith in any political solution to the genocidal appetites of the liberals and their sacraments of abortion and homosexuality.  Both houses of Congress are a sold-out batch of traitors, and the court system is riddled with doughy-eyed socialists with god complexes.  The release of the videos showing that Planned Parenthood is performing Mengele-like eugenics experiments on the bodies of babies that were exterminated with abortion is way more powerful than anything done politically in a long time.  That and local laws regulating abortion clinics out of existence is the way we end this genocide.  It’s about curbing the demand by informing folks about what the suppliers are actually up to.  I guess I’ve lost faith in the ability of a president to solve this problem.  Getting rid of Roe v. Wade won’t make abortion illegal, but forcing abortion mills to close with regulation and educating people about the truth will indeed make it go away.Continue reading

Part VI- Trump Gives Confidence to Other Republicans

Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Happen for the Republican Party Since Ronald Reagan- VI

Part VI-  Trump Gives Confidence to Other Republicans

Recently, Republican candidate Mike Huckabee was under fire for his description of Obama’s gift to Allah, the god who commands his followers to destroy all infidels, starting with the Jews in Israel.   Obama negotiated a Chamberlin-like deal with Iran that has us paying them to nuke up in preparation of vaporizing Israel off the face of the earth.  In every way possible, this is Obama putting a Biblical curse upon this country without the consent of the people.  The treaty has been approved by the United Nations before it has even been seen by the representatives elected by the people.

God said that he, who blesses Israel, will be blessed, while he, who curses Israel, will be cursed.  This is why the majority of true Christians in this country that aren’t against Israel are blessed while all the liberals that can’t stand Israel are cursed.  How do I know they’re cursed?- they’re all miserable.  Hardcore liberals that are on board the death-to-Israel train, headed by their Muslim masters, are pure and miserable wretches.  In their quest to worship no god because they don’t believe God exists, they actually serve the god that seeks to kill all believers of the one true God.  Ironic huh?  Everyone has a master, I guess.

Furthermore, more than 50% of American Jews actually support Obama’s agreement with Iran that Iran deserves to get the nukes to kill every Israeli.  Don’t tell me those Jews aren’t miserable.  Let me be correctly understood though: I’m not saying they’re miserable because they’re Jewish.  They’re miserable because they’re liberal, and there is no true god that blesses the dogmas of liberalism.  When your dogmas demand that you be cursed, happiness is either drug-induced or elusively surreal at best.  Either way, true happiness is non-existent for those with souls that are unprepared for judgment.

dws 3In any case, unlike most gutless Republicans when called out for actually saying something true that offends the soulless warriors for Allah, Mike Huckabee refused to apologize.  Donald Trump’s willingness to laugh at the whines of his government-indoctrinated half-wit critics and then smash them over the head with a little more truth doled out in the form of a metaphorical two-by-four to the head, has given Mike Huckabee some balls.  Good for Mike, and good for the Republican Party.  Huckabee went up in the polls as soon as he refused to apologize to the useless liberals he supposedly offended with his truth.  Even when the queen of useless Democrat-Party lawn-guy-linders Debbie Wasserman Schultz started chirping about Huckabee’s comparison, he didn’t apologize for his not being willing to get on her nukes-for-Iran train to Israel’s destruction.  The more than 50% of American Jews that are in favor of destroying Israel deserve no apology.  They deserve ridicule and the right to know what shame is.Continue reading

Part V- Donald Trump vs. John McCain

Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Happen for the Republican Party Since Ronald Reagan- V

Part V-  Donald Trump vs. John McCain

The concept of illegitimacy brings us to John McCain.  I’ve made no secrecy of the fact that I find John McCain to be one of the phoniest Americans alive.  If he would just admit he’s a Democrat, I might find an inkling of respect in the vomitus Olympic-sized pool of dislike I have for this man.  As a senator, he fought harder against President George W. Bush, as Bush was prosecuting the War on Terror, than he did against President Obama.  This is the case, even as Obama has been doing everything he can to fill the vacuum in the Middle East with the radical jihadist remnants of al Qaeda on the one hand, while rebuilding the Empire of Iran on the other.

If McCain were actually honorable, he would have recused himself from the discussion about whether “enhanced interrogation methods” were torture or not.  These methods are nothing like the torture methods of the godless Commie VC that kept McCain a POW for all those years.  His assertion that our methods were torture and thus useless in gathering information served only to boost his own reputation.  Were he to actually admit that these methods could be successful, as they actually have been proven to be, he was obviously afraid that he might be admitting that the torture he received led to his giving up pertinent information to the America’s enemies.  An honorable man would have recused himself from the discussion because he had a conflict of interest.  But McCain is all about McCain, so he had to be a part of the conversation.

As a result of his incessant prattling, Obama has garnered enough sympathy for the terrorists in Club Gitmo that he’s released so many of them back onto the field of war where some did indeed kill more Americans.  As well, we no longer take hostages from whom we can gather information.  Instead, they’re killed with drone strikes, thus making them useless casualties of war rather than intelligence assets.  Thanks John McCain, now we’re losing the war.  Oh wait.  We lost it.  Now we’re aiding the victors.  But for someone obsessed with the idea of incessant war, that’s just an obstacle that can be overcome with the call for more war.  And McCain’s always there to make that call.Continue reading

Part IV- How Can We Take Trump Seriously on Illegal Immigration?

Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Happen for the Republican Party Since Ronald Reagan- IV

Part IV-  How Can We Take Trump Seriously on Illegal Immigration?

By Mack Rights

cantor_and_boehner_apHow do we know that Trump could do all the things he says he’ll do with the border if he were to get elected?  If the GOP is such a sold-out bunch of scoundrels, how can we be sure they’d pass the laws for him to do it?  That answer’s easy.  As the head of the executive branch, all he would have to do is uphold the laws that already exist, unlike our Constitution-hating Obama.

All this talk of “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” is nothing more than talk of getting rid of the laws that make illegal aliens criminals.  Building the wall or fence has already been passed into law.  It just needs to be executed over the wishes of the leftists that run the EPA.  If I were Trump, I’d get Senator James Inhofe to run the EPA.  That beats the heck out of what Bush did when he hired that New Jersey Juicy Fruit Governor Christine Todd Whitman.  The EPA doesn’t have to be run by a godless pagan who gets naked and whips up witch brews to feed her sprite fairies by the moonlight.

And it would be easy to make Mexico pay for it, contrary to the rabid outburst of Jebbie-Foxnewser Dana Perino.  All Trump would have to do is declare Mexico a terrorist state, which it is because of all of the cartels and the terroristic things that they do- the kidnappings, the rapes, the sex slavery, the bombings, the mass genocidal murders, the judge killings, the prison breaks…  Then, we’d cut mail service to Mexico.  The remittance moneys that go back to Mexico would slow tremendously.

Since the money that the immigrants send back to Mexico is one of the top three sources of money to the Mexican economy, believe me, they’d be paying for the wall.  Without American mail service, Mexico would have to supply coyotes to bring the Mexican money down into Mexico, and how many Mexican immigrants are going to be happy to send their money to Mexico in the hands of a bandito who drives a donkey carrying a burlap sack full of remittance money?  They know better than anyone how corrupt the Mexican government and anyone involved with it is.  The Mexican government makes the drug cartels look noble.  And don’t get your panties in a bunch.  I’m not offending any of the legal Mexicans in America.  They know that’s the truth better than anyone- that’s why they’re here.  So get off your high horse Sally.Continue reading

Part III- How Trump is Different than Other GOP Candidates

Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Happen for the Republican Party Since Ronald Reagan- III

Part III-  How Trump is Different than Other GOP Candidates

By Mack Rights

So what’s wrong with the liberal Republican Candidates?  Jeb, their Republican of choice, is more Mexican than Obama is American.  Wait, more than just about none can still be just about none.  How about this:  Jeb is about fifty times more Mexican than Obama is American.  That’s about right. Furthermore, Jeb is way too comfortable in speaking in the language of the left.  He recently said that he thought half a billion dollars was too much money to spend on “women’s health issues” at Planned Parenthood, when he was referring to the over halfjeb a billion dollars that the government gives to Planned Parenthood to kill babies and sell their body parts.  His use of euphemism to describe Democrat Party atrocities will come back to haunt him over and over.

Scott Walker did a good job on the unions, but he’s pro-Common Core and you can’t trust his tough talk against illegal immigrants.  The Koch brothers like him too much to take that seriously- they’re open-borders liberals cuz ya gotta get that cheap labor.  On top of that, his wife and children are pro-gay marriage.  Never trust a man who might be held hostage to the feelings of those he loves.  Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger- he was married to a Kennedy that was so good at withholding sex every time he wanted to be conservative that he ended up knocking up the Guatemalan help.  At least he’s freed of the Kennedy ball and chain so he can go back to being one of the greatest action-movie actors in the history of the earth.  I’m all for marriage, but not the kind of marriage the Kennedys are famous for having.  Nonetheless, I’d love to see him run the Department of Labor.

Rubio is just a smooth-talking McCainiac with a Cuban complexion.  After his orgy-of-eight romp with Senator Schmuck Chumer, John McCain and the rest of illegal-alien Stonewall brigade, I can’t trust a word he says.Continue reading

Part II- Trump Can Turn his Moral Weaknesses into Strengths

Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Happen for the Republican Party Since Ronald Reagan- II

Part II-  Trump Can Turn his Moral Weaknesses into Strengths

By Mack Rights

Trump may indeed be a social liberal with Democrat leanings.  In fact he admits as much.  What in the world is making me say anything nice about this guy?  How can I contend that a guy, who probably gets very little guidance from the Word of God, is the best thing for the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan?

I know the criticisms.  He’s pro-choice, he supported Universal Healthcare, he supported the Kelo decision and used eminent domain to steal land from others for a song so he could build his empire, he’s given money to Democrats like Hillary Clinton, he used to be a Democrat, he had illegal immigrants build for him, and the list goes on.

baby handBefore I’ll get to his stance on abortion, which may still evolve into one that is Godly, let me discuss the building of his empire.  Incidentally, he has said that he would support Ted Cruz in shutting down the government if that’s what it took to get Planned Parenthood defunded after all of the baby-body-parts videos that are presently being released.  Don’t pretend for a second that we’re not about to change the views of many people on the evils of abortion.  And Trump’s tax plan is an outstanding pro-growth plan.  The liberals will ask, “Can the government survive on such a small allowance?”  But the real question is, “With all the additional cash in his pocket, can the little guy survive without the government?”  And the answer’s a big YES.

In building his empire, he didn’t have the luxury of building according to God’s will.  Situated in New York City, one of Satan’s favorite playgrounds, he was at the mercy of the Democrats that run that town like plantation full of slaves that get whipped regularly for even thinking about running, whether they thought about it or not.  Building permits and access to money sources don’t come in this kind of size without the approval of the powers that be.  And those powers have been controlled by the Democrats since they first acquired them.

Thus, if Trump was to build his real estate empire, he had no choice but to play by the rules set by the Democrats in power.  God doesn’t cosign loans, and banks would have no possible way of certifying His signature even if God were to sign on behalf of Trump.

In other words, the question isn’t: Did Trump give money to Democrats?  The real question is this:  Did Trump like that he felt like he had to give money to Democrats in order to build his real estate empire?  Liberals love to claim that the Republicans are for the rich every time they’re trying to get a poor or middle class person to vote for them.


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Donald Trump is the Best Thing for the GOP Since Ronald Reagan- I

Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Happen for the Republican Party Since Ronald Reagan- I

Part I-  Introduction

By Mack Rights

trump trump2Let me repeat that.  Donald Trump is the best thing to happen for the Republican Party since Ronald Reagan.  He’s the wakeup call.  Get in line or go the way of George H. W. Bush after he raised taxes and watched Ross Perot take him out by getting about twenty million votes as a third-party candidate.

Like Ronald Reagan, Trump speaks the truth and doesn’t allow his truth to be filtered by the liberal media or the liberal poohbahs that run the Republican Party.  For that reason, the Republican Party hates and is trying to destroy Trump.  But Trump is running as a populist man of the people who is actually listening to the people and catering to their needs.  He’s like Obi-wan Kenobi.  “You cannot win Darth.  If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”  And for that reason, the establishment Republicans are going to need extra-strength Depends “adult” diapers as they try to eliminate him without playing the role of Darth Vader while Emperor Hillary is licking her bloody chops in the fog of despotic entitlement.

The people in this country- Democrats, Republicans and Independents- want a government that listens to their needs and not the needs of third-world illegal-alien invaders who have come here to rapes us, force our kids into sex slavery after getting them addicted to their drugs, kill us and take our tax dollars in the form of welfare after making it near impossible for an unskilled American to get a job that pays the bills.  Maybe some are good people, but who cares?  They have all been criminals from the moment they decided to be here illegally.  The law is the law, and if you aren’t going to follow it, you’re a criminal.

Imagine if a Republican governor treated the federal law as Obama does and used the National Guard to close down all abortion facilities and arrest all abortion doctors for the murders they commit.  The liberals would all crap their pants at once, yet they cheer Obama’s illegal amnesty because it guarantees that the Republicans will never again win another national election, as soon as they teach the illegals to vote like the grandchildren and great grandchildren of their freed slaves.  By the way, the head of the Oklahoma GOP has called for closing all Planned Parenthoods and arresting the “doctors.”  Here here, old boy- that’s the kind of GOP activism we need.  Since when do we need to pretend trafficking in baby-body parts is a necessary element of “women’s health?”

Table of Contents

Donald Trump is the Best Thing to Happen for the Republican Party Since Ronald Reagan- Part I- Introduction

Part II-  Trump Can Turn his Moral Weaknesses into Strengths

Part III-  How Trump is Different than Other GOP Candidates

Part IV-  How Can We Take Trump Seriously on Illegal Immigration?

Part V-  Donald Trump vs. John McCain

Part VI-  Trump Gives Confidence to Other Republicans

Part VII-  Conclusion: Social Issues, the Minority Vote and Third-Party Possibilities


In any case, most of the ruling-class Republicans are dumb enough to think they can get a respectable portion of the illegal alien vote, even though they get barely a third of the legal immigrant vote.  Idiots.  Furthermore, the Republicans think that these illegal aliens will be happy to play welfare-state slave to the entitled retiree class of whites.Continue reading

Planned Parenthood: Life Matters, Baby’s (Parts) Matter? Watch Videos & Act Now

The Center for Medical Progress released videos exposing Planned Parenthood and the of the heart of the organization.

He who has eyes, let him see and He who has ears let him hear.

He who has a heart, feel and He who has a conscious listen. 

#PPSellsBabyParts #DefundPP #prolife #abortion #FdfNational#FDFNY #PlannedParenthood

The big business of Planned Parenthood. We always here follow the money, we hear people talk about the greed of corporations and the unethical practices of big business. They do not care about the little guy just the bottom line, money. Well, Planned Parenthood is a perfect example if there is such a thing.Continue reading

Call & Act today: No to the Iran nuke “Deal”

UNITED  is a key word at this historic time and we cannot remain silent since Congress will make the most important foreign policy decision in a generation during their current 60 day review period. Their vote will occur in the first two weeks of September.
Here are actions I encourage you to take in the next four weeks “for such a time as this” based on Esther 4:14:

Let your voice be heard:

1. Call your all your representatives and urge them to block the current deal with Iran.

If you are in NY, it is imperative that you call Senator Schumer at 202.224.6542. Let him that he is our greatest hope to stop the passage of this dangerous deal with Iran.

2. Watch the senate hearing and educate yourself on the serious implication of this deal: http://www.c-span.org/video/?327246-1/secretaries-kerry-moniz-lew-testimony-iran-nuclear-agreement

3. Educate everyone you know about the serious implications of this deal and ask them to contact their representatives
Important information and details HERE




  • Use your voice immediately by calling your Member of Congress asking them to oppose the Iran agreement. Hundreds of calls are needed. Maintain the character of our Christian faith by speaking respectfully no matter what party your elected official represents. Ask your churches and friends to do the same. Remember Proverbs 25:11: “A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver.” When you call, picture in your own mind Moses standing before the Pharaoh and Esther having dinner with her king. They had a speech. Here is a suggested speech for you:
“I’m a constituent. I’m calling my Senator/House Member to express my serious concern about the Iran agreement. I’m respectfully asking my elected official to oppose this deal. This deal does not block Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. War is not the alternative. The alternative is to get a GOOD deal with Iran by following historic precedent during Democrat and Republican administrations where re-negotiating a bad deal led to a good deal. Thank you.”
Here is the Capitol Switchboard number: (202) 224-3121 or to ensure that you locate your Members of Congress click here for your House member and here for Senators.
  • If you learn that your Member of Congress — Democrat or Republican — will oppose this dangerous agreement, please ask them to make a public statement to that effect.
  • Log on to your elected officials’ web pages to see if they are holding Town Halls in your district. Attend and invite your Christian friends and again, in a respectful way, make your concerns known and ask them to oppose the current bad deal.

Democrats have a Tough Couple of Weeks- Part II

Democrats have a Tough Couple of Weeks- Part II

Uprisings of the Trannies, gays and the Hillary Campaign

By Mack Rights

Disney’s ESPN gave the Arthur Ashe Courage Award to Bruce Jenner for admitting that he’s crazy and for proving it to us by getting boobs and dressing up like a woman.  Don’t send hate mail you scientifically challenged fools.  Gender is not a social construct.  It’s a genetic fact that males have XY Chromosomes while females have XX chromosomes- cosmetic surgery doesn’t change genetics.  So anybody who thinks that they can defy genetics and the will of God and then demand to be considered courageous is just crazy.  Just because a man has had a Choppadickophme doesn’t mean he’s no longer a man.  He’s just a guy who makes a mess if he forgets to sit down before he starts peeing.  These people are so looney that they need help.  Pursuit of that help however, may get their 2nd Amendment Rights revoked- tread lightly, but don’t tread on me.

Look at what they're holding.  Ew.

Look at what they’re holding. Ew. This is what Disney’s all about?

In any case, I started to watch Bruce Jenner’s supposedly “powerful speech” in which he allegedly whines “please be nice to me,” (you know because “courageous” people are always worried that people won’t be nice to them) and I had to turn it off thirty seconds in.  That’s when I discovered that the boy who was introducing him was actually Abby Wombat of the US Woman’s Soccer team.  I’d never had a problem with her until she made out with her supposed wife on International TV after her last World Cup game.  As a soccer player, she was awesome, but I don’t want another spokesman for anti-Christian bigotry and hatred of all things traditional who makes out with a woman in front of children without a prior parental warning.  That’s the kind of crap I clean off my shoe after mowing the lawn.  I tuned right out before I had to hear what she had to say.  I don’t care what she has to say.

Or am I supposed to call her a he?- But if that’s the case, so soon after she competed in a woman’s competition, would that negate the US victory?  The Democrats are making things so complicated.

But then conservatism’s own Ben Shapiro was hanging out with Dr. Drew and some nasty trannie named Zoey Tur.  This dude, who thinks he looks like a lady, grabbed Ben by the neck and threatened that Ben might be leaving via ambulance after Ben told him the truth about the genetics of gender and the delusion of transvestites.

homonazi flagSoon after that, this ladyman Zoey Tur took to some social network platform and admitted that he wanted to see Ben Shapiro “curb stomped.”  This is where a killer puts his prey’s chin on the curb and then stomps on his neck to break the neck of his prey.  It was form of murder used in the movie “American History X” about white supremacists killing blacks and Jews.  I don’t find it ironic at all that Mr. Zoey Tur decided to portray himself as the neo-Nazi in his fantasy of killing the Jewish Ben Shapiro.  If the brown shirt fits, there’s no reason for Zoey to leave it unworn.  You go girl!

The liberal media’s eager willingness to skip over this death threat, which some would consider a hate crime, is a reminder of how low on the poll of importance the Jews have fallen in the collective eyes of the leftist machine that they helped to build- Jews mean nothing compared to trannies.  Trannie victimhood trumps Jewish victimhood- suckers.Continue reading

Democrats have a Tough Couple of Weeks- Part I

Democrats have a Tough Couple of Weeks- Part I

Obama and his Democrats Aid and Abet Terrorists

By Mack Rights

shooting windowA Muslim opens fire on a military recruiting center where five marines are killed.  A sticker on the window has a picture of a gun surrounded by a red circle with a red line through it to signify that these serviceman are the best well-unarmed sitting ducks that Obama has to offer up to his Muslim friends.

Earlier that day, The White House actually celebrated some Muslim holiday in a tweet.  In one of the news stories, it stated that the Obamas were sending out greetings to the Muslim people on behalf of the American people.  That’s just crazy.  The Obamas don’t speak for me.  Here’s my message for the people behind the Islamic war on Civilization: “I hope y’all choke on a pork chop when you feast after fasting.”

But hey, I’m not a Democrat.  I don’t send well wishes to my enemies who’ve declared war on me.

Obama apparently tweeted: “‘From my family to yours, Eid Mubarak!’ – @POTUS to Muslims celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr.”

But why should that surprise us in a week where Obama signed an agreement with Iran to lift sanctions, to give them billions of dollars that will boost their economy by an estimated $150 billion a year, to let them develop their nuclear bomb, to let them buy conventional weapons from Russia and China, to let them sell oil to the EU, Russian and China, to let them continue to fund terrorism with these new funds, to let them only allow inspectors where they want the inspectors to be, to let them have the right to refuse inspectors, and to let them keep torturing the four American hostages in Iran, which Obama doesn’t give a crap about?

On top of that, the Congressional vote, after sixty days of review, won’t matter a bit because Obama got it approved today at the UN, where the international sanctions on Iran will be eliminated without Congress ever having approved this treaty with America’s enemies Iran, Russia and China.  If Congress votes down the treaty later, which Obama refuses to even refer to as a treaty, it won’t matter.  The sanctions are already lifted.

Iran won, and Obama gets another Mohammed feather in his cap.  America loses sovereignty, and Obama did this with Congressional approval given to him by the misdescribed Corker bill jammed through Congress by the disgracefully traitorous Republican Senators Bob Corker, John McCain and Lindsey Graham.  Weep for the Republic.  Andy McCarthy explains this the best here.Continue reading

Homophilia Part II- Gay Marriage is NOT the Law of the Land

Homophilia Part II- Gay Marriage is NOT the Law of the Land

By Mack Rights

To read Homophilia Part I- “An Open Letter to the Gaystapos Army of Pet Homophile Cheerleaders,” click here.

Gay Marriage is NOT the Law of the Land

I don’t care what all the liberal twinks in the Republican Party say.  Gay marriage is not the law of the land.  Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Lindsey Graham, Rick Perry, Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina and George Pataki have all outed themselves as pinked-out surrender monkeys who wouldn’t even pass a remedial American History class.  They’re outright embarrassments.

For those who need a reminder about how our government works, one only need to consult the Declaration of Independence and then the Constitution.  In the Declaration, the world was notified that the liberty that our Founding Fathers was about to fight a war to secure comes from God.  The Constitution then lists the functions of the three branches of our government, which was founded and designed by Christians who pointed out that man’s liberties were indeed “endowed by their Creator.”

The lowest of the three branches is the judiciary, represented by the Supreme Court that has just declared its own right to rewrite the Word of God, upon which its own power is derived.  The Supreme Court’s purpose is to interpret the laws of man, according to the Constitution.  It was never designed to write laws.

The second branch is the Legislative branch, consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate.  Presently, both houses are run by Republicans that have accomplished exactly absolutely nothing for those who put them in power.  Instead, they’ve done everything in their power to accommodate President Obama’s un-American whims.  Their real job is to write law, yet Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said of the Gay marriage ruling, “That’s the law of the land.”

Being a legislator, whose job is to pass laws, he should understand that there was no national law passed that did indeed redefine God’s institution of marriage.  No elected officials passed this non-existent law in the House or the Senate.  No president has signed this supposed law of the land.  Instead, it is a figment of the Supreme Court’s liberal majority’s rainbow sparkled imagination.  But since Mitch McConnell apparently doesn’t understand this, he has outed himself as a complete incompetent.  But that’s nothing new.  He does that on a daily basis.  Dumbos can call it a law all they want, but it’s not.  Laws aren’t passed by unelected judges.



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Open Letter to the Gaystapo’s Army of Pet Homophile Cheerleaders- Part I

Open Letter to the Gaystapo’s Army of Pet Homophile Cheerleaders- Part I

By Mack Rights


Homophilia:  A mental disorder suffered by heterosexuals who fear rejection from homosexuals more than they fear rejection from God.  They are often willing to commit blasphemy to prove their undying love and acceptance of the Big Gay Agenda’s efforts to destroy Christianity.

Homophile:  One suffering from Homophilia.

Homophobe:  One who has a supposed irrational fear of homosexuality and is very often accused of hating homosexuals.  The only way to avoid being labeled a homophobe is to become a proud homophile that publicly commits blasphemy with an electric bullhorn coated with rainbow-colored fairy dust or to shield your Facebook photo with rainbow goo.  These are two acceptable indulgences that can be purchased from the pagan Church of Homoeroticus.

Homosexual:  One who commits sinful acts of homosexuality.  While some feel shame and do it on the down low and others leave everyone alone because they just want to be left alone, many, if not most, are so proud that they define their identity by their pride in their willingness to commit these sins.  I can personally think of no other group of “victims” whose identity is defined by sin.  In dealing with this unique aspect of victimhood, we, as a culture, are forced into uncharted waters.


cave eyeAll humans must choose which group they will be a part of.  While many don’t want any part of having to make this choice, an unwillingness to become a homosexual or a homophile cheerleader is considered to be homophobic.  You can protest all you want that you don’t hate gays, but being unwilling to choose to become a homophile is considered by the Gaystapo to be the de facto choice of the homophobe.  In other words, there are many more homophobes out there than ever imagined because so many of you don’t believe that you are a homophobe simply because you don’t have the hate in your heart that they claim you have.  Nonetheless, the gays consider you to be a homophobe, whether you like it or not.  Conform publicly or suffer the slur.

Meanwhile, many who have chosen recently to be homophiles have only done so out of a fear and intimidation by the fascistic Church of Homoeroticus.  If the United States is to survive this cultural nuclear war, we, who understand the truth, need to be able to verbalize it and be willing to protect those who are persecuted for doing so.  An unwillingness to be willing to risk our lives, our fortunes and our reputations in standing up for the Laws of God and refusing to give up our right to freedom of religion is really no better than signing over our souls to Satan. Inaction is still a choice.

To paraphrase Patrick Henry:

The culture war is inevitable — and let it come! I repeat it, sir, let it come.

It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace — but there is no peace. The culture war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!

Continue reading

The Confederate Flag, a Symbol of What?

By Providence Crowder


Providence CrowderUp until this moment, I have remained completely silent on the latest controversy surrounding the Confederate Flag. I’ve seen heated discussions fired back and forth among my Conservative brothers and sisters about what the Confederate Flag represents and where it should be exhibited. I’ve listened to the free speech arguments, the racist arguments, the “it’s history” arguments, the Southern pride arguments, the good, the bad, the ugly . . .

In the aftermath of the church shootings in Charleston, South Carolina, our nation is completely gridlocked on what to do about that old Confederate flag. It took awhile for me to absorb it all, to figure out exactly what is it that I feel about the flag. To be truthful, I dont feel much of anything. I do not believe everyoneContinue reading

38 Year Low: Record 93,626,000 Americans Not in Labor Force

(CNSNews.com) – A record 93,626,000 Americans 16 or older did not participate in the nation’s labor force in June, as the labor force participation rate dropped to 62.6 percent, a 38-year low, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In June, according to BLS, the nation’s civilian noninstitutional population, consisting of all people 16 or older who were not in the military or an institution, hit 250,663,000. Of those, Continue reading

Hasan Harnett Why I am a Republican


On June 6, 2015, Hasan Harnett became the chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party. But he wasn’t always a Republican…


My story is probably a good example of how the Republican Party can and is growing by reaching out to different communities in North Carolina and across the country… and succeeding.

I wasn’t always a Republican… In fact, I only formally became a Republican much later in life… or rather, I didn’t realize I was a Republican until much later in life. I grew up poor in a rough neighborhood and in an area that was majority Black. I grew up where it was expected that you were a Democrat because of the color of your skin. Everyone was, and no one thought a thing of it.

But growing up, I was also taught two things: work hard, and get an education. I was told that would lead to success.

Later on in life, I met Dr. Tim Johnson. Dr. Johnson founded the Frederick Douglass Foundation and was the first African American Vice Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party. He was one of the most influential figures in my life in terms ofContinue reading

Statement on Obergefell v. Hodges SCOTUS Decision


 The FDFNY would like to Share the sentiments of Wallbuilders Statement, in agreement.

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Statement on the Supreme Court Decision

The Supreme Court decision in Obergefell v. Hodges that established homosexual marriage as national policy is unambiguously wrong on at least three crucial levels: Moral, Constitutional, and Structural.

On the Moral Level

The Court’s decision violates the moral standards specifically enumerated in our founding documents. The Declaration of Independence sets forth the fundamental principles and values of American government, and the Constitution provides the specifics of how government will operate within those principles. As the U. S. Supreme Court has correctly acknowledged:

The latter [Constitution] is but the body and the letter of which the former [Declaration of Independence] is the thought and the spirit, and it is always safe to read the letter of the Constitution in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence.
The Declaration first officially acknowledges a Divine Creator and then declares that America will operate under the general values set forth in “the laws of nature and of nature’s God.” The framers of our documents called this the Moral Law, and in the Western World it became known as the Common Law. This was directly incorporated into the American legal system while the colonies were still part of England; following independence, the Common Law was then reincorporated into the legal system of all the new states to ensure its uninterrupted operation; and under the federal Constitution, its continued use was acknowledged by means of the Seventh Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Numerous Founding Fathers and legal authorities, including the U. S. Supreme Court, affirmed that the Constitution is based on the Common Law, which incorporated God’s will as expressed through “the laws of nature and of nature’s God.”Those constitutional moral standards placed the definition of marriage outside the scope of government. As acknowledged in a 1913 case:

Continue reading

Democrats Equate Confederate Flag with the Cross

Democrats Equate Confederate Flag with the Cross as Symbolsof Hate to be Removed from Government Property

By Mack Rights


When the amazing family members of those killed in their church in Charleston, SC stood upon Jesus’ shoulders and forgave the drug-addled racist who killed those good folks, the liberals in this nation were fit to be tied.  They didn’t want to see Godly forgiveness.  They wanted to see race riots.

Unable to join in this mass celebration of unity where whites and blacks from across the country gathered in sorrow without racial strife, these liberals needed to press on in their drive to put a stake through the heart of this nation by breeding more of the hate that keeps them in power.

Now look, I have no love for the Confederate flag because I’m a Republican.  The Confederate flag is the flag under which the Democrats fought the new Republican Party in the Civil War in order to keep their Negroes in slavery.  So, since the Democrats are always saying we need a dialogue on race, let’s have one.

The Confederate flag was the flag of the slave-owning Democrats.  When the Republicans freed the slaves, it became the flag of the Democrats who continued to persecute the freed black man.  It was the flag of the Democrat Party’s KKK, which served to force blacks and Republicans to vote for Democrats in the voting booth with a gun to their head, as well as other purposes.  It was a flag of the Democrat Party segregationists who hoped to continue to keep the black man down.  Like I said, I have no love for it.

Nonetheless, it seems to me a bit wrong to then treat it like the Cross, the main symbol of Christianity, because some drug-addled kid with a gun posed in photos with the flag before he killed some black Christians.  The cross is such a powerful symbol of hate to all those who hate Christianity and the idea of objective truth when it comes to morality, it is, along with God’s Ten Commandments, the only thing that is banned from government property.

Banning the flag that stands as a big bloody tumor on the history of the racist Democrat Party almost serves to elevate that bloody symbol to the importance of the Cross.  The Cross is what those gracious family members carried as they found the God-inspired inner goodness it took to forgive the racist boy that carried the Democrat Party flag on his demonic crime spree.  While the Confederate army fought for slaveryContinue reading

Some Random Thoughts

Some Random Thoughts

Hillary stood up to Russia, liberal Jews attacked Wounded Warriors, Osama bin Laden’s porn stash is classified, Pope Francis has allowed communist Bishops to run the Vatican, and my solution to the Chinese hack of all Federal workers’ dossiers- saving the best for last.

By Mack Rights

yodaryHillary announced yesterday that she intends to be the first woman president.  Did you know she was a woman?  It seems like she needs to continuously to remind us, lest we forget.  In any case, she bragged that, as Secretary of State, she stood up to Putin, the Russian dictator.  We contacted Putin to get a comment:

“Yees, thees womyn, thees les-bionic criminal mastermind scares me.  Eees true.  Thees eees vy ve had to take Crimea and the Ukraine.  Ve need a buffer to pro-taect me from thees crazy lady.  VRussia feers her ascension.  Eees true.”

So Hillary tells the truth for once.  Good for her.

In my recent piece called “Lessons from the Torah: Life must be separate from death,” I came up with just a few instances where mixing life with death may have caused some serious damage.  However, sometimes I continue writing on pieces in my head, even after they’ve been published.  Rabbi Daniel Lapin exposed me to a profound understanding that I’d lacked for too long- that being the reason that it isn’t kosher to mix dairy with meat in the Jewish religion.  Dairy represents life because nothing died to create the milk, while meat represents death for obvious reasons.  Life and death cannot be mixed, according to the Torah.

In the passing days, I remembered a couple of things that I wish I had included on the list at the time but hadn’t thought of them yet.

The first is a story about members of the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity at the University of Florida.  They attacked some wounded veterans at the Panama City Beach.  As reported in the USA Today:Continue reading

Democrats and Unions Conspire Against People with a Job

Democrats and Unions Conspire Against People with a Job

And Union Retirees

By Mack Rights

hoFFA OBAMAJeffrey Scott Schapiro of The Washington Times recently wrote a piece titled “Teamsters spend big on politics while preparing to cut pensions- union tosses cash at lobbying despite retirement shortfalls.”  I have one piece of advice for Teamster’s President Jimmy Hoffa, Jr.: Get yourself an implanted GPS chip so they will know where to find your body.

Here’s the scoop.  The pensions, like Social Security, are way underfunded.  With the Teamsters’ pension, for every $3.46 that is paid out to retirees, only a single dollar is contributed from presently employed union members.  The fund is $2 billion short each year.

In December, before the Republicans took over the Senate, the lame duck Democrat Senate passed an Obama-signed Multiemployer Pension Reform Act (MPRA).  This allows any union pension fund, with more than one contributing employer, “to cut benefits to workers and current retirees if the plan is underfunded by at least 20 percent.”  They’re all that underfunded.  While the most vulnerable retirees might get full benefits, the younger ones are about to get letters explaining the coming cuts on a sliding scale.

Let’s look at this from another perspective.  Unions spend millions upon millions of dollars, taken from union members as dues, every year to get Democrats elected.  The Democrats then allowed these unions to cut the pension payments to retirees and the expectations of those presently working to get their own pension in the future.  In other words, union members are paying dues to Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. and his ilk so that Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. can negotiate lower pension payments to retired union members.  So far, only the Teamsters have hit the news, but there are up to 10 million workers whose pension payments are on the chopping block because of this Democrat-passed bill.  Some are expecting cuts up to 30 to 40%.  But all is not lost:

Robert Amsden, who drove a truck in Wisconsin for 33 years, recently told Labor Notes online magazine that the pension cuts won’t save any money because Congress will end up making up the difference through government-funded entitlement programs.

“They are going to bail us out one way or another. People who never expected any government assistance in their life, they’re going to have to go for food stamps,” he said.

In other words, this ability of the union thugocracy to cut payments rather than admit their own failures is made possible by government subsides, such as food stamps and other welfare programs.  This is a clever way for the government to bail out the almost-bankrupted unions by putting pensioners on food stamps.  I’m sure every trucker on the road is thinking, “I’m working really hard now so that when I retire, I qualify for food stamps.”  It’s the American Dream.Continue reading

Lessons from the Torah: Life Must be Separate from Death


Lessons from the Torah: Life Must be Separate from Death

By Mack Rights

I was listening to Glenn Beck interviewing Rabbi Daniel Lapin this morning.  Rabbi Lapin is an Orthodox Jewish rabbi, meaning he still believes that the Torah is indeed the Word of God.  One of the best books I’ve ever read is his book called America’s Real War.  So when I heard Glenn Beck was interviewing my favorite rabbi, I paid attention.

He explained why it’s not kosher to mix cheese with meat.  Cheeseburgers are definitely one of the many reasons I’d never make it as a good Jew.  I went to school with a lot of Jews.  My fraternity was so Jewish that we used to call the Epsilon in our fraternity’s name “Epstein.”  Not a one of my Jewish brothers ever really expressed any sort of sincere devotion to their religion to me though.  They were deeply Jewish in the cultural sense, but none of it ever felt any bit religious.  A bunch of them invited me to a Rosh Hashanah dinner once, but other than the opening prayer, it wasn’t super religious.  Just pleasantly family oriented and one of the best meals I’ve ever had.  My buddy’s mother can cook- no question.

As far as I could tell though, other than the dinner traditions there, the only religious thing I ever saw was when they’d keep kind of kosher.  However, not a one of them ever explained the reasons for the kosher rules to me.  I’d always just considered that an indication that they just didn’t know.  None of the Jews I’ve ever known were in anyway religious according to the Torah, as far as I could tell.  They were all super liberal, pro-abortion, pro-gay, and pro anything that a Christian would stand against.  In fact, the only criticism I’d ever heard from them of any culture was of Christianity.  Surprise, right?  Liberal Jews hate Christianity.  That’s the feeling I got anyway.  I just cut them some slack- the Holocaust and all.

So enough of the suspense.  It’s not kosher to mix dairy with meat because the Torah requires that man keep death and life separate.  The cheese on a cheeseburger, made of milk, is life.  Nothing was killed in the creation of cheese.  The burger, on the other hand, came from the slaughter of the cow.  Brilliant.  I get it now.  I’m still going to eat cheeseburgers, but I suddenly understand the reason.

Rabbi Lapin was talking about how life needs to be separate from death in respect to what is happening in the Middle East.  You see, the Judaic religion is divine.  What is happening in the Middle East is not.  That which is evil is the mirror image of that which is good, by that I mean it is reversed.  Death is the mirror image of life, and the two need to be separate.

However, Muslims get to have sex with seventy-two virginsContinue reading

Sex-Crime Lessons from Dennis Hastert, Lena Dunham and Josh Duggar

Sex-Crime Lessons from Dennis Hastert, Lena Dunham and Josh Duggar

By Mack Rights

hastert, dunham and duggarAt present, America has several sordid tales of perversion to occupy itself with so it won’t have time to look into the Hillary Clinton Crime Family’s growing list of treasonous crimes and affairs.  Nonetheless, there are lessons and implications in each of these developing stories that, if we right-thinking people bring them to life, will make the left regret that they think we’re like a bunch of dogs that are easily distracted by the tasty squirrels they keep sending our way.

Let’s start with Dennis Hastert, the former Republican Congressional Majority Leader.  He was recently busted for giving upwards of $3.5 million to some extortionist that was allegedly willing to expose Hastert’s previous crimes of diddling a boy or boys while he was a high school wrestling coach.  Apparently, he took the money out of the bank in incremental withdrawals of less than $10,000, so as to avoid the banks’ required reporting to the federal government.  This law was put into place to prevent money laundering of drug dealers and other miscreants.

However, structuring the withdrawals was only what led to the investigation into why he was taking out so much money.  You see, it’s not illegal to structure withdrawals, but it is illegal to lie to the investigating FBI agent when he asks you why you took out the money in structured withdrawals.  Whether that is an invasion of privacy or not is another story.  Lying to the FBI agent is why he may go to jail- not for raping underage boys in the 70s, simply because he’s protected by the statute of limitations.  Isn’t that pathetic that there’s actually a statute of limitations on raping children?  I wonder what liberal thought that was smart.  Actually, I do understand that it is to protect folks from being smeared by false accusers who have no proof but can destroy a man’s reputation.  But in this case, the $3.5 million is the proof.

In any case, it’s ironic that Hastert was the Majority Leader when Congress impeached President Bill Clinton for lying under oath about having sex outside of marriage, which actually should be a crime because, as president, he could be extorted by foreign entities.  Nonetheless, while, other than allegedly raping Juanita Broderick and abusing another lady (I forget which, but he said, “You’d better put some ice on that” instead of giving her a cigarette after he gave her a fat lip in the process of doing his business), Clinton’s sex crimes weren’t as bad.  Nonetheless, the left got their panties in a bunch over the fact that their philanderer in chief was being impeached for lying under oath- which they whined was just about sex.  So now they’re getting Hastert for lying to an FBI agent in order to cover up his sordid affairs- the kind of sordid affairs they’d normally approve of if Hastert were a Democrat.

Look, I’m not sticking up for this guy.  I think he should be shot, legally of course.  While we don’t know much about the person that was extorting him, called individual A, we do know about another boy who he’d allegedly groomed into the gay lifestyle.  Steve Reinboldt was the equipment manager for the wrestling team that Hastert coached in about 1970.  According to the ABC report on the long affair, Steve’s sister Jolene finally came public because of the investigation into Hastert.  As reported:

“I asked him, when was your first same sex experience. He looked at me and said, ‘It was with Dennis Hastert,’” Jolene said. “I was stunned.”

Jolene said she asked her brother why he never told anyone. “And he just turned around and kind of looked at me and said, ‘Who is ever going to believe me?’”

Continue reading

Senator Elizabeth Warren Does a Rain Dance in California

Texas and Oklahoma Flood- Coincidence or Overkill on the Redistribution of Rain Rights?

By Mack Rights

As you know, they’ve been getting awful amounts of rain in Texas and Oklahoma, and this has caused massive flooding and numerous deaths.  My prayers go out to those affected.

Meanwhile, in California, they have a horrible drought.  This is necessitating that folks let their grass turn brown, that they take quick showers, and that farmers let the fields remain unplanted.

As you’d expect, the liberals have gone crazy.  Every slight change in the weather is called Man-Made Global Warming due to the “pollution” of Carbon Dioxide.  Carbon Dioxide is simply what is exhaled by every breathing human and animal, meaning that the very act of breathing makes you a polluter in the eyes of these blood-shot-eyed dirt worshippers.

Very rarely, if ever, do the liberals report the real reasons that California’s drought is so bad.  They’ve let their population grow dramatically by turning their welfare state into a magnet for illegal aliens crossing the Mexican border.  Their Senate just approved giving illegal aliens free healthcare.  Newsflash: that’s not going to make them go home.  On top of that, the state’s pot-headed environmentalist whackos have prevented the building of any new dams or water pipelines- meaning no new water sources to accommodate the growing population.  Add to that the regulations that ensure that farmers are refused access to numerous water sources, so as to protect the water rights of fish and other useless critters, and you get massive man-caused droughts.

Forget about the need for water to grow food in order to keep humans alive- these smelt need to spawn.  In other words, California made its own bed.  Oh, and I shouldn’t forget the fact that much of the mountain water is diverted by Mexican drug cartels that use the water to grow marijuana on public lands.  The water never even gets to the people because it’s being used to grow Mexico’s biggest cash crop- marijuana in America.  I guess that’s another job Americans won’t do.  Too bad the profits go back to Mexico while the imported pot growers stay here.  But I guess someone’s got to grow enough pot to keep the Californian population dumb enoughContinue reading

They’ll Get You Through Your Children

They’ll Get You Through Your Children

By Mack Rights

We’ll get you through your children!”- Allen Ginsburg- gay radical beatnik poet.


Don’t think they won’t!”- Me- straight dude who thinks most poetry is mindless drivel.


A while back, I wrote a piece called “Are your kids being turned into Feminists at Public Schools?”  In it I wrote the following two paragraphs.  I highlighted the part I want to remark on in bold:

Common Core is a self-preserving cultural parasite that needs willing adherents to be elected in order to continue to infect the minds of innocent children.  As a result, it teaches more than just reading, writing and arithmetic, which it barely teaches at all.  It teaches ideology, and of course, its ideology is of the left.  It is the government control of “liberalizing” your child in order to make them more conducive to being slaves on the government plantation.  Its goal is to transfer loyalty from the family onto the government that seeks to replace the need for family with clever new government programs manned by expensive and mindless government-unionized drones.

First though, it must delegitimize the need for family.  They’re already arguing that allowing parents to read to children before bed is unfair to the children who don’t have parents that read to them before bed.  Looking a bit further down that slippery slope, one sees that children with two parents will have an unfair advantage over children with fewer.  Therefore, no child should be raised in a two-parent home, but all children should be raised in a state-run orphanage.  Only then can we have true equality.  Sound like science fiction? – So did landing on the moon at one point in history.  So did the formation of the Hitler Youth at one time in history.  History repeats itself over and over- except the part about landing on the moon.  Obama has grounded all our space ships and turned NASA into a creative writing outfit to generate fantasies about how the Muslim world contributed to the scientific world– you know, because a sandaled camel jockey spends a lot of time looking at stars in between terrorist attacks.

Only a few days after I wrote that, Obama’s Secretary of Education Arne Duncan proposed “public boarding schools for our kids.”  Whose kids?  Arne’s kids and my kids, or does Arne think he shares ownership of my kids and your kids?  I’m sure those questions will be answered later of course.  As Sylvia Van Peebles of the Examiner writes:

Have you heard the one about Arne Duncan‘s proposed public boarding schools? Actually, it’s not a new idea. Authoritarian governments have always known that it is important to mold the young in their ideology. The first Premier of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin, thought of it decades ago. He said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted. Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.” We saw the results of that.

At his conference, Arne Duncan said: “I think all of our schools should be community centersContinue reading