Pope Francis Should Stop Pretending He’s Pro-Life

Pope Francis Should Stop Pretending He’s Pro-Life

By Mack Rights

pope fraMother Jones has an article that illustrates how Pope Francis may be willingly or unwillingly playing the anti-Pope John Paul II.  It’s called “Obama, the Pope and the President of China are teaming up to save the world.”  This of course hearkens back to the Reagan era when it was “The Pope, The President and the Prime Minister,” referring to President Reagan, Pope JP II and Prime Minister Thatcher.  Together, those three helped destroy the USSR, tear down the Berlin Wall and lift the Iron Curtain.  They were funneling money to fund Lech Walesa and the Solidarity movement in Poland, and their message of freedom even made its way into the darkest dungeons of the Soviet gulags in Siberia.  Unlike Obama, Pope Francis and the butcher of Peking, the earlier trio was actually about life.  They saved many lives from the godless communists that kept much of Europe in socialist misery, while slaughtering over a hundred million in the pursuit of heaven on earth.

Now, it’s “Obama, the Pope and the President of China.”  It’s curiously odd that the “president” of China seems to get more respect from the communist sympathizers at Mother Jones than does our own socialist president. In their title, Obama gets no title, while the word “president” is used to describe the Chinese dictator.  Instead of saving lives, this trio, being led by Pope Francis as the moral and spiritual leader, is seeking to make life worse for humans, to let many die and to pagonistically pretend it’s all for the environment.

Pope Francis is against the use of air conditioning because it might be bad for the environment.  France tried running hospitals without air conditioning during a heat wave one summer over a decade ago, and over 10,000 people died as a result.  Luckily for the heartless wealth-redistributionists like the pope, most of these people were just old and infirm.  Few of them had much to offer to the pot of wealth that needed to be redistributed.  They were the takers and not the givers, so their deaths actually served to shore up the balance of France’s governmental assets to liabilities.  With his heartless refusal to accept the consequences of his death-cult ideology, this pope has no business pretending he’s pro-life.

But what do you expect from a pope that claims the environment has rights?  To the UN General Assembly, he said:

First, it must be stated that a true right of the environment does exist…  Any harm done to the environment therefore is harm to humanity.

In addition to wanting to get rid of air conditioning, Pope Francis has whole-heartedly embraced the myth of man-made global warming.  He ignores all legitimate science and pretends that Carbon Dioxide is a pollutant.  To any half-brained fifth grader paying any attention in science class, this sounds absurd.  Plants turn Carbon Dioxide, water and sunlight into sugar for food and oxygen for humans and other animals to breathe and eat.  Humans and animals then turn the oxygen we breathe into the carbon dioxide we exhale.  The plants then use the carbon dioxide to make more food and oxygen.

Carbon dioxide is a central component to the cycle of life.  Considering it a pollutant is the same as labeling man a polluter for simply breathing.  A man who doesn’t breathe is a man who dies.  Under this pope, breathing is a sin, and accepting death is penitence.

Scientifically-challenged environmentalist-wackos like Pope Francis can go on and on about scientific consensus, but there’s no legitimate science as a foundation for their idiocy.  It’s hard to take the science coming out of government-funded scientists seriously when it’s abundantly clear that governments refuse to fund any scientific research that doesn’t come up with the government’s pre-conceived conclusion that man is destroying the planet.  Newsflash dummies: the Conclusion section of the Scientific Method comes at the end- it isn’t written before the work has been done.  Any violation of this order is unscientific.

Since the pope agrees with the fast-developing global government’s desire to redistribute wealth from those who earned it to those who consider themselves entitled to it, the pope is going along with the scheme to politicize science in order to facilitate the spread of godless socialism.  Either that or he’s just an idiot, but I don’t think that.  An idiot doesn’t normally count on his followers being dumber than he is.  But then again, he’s an idiot, so maybe he does.

At its essence, the environmentalist movement pits man against the environment, even though there is a symbiotic relationship between the two.  Plants cannot live without humans and animals, and humans cannot live without plants.  Nonetheless, environ-mentally disturbed individuals like the pope have adopted a faithless ideology that suggests that man is the enemy of the planet.  Man’s carbon footprint is supposedly ruining everything, even though everything that lives requires carbon.  In fact, organic chemistry is the chemistry of everything to do with carbon, and much of that has to do with life.  We’re all carbon-based life forms.  Without carbon, we’re dead or never even alive.

So when the pope and his posse of anti-life globalists base policies on the myth that carbon dioxide is a pollutant, they are, in essence, making themselves the enemy of man by fashioning themselves as friends of the environment, whose main enemy, they claim, is man.  By being the friend of man’s enemy, they have become the enemy of man.  Of course, I don’t subscribe to this notion that man is the enemy of the environment, but, in order to hold the beliefs that they hold, that’s the only logical conclusion one can make when adhering to the criteria that the environmentalists have set.  Ignoring that fact is to deny the faith that God knew what He was doing when He created the earth and man.

If the environment has rights, even as God has said that man has dominion over the animals, the skies, the seas and all the earth (check out Genesis 1:26 Pope), then man has no rights as long as the environment is prioritized.  If man is subservient to the environment, to which they claim man is the enemy, then man must die so that the environment can prosper.  Pope Francis cannot claim to be pro-life when he has declared himself an enemy of man.

Pope’s quest for the death of man doesn’t end there.  He’s come to our shores to lecture America about our supposed need to eliminate our borders and allow the unlimited numbers of invaders from the third world to take over.  Granted, he’s from the third world himself, so he already has a chip on his shoulder.  Nonetheless, the best and brightest of the third world is not coming over our border.  Rapists, murderers, drug addicts, drug dealers, Muslim terrorists and Mexican soccer fans are slithering over our borders in droves.

The American people are suffering so our ruling class can afford cheap labor and nannies who can make authentic tacos for their coddled children protected by gated communities.

Failing to acknowledge this reality, the pope is telling us to ignore all the violence, murder and rape.  It’s our obligation to be murdered, raped and abused so that the Catholic Church can get more people in the pews to fill the collection plate so the Church has enough money to cover all the lawsuit settlements of the gay priests who diddled boys.  But maybe it’s also to get the gay priests a healthy supply of illegal alien boys who will keep their mouths shut after being buggered, lest they get deported along with their families after the gay priest makes a phone call to INS.  If the pope’s willing to tell Americans to shut up and be murdered and raped, why in the world would I think he’d be concerned about the wellbeing of illegal alien boys at the hands of all his gay priests?

Now my critics will say that Pope Francis did indeed mention abortion during his speech to Congress.  He said:  “The Golden Rule also reminds us of our responsibility to protect and defend human life at every stage of its development.”

However, instead of mentioning abortion, Planned Parenthood or the Democrat Party’s baby-body-parts black market, he went right into a screed against the death penalty:

This conviction has led me, from the beginning of my ministry, to advocate at different levels for the global abolition of the death penalty. I am convinced that this way is the best, since every life is sacred, every human person is endowed with an inalienable dignity, and society can only benefit from the rehabilitation of those convicted of crimes…

Ignoring the fact that, in Exodus 21:12, we learn that “He that smiteth a man, so that he die, shall be surely put to death,” this pope glosses over the fact that America kills over a million babies a year in the abortion mills in order to protect the very few lives of capital murderers sitting on death row.  Trying to keep alive those who should be put to death, according to the Word of God, is not pro-life.  Every additional day that those murderers spend on earth, they get additional opportunities to deprive others of their lives- whether it be other inmates who weren’t sentenced to death or prison workers.

The liberals love to say that the death penalty isn’t a deterrent, but that’s nonsense.  No murderer who’s been put to death has ever committed another murder.  In other words, the death penalty is a 100% effective in deterring murderers from committing more murders.  QED.

But you may not agree with me.  That’s fine. You can spend all the energy in the world keeping murderers alive.  I just don’t think the lives of murderers need to be or should be prioritized over those of the millions of defenseless babies getting slaughtered in their mother’s bellies so the Democrats can make a little scratch selling their body parts.

Then, when the pope actually did do something good, he did it in secret.  When the secret was discovered and when his gay and godless fans started to get the vapors, the Vatican said he was “blindsided.”  When they continued to balk, he actually bragged about meeting one of his former gay students and his student’s boyfriend.

Look, I don’t care that he hugged a gay couple.  However, that he had to back away from his embrace of Kim Davis, who went to jail for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay people, I find this pope gutless.  Kim Davis was a political prisoner of our gay-fascist judicial oligarchy.  This pope felt shame about meeting with a Christian political dissident, but he was loud and proud about his embrace of the gay couple.

Ironically, it’s the gay people that put her in jail for refusing to be coerced into sinning.  Hug the sinner all you want, but since when should the pope be more proud to stand with sinners than with the persecuted Christian who was willing to go to jail for refusing to sin?  Pope Francis gives a bigger crap in the woods about what the gay and godless people think of him than what Christians think of him.  What’s the point of claiming the Catholic Church has principles if the pope isn’t willing to stand up for them?

Incidentally, the merging of Obama with Pope Francis and the Chinese dictator happened during the Jewish Day of Atonement.  Obama actually called Secretary of State John Kerry and our Jewish anti-Israel UN ambassador Samantha Power away so they couldn’t hear Israeli PM Netanyahu’s speech at the UN during this time.  This was a not-so-subtle way of telling the Jews in Israel to go eat nukes and die.

The pope ought to be judged by the company he keeps, and during his crusade for all the methods of death he seems to support, his buddy Obama is actually in the process of deporting twelve Iraqi Chaldean Christian asylum seekers who will most likely be killed when they’re sent back to the Islamic world.  The Chaldean Christians were actually evangelized by the Apostle Thomas. Meanwhile, the Obama administration has allowed over 1,500 known terrorists into the US in the last year because they claim to have committed terrorism “under duress.”

Furthermore, it is official Obama administration procedure to ignore the rape of little boys in Afghanistan.  One American serviceman is dead for refusing to look the other way, and another is in the process of being discharged for confronting an Afghan police chief who raped a little boy and beat up the boy’s mom.  This is the American military refusing to interfere with the backwards and barbaric Islamic culture because Obama seeks praise from Muslims more than he does from Christians.

With the Catholic Church’s problem of officials raping boys, it’s no surprise the pope’s willing to ignore Obama’s approval of what the Afghans call “bacha bazi,” meaning “boy play.”

Meanwhile, one of the pope’s “no borders” allies was gang raped by some Muslim immigrants on the border between France and Italy.  The pope’s “no borders” allies told the girl to be quiet because the truth would hurt their cause of eliminating borders.  She actually didn’t say a thing for a month.

At a time when Obama’s going to be bringing in another 200,000 Muslim refugees from Syria and the surrounding Middle East, in addition to the quarter million Muslims we already take every year, while at the same time sending Christians to their deaths, the pope sought to inject Obama’s project of world-wide chaos with the moral approval of Jesus Himself.

The pope is supposed to be the infallible “Vicar of Christ.”  Not being a Catholic, I don’t believe that there can be an infallible human in charge of interpreting the Word of God.  We’re all sinners.  Therefore, I believe that we must rely upon the actual Word of God and not the word according to a man who best seems able to interpret the Word of God into something that serves to rationalize our nagging urges to sin.  It is our obligation to discern the origin of the message.  False prophets are everywhere, and minions of the underworld love to make us think their messages are from God.

As a student of history, I loved Pope John Paul II- not because he was a pope but because of what he did, even before he was pope.  Pope Francis doesn’t hold a candle to JPII.  He doesn’t carry on the mantle of forthright goodness inspired by the Word of God.  If I were to hear his message without knowing he’s the pope and then asked if this is a message that came from the Vicar of Christ or from the Vicar of Lucifer, I’d pick Lucifer.  There’s too much death and pagan worship in his message.

For all the Catholics sitting on the fence about this pope, the Catholic Church has been overtaken.  It might be time to pull a Ronald Reagan, who said: “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party.  The Democrat Party left me.”  If the Word of God doesn’t change in order to get with the times, the Catholic Church has already left you.  The Catholic Church is like that village in Vietnam that needed to be destroyed in order to be saved.  So is the Republican Party I guess, but at least we’re fighting for the future of the Republican Party.  The Catholics seem to be a bunch of stoics who are more interested in trying to rationalize this pope’s destruction of their religion than they are in fighting for it.  I find that sad.



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  1. The Catholic Church is not a democracy. We have had good Popes and we have had great Popes.

    This may have not been in the Pope’s speech’s but still holds the truth of teachings and doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church.
    The media can sometimes spin the Pope’s words.
    …same thing happened to Jesus Christ in His day.
    Let’s see:
    The Pope and the Church have not changed the definition of “grave sin”.
    The Pope and the Church teaches “love” in spite of grave sin, but does not “condone” grave sin.
    The Pope has not changed church doctrine.
    The Pope and the church does not condone abortion.
    The Pope and the church does not condone homosexual acts and immoral sex.
    The Pope and the Church does not condone same sex marriage.
    On Capitalism… It’s the “possibility” of greed that “may” come with Capitalism.
    On climate change…respect the earth. “If” not the poor could suffer due to food shortage.
    He is for the “Golden Rule”.
    We LOVE all…
    But it would be mistaken to confuse
    ‘love’, with ‘condoning’…
    …the two are totally different.
    Love all sinners…hate all sin.
    Nothing new…nothing different.
    He is for the common good of ALL mankind.
    Jesus… “The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail”.
    God Bless the “ROCK”…the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Universal Church.+

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