The Black Lies Matter Brats Strike at University of Rochester

The Black Lies Matter Brats Strike at University of Rochester

By Mack Rights

urkelAt the University of Rochester, the Douglass Leadership House, named after Frederick Douglass, was re-awarded a university-owned house on the fraternity quad.  Back in March of this year, there were apparently then racist comments that came over an anonymous social media platform called “yik-yak.”  It allows people on the platform to read what others on the platform are writing within a small radius from campus.

Now, these comments haven’t been repeated because apparently, they are too insensitive.  I guess someone wrote that they would “burn a structure in front” of the Douglass Leadership House.  Apparently those repeating the story, though the comments on yik-yak have disappeared and can’t be retrieved, don’t want to say that it was a cross, if indeed it was a cross.  However, refusing to name this anonymous structure as a cross, if it were indeed actually a cross, only serves to suggest that it wasn’t a cross but that they wanted us to think it was.  This implication of dishonesty lessens an objective observer’s ability to actually sympathize with this situation. No one likes to feel like they’re being played.

Furthermore, it was anonymous free speech.  Unless someone actually burns a cross without the proper permits (not that there are proper permits), no law has been broken.  I’m not justifying those making the offense, but that’s all it is.  It’s not a punishable action.  You can either accept that, or shut up and move to Canada.  I don’t want to see people begin to be denied due process and arrested for crimes they didn’t commit simply because their anonymous words offended the wrong people. It’s the height of hypocrisy for a movement, supposedly founded on the argument that cops don’t treat blacks right, to then call for the cops to arrest potential racists for crimes they didn’t commit based only upon some anonymous words. It’s not a crime to be a racist.  If it was, the Black Lies Matter crowed, based on their own words and demands, which I will get to, would all be thrown in jail for being racists.

Leaving that aside, the local Black Lies Matter brats are apoplectic, and they want to stand in solidarity with the goofballs out in Mizzou.  But first, they want yik-yak kicked off the university’s servers, and they want to force the company to unmask the anonymous posters so the Black Lies Matter mob can give them a trial by by their “peers.”

In fact, they’ve protested and presented a two and a half page list of demands.  They skipped class and paraded all around campus yelling old communist slogans like, “You can’t stop the revolution.” The video can be seen here. One student told me that they even walked into a library where students were studying for exams and harassed all those studying for at least ten minutes, much as they did at Dartmouth.  He said that one of his tests was rescheduled because so many students didn’t even show up to class because of this march.  By its failure to report these incidences though, the local liberal media apparently doesn’t want you to know about these inconveniences to all those innocents trying to get an education while having nothing to do with the nasty social media comments.  In regards to their demands, I will get to these in a bit.  And believe me, this stuff is hilariously funny.  I’ve got so much to say, it will have to be its own piece.

Now personally, I don’t have a problem with the university supporting the Douglass Leadership House.  It’s a free country, but let’s get real.  These drama queens at the Douglass Leadership House have no idea who Frederick Douglass was.  They’re looking for a “safe space” where they can study more courses in “African American Studies,” taught by need-to-be-hired “diverse” professors because, according to these little African princesses: “Studies show that students that are taught by teachers that look like them generally do better academically.  It is important that race is not confused with diversity and it is imperative that we focus on growing the number of faculty members from minority backgrounds specifically.”  These quoted words are all from their list of demands that read like they should be screamed from a high chair by someone with a face covered in baby food.

To boot, they’re insinuating that everybody else is racist?  Oh wait, I might be confusing race with diversity.  Apparently, a white queer professor is just as diverse as a black professor, but wait, does the white queer guy really look like a black guy?  Can they really learn just as much from a white queer guy as from a black man, which is so much more than what they can learn from a white straight guy wielding all that white privilege that makes them all completely incapable of learning?  “I can’t hear anything through all that noise coming from your baggage of white privilege.”

Frederick Douglass was American.  He wasn’t “African American.”  He escaped slavery in America, and he succeeded in life because he was American.  He didn’t whine about the lack of diverse teachers.  Instead, he tricked white boys into teaching him how to write after his white slave master’s white wife started teaching him how to read.  And then he took all that white learning and used it to convince an at-times-hesitant President Abraham Lincoln into freeing the slaves.  Frederick Douglass would sooner look at these whiney Black Lies Matter Brats as slaves to their own prejudices than join their offensive movement.  He’d kick them in their butts repeatedly until they left the plantations of their own mind’s creation.  Get off the plantation kids.  People may not like you because you lack character, but hardly anyone hates you because of your race.  It’s 2015.  Accept being accepted.

Furthermore, Frederick Douglass didn’t sit around the plantation whining about how unfair the world was.  He changed the world, and sadly, these students who pretend that they’re the heirs of his bravery are just making Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s point, which all the liberals recently called racist.  In recent oral arguments in the Fisher v. the University of Texas at Austin on the college admissions “mismatch theory,” Scalia said: “there are those who contend that it does not benefit African­-Americans to get them into The University of Texas where they do not do well, as opposed to having them go to a less-advanced school, a slower-­track school where they do well.”  Keep in mind, he was just presenting arguments that had previously been made before the Court, but since liberals aren’t really good at thinking, they’ve labeled him a racist.

Ed Whelan at the National Review described this best:

Let me see if I have this right: It’s okay for [Clinton-appointed Justice] Ginsburg to suggest that it would have been better for society if poor blacks had been killed in utero [referring to when she justified abortion because it helps rid us of people that come from “populations that we don’t want to have too many of,” aka black people]. But it’s not okay for Scalia to raise the possibility, supported by peer-reviewed academic studies, that racial preferences in academia operate (in the words of Richard Sander and Stuart Taylor) to “systematically put minority students in academic environments where they feel overwhelmed” and “end up having high academic attrition or failure, thereby earning fewer degrees, obtaining fewer professional licenses, giving up on aspirations, and emerging from higher education with a deep-seated” — but mistaken — “sense that they didn’t have what it takes to succeed.”

Look, it’s unfortunate that there may have been some despicable racist speech on the anonymous yik-yak, but the existence of deplorable speech is the cost of maintaining the freedom of speech for everyone.  Free speech doesn’t mean only speech that doesn’t hurt your feelings.  And that it was anonymous only suggests that it might have been a hoax.  It’s not as if the Black Lies Matter gang hasn’t been behind racial hoaxes to increase their own victimhood so as to produce some mirage of a reason for their movement. And who doesn’t love watching the Black Lives Matter’s white leader Shaun King get “excommunicated” for being white by the BLM’s gay leader Deray Mckesson?

In any case, one of the demands is that the University of Rochester shut down all anonymous speech over the university servers so that the liberal princesses feel safe.  However, they reserve for themselves the right to smear others with vile so-called “anti-racist” speech.  With the things being said by the Black Lies Matter gang, they should expect blowback, but when they don’t get it, they often fake it so as to preserve their movement.  It’s happened repeatedly.

The bottom line, this gang of hooligans is totalitarian in its unwillingness to hear opposing views.  Refusing to debate those with opposing views, while at the same time seeking to destroy the reputation of anyone who expresses those views, will only force those with those views to speak anonymously and perhaps with a little more vitriol than necessary.  You can’t handicap your enemies and expect them not to adapt.  Instead of debating their detractors, this gang of silly Black Lies Matter punks want the university to demand the identities of those that spoke and press charges, which is pretty silly because, unless they do something or they make full-blown criminal threats, their speech is protected by the First Amendment.

The apparent lack of understanding of this fact simply makes Scalia’s presentation of oral arguments ring true.  These minority students, rather than studying and working hard, are demanding that they be given more useless classes that enable them to get a degree without having to compete with all the other students that actually work hard to get through college.  An unwillingness to debate simply suggests an inability to make logical arguments that require thought rather than hurt emotions and feelings.  The ability to debate requires the ability of thought and the aptitude to present those thoughts.

Before you call me racist for using the word aptitude, which many consider a tool in the nefarious bag of white privilege tricks, aptitude is the word represented by the “A” in SAT.   Unless they’ve changed the Scholastic Aptitude Test to the Scholastic Acceptance Test for liberal black kids, aptitude is still necessary to get through colleges where there are many students with high aptitudes.  When a group of students, because of minority status, are allowed into colleges with lower-than-average SAT scores and high-school grades, many of these students will have trouble competing with those who have higher aptitudes.  This isn’t racist.  It’s just reality.  There are plenty of minority students with high aptitudes, meaning low aptitude isn’t a racial attribute, and there are plenty with low aptitudes that do well just by working harder.  While that’s all true, there are still many with low aptitudes that just don’t cut it and go on to fail, thus needlessly destroying their self-esteems, which would be much more intact had they just gone to more appropriate schools based on their qualifications..

When these kids are protesting perceived inequality and demanding that they be given their own easy path to a college degree, this then lowers the value of that degree for all minority students because the general population is well aware of this situation.  Everybody knows that affirmative action means lowered expectations for minorities.  That’s the unfortunate reality, especially for those minority students that don’t need the expectations lowered.

If these kids would spend less time complaining about how life is unfair and more time studying, maybe they wouldn’t have such perceptions of inequality.  But that’s pretty hard when most minorities have grown up in a country where mandatory lowered expectations have yielded lowered results.  Humans have a habit of only living up to their expectations.  It is up to the individual to raise his own expectations and live up to them.  But that requires making the free-will choice of ignoring all those that benefit by turning you into a victim of the so-called systematic racism- you know, because everybody’s trying to keep the black man down.

Nonetheless, universities, in order to make the student body appear diverse, push these kids into African American Studies classes where they don’t have to compete with the hard working whites, Jews and Asians- not that all are actually hard working.  The sad thing is, those classes just serve to breed more contempt for society and foster a larger sense of victimhood.  Willingly falling into the hot embrace of victimhood does not yield success, unless success is defined as growing up to be a professional victim who makes money off shaking down those easily cowed by loud-mouthed complainers.

Imagine a couple of questions on the sought-after racially sensitive Scholastic Acceptance Test:

How do you feel?

  1. Mad
  2. Angry
  3. Discriminated against
  4. Any answer is correct because I’m a minority

What will you be when you grow up?

  1. An agitator
  2. A shakedown artist
  3. A racial huckster
  4. Any answer I give is correct because I’m entitled, and that’s what I FEEL

The results of a “truly racially sensitive” SAT would only yield misleading results and make it more likely that many minority students would be put into a college situation where they wouldn’t be able to compete with their better-prepared peers.  It’s just a fact that more minorities fail out due to being accepted at colleges where they shouldn’t be.  This is fact, and stating it isn’t racist.  If it weren’t fact, colleges wouldn’t put so much effort into African American Studies programs to help them graduate without having to compete with all the other students.  The same can be said of Women’s Studies programs, and Gay, Lesbian and Trannie Studies programs.  There’s no real scholarship there.  These are just grievance programs to pad the GPA with impossible-to-fail classes that grade on feelings because nothing’s wrong except unacceptable politically incorrect thoughts.  Don’t think, just feel.  Imagine how they’d feel if someone proposed a White Studies Program to help low-performing white kids make it through college?  Do you think that the Black Lies Matter crowd would think before they acted?  Nope.  It’s all about feelings, and the more anger at the foundation of those feelings, the higher the grade.

Therefore, it is sad that the University of Rochester President Seligman has bowed to these little-minded dictators trading on their racial identities with a ferocity fueled by manufactured anger.  If this weren’t a time when university presidents were being forced to resign for alleged racial insensitivities, this president would be a hero if he just told them to work harder and learn to debate.  Instead he has to hide his head, beg for mercy and hope they get distracted by a cute little squirrel.  Nonetheless, it’s not like whites, Jews and Asians with good grades don’t work hard for those grades.  Their grades aren’t better because of their race.  They do the work, and they don’t complain.  And if they did complain, they’d be mocked relentlessly.

For that reason, we, at the Frederick Douglass Foundation of New York, suggest that these University of Rochester students actually consider what Frederick Douglass did in life and how he did it before acting in a way that undermines his legacy.  Blacks will never be considered equal if they refuse to live up to the same and equal expectations as everyone else. The insinuation that blacks can’t live up to those expectations simply because they are black is just downright racist. So it seems kind of self defeating of the Black Lives Matter movement to be an “anti-racism” movement whose main function is to make affirmative action demands that essentially institutionalize their own inequality based upon race. Fighting racism is a lot easier when you’re not making racist demands. If these Black Lives Matter kids really want their lives to mean something, they probably ought to get a life first.



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  1. Didn’t read this entire piece of crap, but I love how you use the first amendment as an excuse for hate speech and entirely ignore it when you so condescendingly denigrate these kids’ simple request that people who relay or even insinuate the intention to lynch black students be held accountable.
    When -most likely white -students say they want to burn a cross in front of the douglass leadership house, they are exercising their first amendment but when african-american students protest this, they are being “hooligans.” You are groping in the dark to mask your ugly racism -and if you are a person of color -sheer ignorance bordering on stupidity -and hence, creating holes in your argument that I would pick out one by one had i the time or desire.

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