Open Letter to Monroe County Republican Leaders Sick of the Corruption

An Open Letter to Monroe County Republican Leaders and Anyone who’s Sick of the Corruption

January 5, 2015

About a month ago, Republican leaders, elected officials and petition passers received an anonymous letter outlining several issues that freedom-loving Republicans in the Rochester area despise about our out-of-control County Chairman Bill Reilich, who runs our once beloved Republican Party as a farm team for the Democrats.

The anonymous letter from the Coalition of Republican Leaders listed exhibits A to I, each showing another instance of alleged betrayal to the cause of the Republican Party. For those who haven’t read this letter, here’s a brief synopsis.

Reilich allegedly failed to support Republican opponents of Congressman Louise “Baby” Slaughter, the dark mistress of unrestrained baby slaughter in the abortion death chambers of every inner city in America. He even apparently “criticized, ridiculed and disparaged Mark” Assini, who came a few hundred votes away from defeating our Congressional Queen of Darkness, before making sure no help was given to Assini. Allegedly, he even gave support and encouragement to then candidate-for-mayor Lovely Warren, before telling all those Republicans who wanted to run against her to stand down. A Republican Party that doesn’t even try, cannot win. It’s obvious to you and me, but not apparently to our Chairman.

The anonymous letter we received even suggested that Reilich was required to leave Albany due to shenanigans having to do with Andrew Cuomo’s Moreland Commission Investigation- details of which are being withheld from the public because apparently they’re too damaging to too many elected officials. Without saying for sure, it appears that Cuomo has something on Reilich, and, in order to keep that from the public, Reilich has made a deal to let the Democrats get what they want. Whether that’s how it went down or not, that’s the way it looks.

Reilich also allegedly failed to support Rob Astorino for governor. There’s only two reasons for not supporting Andy Cuomo’s opponent. Either Cuomo has something on you, or you’re a closeted Democrat. Either way, Reilich needs to go. In addition to that, it appears that, in exchange for helping the Democrats, a number of Republican candidates in Greece ran unopposed because the Democrats stood down in Reilich’s town. Yeah, because that happens all the time without a backroom deal.

The anonymous letter from this group of Monroe County Republicans also mentioned a little about what went on with Republican Assembly Candidate Peterson Vazquez’s race against radical liberal Harry Bronson. The Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York worked to get Peterson Vazquez elected and know firsthand the efforts of Bill Reilich to destroy Peterson’s candidacy. Apparently, the last thing Reilich wanted was to be seen

by his Democrat-Party overlords supporting a conservative Puerto Rican Christian against a godless liberal heathen sponsor of every piece of pro-degenerate legislation the fires of hell can forge.

In case you didn’t follow our earlier coverage of the joke that Reilich’s Monroe County GOP has become, Reilich allegedly forced Vazquez’s first campaign chairman to pass petitions to get Andrew Cuomo and Vazquez’s opponent Harry Bronson on the Independence Party line. Vazquez had to let her go after she tried and failed to get out of having to pass those petitions.

Furthermore, when Peterson’s campaign turned their own petitions to get on the Independence Party line into the county board of elections, Peter Quinn and the board of election member of Peterson’s campaign both failed to tell the campaign about a small aspect missing on the petitions. The petitions were thrown out because of a small technicality. This may have been an honest mistake, but the campaign was already aware that people had felt that their county jobs were being threatened if they helped get Peterson elected. Coincidence is the explanation of a lazy mind.

Now, we’ve recently heard that Bill Reilich has called for a special election to replace Peter Quinn at the Board of Elections. Allegedly, Reilich hasn’t even told anyone whom he wants leaders to vote for. It’s as if Reilich has seen Quinn’s early retirement as an opportunity to put a slick loyalist in control of the board of elections. And of course he refuses to tell everyone about whom he wants to take over until right before everyone’s required to vote. That’s not the definition of political transparency.

Stop it, and stop it now. The Republican Party is run by an egomaniac who has done everything he can to alienate a significant portion of the Republican Party and Independents who’d love to become Republicans if the party wasn’t so obviously despicable and corrupt. At the Frederick Douglass Foundation, we know what conservatives think of the party under Reilich. As well, there are many conservative-minded minorities in the city that would love- just absolutely love it if the Republican Party would be willing to reach out to them.

However, Reilich’s alleged deal with the Democrats precludes the party’s ability to actually reach out to conservative minorities. The Frederick Douglass Foundation is the largest Christ-centered, multi-ethnic and Republican ministry in America. We are the liaison between the Republican Party and disaffected minorities who would love an alternative to the Democrat Party- the only party that actually shows up. Bill Reilich has repeatedly refused to even speak with us and give us seat at the table.

For this reason, when those disaffected minorities in the inner city say to us, as they very often do: “Well, if the Republican Party is so great, where are they?”- we don’t have an answer that doesn’t involve admitting that we despise our leaders as much as most minorities despise Republicans.

We need a Republican Party that doesn’t despise and work to destroy its conservative base. With all of this evidence mounting, it is apparent that, under Reilich, the Monroe County GOP collaborates with the Democrats in order to destroy the part of its base that would be the most politically active and enthusiastic about helping Republicans get elected. It’s as illogical as a runner chopping off his own leg on the morning of the big race.

Sure we do not know all those involved in putting the anonymous letter together, but we do think that at least some of them are on the inside and that there is enough disaffection for Reilich that it doesn’t matter. Reilich’s on the ropes, and it’s time to knock him out. There are more people with stories that need to be heard. So speak up.

Let me quote the great Barry Goldwater for the billionth time: “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. And moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

No one remembers the elected official who sat down and shut up when he was needed. No one gives a care about the cowardly politician who refused to answer the call. No one wants to hear the war story of the guy whose answer is “nothing” to the question: “What did you do during the war?” It’s time to stand up. Voters will however remember the group of principled Republicans who

started a movement to get rid of costly regulations and rotten laws that only seek to turn good citizens into criminals. That’s the Freedom Agenda we need- fight the collaborating establishment’s status quo and stand up for American ideals.

For those sitting on the fence, here’s your choice. You can speak up and lose the support of Bill Reilich, or you can remain silent and suffer the voters’ revenge for your collaboration with Reilich once he’s been deposed. His day is coming. Is yours coming as well?

To see a copy of the letter from the anonymous writers, HERE is a link to a copy of the letter.


The Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York

Loved and Hated, but Never Ignored

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Original Letter Below





I liked this so I am sharing with you all
Paul Sutliff

Paul Sutliff

Author/ Radio Guest Speaker on Muslim Brotherhood in America



This New Year’s I am calling on every Patriot, every person who loves America, the beacon of freedom to the world. I would like for every red-blooded American who sees the dangers those in the White House and those in high positions in the Congress like John Boehner who are NOT defending the Constitution as is their sworn duty, to stand and be counted. How?

This is simple. Find a local patriotic group like the 912 groups or a local Tea Party or an Act! For America group and start sharing what you learn. Get active in your local political parties. If you are a Democrat and do not want the Democrat party to be represented by Communists become a committeeman/ woman and stop them. If you are a Republican and do not want nepotism and RINO syndrome to affect you get involved! Become a local committeeman/woman.

It is time to stop the whining and complaining! Its time to stand up and take over the defunct political parties and return our great country to what it once was! We can no longer stand by and watch a president make law when that is unconstitutional!

What are we teaching our children today if we do nothing? That yes, Presidents can make laws? Last time I taught US History and Government there were three branches of government! Every person in Congress must be put on a warning that we intend to remove them from office if the President is not removed from office for thinking he can write law! That means people in both parties must be removed for violating their oath of office to defend the Constitution of the United States.

How do we start? With the 12 days of Constitutionalists!

January 2nd call your Congressman or woman and put them on notice that you expect them to file for impeachment for usurpation of power!

January 5th call your Senators and demand they take action to repeal Obamacare! After call the House has passed it before. It’s time the Senate did so also!

January 6th call the House Intelligence Committee and demand the investigate the Muslim Brotherhood’s presence in the White House! If they ask what presence ask them to investigate:

  1. How it is that when White House tours ended for the public they did not to for Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups in the US?
  2. How is it possible that Paul Monteiro’s position at the White House has him meeting with so many Muslims, a number highly disproportionate to their percentage of the US population?
  3. How is it possible that several leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood MPAC (Muslim Public Affairs Council) has been to the White House and met directly with the President?

January 7th call the Senate Intelligence Committee and demand the investigate the Muslim Brotherhood’s presence in the White House! If they ask what presence ask them to investigate:

  1. How a daughter of Muslim Brotherhood Yaqob Mirza could have been present at over 800 meetings in the White House?
  2. How it is that when White House tours ended for the public they did not to for Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups in the US?
  3. How is it possible that Paul Monteiro’s position at the White House has him meeting with so many Muslims, a number highly disproportionate to their percentage of the US population?
  4. How is it possible that several leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood MPAC (Muslim Public Affairs Council) has been to the White House and met directly with the President?

January 8th call the State Department and file FOIAs demanding to know when they met with members of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations).

January 9th call your Congressman/woman and ask them to inquire with the State Department about the ethics of meeting with a group the Judicial Branch has stated has given money to Hamas a US declared terrorist entity.

January 12th call your Senators and ask them to inquire with the State Department about the ethics of meeting with a group the Judicial Branch has stated has given money to Hamas a US declared terrorist entity.

January 13th hand write letters to your local Congressman asking when they are going to impeach a President who wants to write laws.

January 14th hand write letters to your Senators asking when they are going to impeach a President who wants to write laws.

January 15th mail those letters. Electronic communication is easily deleted. A deluge of hand written or typed letters is a cause for alarm and concern that Congressional representatives take to heart.

January 16th Schedule a meeting with your local Congressman and Senator. Ask to meet with them or a representative. If you can schedule a meeting for your groups representatives!

January 19th Time for follow calls. Call back and ask what steps have been taken since you called two weeks ago. Demand an answer, after all they work for you!

Thus we begin our stand for the Constitution of the United States!

Mack Rights- “Divergent” is a Great anti-Common Core Movie

“Divergent” is a Great anti-Common Core Movie

By Mack Rights

divergentI recently rented the DVD for the movie called “Divergent,” based on the dystopian novel of the same name by Veronica Roth.  Immediately, I came to the conclusion that it’s one of the most anti-Common Core movies out there.

It takes place in the futuristic remains of the walled-in city of Chicago, after much of the world has been destroyed.  A small closed-in society seems to more successfully employ the methods of socialism than the party of Obama could ever even imagine.  But there are problems- the main one being human nature, of course.  Who saw that coming?- Yeah, me too.

The people in this distopia are split into five factions, and the children get to choose which faction they will join at the age of sixteen after growing up in the faction of their parents and taking a modernized tech-heavy Common-Core-like placement test.

After learning the results, they publically cast their lot with the faction of their choosing, and, at that point, free will is outlawed by the socialist society.  There is no longer any need to choose.  The choices are made for you by the rules of the faction.  And of course, “Faction before blood.”  There’s no need for the input of parents, and lingering love for children who join a faction, other than that of their parents, needs to linger in secret.  There’s no going back.  The choice is final.

The five factions don’t all necessarily make sense, but forced acceptance of nonsense is the cost of a society run by utopianists.  Socialism doesn’t work, and “utopia” is the word that means “no place.”  Amity is the faction for the peaceful who will do the work that supposedly only illegal immigrants will do (harvest food in the fields) and do it with a smile.  Candor is for the honest who will only tell you what they think is the truth.  This one doesn’t make too much sense to me, other than to suggest that all the others are willing to lie in order to keep this socialist charade together.  The problem is, the people in this faction seem to lack a job and a purpose, other than to make the suggestion that this society is built upon lies.  My other problem is, how can truth exist openly when members of the other factions are killed for uncovering the truth?  But that’s utopia- contradictions everywhere- accept it or die.

Dauntless is the faction for the bravely athletic, and their job is to protect the walled-in city and keep the peace.  Abnegation is for the selfless, and these are the people that represent the soft socialism of government-mandated charity and maybe even the remnants of Christian missionary.  They even feed and care for the homeless people who have become “factionless” after being rejected by the faction of their choice.  Lastly, there is the Erudite, where the intellectuals pontificate in libraries with intellectual conceit as the foundation for their unlimited arrogance.

The Erudites are analogous to the tribe of Obamite professorial and grad-student types that make governmental plans based on political theory and not on reality.  They’ve never accomplished anything in the real world but presume themselves to be the ultimate authorities on how things should be done.  They’re the kind of people who will ignore the data that show the world isn’t getting warmer while employing clever euphemisms to call for forced abortion, mass starvation, mass impoverishment, grand-scale sterilization, mandatory homosexualization and high taxation (the Democrat Party platform) in order to cut carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere to fight the mythical “global warming” that doesn’t even exist.

It’s a situation where they create a fake mission that requires sacrifice from the clueless masses- purposely made clueless by the intellectuals behind the whole wealth redistribution scheme- so that the intellectuals can profit by pilfering the riches sacrificed by the clueless.  The intellectuals train the rest of us to volunteer for serfdom, while they violate every rule they claim is necessary for the rest of us- think Al Gore.

And that is the foundation of the conflict in the movie.  The selfless socialists in the faction of Abnegation run the government, and the intellectual members of Erudite seethe with envy and the desire to control the strings of government.  The intellectuals execute a plan to drug the warriors of Dauntless into a submissive robot-like willingness to overthrow the selfless rulers of the government.  It’s sort of like when the intellectuals in charge of our own government-education mills encourage parents to drug their children who don’t seem to fit in because they can’t be fully controlled.  They get labeled as ADHD and get zombified with psychotropic drugs.  Yay progress.

Tris, the heroine of this dystopian nightmare, was secretly diagnosed as “divergent.”  While she grew up in the faction of Abnegation, she was diagnosed as Abnegation, Erudite and Dauntless.  Unable to fit neatly into exactly one of the five boxes society allows, Tris is divergent, and she must keep this a secret.  The Erudite intellectuals are hunting and killing all divergents because “they can’t be controlled.”  Imagine that- killing those who can’t or who refuse to fit in.  We’ve never seen anything like that in socialist paradises like Nazi Germany, Communist Russia, Culturally Revolutionized China or the Abortion-Mecca of New York City, where black babies are more likely to be genocidally aborted than to be allowed to be born.  Socialism yields nothing but good things, right?

Think about this.  Killing nearly 60% of the black babies that have the audacity to want to be born in New York City isn’t human nature.  It’s learned.  It comes from training or nurture.  When Hitler Youth members snitched on their parents, who were then shipped off to Concentration Camps, it wasn’t human nature.  It was learned.  The Nazi-German state over blood was learned.  Killing and slaughtering the tens of millions of people who refused to fit into the socialist utopias of the USSR, Cuba and China didn’t happen because killing and slaughtering is a natural aspect of human nature.  It’s learned.  Or consider Islam, which means “submission.”  Those unwilling to sacrifice the Free Will that the Judeo-Christian God blessed us with are slaughtered in the most demonic ways imaginable- and definitely not because of human nature.

When the message being taught to the youth is one that violates human nature, it’s normally human nature to rebel against it.  And for that reason, dystopian novels and movies are hugely popular with America’s youth.  The Hunger Games trilogy, The Giver, The Maze Runner, the Divergent trilogy (two movies to follow) and even The Walking Dead.  America’s youth is being preyed upon by the intellectual deviants that are building a socialist one-world-government-indoctrination curriculum called Common Core.  Common Core isn’t about encouraging human nature, but it’s rather about training children to ditch their common sense and to submissively adopt the ideologies of the godless socialists who seek volunteers for serfdom so they can enrich themselves by pilfering the remnants of our once civil society that is collapsing before our eyes.

Some of America’s young people see this, and they are actually reading this dystopian genre out of choice.  Did you get that?- choice.  Instead of being willing to give up their free wills, they are choosing to read stories about rebelling against the socialist Big Governments.  Look, the left is great at coopting the message though.  They will try and try to interpret these stories as reasons to hate and fear Republicans, but we have the responsibility to compete with the left when it comes to raising our future generations.  Trust me, the devil never says, “Hey, I’m the devil, and you need to vote for Republicans.”  Instead, he convinces the kids that he doesn’t exist because there’s no need for a devil in a universe that doesn’t have a god.  The godless masses vote for the party of government because government is necessary when there is no god.

And that’s exactly what Common Core will do.  It trains children to be a godless army of pagan serfs dedicated to the secular humanist goal of eliminating the carbon-dioxide spewing humans who aren’t smart enough to be considered erudite.  It subjectively turns ideological beliefs into “objective truths,” especially those that contradict what the child might learn in church.

Sure, if the parents of the children being indoctrinated are mindless liberals to begin with, Common Core’s their perfect solution.  The liberal’s God-free life needs meaning, and joining the futile mission to stop the nonexistent global warming is the perfect faith activity to alleviate the fear that their lives are actually meaningless.  And if that means maintaining a faith that global warming exists- even despite the fact that it was snowing in 50 states at once last month, including Hawaii, makes this faith seem fruitlessly nonsensical- the liberal will still cling to his faith at all costs.  Even if sacrificing the lives of other humans so that the liberal’s life can go on and still have meaning, they will cling to their faith.  Sinners against this faith must be punished.  Liberals might be godless, but they are not in any way faithless.

Furthermore, unlike the Christians, who don’t spread their religion with a sword, the liberals will and do.  With Common Core, the liberals have turned the five-day school week into a secular humanist’s Sunday school for the faith of liberalism.  And those who refuse to adopt this godless faith will graduate with poor grades that will then hinder their movement through a society that tends to pay the more educated more than those who reject the need to pursue intellectual commendations.

Socialism only professes a desire for equality until that means the-ruling class socialists have to get paid as little as the serfs.  Nonetheless, it takes an extremely strong faith to believe that the heavily armed serfs of America aren’t going to figure that one out eventually, and that’s why they want to confiscate our guns now- Hitler style.  They want to confiscate our guns and wash our brains of the deviant desire to even own one.

The movie Divergent is another thought-provoking imagining of the consequences to the future that liberalism is presently sewing into society.  The heroes of this story aren’t heroes because they’re willing to submit.  They’re heroes because they’re rebelling against forced submission.  That’s the American way.

Most professional critics of this movie didn’t like it, but the masses did.  We must keep in mind though that most critics are utopianists.  For them, watching this movie is like looking at the mirror and seeing through their own eyes- supposedly the window to the soul- that their own souls are blackened by their mindlessly unquestioned fealties to the dogmatic faith of liberalism.

For the rest of us, we watch the movie and discover that we don’t fit neatly into any single one of those boxes either.  We’re divergent, and, in the future, the socialist government might indeed have a need to kill us off out of self-preservation.  The government doesn’t conform to human nature without a diligent watchdog electorate.  But, since the electorate is only as smart and as free thinking as the Common Cored government-education mills allow it to be, eventually freedom often becomes dependent upon something other than election results.

Not worried about the future yet?  Go to any public school and read the “artwork” messages from the students.  It’s all about tolerance, diversity, artificial self-esteem, going green and secular humanism.  It reads like a regurgitation of the communist party’s Critical Theorists’ treatises on how to destroy the USA from within.  Tolerance for Christianity?- Pishaw, tolerance is reserved only for lifestyles that would have been considered degenerate less than a generation ago. Message to children: if you want to be tolerated then you have to be a degenerate.

The government isn’t a god.  It is a self-indulgent parasite that feeds off the life blood of the population it seeks to subjugate.  Freedom isn’t free, and voluntary serfdom as a reward for loyalty to a rotten government isn’t a good deal.  Long live the spirit of rebellion against the demonic freedom-killing ideologies that were forged in the fires of hell.  Long live the divergents, and long live the American spirit.

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Lessons of Eric Garner pt 1

What’s Justice for Eric Garner?

meface11By Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz

As most of you know, Eric Garner was the black gentleman taken down by a bunch of cops in New York City for allegedly selling loose cigarettes or “loosies.” When the Grand Jury refused to indict the cop who put a “choke hold” on Garner before taking him to the ground, protests across the nation were initiated in Garner’s name. Many however, are inappropriately being lumped in with the protests in support of Michael Brown.

Eric Garner is no Michael Brown. Michael Brown committed three or four felonies before getting killed by the cop. It is wrong to lump them together or make this a race issues, and doing so is hurting our case.

Most of America doesn’t have time to worry about the perceived injustice in the Michael Brown case, contrary to the way it plays in the media. The truth about the case is out, and sympathy seems wasted to anyone paying attention. As a result, too many people are withholding sympathy for Eric Garner, simply because they’re tired of hearing all the nonsense about how Michael Brown was done wrong. That’s a shame.

To cry racism at every turn fuels the fire of racism. Everything cannot simply be blamed on racism and white folks.  If we want to be taken seriously and have our concerns heard, it is imperative that we address each case on its own merits. Not everything is about race. Although, over 1,200 un-armed black babies are killed in the womb everyday by Big Abortion Agenda, a movement founded by racist eugenicists.

The death of Eric Garner is terrible and it should never have happened.

I think it is fair to say most people were surprised there was no indictment in the Garner case.

And NO, no one is suggesting that breaking laws should be all copacetic, even when it is a stupid law. Nor, I am not condoning illegal activity. Nor do I think there is no blame on Garner himself for not just going with the police once they attempted to detain him.

Nonetheless, even if the cop had been indicted, he most likely wouldn’t have been convicted. There was no intent to kill, and, with all of Garner’s health issues, there was no way they, including the black female on site supervisor, could have known this ordinary-everyday-cop take-down- aka the “choke hold” in question that was more of a half-nelson with a neck stabilizer- was going to cause a heart attack. Yes, he died of a heart-attack- not from choking. Either way, when taking a man down, you take the head, and the body follows. You learn that in Kick-Butt 101. While his death makes this take down seem like excessive force, anyone who’s ever watched the show “Cops” knows that this is exactly what happens to anyone who resists detainment or arrest in any city in America.

For those reasons, a conviction was not going to happen. However, there is a lot wrong with this case. A citizen dies on video after being poked, prodded and harassed. Then the cops failed to get Eric Garner back in the sitting position once taken to the ground, and there seems to be no accountability. For this negligence, the Garner family will be taking the city of New York to the cleaners in the civil cases, making sure that no Garner will ever have to sell loose cigarettes again.

The lessons you take from this will depend on who you are and what perspective you have. Of, course some people are having a hard time with how the police are handling our communities, especially blacks. Cases like these also have a more damaging effect in more under-educated, under-resourced and poor communities. Which is why the race-baiting pimps can have such a field day with cases like this and turn it into a color war, when in fact it is more of an ideological war. Sure, not being able to show self-control or how to respond properly to authority is a symptom of a much bigger problem, but it would be wise to start teaching these things.

Do you see why there is so much emotional frustration and why they can be so easily manipulated? Why not acknowledge that it is okay to ask if the forced used on him was justified, show some sympathy and compassion and offer an olive branch. Take this opportunity to do something like put the whole system on trial.

Republican Frederick Douglass said, “Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.”

For the majority of those who appreciate and love freedom, it is anger. There are these nagging questions left unanswered. Did he deserve to die for disobeying some nanny-state law and potentially evading the taxes of a government that has grown bigger than the people and overly oppressive? If yes, doesn’t that indicate a callous depravity? Because of the slight possibility that he may not have paid taxes on the cigarettes he was selling, was he a priority, even over the dealers of drugs and child prostitutes? If the cops were really only there to take down Garner and not to stop a fight, then the cops brought a freakin’ SWAT team to stop Garner from committing unfettered capitalism. What? Why? And what the heck? Can you see the problem here?

Should we as Americans say it is reasonable for a man to die for refusing to be searched without a warrant and condone the right of the state to kill a citizen for potentially avoiding the payment of taxes or selling loose cigarettes without a permit that doesn’t exist? The refusal to be searched by police does not then warrant probable cause to be searched. That is Russia – Not America. Is that the limited government a conservative would seek?

Why is there a law that you cannot sell single cigarettes?

Couldn’t they have just given Eric Garner a ticket or a citation?

Couldn’t they have told him to move along? Told the store owner to videotape his actions and call them once it was on tape so they arrest him again?

Oh, by the way, this is a prime example of big government at its worst and why I am a small government, liberty-minded kind of gal.

Those of us who know our rights and know if our imminent arrest is wrong and unconstitutional, we should comply and then sue the pants off them later for violating our rights. If more of us did that, instead of acting out, we would see a major change and QUICKLY!

Indicting the cop for the death of Eric Garner won’t bring about justice for this man who should definitely be alive and kicking as I write. As a result, these protesters are asking for too little and only in vain. Their anger at the cop is clouding their judgment, and they are missing the real cause of Garner’s death.

Ultimately Eric Garner did die and under the policies of the same big government party that 96% of blacks voted for- under Obama, Bloomberg and Deblasio- who ironically are the ones now getting a pass and getting credit for speaking out against the death of Garner at the direction of the laws they created. Meanwhile, it is those of us who have consistently fought against a big all-powerful, all-knowing liberal government who have been warning against t10603601_783305085039273_8319653050791420242_nhe implications of the liberty-destroying Democrat Party- the party of slavery, segregation, socialism, dependency and the KKK.

Garner’s death / attempted arrest wouldn’t have happened if we didn’t continuously vote, by overwhelmingly numbers, for progressives who implement these stupid laws.  It is Democrats and progressives who are responsible for outlawing or criminalizing everything from behavioral choices to speech. Conservatives then get the blame, even as we fight the totalitarian direction in which this is all going. Socialism always leads to totalitarianism because, when people refuse to give up their rights- like to sell loose cigarettes- the government needs to coerce them into doing so. That’s when people end up dead in the name of socialism.

We have been blindly voting for nanny-state Democrats and the pinked-out Republicans for so long that they’ve created a system so vile that a man, selling loose cigarettes to those who can’t afford a full pack, is ordered to be harassed by police, as if he were a known pedophile talking to children at the playground at recess from the front seat of his van. The government we voted for is out of control, and it’s taking it out on us.

If you want different do different. Vote different.

We need a Jesus moment. Stop, slow down, reflect, forgive and use some wisdom. Stop blaming and start

If we really want justice for Eric Garner, we’d get rid of the whole rotten system and every stinking politician that helped create it. But I guess it’s just easier to blame it all on one cop who was just following orders. It helps us avoid looking into the mirror.

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YES we can respect and honor the police and their authority while holding corruption accountable.

Oh and until we start addressing the root causes and have honest conversations about the causes of the violence in the black community and black criminality we will not see real change. Lets learn how to deal with rebuilding the family, laws and authority.

_____Additional Side Notes____

I am so tired of this Anti-Police/Police Brutality stuff. It is way out of control. Listen, we can respect, love and honor the police while holding them accountable for doing their jobs. These two things can happen simultaneously. First and foremost though, there is an inconvenient fact in America regarding black criminality and the commission of violent crimes- we are 14% of the population and commit 50% of the crimes.  That inconvenient fact isn’t racist.  It’s just a fact. Second, just because you are stopped by an officer (even one who might have an attitude) it does not mean it is because you are black.
Granted, proportionately, blacks might be stopped more often, but it is only in direct correlation to the percentage of the crimes that we commit.  Don’t you think that there is justification to view young black boys with suspicion based on these trends? Don’t you think that the best way to combat these trends is to stop them within our community, instead of blaming the police? It’s not the fault of white people and law enforcers that so many of our young men end up in jail. It’s our fault for making criminality seem so socially acceptable in the eyes of young black boys who grow up to commit crimes.
I can tell you this, those abolitionists who fought, bled and died for our freedom have to be spinning in their graves over what we are doing with our “freedom” today- especially when the commission of crime is just another way of voluntarily trading our freedom and for jail time.
I understand that those of us who have had bad experience with police, some because of racism, some because of our own bad behavior or reaction to being “caught”, want to lash out and in some cases have justice for others because of the justice you were denied, I get that too. But it is not a license to slander all peace officers and cry out for lawless behavior, that only fuels the very fire you are claiming you want put out.
I want to see peoples outrage redirected to the scumbags and gang bangers, no matter what color they are, who rob, kill and murder. Start participating in the Grand American Experiment, stop whining and start competing with everyone else, those who have have been successful. I want to see the righteous indignation for the 50 million innocent aborted babies this country has facilitated, I want to see a culture that refuses to support a culture of failure: I want to see an uproar or protests for; school choice, homeschooling, parental rights, the failure of government plantation politics, I want to see you stop supporting the race hustlers and social pimps and lash out against socialism, and ideas that crush the spirit of our young, like you can accomplish nothing without the government handout, I want to see people stand up for two parent homes and traditional family values, for skilled labor, business training and encouraging successful practices like don’t do drugs, stay out of jail, no excuses for bad behaviors, teaching respect for yourself and authority, saving money & building generational wealth. You give me these things and then we will talk about all the racists cops out there targeting us as blacks for no reason.
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How jerky, Why lie You are the first lady?

Yep I just do not get it. Why make everything about race? You are the First lady. I want so many girls to be bale to look up to you and yet you play the people instead of inspire. In this recent article you say  you were “mistreated at a Target store in suburban Washington, during a shopping trip she took in 2011.

“Even as the first lady,” she told the magazine, “during the wonderfully publicized trip I took to Target, not highly disguised, the only person who came up to me in the store was a woman who asked me to help her take something off a shelf.” Read full article HERE

OH, wait, But, I thought it was such a great and positive experience? Which one is it? Or does it depend on who is watching and how you can milk it at any given time. See people this is what happens when you live under the guise that truth is relative.

Mr. President and now you are president. A whole country voted for you, well except those of us who didn’t but still you want to use division to control the people and hide your agenda and it makes me sad! Bad things happen, racism exists and yet here you are the President of the United States of America. So show some respect for who this country is and who the people of America are.


CRomnibus funding Crony Capitalism

By Rus Thompson:

10666029_10203549203947091_5827512079299911327_nRemember a couple weeks ago I said we were entering the most dangerous time in politics. It is the lame duck session between the election and the swearing in of new members after the new year. Now you can see exactly what I meant. This Bill NEVER should have passed, it never should have even hit the floor. Out of the 6 years 0bama has been in office we have NOT had a budget, we have had continuing resolutions which is the most expensive way to run our national government.

Why now pass a CR and fund everything till September 2015? It is everything we voted against this past November. Now the newly elected Senators and members of the house have no pull or say in the upcoming budget year. Because of this we have lost a year. They are funding 0bamacare and illegal immigration (0bamas executive action). This is an unforgivable move. The other is reelecting Boehnor, Silver, Kolb Skelos and the other leadership morons before new members are sworn in. Influence and power have been eliminated before they even have a chance.

Included in this congressional bill, what is being called the CRomnibus is increasing donations to the Parties which is a way of effectively killing off Conservatives and TEA Party candidates. The corporate donations up to $770,000 is all there to continue the status quo. Like I said, everything we are and have been against,

They have chosen once again to not only ignore us, they have stuffed this crap down our throats to defeat us and give us the middle finger. They are pushing us in to a complete revolution. It is our duty to tear down a government that is no longer about the People. Problem is getting the people to wake the hell up and fight.
The bill passed 219 to 206, and the voters that gave the Republican Party a majority going into 2015 saw their leverage go up in smoke. The bill funds Obama’s unconstitutional immigration executive actions, funds Obamacare, and provides funding for a myriad of leftist dreams like Michelle Obama’s school lunch fiasco. . . yet these are the same Republicans that claimed to be against these policies when each of them emerged.

The 1,700 page bill was read by nobody, and passed about two hours before the deadline that would have caused a government shutdown.

Read more about the Cromnibus Betrayal here





No Equality for Christians w/ Gay Bakers


#equality – #noequality?

I have been waiting for this. I am glad someone finally did it. Now I am waiting for someone to sue.

I guess equality is a one way street with this one, but we already knew that. This cause has nothing to do with equality.

Theodore Shoebat calls various bakeries / “gay bakeries”  asking if they would bake a cake for a pro-traditional marriage celebration.

and part 2


Mainstream media where are you? Where are the protests? Why are you not up in arms? What happened to freedom of thought, religion and beliefs?

See what we are saying? Liberty is a two way street!

See no one would have to work for someone they do not want to work for. #endslavery


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Here we are once again in this nation, witnessing together the aftermath of a tragedy in Ferguson, Missouri, made national because of the implications of racism.   Those in the “know” understand that the insertion of racism into any scenario spirals that scenario into an abyss of emotional mayhem.  Whether or not racism was a factor in the events that unfolded during Officer Darren Wilson’s encounter with Michael Brown on the afternoon of August 9th in Ferguson matters little.  If the perception of racism exists, the perception alone is a threat to public peace.

For the past couple of months, I’ve sat and watched the news coverage of Ferguson.  This debacle brought the same civil unrest in the black community as the trial of “white” Hispanic George Zimmerman, the man accused of murdering “unarmed” “black” teen Trayvon Martin in 2012—the media’s emphasis.

Just as it did during the George Zimmerman trial, the mainstream media played a huge role in heightening the racial tension already present between law enforcement and the black community in Ferguson.  The charge of racism immediately changed the event from a question, “Was police officer Darren Wilson justified in his actions?” to a conclusion, “Racist White cop murders unarmed Black teen.”  From the moment race was injected, the facts surrounding the case no longer mattered.  The officer was guilty in the court of public opinion no matter what the evidence suggested.

One thing is for certain, if Michael Brown was white, few of us would know who Brown of Ferguson, Missouri was. If Michael Brown was white, the question would have remained, “Was police officer Darren Wilson justified in his actions?

The Black Community

In black communities all over this nation, countless black teens die daily at the hands of other blacks.  Often times, no witnesses come forward for these crimes leaving no persons to prosecute, there is sometimes little to no neighborhood cooperation with police investigations, and there is a no snitching street code that is strictly adhered to.  Blacks often turn a blind eye, harbor and abet, and in some cases glorify the “street killers” among them.  There are no rallies, no marches, no Jesse, no Sharpton, no NAACP, no outrage.  No “Justice for Mike Brown” or “I am Trayvon Martin” mantras, only silence.

When a black man kills another black man, there are no cries, no moral outrage, and no indignation.

Michael Brown the Martyr

This leads me to conclude that the happening in Ferguson really had nothing to do with Officer Wilson or Michael Brown at all. If it did, facts would matter, but they don’t.  In this particular instance, Officer Wilson is an offense because he is a white cop, and because there seems to be a concerted effort by the media et al to push a radical agenda that will eventually lead to a race war, Wilson has been dubbed every racist White cop, and Brown –a martyr—in this war for racial justice.

After the death of Trayvon Martin, Reverend Jesse Jackson is quoted as saying, “Trayvon Martin is a martyr. . . Martyr’s have power.  He represents us all . . . How do we go from a moment to a movement that creates fundamental change? If it’s a moment, we go home. If it’s a movement, we go to war.  Movements are made of serious substance. … There is power in the blood of the innocent.”

The powers that be have snatched Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown from the reality and facts surrounding the lives they once lived, and christened them as martyrs for the cause.  This is why black people will protest and even riot in the name of justice for Martin and Brown in cities far away, but are silent when black people are murdered in much greater numbers by the hands of their own in their own backyard.  It is evident that black on black crime creates only moments, not movements.

Black Leaders Speak Out

Jesse calls for war, but like other race baiting liberal operatives with an agenda, he will suffer no injuries in this war.  There is no sacrifice for him.  He is shielded by political power and privilege and is paid considerably well by his political party for creating racial strife and keeping black people angry.

If Jesse was truly concerned about racial profiling, racist cops, unlawful searches, and black teens being killed by white cops, he would discourage blacks from becoming confrontational with police and encourage them to join the force.  What greater way to ensure people are treated justly at the hands of police officers than by being a police officer that treats all men fairly.

As of late, random acts of violence and terror against whites are on the rise.  If black so-called leaders are truly concerned about justice, why are they not condemning this evil done to others, the same evil that they claim is being done to them; this evil that only stands to substantiate racial stereotypes that black men are violent animals.  These wicked acts are among the greatest tools for white supremacy groups to recruit people to their cause.

If black so-called leaders are truly concerned about justice, why not call for an end to the black on black violence with the same zeal as they do white on black violence.  With over 90% of black men killed being killed by other black men, we appear hypocritical when we decry white on black violence and close our eyes to the black on black violence within the bounds of our communities.

How Do We Combat Racism?

I will never deny that racism exists.  It is alive and well, and has been since near the beginning of human history.  Yet, do we combat racism by inciting divisions, violence, and hate?  Do we allow politicians and race baiters to profit from stirring fear and distrust among the races?  Do we reckon racism as political when it is spiritual?

Those of us who know God understand that true peace will not be wrought through human effort. The Bible teaches us that nation, or races, will rise up against nation.  Things will get worse.  Wickedness will increase.  Racial strife will intensify.  But we should not lose hope.  As believers, we are given a mandate to lead the charge against racism in a way that will bring people into the Kingdom of God.  We hold the answers and have the moral authority to speak to the root of the problem, which is sin.  “We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making his appeal through us.”  We are to implore others on Christ’s behalf to “Be reconciled to God.”  Because, “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” ~ 2 Corinthians 5:11-21.


So I say again, racism is a spiritual matter that cannot be remedied solely through human effort. I pray that Christians everywhere would obey Christ’s command to, “love your neighbor as yourself” and teach others to do the same.  If we are standing on the side of right, our conscience will lead us to fight injustice, not by promoting hate, but demonstrating love and respect for all people.

The abolitionists stood on the side of right, the Civil Rights leaders stood on the side of right, and all who stand against injustice, stand on the side of right.  Even so, racism remains.

If we claim to hate racism and its destructive fruits, we would seek not only to right wrongs through human effort, but attack the “ism” problems (racism, sexism, classism, etc.) at their roots, through the ministry of reconciliation.  We need to be reconciled unto God through Jesus Christ so that we can see people as God sees them.  In Jesus Christ there is no partiality.

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