WNY Justice System Hammered by Hochuls Part 1

 In seeking to answer why Governor Cuomo chose former Buffalo Congressman Kathy Hochul as his Lt. Governor, we will be running an old series by FDFNY Vice President Mike Madigan.  If you’re not convinced that the government is run by corrupt people protecting the corruptions of others, be sure to enjoy this series.
-The Management

Kathy Hochul is Cuomo’s Lt. Gov Candidate. Note: Republished from 2012 article

By: Mike Madigan

hochulThe headline in The Buffalo News on January 14, 2010 stated, “Feds Bring down Hammer on Wheatfield Drug Ring”.  Unknown to the paper, the only thing that actually was about to be hammered was the integrity of the U.S. justice system.  Cash flowed from four of the primary defendant’s legal teams, who were involved in this case; and it flowed directly into the campaign account of U.S. Attorney Hochuls’ wife, Congresswoman Kathy Hochul.  The defendants detailed in the article bought the hammer off instead. See the original Buffalo News article here:http://www.buffalonews.com/incoming/article29952.ece (archived)

Ironically this cash flow started the day prior to the publishing of the Buffalo News article, which reported major actions taken in the case, by U.S. Attorney Hochul, on that same day. The news article was written on January 14th 2010.  On January 13th, two of the legal teams paid the first installment of over $15,300, to Kathy Hochul’s campaign fund. At that time, U.S. Attorney Hochul was finalizing the court actions for two of the defendants in this drug ring.

The Buffalo News was accurate in both its headline and its expectations that the defendants should be hammered by the Feds. Their assumption was based on similar Federal cases, which were historically prosecuted resulting typically in prison terms, confiscated property and fines. Continue reading

Did Michael Brown Die for Our Sins?

Did Michael Brown Die for Our Sins?

By Mack Rights

michael brownIf Michael Brown’s not the second coming of Christ or a messenger from God in the form of a prophet here to show us the error of our ways, then we, as a civilization, need to stop lionizing him as a hero.  Heroes are to be emulated.  We shine a spotlight on them and teach our children that that’s whom we should be like.

The effort of turning Michael Brown into a dead martyr in the war against racism is absurdly silly and dangerous in ways that we will only come to regret.  Realizing that it is impolite to speak ill of the dead, this is really about speaking ill of those who’ve decided that the death of Michael Brown wasn’t a result of his own suicidal tendencies but of institutional racism.  The misperception that Michael Brown died as a result of racism depends upon numerous lies being perpetrated over and over by those who benefit from the resulting societal chaos.  Contrary to the well-known contention of Hitler’s liberal Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels, even if a lie is repeated over and over and over, it doesn’t actually become the truth.  Unlike your point of view, truth isn’t subjective.  If a tree falls in the forest and nobody’s there to hear it, did it really fall? – Yep.

Michael Brown didn’t have his hands in the air, he wasn’t surrendering, and he wasn’t shot after pleading, “Don’t shoot.”  That story is a lie put into the record by his buddy and sidekick for the robbery that they had just committed.  And now, with the release of Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department’s final report that explains why the police officer who shot Michael Brown has been exonerated because the “Hands up don’t shoot” battle cry was all based on a lie, it’s time to assess the damage that the Michael Brown fantasy has done to civilization.  Some witnesses behind this lie even admitted to fearing for their lives if they were to tell the truth- not a fear that would be considered rational in a true civilization.

As a result of those who refused to see the truth while they clung to this lie, Ferguson, MO has been destroyed and turned into a no-go zone- like the Muslim areas of many European cities that have been abandoned by their governments after being completely conquered by the invading barbarians who refuse to allow government-employed police to do their jobs.

Civilized society will have no reason whatsoever to invest, visit or spend money in Ferguson, MO.  There will be no jobs for the black man whose place of employment went up in flames and whose boss has rightly decided to get his business assets out of the barbaric cesspool of lawless degeneracy.  Furthermore, when black people and supposedly enlightened white progressives fail to condemn what has been done in the name of martyred prophet of gangsta life Michael Brown, they are in essence endorsing their prophet’s actions which led to his death.

In Matthew 7:15-16, Jesus teaches that we will know the false prophets by their fruits: “15Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.16Ye shall know them by their fruits.” Continue reading

Ayesha Guest Host on Talking Back w/ Shannon Joy

AyeshaHeadShotChaplain Ayesha Kreutz, President of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of NY sits in and guest hosts for the beautiful and talented Shannon Joy of  the “Talking Back with Shannon Joy” show

In Case you missed it live: Here are the archived links to the two shows I did, sitting in for Shannon Joy on the “Talking back with Shannon Joy show”  on radio station WYSL 140 AM out of NY

We all talk, race, economics, state of the black family, progressives in the church and more.


talkingbackshanojoy Continue reading

Obama Compares Hillary to a Smelly Car That No one Wants to Drive

Obama Compares Hillary to a Smelly Car That No one Wants to Drive

By Mack Rights


Your anger you will give into, and vote for me you will.

In an America infected with a mainstreamed Clinton-Kinsey morality, it’s no surprise that The Cosby Show is banned from TV while 50 Shades of Grey, an S and M porn movie, makes over a $150 million playing in your local movie theaters.  With that in mind, I have some questions that I think should be asked of Hillary Clinton before the 2016 election- but only after I’ve explained my reasoning for asking them.  Of course, for reasons I explain, these questions will never be answered, simply because anyone with access will fear the repercussions of asking them even more than the imminent loss of access.  The Clintons aren’t known to be patient with those who betray them.  In their world, unlike the one imagined by our Founding Fathers, access is a privilege, not a right.

We know that Obama talks in code.  When he said that he didn’t support gay marriage because he still had to get reelected and then refused to defend marriage in the court of law, he was actually telling all the gays that they should attack marriage in the court of law because he sure wasn’t going to do a thing to stop them.  He was also saying that the gays should attack all Christians who aren’t willing to take part in the government-mandated blasphemous rewriting of the Word of God.  While trying to take guns from Americans and buying up all the ammo to make sure his regulatory agencies have enough ammo to kill every American forty times, he was running guns to the Mexican drug cartels fast and furiously.  In doing so, he was actually telling them that America will be yours (an allusion to the saying “The world is yours” from the movie Scarface).  So use these guns to redistribute the wealth of the Americans in the South-West before you get them addicted to drugs, take away their land and make their vote meaningless.  And with his refusal to admit that terrorism has anything to do with Islam, he’s telling the Muslims around the world to continue to kill Christians and Jews because he doesn’t care and won’t do a thing to stop them.  At least, that is what is happening.

And that got me thinking.  A couple of months ago, Obama was dodging a bunch of whiffle ball questions from one of the Clinton-spawned media darlings.  George Stephenapoulos, former host of ABC’s “This is Weak,” was asking him about Hillary in 2016.  Now remember, to these “open-minded” media people, Hillary is it.  There isn’t anyone else.  She’s a forgone conclusion.  No one has what an illegal alien would call “cojones” to run against her because no one wants to get Vince Fostered to death.

Say what you want about the death of Vince Foster, but those close to the Clintons all think the Clintons had him whacked because he knew too much.  People don’t normally walk through mud on a rainy night to dump their soon-to-be-dead-by-suicide body out of sight and not get mud on their shoes.  I don’t care what they say in public, these Democrats think something completely different in private.  They all know, don’t cross the Clintons.  Not even the FBI was willing to investigate it thoroughly.  And whether they killed Vince Foster or not (I don’t know), the Clintons still benefit from the gangsta-like fear that they actually did kill him.  If they can’t be respected, they’ll make sure they’re feared.

Obama only got away with crossing her because he was black and had the race card to play.  In the poker game of life, the race card is the equivalent of four wild jokers and an ace.  There is also the fact that most Democrats don’t really like Hillary as a person.  She might be an icon in her own mind and Democrats might tell pollsters that they like her because they don’t want to end up like Vince Foster, but she’s not that likeable.  Ask her husband.  He doesn’t even sleep in the same state as she does. Continue reading

Black matters, black question

By Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz

AyeshaHeadShotQuestion, to blacks, from another colored :) :

Can we or shouldn’t we agree that, in the end, blacks must ultimately help themselves? I want to share three quotes, then discuss.

In 1865, whites asked what to do with freed blacks. Frederick Douglass, born into slavery, said: ” I have but one answer from the beginning. Do nothing with us! …. If apples will not remain on the tree of their own strength…let them fall. And if the negro cannot stand on his own legs, let him fall also. All I ask is, give him a chance to stand on his own legs!”

Booker T. Washington, also born into slavery, said: “It is important and right that all privileges of law be granted to blacks, but it is vastly more important that they be prepared for the exercise of these privileges.” Continue reading

Spicy Feldman Discovers that Terrorists are Running Out of Virgins

Spicy Feldman Discovers that Terrorists Extremists are Running Out of Virgins

By Mack Rights

my enemyI have discovered another Spicy Feldman transcript from the future.  This one gives us another outstanding look at the future that I hope does not happen but presumably will if we stay on this track.  Keep in mind though, this transcript is from the future, and the Frederick Douglass Foundation cannot be held responsible for what is said and how it is said.

[Begin Transcript]

Spicy Feldman: This is Spicy Feldman of Neo-Pinko Radio, your government-funded radio for people unafraid to admit that these incessant below-zero winter cold spells are obviously caused by global warming.  Today, we will have a round-table discussion on how we can work to improve relations with the Islamic State.  With us, is Imam Hamed Hussein of Utopia, NY.  We spoke with him during our story on peace in the Middle East.  How are you Imam?

Imam Hamed Hussein:  I’m fine you Jewish pig.

Spicy Feldman:  Oh, you old flirt.  You’re always teasing me.  As well, we have a prominent State Department Official from the Obama administration named, Rainbow Saki.  How are you Rainbow?

Rainbow Simpleton:  I’m great Spicy.  It’s a pleasure to meet you Imam.

Spicy Feldman:  Finally, we have man by the name of Mark David.  He would rather not use his last name.  He’s a Christian missionary who has just gotten back from the Middle East.  And in the next segment, we will be joined by a very special guest named Hamed the Procurer, who will add to the conversation, I’m sure.

Imam:  Hamed the Procurer?  My love of Allah, what an amazing guest.  How did you get Hamed the Procurer?

Spicy:  Let’s just say, we have some pull at Neo-Pinko Radio.  Being in charge of procuring the 72 virgins for each Islamic martyr, Hamed has some things he’d like to share.  He jumped at the chance to have a say in this conversation.    Continue reading

Republicans Need to Stop Getting Clubbed with Evolution and Vaccines

Republicans Need to Stop Getting Clubbed with Evolution and Vaccines

By Mack Rights

scott walkerWisconsin Governor Scott Walker is crushing it in the polls right now, and the liberals are afraid of him.  So, in typical liberal fashion, they attack that which they fear with the ferocity of a rabid little chipmunk hopped up on a recent injection of cocaine dissolved in bear semen.

Rather than looking into Obama’s past, the Washington Compost did an investigation into Scott Walker’s college years because he didn’t finish college after getting a job.  No big deal, right?

Well it is a big deal for the left.  College is where the left gets its claws into your head so it can rip out your brain and replace it with political dogma that has no logic or reason when examined with a still-thinking brain.  The term “brain-dead liberal” is a bit misleading.  Truth is, the brain’s gone.  It’s been replaced with a talking-points-reading teleprompter-like-thingy with a self-esteem massager on the side.  “Yes, you’re the smartest human on the planet.  Just keep spewing this nonsense, I mean truth.” Continue reading

In Memory of Dr. Timothy Johnson

In Memory of Dr. Timothy Johnson

By Mack Rights

Please keep his family in prayer. We are encouraging those who knew or knew of Tim to contribute to a memorial fund set up by his children. HERE

timothy_johnsonFor those who don’t know, one of the founders of the Frederick Douglass Foundation died last week.  Tim Johnson was the lifeblood and the inspiration for the Foundation.

I’ve spent the last week watching his speeches and reading his writings and just thinking about my friend.  I kept asking myself, “What do I write to remember Tim Johnson?”  The only answer I came up with was unfortunately just another question: “How does one even forget Tim Johnson?”  The answer to that question is easy- you don’t.  Don’t even try.

The Frederick Douglass Foundation is the way it is because of Tim.  He refused to compromise or sell his soul for the riches that come from touting the establishment line.  His currency was principle, and that made him one of the richest men alive.

No, he never claimed to be perfect, and he readily admitted that he wasn’t.  But he came to Christ and repented.  He was saved and didn’t believe the lie that, just because he was a sinner, he had no business speaking up for truth and righteousness.  That lie came from the pit of hell, and he’d realized that it was conveniently reprinted in the fine print of the Democrat Party Platform, along with a bunch of other lies used to keep minorities down by making sure that they see themselves as victims in need of the purposely poisoned medicine that the Democrat Party spoon feeds its voters.  “Here, take this.  You’ll never be happy, and you’ll always vote for Democrats, even though you’ll never be happy and you’ll always vote for Democrats.”  The circle of hell in a bottle.

One of the favorite things I watched was Tim’s speech at the kickoff for the Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York.  It was the first time of many that I’d heard him speak, and after this speech, I made it a point to get to know him well.  With that in mind, please read some of those words:

Too many Christians are going into the closet…

We spend so much time being politically correct.  I say we need to be politically direct…

We believe in the sanctity of life from the womb to the tomb, and we also believe in the protection of traditional marriage.  That means, as my pastor would say, born a man, born a women, married to one another, one at a time…

I am not an African-American. I’m not from Africa.  I’m from Cleveland, OH, born and raised.  I’m an American who happens to have a sun tan that lasts year round.  And I’m not a minority.  You see, last time I checked, I’m a Christian and an American, and since we’re still on American soil and they haven’t taken us yet, we’re still a part of the majority.  And therefore, please don’t refer to me as a minority.  Because I’m not one.  I don’t see myself as a minority.  Never have and never will.  And I don’t see myself as an African-American.  You see Africa is a continent…

Another man who lost his life in New York [other than Frederick Douglass] said that if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.  His name was Malcolm X…

This is my party.  You can’t invite me to my party.  Somewhere along in time, someone lied to me and had me paying rent on the house I helped build, but I’m not paying rent anymore.  I’m not telling you you have to move, but you need to scoot over and recognize it’s my house…

Stop calling me a minority. I’m an American.  When you talk to me as an American, you see me differently. When you see me as an equal, you come to me differently.  It’s a different conversation.  Stop talking to me about how we need to get into the black communities.  We need to get into all the communities…

Some people may be upset that there aren’t enough people in this room.  Well Jesus Christ had twelve disciples, and look what he did…

Tim Johnson was a fearless man with a huge vision, and I’m telling you that his vision is worth seeing, and it’s also worth seeking out.

In his last public speech, Tim pointed to Exodus 15, where the Lord is a warrior.  “If we’re going to follow the Lord, we’re going to have to bare our own cross…  It’s costly to be a warrior…  The devil is on the job 24/7…”

He knew he had enemies and obstacles who regularly sought his failure, but he pressed on fearlessly.  Never once did I see him compromise principle for expediency.  Never once did he read what I had written and say that you can’t say that because of race or that it’ll offend someone.  Race was never the issue for him.  Truth was paramount, and everything else was secondary.  He was a Christian and an American, through and through.

In the realm of the Republican Party’s movers and shakers, he was a roaring lion in a room full of chirping ‘fraidy cats.  There’s no doubt that some of these gutless chirpers are happy they’ll no longer have to hear his roar in the background of their daily lives, which they spend pretending to give a care about what the people think, only to later make half-hearted efforts to pass bills they know will fail.  Tim wasn’t afraid to call them out on their wholesale surrender of the republic to the tyranny of judicial activism and unconstitutional “legislation” through executive fiat.

Little do they know though, Tim’s roar will live on in the Foundation he developed.  Tim trained and inspired many along the way.  He brought the experience and the voice of Frederick Douglass to us.  Tim’s Douglass-inspired voice and philosophy of no surrender-no compromise will live on.  Once you know the truth, there is no unknowing it.

Look, if I were the first male Miss America contestant standing around in a speedo and my furry glory answering the question- “If you were granted one wish to help the world, what would it be?”- my answer would be: “I would want every person in America to hear Tim Johnson’s speeches and be required to read his writings.”  You all know there’s going to be a Mr. Miss America someday because the left’s degeneracy has no boundaries.

We hear a lot of people talking about the Rev. Martin Luther King’s dream, but Tim lived it.  The best way to achieve a color-blind society is to live it, but the left could never do that.  Without a racial divide to exploit, there’d be no money to make off its exploitation.

Tim Johnson was living proof that success doesn’t depend upon wearing the nerf armor of victimhood to protect you from the arrows of straw-man enemies.  He had his faith in Christ, and it protected him from the real enemy, whose currency is lies.

So back to being Mr. Miss America.  The reason for my answer would be this:  “If everyone in the world thought and lived like Tim Johnson, the world would be a much more peaceful place.”  That may not sound like a roar to you, but, to the government establishment and the poverty pimps that make a living off exploiting their construct of racial-divide, that’s the Word of God ripping through the temple of Satan.  It’s Holy Water splashed on the face of a bloodsucker.

Tim was a warrior armed with the Word of God, and while he’s been silenced, his roar will live on.  We at the Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York miss our beloved friend and mentor, but Tim’s legacy will live on in everything that we do.

RIP brother.


Tim Johnson, Co-founder of The Frederick Douglass Foundation Dies at 50 – Official FDF Statement


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Checkout Congressman Barry Loudermilk as he honored Tim from the floor of the house of representatives earlier this week
YouTube Link: http://youtu.be/uojYw1w0Q3k

 The Urban News

Please keep his family in prayer. We are encouraging those who knew or knew of Tim to contribute to a memorial fund set up by his children. HERE

Open Letter to Monroe County Republican Leaders Sick of the Corruption

An Open Letter to Monroe County Republican Leaders and Anyone who’s Sick of the Corruption

January 5, 2015

About a month ago, Republican leaders, elected officials and petition passers received an anonymous letter outlining several issues that freedom-loving Republicans in the Rochester area despise about our out-of-control County Chairman Bill Reilich, who runs our once beloved Republican Party as a farm team for the Democrats.

The anonymous letter from the Coalition of Republican Leaders listed exhibits A to I, each showing another instance of alleged betrayal to the cause of the Republican Party. For those who haven’t read this letter, here’s a brief synopsis. Continue reading