Are your Kids being turned into Feminists at Public Schools?

Are your Kids being turned into Feminists at Public Schools?

By Mack Rights


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I have to sit down to pee.

Recently, my wonderful wife was talking to a friend of hers who was talking about how her little girl that is unfortunately getting Common Cored in a public school is being force fed feminism with a cow-stall-mucking shovel.  And she’s concerned that the school isn’t cleaning the shovel first or something like that.  Wait, no.  My wife is actually convinced that it’s because those in charge of the nationalized school curriculum are paving the way for the ascension of the feminist Queen Hag of the Clinton Crime Family.  My wonderful wife is always complaining that I never listen to everything she says.  In my defense though, I most often assume she’s talking to her phone and don’t realize that I am obligated to listen in on her conversations.  But that defense doesn’t fly very often.

So now, the government schools want your little girls to be a bunch of self-proclaimed feminists.  Yay- unruly grandchildren at best, gay ones, if you’re lucky, but aborted ones more likely.  Unfortunately for today’s little girl, she doesn’t know or understand the goal of the feminist movement or the consequences of joining this movement.  That in mind, I’m going to explain it.  Parents need a handbook on how to deprogram their children from the demonic inputs of the nationalized edumacation program being used to turn these children into Christ-hating little worker drones without an original thought or the ability to create such a thing.

Rather than looking at a little feminist-aspiring girl as the person who will most likely grow up to kill your grandchildren in the abortion clinic on Obama’s dime, parents need to show these future feminist baby killers the folly of the ideology to which they are willingly subscribing.  We must remember that Satan hates life.  He wants us to take it every chance we get- whether it’s on the street at the end of the gun or in the Democrat Party’s archipelago of baby-genocidal abortion mills.  In order to get us to do the killing, he first gives us the tools to rationalize away these violations of God’s Law.  And then he uses his workers in the government to institutionalize the teaching of these tools.  He gave us Common Core.  Thanks Satan.

Common Core is a self-preserving cultural parasite that needs willing adherents to be elected in order to continue to infect the minds of innocent children.  As a result, it teaches more than just reading, writing and arithmetic, which it barely teaches at all.  It teaches ideology, and of course, its ideology is of the left.  It is the government control of “liberalizing” your child in order to make them more conducive to being slaves on the government plantation.  Its goal is to transfer loyalty from the family onto the government that seeks to replace the need for family with clever new government programs manned by expensive and mindless government-unionized drones.

First though, it must delegitimize the need for family.  They’re already arguing that allowing parents to read to children before bed is unfair to the children who don’t have parents that read to them before bed.  Looking a bit further down that slippery slope, one sees that children with two parents will have an unfair advantage over children with fewer.  Therefore, no child should be raised in a two-parent home, but all children should be raised in a state-run orphanage.  Only then can we have true equality.  Sound like science fiction? – So did landing on the moon at one point in history.  So did the formation of the Hitler Youth at one time in history.  History repeats itself over and over- except the part about landing on the moon.  Obama has grounded all our space ships and turned NASA into a creative writing outfit to generate fantasies about how the Muslim world contributed to the scientific world– you know, because a sandaled camel jockey spends a lot of time looking at stars in between terrorist attacks.

In any case, the Democrat Party has united several factions to destroy the family unit that God created.  The Homonazis are using the court system to institutionalize blasphemy by changing the God-created definition of marriage.  Then they are using the court system to persecute and destroy all those who refuse to comply.  It’s easy to turn the other cheek in defiance, but it’s not easy when the government then fines you $135,000 for doing so.  We are now at the point where citizens of the United freakin’ States are being told that they must renounce their God or be fined $135,000 for refusing to partake in a blasphemous ritual.

Another faction is the Muslim faction.  The Muslims worship a god that tells them that polygamy, rape and having sex with children is fine.  In committing these sins, they are merely following the ways of their prophet.  Furthermore, this practice aides in the creation of an army to spread their religion with the sword.  The rich man gets all the wives, while the rest get to join an army, become a martyr by killing infidels and get to spend eternity in a room full of underage virgins that only remain virgins until they are raped by the martyr.  That scenario, which is appealing to the undersexed pervert, obviously doesn’t come from God.  But then again, not all of these terrorists are undersexed.  Recently, a 16-year old male Taliban suicide bomber was “gang-raped” by the other Taliban members before he was to become a martyr.  Luckily, he was stopped and will now have to regularly fantasize about his homosexual rape memories until an ACLU dirt bag can turn him into a victim and get him freed from jail.  A comedian might describe this as when a “Jewish queer gets a Muslim off”- but I am not that comedian.  I don’t even know that guy.

And of course the other major faction is the feminists themselves.  They are so concerned about the inequality of a man being able to have sex out of wedlock without getting pregnant and ruining his job opportunities that they have turned abortion into a human right that guarantees that women can act like promiscuous men with a tax-payer-funded abortion that serves as their get-out-of-motherhood-free card.

And of course the feminists have many choice and unspeakable words for Christian tax payers who would rather not fund the slaughter of babies.  In the eyes of the feminists, religious freedom is for the Satanists who are presently arguing that a three day waiting period before an abortion violates their religious liberty.  The feminists are all giddy about religious freedom for Satanists needing to deliver a dead baby immediately, but balk at any such freedom for Christians who have a religious reason not to fund the killing of these babies in the name of Satan.  Seriously, check it out.  The feminists and mainstream liberal media outlets are writing glowing stories about this mode of circumventing abortion regulations.  You know the feminists are easy when they’re willing get into bed with Satan whenever that’s what it takes to kill babies more quickly.

In any case, while today’s little girls aren’t being asked to get pregnant and to kill their babies yet, eventually, that’s part of the initiation into the world of the man-hating feminists.  A gangster on the street is asked to kill an innocent with a gun.  A feminist is asked to kill her unborn baby.  Blood to get in, blood to get out.

And that there is why most feminists are single.  What man in his right mind would commit to such a devilish fiend?  If he marries her, and it doesn’t work out, chances are, he has to give her half of his stuff.  Meanwhile, she’s been trained to treat him badly and as second class, in order to overcompensate for her inability to pee standing up without making a big old mess.

Nonetheless, keeping women single is part of the feminist plot.  The feminists themselves don’t necessarily understand that, but they’re just pawns in the game of destroying the family unit.  They just need to stay angry at men, irrational all the time and refuse to do what God made women to do.  Their job is not to ask why.  It is just to do as they’re told by their feminist overlordesses.

And this is for one reason and one reason only.  Single women vote for Democrats because they can’t get a man to commit to taking care of them- of course, in their minds, that’s because they don’t need one to do so.  But if that were the case, why do they vote to force the taxpayer to give them a safety net that takes the place of a man?  Why does the government take away this safety net if she does settle down with a man?  The government has decided that she can have a safety net or a man- but not both.  Coming to that realization requires some thought, but feminists aren’t taught to think.  They’re taught that all the thinking has been done for them.  They’re job is just to spew so much anger that a man will never bother to commit to them.  Then they’re more likely to get stuck in the spider-web-like safety net.

Liberals understand something.  They find it much easier to buy the votes of single women than they do of married women.  For that reason, marriage must be destroyed, and women must be single and free to be slaves of the system.  And this is something feminists really don’t understand well.  Feminists aren’t feminist because they’re single.  They’re single because they’re feminists.

A man doesn’t see a nurturing mother to his future children in a woman who thinks that killing her unborn baby is a human right.  He sees her as an easy girl who is probably good in bed and doesn’t care much that she might get pregnant because she can just get rid of the evidence at the local abortion mill.  If that’s all she cares about- the right to kill her baby- the guy isn’t too worried about getting stuck with paying child support.

And it’s this cycle of promiscuous events that inevitably fail to lead to the long-term relationship of her childhood dreams that causes feminists to suffer from depression, low self-esteem, drug and alcohol abuse and happy pill dependency in much greater percentages than normal people.  Sure, feminism is supposed to be about women getting self-esteem, but fake self-esteem that is created by an ideology of lies is not really self-esteem.  It’s a mask of fake self-confidence strung together with the lies of Satan himself and hardened with the spilled blood of the unborn.

So when I heard that little girls, even those raised up in the church, are coming home from public schools spouting off about how gays should be able to get married and how Hillary Clinton deserves to be president because she can’t pee standing up, I figured I should put my feelings about feminism on paper.  Feminists only know what they see in the mirror, but, if they look away from the mirror and see how actual men see them, they might quit their demagogic death cult and join the civilized world.  We can only hope.

These poor brain-washed children aren’t old enough to remember how Hillary used her powers as first lady to form the “Bimbo Eruption Squad” to destroy the credibility of all the women her husband was sleeping with, sexually assaulting and even raping.  I don’t remember feminists claiming they wanted to be sexually abused or raped, but that is indeed what happens to so many feminists.  The ruling-class feminists know it and accept it, and the liberal twink guys with power that they marry have no reason whatsoever to pretend they can’t get away with it.  And that’s why Hillary’s a feminist icon.  She’ll stop at nothing to acquire the power of her husband, even if doing so violates the so called feminist principles she supposedly upholds.

Furthermore, it was Hillary’s husband who appointed the frail witch-like Jewish lady to the Supreme Court who argued to lower the age of consent as an ACLU attorney in order to decriminalize pedophilia and admitted she had no problems with the racial implications of abortion.  In an interview, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, this glittering example of the evil feminist ruling class, said matter of factly, “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”  This is just a sophisticated way of saying: “We gotta kill them black babies before we have to hear em cry and smell their poop, and that way we can cull the black population because we rich liberals don’t want our stuff stolen.”  While she is a willing accomplice in every decision to kill Jesus in the public square, she’s also completely unashamed of her party’s love of killing black babies.

And while many of those who support Hillary know this and take joy in it, these little girls getting sucked into the abusive life of feminism have no idea about what lies ahead.  At least though, they’ll be able to marry another girl.  We all know that homosexuality is very often a symptom of sexual abuse- even the kind of sexual abuse that being a feminist invites.  Simmer down ladies.  A woman only gets the respect she demands.  Being a feminist is the equivalent of holding a banner that reads, “I’m a fun girl, and you don’t need to respect me.  I like doing the walk of shame.”   A real woman would focus on the word “shame” while a feminist delights in it.  While she may think she deserves respect, she probably won’t get much.  Eventually though, she might fall into the arms of another angry woman and find the love a man refuses to give her.  And the devil will have won.  She will head no family according to God’s plan.

And before I get accused of writing that it’s alright to rape feminists, remember this:  I’m not the one holding the kill-the-baby-NOW signs at the pro-abortion rallies.  The world is filled with psychopaths. The serial-rapist-slash-murderer is likely to look at that sign and then say to his pocket knife:  “Wow, she gets me!”  Cue the horror-movie music, watch the young feminist walk into a dark parking garage after the baby-killin’ rally has ended, and you know where it goes from there.  But think about this.  You never see a big feminist “hero” as the victim in horror movies, and there’s a reason.  The writer knows that the story needs a sympathetic victim.  A loud-mouthed baby killer who is proud of the fact that she doesn’t know how to cook is not a sympathetic victim to a mass-movie-going audience.  The horror movie quickly becomes a comedy as soon as a conversation between two mothers contains these lines:

“You know she had that coming.”

“Mmm  Hmmm.”

They call the program “Scared Straight” when they take young boys into a prison to introduce them to the guys looking forward to anally raping them once they commit the crime that gets them a stay in the clink.  A big guy named Duane stands behind the bars and, with a deep voice, says: “You a pretty little butt boy.  I’ll be waiting for you right here.”  And he licks his chops.  Liberals hate this because they think it turns the children into homophobes, but if fear of getting raped in prison helps keep children out of prison, so freakin’ be it.

Maybe there should be a “Scared Straight” program for aspiring spinsters, I mean feminists.  After explaining how a man will very rarely ever commit to them in any sort of Godly way, they get introduced to Fred, the butch lesbian.  She was raised by a Play Station and a pizza delivery guy, she has a boy’s haircut, and she sports a wardrobe of frayed flannels and ripped jeans.  The little feminist will then hear that she’ll need to know how to cook because Fred gets very angry when she’s hungry, and, “You won’t like it when Fred is angry.”  She’ll beat you up, pee standing up and make you clean it up.  It’s all down hill from there- Scared Straight.

That’s the story of how Satan uses the government to promote feminism as a plan to destroy God’s plan and get Hillary elected.  Little women beware.  Enter this lifestyle at your own risk.  My advice:  “Get thee to a Home Ec class and learn thee how to fry your man some chicken.”  If you’re ultimately going to need to learn how to cook for Fred the butch lesbian, you might as well learn to cook foods a man will like. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach- not by spewing feminine anger and killing babies.  Mmm, fried chicken.  I may not hear every word my wife speaks, but I do love her fried chicken.  In the words of Nacho Libre, “It’s the baaaaaeste.”



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