A Free Mind vs A Pavlovian Mind

By Donna Johnson

Black folks are so transparent and predictable with their Pavlovian response to any Black person that has the nerve to speak out against Democrats or the Liberal agenda. The vitriolic hate is swift, personal and unrelenting.

Kanye’s comment with regard to mental slavery has some merit…unfortunately.

During slavery Blacks were often punished, beat or killed if they were caught reading. Nonetheless, slaves valued learning and found ways to learn whenever they could…inspite of the risk.

So, I remember a time when we valued education…your mother would show up at school if the White teacher said you acted up in class. You knew there would be consequences at home, so you did not act a fool in class.

Today, parents will go up to the school and curse out or fight the teacher if they try to discipline any out of control or disrespectful behavior. Kids arrive at school hungry, unprepared, emotionally and physically abused, and often with a quick trigger for violence. Education is no longer valued by many.

Unlike slavery, Blacks are no longer challenged by forced labor and no one controls their ability to strive for their wildest dreams. You decide when you get married, you control your child’s destiny, you control how important education is to you and your family, you decide the lifestyle you aspire to…you are FREE! You can even speak your mind!

Mental slavery is when you are unable to conceive that YOU possess the ability to take advantage of MANY opportunities that can offer you any life you are willing to work for. Instead, you respond to life as if you don’t have options. And you are even free to do that!

Free to be self destructive, free to be unproductive, but expect to still be provided for, free to not learn from mistakes, free to have kids you can’t provide for, free to get offended if you are held accountable and free to create victims whenever it suits your fancy.

But thankfully that is not the mindset of everyone. We have parents who are taking advantage of every opportunity that is available for their kids and they find ways to create even more.

Some Black kids are thriving, they are getting scholarships, they are in STEM programs, they are pursuing their talents, they are reading, they are growing and learning, they are starting businesses, getting professional degrees, and/or ultimately working to provide for themselves.

We need more of the latter.




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