Mack Rights: It’s Time for Conservatives to Save the Kobayashi Maru

Mack Rights: It’s Time for Conservatives to Save the Kobayashi Maru

By Mack Rights

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kobayashi-maruStar Trek fans know what I’m talking about.  For all others, here’s a quick explanation.  In the long-running science-fiction series about boldly going where no other man has gone before, there is a test that Starfleet Academy cadets must take during their training to be a commander.  It’s called the Kobayashi Maru test, named after a ship that’s stranded in the Klingon neutral zone.

In a flight simulator manned by a real-life crew, the cadet must determine circumstances and then make a choice.  Do they enter the Klingon neutral zone and risk their own ship and crew, or do they let the crew of the Kobayashi Maru die like sitting ducks?  If they enter the neutral zone, the Klingons promptly come and destroy them.  If they don’t, they fail the test as cowards and the crew of the stranded ship dies.  In short, the test is a test of character.  It is a no-win scenario where death and failure is the result if they attempt to save the stranded ship, and failure and death of the Kobayashi crew are the result if they don’t make the attempt.

One man actually succeeded.  Captain James T. Kirk- the futuristic American cowboy to the bone- reprogrammed the simulator in his third attempt at the test and scored victory over the barbaric Klingons.  While he had indeed cheated, he was commended for “original thinking” and he was forever admired for his ability to overcome the no-win situation.  And that is exactly what the Republican Party needs today- original thinking.

Now, to put the Kobayashi test in better perspective, we need to look at the second and third Star Trek movies.  At the end of the second one, Spock dies while saving the ship from nuclear vaporization.  As he’s dying, he tells his old friend Kirk: “Don’t grieve, Admiral.  It is logical.  The needs of the many, outweigh…”

Kirk finishes his line, “The needs of the few.”

And Spock adds a bit, “Or the one.  I never took the Kobayashi Maru test until now.  What do you think of my solution…”

Spock’s body was then delivered like a torpedo to Genesis planet, which was a dead planet that was given life with the unleashing of the Genesis project.  This Biblically named project was about chemically creating life from nothing.

In the third movie, known as The Search for Spock, Captain Kirk violates his dead friend’s logic.  While the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one, in Kirk’s mind, that’s not true when the one is his friend.  He violates protocol and sends a search team to find Spock’s body on the Genesis Planet, which was considered a no-go zone due to scientists being unable to determine what would happen to a living being when exposed to the chemically volatile planet.  Of course they find Spock alive, having been rejuvenated by the Genesis Project.  Captain Kirk’s American space-cowboy habit of succeeding when the man-made rules are against him is legendary.

Well, this is where we are in America.  Christians, Conservatives and Republicans are facing a foe that breaks the rules on its own behalf, and the Republicans are sitting ducks if they don’t fight back and sitting ducks if they do.

Before I explain further, consider these recent news stories.  I’ve included links to each.

DOJ considers silence on homosexuality as disapproval.  Love it and proclaim your love for it loudly and proudly, or you’re a homophobe in violation of hate thoughts.

Republican-owned General Motors car dealerships were put out of business when Obama nationalized GM.

Newsman is barred from facebook and interviews over IRS controversy.

Before the AP scandal, the Obamites targeted other journalists for reporting leaks, including some at Fox News.

DOJ admits that it “leaked documents to smear Fast and Furious whistleblower.”

Numerous Romney donors were audited for having legally given large amounts of money to helping get Romney elected.

IRS orders “conservative educational group to turn” over their list of students that they trained.

Obama administration changes rules regarding sexual harassment on college campuses, which means the accused is considered guilty and treated as such before a trial or before being able to confront the accuser.

On behalf of Planned Parenthood, the IRS denied tax-exempt status for pro-lifers.  One group was forced to send a letter signed by board members saying, “under perjury of the law, they do not picket/protest or organize groups to picket or protest outside of Planned Parenthood.”  Others were “subjected to repeated and lengthy unconstitutional requests for information about the viewpoint and content of its educational communications, volunteer prayer vigils, and other protected activities.”  The IRS wants to know what you’re praying about.

One Congressman says that the DOJ wiretapped phones used by congressional representatives.

Support for Marco Rubio is plummeting now that he has cast his lot with Senator Schumer in turning our country into a country ruled by foreign-speaking illegals who will cast their votes for Democrats in exchange for welfare that the Gang of Eight Traitors can’t wait to give them.

Meanwhile, the IRS targeted conservative Hispanic outreach organizations.  The Democrats can use government union workers to help illegal aliens sign up for welfare in their native language, but conservatives aren’t even allowed to reach out to Hispanics without being audited by the IRS.

The IRS targets groups that criticized the government.  Why not?  There’s nothing to criticize.

Obama’s mouthpiece David Plouffe justifies the targeting of conservatives.

While the IRS admits to targeting conservatives, they may also have been illegally leaking confidential tax information of conservatives to left-wing Obamite groups.

And please don’t think Obama’s innocent.  He met with the IRS union boss on the day before the IRS began targeting the TEA Party.

This nationalization of all we hold dear will ultimately lead us to give up sovereignty in favor of global government with the UN at the helm.  Presently, instead of cutting down on international agricultural regulations, the UN’s answer to starvation in the third world is to encourage people to eat more insects.  I kid you not- this from the liberal global utopianistas.

One study shows that false reports of sex assaults in the military may be outpacing actual assaults.  This is the cost when diversity turns to perversity.

The IRS told one pro-life ministry to promote abortion.  Why not though?  Those are exactly the rules put into place by Obamacare.  Religious organizations and hospitals will have to make abortion available to all.  This is exactly what NY Comrade Governor Cuomo’s trying to do with his Reproductive Health Act (RHA).  Pro-life crisis pregnancy centers will, at the demand of the abortion-mill-death-chamber lobby, have to make abortion referrals to those who aren’t into life.

The IRS wants you to share everything, according to the Politico.

To boot, Obama put the IRS lady, who oversaw the persecuting of the TEA Party, in charge of overseeing tax and fine collection at the IRS for Obamacare.  Imagine that.  Now that the IRS has proven they can be used against people for political and religious reasons, they’ll be in charge of policing how healthcare is doled out.  When confronted in an interview with the question of disbelief, Obama spokesman David Plouffe assured us that she’s qualified because she wasn’t supposedly aware that the IRS was targeting conservatives and Christians.  In other words, in the Obama administration’s eyes, she’s qualified because she wasn’t aware of the criminality that was going on right under her nose.  That’s the way it is with these liberals.  Incompetence is celebrated as competence.

Evan-Mathis-Peeing-IRS-SignDoes that make this Philadelphia Eagles player, Evan Mathis, a hero?  In the vernacular of our beloved Sarah Palin, “You betcha.”


I know it feels like the Republicans are playing chess with their pawns in shackles, their knights on horses with broken legs, their bishops possessed with demons, their castles with missing bricks, their queen with AIDS and their king in a coma.  And it feels like they’re facing the Democrats with ten queens on the board because their pawns can fly over our defenses.  Further, it feels like, if they point out that it’s impossible to have ten queens because there are only eight pawns, the Republicans will be called homophobic racists because the Democrats’ pieces are black.  And maybe that’s what it’s like.

But we still have a moral obligation to save the Kobayashi Maru.  The existence of our nation, as it has always existed (a free and two-party system where overreach on the part of one party can be corrected by the voters), is at stake.  Our nation sits on a fence, and I’m not talking about the imaginary one they promised they’d build to separate us from Mexico.

The IRS leaked this scandal on their own.  They weren’t trying to get away with it.  They wanted Republicans to know about it.  Right now, big money Republican fundraisers can’t get anyone to sign a check, knowing that one Romney donor, named and smeared by Obama once his tax returns were leaked, was forced to pay $80,000 in legal fees, just to get through the audits with which our president’s little demon elves plagued him.

That’s what this was about from the get go.  While Obama was taking foreign donations that would convert to dollars in fractions, he was punishing Republican-money-raising efforts by preventing non-profit conservative organizations from being granted tax-exempt status.  Furthermore, he was investigating those that led the efforts.  One TEA Party leader was investigated by the FBI, OSHA, the ATF and the IRS.

This story is heartbreaking, and it makes you weep for the lost freedom our forefathers had fought for.  And that is what we conservatives face.  If the Republican Party doesn’t put an end to this tyranny, there will be no Republican Party.  Our nation’s future existence depends upon our finding a way to save the Kobayashi Maru.  The crew of the Kobayashi is the American people.  The ability of the American people to make adjustments politically at the ballot box is at stake.  A two-party state with one party regulated and taxed into silence isn’t a two-party state.  It’s a one party state.

So, elected Republicans have to make a selfless decision.  The rules, according to the one who makes them, are that the Republicans can’t win.  The Republicans have to figure a way to win.  Reprogram the system.  Smash the chess board, go around the liberal media, throw a hail marry, whatever it takes. They need to put aside the concerns of the one (meaning their own reelection) and start to focus on the needs of the many (the American people).  America is great because we were founded by Christian men who pledged their lives, fortunes and good names in order to secure freedom.

While Captain Kirk may be fictional, he represents the can-do American spirit well.  When asked how he’s the only man who ever succeeded in saving the Kobayashi Maru, he said: “I don’t believe in the no-win scenario.” That’s how we must go at this battle to save our country.

No hero in history ever looked at himself in the mirror and thought, “The world really owes me a debt of gratitude for my selfless efforts to do absolutely nothing.”

Get off your butts America, and save the Kobayashi Maru.



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