The American Chestnut Bookcase Headboard

The American Chestnut Bookcase Headboard


There are four drawers, three lights (a reading light and two nightlights with switches in the middle) and a plug that has two USB chargers.

Here are the switches and the light in the center.  There are a lot of worm holes in the wood which is the classic look of Wormy American Chestnut.  The grains are really tight because the wood is all old growth.  Probably cut down a century ago, it served as beams in a barn for decades.

In between the drawers, you will see a piece that is dark brown.  This piece was turned dark brown by prolonged exposure to water, perhaps from the drips of water from a leaky roof vent.  I put it in between the drawers for contrast, and then picked knobs to mimic the color.  I left bark and sap wood to be seen on the shelf right above the drawer.


Below, you will see more bark and sapwood on the side trim and on the bottom shelf above the drawers.  These were really rough-cut barn beams before I planked them and planed them down.  They were all 2 to 2.5 inches wide.  I left them at 7/8 of an inch after planing them just because I had the wood and didn’t need to go down to 3/4 of an inch, but that was extra work.  But worth it.  It makes it look heartier than normal 3/4 inch furniture.

Below you can see some of the tight grains and some of the worm holes next to the light.

A closer look at the bark and sap wood in the shelf.



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