Are All Blacks Guilty When BLM Celebrates Its Slaughter of Cops?

By Mack Rights

As we all know, several black men have been killed recently while being arrested.  Until the details of each case and the investigations into the killings are finished, we have no idea if the cops in each case were in the right or in the wrong.  Faith in the justice system requires us to believe that justice will be served after the details have been investigated.  So let that argument relax until the details are in.

Instead, I want to discuss the implications of the recent comments by Black Lives Matter spokesmen Lena Dunham and Hillary Clinton.

In case you didn’t know, Hillary Clinton is running for president.  As we all know, Lena Dunham is the brilliant porn star with an unparalleled intellect and philosophical perspective when it comes to ferreting out injustice in an unjust world.  In her recent Twitter proclamations, she has shared for us the path to social peace as succinctly as any great American ever:

  1. Alton Sterling was killed because we refuse to acknowledge the fact that our police forces protect selectively and harm enormously.
  2. The job of white Americans now is to change.

Brilliant.  White Americans have to change.  A known violent criminal who fights cops after brandishing a gun gets killed while resisting arrest, and it’s the white people who have to change.

According to C. Mitchell Shaw at The New American:

Sterling had a long criminal record ranging from violent crimes (including domestic battery, robbery, illegal possession of a firearm, and armed assault), to drug dealing, to failure to pay child support, to carnal knowledge of a juvenile for impregnating a 14-year-old girl when he was 20. For that crime he was sentenced to five years hard labor, although the sentence was suspended on the condition that he honor his probation agreement and register as a sex offender. He did not keep those conditions and was subsequently sentenced to two and a half years in prison. Upon his release, he was added to the sex offender registry. He had been in and out of jail for more than half of his life.

Sterling was well known to local police as a dangerous criminal.

bill clintonNot wanting to take a back seat to a porn star, knowing her husband better than anyone, Hillary Clinton quickly got in on the action of bashing white people on behalf of the Black Lives Matter crowd that has just declared war on the po-po.  As Jack Davis of Western Journalism reports, Hillary said:

“I will call for white people, like myself, to put ourselves in the shoes of those African-American families who fear every time their children go somewhere, who have to have ‘The Talk,’ about, you now, how to really protect themselves (from police), when they’re the ones who should be expecting protection from encounters with police,” Clinton said Friday on CNN.

“I’m going to be talking to white people, we’re the ones who have to start listening to the legitimate cries coming from our African-American fellow citizens,” she said.

I can’t say for sure that Hillary was successful at living up to the intellect and wisdom of BLM spokesman Lena Dunham, but at least she understands the problem: white people are at fault when blacks get shot by cops in the process of resisting arrest.

You see, cops in America have one job, and that is to protect white people from black people.  So when these cops kill these black people, it’s obviously the white man’s fault, and thus, white people need to change.  Q.E.D.

Another brilliant bit of wisdom that Hillary has added to the conversation is that black families inevitably have to have “’the talk’ about, you know, how to really protect themselves (from police).”

Unfortunately for Hillary, this inevitable conversation was already brought up on Foxnews’ The Five.  Token black liberal Juan Williams got all sad when he spoke of the time he had to give this talk to his own son, who then grew up and became a famous Republican- the nerve of that kid.  The other four members of The Five got all sympathetic and apologized for the fact that Juan, because his kids are black, had to tell them that, if they ever get into a situation where the cops are in the process of arresting them, the best way to stay alive is to do what the cops say and to be respectful.  I mean really, what parent should ever have to have that conversation?

Oh man, it was a sad moment on The Five.  All the racist white people watching that racist show suddenly had to come to terms with the fact that black fathers have to have “the talk” with their black children because, if black children aren’t respectful of the po-po when getting arrested, they might be killed.

Most white folks then thought back to “the talk” that happens between racist white fathers and their racist white children:

“Son, as you know, we’re white.  Cops are there to protect us from blacks.  That’s their whole job.  So, if some cop ever gets out of line and tries to arrest you, remember: that cop can’t kill you.  You’re white.  You can call him a pig, brandish a gun, complain about the smell of bacon, punch the guy in the face, try to kill him with his own gun, whatever you feel like doing son.  He can’t kill you.  You’re white.  His job is to protect you from the blacks.  That’s it.  There you go son.  We’ve had ‘the talk.’  Because you’re white son, you never have to respect the cops.”

The way the BLM supporters are always whining about injustice, this must be exactly what they think happens in white families.  It’s no surprise then that, when some of the BLM members start killing cops, many of the other Black Lives Matter members actually got to celebrating all the dead cops from this weekend.  They were even calling for more killings.

That in mind, maybe all the BLM supporters do indeed share some of the collective guilt over the cops that have been getting killed.  If white people are collectively guilty when a black man gets killed by the police while resisting arrest, why aren’t BLM protestors collectively guilty when some of their comrades kill a bunch of police officers?

Whether you’re willing to accept this collective guilt or not, don’t come to me looking for sympathy as an “abused” BLM protestor when you are willingly supporting a group whose leaders are celebrating the killing of cops.  If the cops slam you on your head because you’re unwilling to respect their orders, it might be because your comrades are killing his.  As a result, you share enough guilt that you deserve to get dropped on your head before getting stuffed in the paddy wagon.  That’s called collective justice for collective guilt.

If you don’t want to accept collective guilt, then end your support for the racist Black Lies Matter movement.  It’s built on a foundation of lies.



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